Stocking MASSIVE Mystery Fish into POOL POND!!! *Huge*

Kendall Gray

Kendall Gray

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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. ty the goldfish

      Try crappie jugs at the creek

    2. Jordan Roberts

      Your awesome

    3. Stevie Royall

      I’ve caught suckers in the river off a hook and worm

    4. John Cacioppo

      You should put a filter in that pond

    5. Chet Loves America!

      A windmill will air E-ate your fish tank.@,tractor suppl-eye will Give you a discount if they have a damaged one,,& know that tapwater has too much chlorine in it fer da fish-!-- good luck!☆

    6. Dakota Fishermen

      That catfish is not 10 pounds

    7. Bralee Hunt

      Anybody else from Kentucky?

    8. Av Country

      Make sure the bug catcher is extra secure because if it falls and it’s still plugged in then it will shock your fish to death

    9. Trevynn Dale

      Name him jaguar the spotted bass like if you agree

    10. Kaydn Roper

      Put a giant bass in there

    11. Kaydn Roper

      Put a bullfrog in the pool pond

    12. Kurt Nicholson

      TROUT Get a TROUT

    13. Good boy's

      Get a new pool that is biger then that pool one for small fish and one for big fish

    14. Sideways Nation


    15. Isaiah Atkinson

      You should put in a carp

    16. fortnite brothers 1411

      You like jimmie Johnson kg

    17. Nathan Rose

      That’s not entirely true I caught a sucker fish cat fishing before I caught it off a basic hook and a chicken liver

    18. Kyle Davis

      You should put a cast net in your shop

    19. Jacob Nalaschi

      Rip my friend aka dogg

    20. Iam NumberOne


    21. Tyler Drew

      If that zapper falls in you’ve got a fish fry lmao

    22. Thomas Beattie

      Get a canister filter they are gonna dis

    23. Eliseo Fernando


    24. Ned Kelly

      Are you gay I'm bot trying to be rude I'm just not sure

    25. Zak Rice

      Maybe next time you fish tighten your drag then you’ll be able to get the fish in

    26. Bradley Livingston

      Dude get a filter it helps the 🐟🐟

    27. Garrett Layton

      Thats his yard now

    28. dill pickle

      Hi l love your videos my Instagram dylan_harrison2468

    29. Stick Bait

      Do you use the canon m50?

    30. Blue. Fish

      That was a Guadalupe bass

    31. Braden Risenhoover

      yeet yeet

    32. Piggy Skate

      Oof they named a CATfish Dog

    33. dylan hock

      you are cool

    34. Logan Dixon

      That would be funny if he stocked a trout or a walleye or something

    35. Jimmie Johnson

      That my name

    36. Gabe Williams

      All you had to do is get your little bitchy hand down there and get it loose you ain’t country you don’t even know how to throw a cast net over 3 feet wide

    37. Patrick Berning

      Cat is 2 pounds

    38. Melissa Davis

      That's a big catfish how long is it.

    39. Cody Henwood

      Where is charlie at

    40. flaming gaming mc

      Box crocks and mario socks

    41. Raid Monster

      I got a sucker fish

    42. Hector Chuy

      You rock the test of hunting

    43. David Tomson

      You should add big rocks and plants so they can hide🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️

    44. Kam Bam

      rip dog

    45. Ewan Hinchliffe

      2:56 why just why

    46. Marc Louie C

      Dog for a catfish haha

    47. Nickplayz

      R.I.P. The of castnet Cause of death: stick My best friend

    48. nicholas price

      you should make a salt water pond

    49. Erik Porter

      Crocks with socks lol

    50. Karen Dauzat

      Thats a baaaaasss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    51. Rj Davis

      Hey man i love your vids

    52. Benjamin Pruiett

      R.i.p cast net🤣

    53. Tj Fishing

      Crocks and Socks seriously dude

    54. Christopher Argueta

      I got a huge cock how do I send it to kfc


      That is a shad

    56. Cailin Gerber

      Absolutely loove this videos😍

    57. Cole William

      You should go carp fishing 👍👍👍🔴🔴🔴🔴

    58. Aaron Seluga

      Rip dawg

    59. james stidham

      be careful big guy its illegal to keep game fish caught in a throw net in ky

    60. Levi Mosley

      One more speshese of fish is a gawgei fish that you could put in the pull pond

    61. Patricia Roach

      why dont u put a striped bass in pool pond

    62. Tyler Plueddemann

      Rip Dog

    63. Ryder Vaughn

      i caught a snaping turtle in my pond

    64. cak and Caleb /MARIO fans

      I lOVE MARIO

    65. Wanda Morgan

      Name him tiger

    66. Brandi Smallwood

      What are s your Fortnite nam

    67. EGE_Redemption _

      I’m buying Murch as soon as the stores back up and love your vids

    68. Gabe Reidmiller

      # gray gang #jesus

    69. cringe editzzz

      16:28 🤦🏼‍♀️

    70. Danick Bleich

      Call dawg dawgfish