Stocking MASSIVE Mystery Fish into POOL POND!!! *Huge*

Kendall Gray

Kendall Gray

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    Published on Month ago


    1. dill pickle

      Hi l love your videos my Instagram dylan_harrison2468

    2. Outdoor Fanatics

      Do you use the canon m50?

    3. Blue. Fish

      That was a Guadalupe bass

    4. Braden Risenhoover

      yeet yeet

    5. Piggy Skate

      Oof they named a CATfish Dog

    6. dylan hock

      you are cool

    7. Logan Dixon

      That would be funny if he stocked a trout or a walleye or something

    8. Jimmie Johnson

      That my name

    9. Gabe Williams

      All you had to do is get your little bitchy hand down there and get it loose you ain’t country you don’t even know how to throw a cast net over 3 feet wide

    10. Patrick Berning

      Cat is 2 pounds

    11. Melissa Davis

      That's a big catfish how long is it.

    12. Cody Henwood

      Where is charlie at

    13. flaming gaming mc

      Box crocks and mario socks

    14. Raid Monster

      I got a sucker fish

    15. Hector Chuy

      You rock the test of hunting

    16. David Tomson

      You should add big rocks and plants so they can hide🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️

    17. Kam Bam

      rip dog

    18. Ewan Hinchliffe

      2:56 why just why

    19. Marc Louie C

      Dog for a catfish haha

    20. Nicholas Challen

      R.I.P. The of castnet Cause of death: stick My best friend

    21. nicholas price

      you should make a salt water pond

    22. Erik Porter

      Crocks with socks lol

    23. Cody henderson

      Thats a baaaaasss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    24. Rj Davis

      Hey man i love your vids

    25. Benjamin Pruiett

      R.i.p cast net🤣

    26. Fishing Tips

      Crocks and Socks seriously dude

    27. Christopher Argueta

      I got a huge cock how do I send it to kfc


      That is a shad

    29. Cailin Gerber

      Absolutely loove this videos😍

    30. Cole Cole

      You should go carp fishing 👍👍👍🔴🔴🔴🔴

    31. Aaron Seluga

      Rip dawg

    32. james stidham

      be careful big guy its illegal to keep game fish caught in a throw net in ky

    33. Levi Mosley

      One more speshese of fish is a gawgei fish that you could put in the pull pond

    34. Patricia Roach

      why dont u put a striped bass in pool pond

    35. Tyler Plueddemann

      Rip Dog

    36. Ryder Vaughn

      i caught a snaping turtle in my pond

    37. DanTDm fans MARIO fans

      I lOVE MARIO

    38. Wanda Morgan

      Name him tiger

    39. Brandi Smallwood

      What are s your Fortnite nam

    40. EGE_Redemption _

      I’m buying Murch as soon as the stores back up and love your vids

    41. Gabe Reidmiller

      # gray gang #jesus

    42. Depressed Kid

      16:28 🤦🏼‍♀️

    43. Danick The Dude

      Call dawg dawgfish

    44. Momet Of Destrucion To The End

      Close to a million I have been trying to find your channel for 3 years I watched a while back and couldn't find it again

    45. Juan Deanda

      I can't believe that haters take their time and click on your videos and click "dislike" They are so pathetic but ur vids are 👍

    46. My dude

      Put a mud turtle in there are there mud turtles on kentucky

    47. John Greene

      Kendall u bring smiles to everybody's faces including like if u agree

    48. No Refills

      I think you should get natural plans for the pond and flex seal them together

    49. Riley Murphy

      What's a minnow, I think you mean minner

    50. Para_exe

      kentucky is a mix of the north and the south

    51. Christian Smith

      You should add a carp

    52. Christian Smith

      You should go fishing in the poolpond

    53. Cody Saunders

      My pb is a Kentucky spotted bass

    54. Texas hunting and outdoors

      Amazing and funny video. Keep it up pls

    55. becky weaver

      U need to get some oxygen flowing in their

    56. Janice Defoor Blankenship

      trow a crikit in the pool pond

    57. Grayson Jones

      Hey Kendal his side fins may puncture your pool pond if he gets fired up

    58. Vince Fischer

      KG is the next catch em all

    59. J&D Gaming

      Pond is amazing but you NEED a filter or else ph will go to high and they will die

    60. Vince Fischer

      u can catch suckers with a small hook loaded with nightcrawlers and the fight hard

    61. Trace Brannan

      Put a bass in the pool pond form the lake

    62. Jeremy Renner

      Do y’all have any perch down there?????

    63. Bryan Loera

      There is a dead bluegill.

    64. Zachary Haseltine


    65. side cliff


    66. Lori Starr


    67. Rachel Hesprich

      Why don't you trap anymore.

    68. Nikki Rocher

      you shood start selling fishing rods

    69. TheBlits

      16:32 can we just admire that stuttering tho, Love Your Videos Brother!

    70. Lil_Turkey_700

      Put a chicken in the pool pond

    71. Vincent Russotti

      You should add a toaster to the club, and since when were you so close to 1mill last time I was here you had 200k

    72. bubba jay

      17 pool squares probably 1.25 inches each so taking that its probably 23 inches meaning its 3.5+ pounds

    73. Elliott Hendershot

      You need to add a yellow perch 2 the pool pond

    74. Garrett Wright

      Put a small carp in there

    75. Lunker Luke

      That bass is a spotted bass

    76. Landon Martinez

      Do a brim catch and cook

    77. Precastfour 9

      You should let the fish adapt to the temp before dropping them in so they will be healthier

    78. Cody James

      Does anyone know what exact kind of cast net Kendall is getting on Amazon???

    79. Thacastronator castro

      Go pro in pool pond like if u agree

    80. Isaiah Ulrich

      Need cover. Need filter. And I’d cut it down to one bass the catfish and the panfish. Too small of an area for all the fish in that one confined area. They’ll get aggressive sooner or later

    81. skyzone Schopplein

      Why not go buy some

    82. Reddog Dread head

      Get a freaking filter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And freaking get some structure for the fish !!!

    83. Drayton L

      @Kendall Gray you should get a carp for the pool pond as the 6th species

    84. MOTO KID

      "im gonna move him over nice and easy" drops the fish a second later

    85. Carmine Johnson

      anybody know how to upload videos from gopro hero 4 with a sd card

    86. Charles Hanson

      "bro we got a bass"


      what has happened to Brayden. price

    88. Jay Essner

      Do a farm tour!!!! Like if u agree!

    89. BEAR MUSIC

      @KendallGray here is a tip for hunting deer much like crows the bucks send out a doe to scout for them to make sure the area is clear

    90. Red Panda Rulez

      So, I'm barely starting the video, and by looking at the blur, I can guess it's a catfish, yet I'm not sure, so I hope I'm right (;

    91. Chase Hart

      US-new gives you a hard time for being educational

    92. TRC Boomer

      Get koi

    93. furiousboy46446

      Do more gun vids

    94. adam parsons

      I catch suckers all the time, used to do it every time I was at Grannies House! They get nervous easy, though. Wait for some muddy water,like what you have there...caught my biggest Sucker in a flash flood! If memory serves(hey was 30 years ago Im old lol" was on a tiny hook and a day old Biscuit. YES, I robbed the scrap bucket she had for her Chickens LOL. Stll waiting for that Catch and Cook(the drone) video LOL

    95. Relentless Outdoors1

      Spoon bill would be a cool fish to throw in there

    96. Shreck Bros

      I would name him scar

    97. Zach Isaacs

      You got a Snapchat

    98. Kenny Norville

      Put a tire in there

    99. Harley Yates

      Get structure they will get comfortable a lot faster and also eat a lot faster

    100. Chase Hart

      I need a minnow trap