Starlink Mission



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    SpaceX is targeting Thursday, May 23 for the launch of 60 Starlink satellites from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. SpaceX’s Starlink is a next-generation satellite network capable of connecting the globe, especially reaching those who are not yet connected, with reliable and affordable broadband internet services.
    The launch window opens at 10:30 p.m. EDT on May 23, or 2:30 UTC on May 24, and closes at 12:00 a.m. on May 24, or 4:00 UTC. A backup launch window opens on Friday, May 24 at 10:30 p.m. EDT, or 2:30 UTC on May 25, and closes at 12:00 a.m. on May 25, or 4:00 UTC. Falcon 9’s first stage for this mission previously supported the Telstar 18 VANTAGE mission in September 2018 and the Iridium-8 mission in January 2019. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to land Falcon 9’s first stage on the “Of Course I Still Love You” droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean. Approximately one hour and two minutes after liftoff, the Starlink satellites will begin deployment at an altitude of 440km. They will then use onboard propulsion to reach an operational altitude of 550km.

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    1. 496

      S K Y N E T

    2. Jakub Adams

      Why is it at 2 minutes

    3. DeeJay1210

      More signals and microwaves to fry our already cooked brains

    4. DeeJay1210

      Beats any firework show

    5. Themreichen Ningshen

      This guy is spending so much of time and effort just to start a civilization in Mars! Mars is not a place for humans what's the point in living their?? Even if humans start to live their, how would they sustain themselves for the long run! Sustaining human lives in Mars would mean launching hundreds and hundreds of rockets to Mars in periodic intervals for as long as humans are staying their! Won't the pollution from rocket make earth more and more terrible place to live? And won't the continual exploitation of natural resources from earth just to cause a propulsion in space, deplete earth of its precious natural resources! I think the whole idea behind the civilisation of Mars is business! For only rich would go their, leaving all the poor on earth to suffer even more, as the earth itself would be getting poorer and poorer! Hell awaits u all!!! The best way to reach Mars is to have a really good damn dream about u doing doggy style in Mars!

    6. Robert Carter

      This is so going on my RV.

    7. Xuân Sâm Đinh

      Soundtracks, please!

    8. Behroze Choudary

      random video "signal loss" was for propriety tech reasons .....

    9. cyborgar15

      It's crazy how much money they are spending just to try and fool the Flat Earthers into believing that the earth is round and space is real...but once we have their will be well worth the cost....


      Hey Musk,wanna fix your image problem and stay the cryptic hippie you are? You want a whole planet behind you for that mars wetdream of yours? Give us a Full 3D scan of this planets oceans floors and unexplored regions.. Have a drone fetch one or more of those golf balls on the moon. But please let these poor souls in California stuck in traffic go fuck themselves and focus on the big picture. Use your considerable resources to get started on the space debris issue (who better..) Try and tackle something like plastic in oceans i dunno. Put the first paying tourist on the moon. Do something right... there are more pressing issues than; mind numbingly fast internet for all californians stuck in traffic getting to mars proffit Youre the best space faring billionaire we have Elon ,barely.

    11. Erhan Fidan


    12. czlowiek 869113325

      Kibicowałem temu panu. Ale gdy zaczął zasyfianie orbity i nieba i zamierza zasyfić bardziej, to straciłem całą sympatię a wręcz zamieniała się w e wrogość.

    13. victor 91

      Elon: why is my internet 0.001sec slow!? also Elon: do i really have to do everything my self? fire up those engine boys!

    14. Eric Hample

      1:17:50 top right corner are we ignoring the extra terrestrials cruising by? 🤔

      1. Eric Hample

        Robert Carter ahaha gotta get in on that freee stuff 🤣

      2. Robert Carter

        Eric Hample Dude they need internet access to.

    15. XianPalJed pop

      SpaceX is making a movie called 'Gravity 2'

    16. Ossi_Petter1

      1:17:49 A UFO!

    17. Q

      Elon! Stop this. You are about to severely restrict most future access to space travel. STOP THIS PROJECT.

      1. AnantaSesaDas

        The low orbit (550 km) will create enough high atmospheric drag to automatically deorbit them in 1-5 years if the ion thrust fails. Space is not a complete vacuum especially so close to earth. Says so at 8:12

    18. Q

      .... DANGER .... This project will effectively Quarantine humankind.

    19. Q


    20. Aneeso Anyaam

      The earth is flat

      1. Vulpine


    21. Seeng Cris

      Hi guys any flat earthers in chat?! 😂😂

    22. MitosDoNebulous

      Elon Musk is a legend

    23. kippari

      Imagine the revenue stream that is going to space x and elon after this Wellbe on mars in 5 years

    24. InfinityCalcs

      This dude's voice is deep

    25. Betül Sena Arkun


    26. NetWolf3D

      While it's seems like a vast leap for mankind , have you considered the impact this has on Astroimaging and observation from the ground. Long exposures already capture many trailing satellites and planes, now we have another 7000 up there to ruin images. Being Science company not sure how SpaceX ignores this? we have already surrounded the earth with so much man man debris now we are adding more. Should we perhaps not focus on new communication technology that does not really on EM ?? We are moving from Binary to Quantum computing but in comms we are still stuck on early 20th century discoveries.

    27. Gutz

      Cost effective like the TESLA's 150k prices? or the tesla 3 60k?

    28. Baba Ayman

      Sky Net so close creating our Robot Overlords

    29. Red Wolf

      I've always wanted global internet. Thanks Elon.

    30. B_

      these videos do get my rockets off.

    31. sexyloser

      I'd like to see China and North Korea try to block this internet.

    32. Mars Smith

      the firewall built by HUAWEI in China will be in vain

    33. А

      Music - TOP

    34. stas wlad


    35. Christian

      There`s a Starlink waiting in the sky:-)

    36. Kariuki Ke

      As long as it’s cheaper than Comcast I’m happy

    37. nadir bengana

      Can we have a version without commentary? Just the sounds of the rocket. understand why they scream and clap but it's distracting

    38. Tony Toka

      Musk is taking over the world ..fuck ELON MUSK 👍

    39. Tony Toka

      And who wants to look up in the sky at night and see a bunch of satellites 🛰 ..i wanna see stars

    40. Tony Toka

      Fuck star link 12,000 satellites crowding our atmosphere aren't we trying to slow down global warming ? And their talking about sending people to the moon next year ..launches are gonna have be scheduled around them ?? Even the ISS will be in danger ! And NO ONE IS GOING TO MARS !! NASA already confirmed you'll be half dead by the time you get there from radiation poisoning 🤔 ..who wants to live in a space suit ?? This ain't TOTAL RECALL 🤣🤣

    41. Antonio

      1:17:37 ???

    42. Bravo Sierra

      Ahora, si

    43. B Curtis

      Good job Elon and to all the committed people at spaceX. You really are taking us to the future. I have dreamed of such a reality since I first read SciFi as a child. The fundamental changes to humanity by this affordable space program are possibly limitless and perhaps just in time. If we didn't take these steps now, they may not have been taken. I've read about the hurdles you've all had to leap. Heroes of our time. --

    44. Phantom X Gaming

      2.4 mill subs , congrats SpaceX

    45. TheMarsBus

      This is not about internet , its about something else.

    46. my pet supernova that is dead

      Elongated muskets

    47. Saltuk Dervişoğlu

      Videoda 1:17:49 dakikasın da kameraya sol üst kısımdan bir cisim yaklaşıyor gördünüz mü? Did you see an object approaching the camera from the top left at 1:17:49?

      1. İbrahim Düz

        Geçenlerde de LosAngeles da F9 roketini UFO sanmışlardı 😁

      2. İbrahim Düz

        Uzay sonuçta, - 200 lü dereceler...

      3. İbrahim Düz

        Starlink uydusu gibi gözükmüyor Hele ki UFO hiç değil Muhtemelen Merlin motorundan gelen donmuş oksijen parçasıdır

    48. SomeKid IgUess

      Elon is God

    49. Abel Soo

      Every telco in the world might get their broadband business disrupted. Want to know what's the internet speed for Starlink.

    50. Angelos Joseph

      Obediah 1:4 Though you go up on high like an eagle, though your house is placed among the stars, I will make you come down from there, says the Lord. Amos 9:2 Though they dig into hell thence shall my hand take them; and though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring them down.

    51. Rejean Comeau 77

      Someone knows when is the next launch ??? They are supposed to have other launch

    52. ايهاب الحمداني

      السلام عليكم احنا مجموعة من الشباب في كروب Iraqi Pc Gamers أطلقنا هاشتاك #ImproveIraqInternet كل الي نطلبه منكم تنشرون مطلبنا مجموعة من الشباب يطلقون حملة بسبب ضعف الانترنت وتكدر تتفضل بالاكروب وتشوف الحملة اتمنى دعمكم النا ومتاكدين مراح تقصرون شارك المنشور

    53. CorpseCallosum

      I'm looking up the nearest Comcast office so I can cancel my service in person. 5 more launches to go first.

    54. leokimvideo

      Never knew IKEA made satellites

    55. Black Play

      Я же не один тут русский?

    56. Matheus Victor Moreno

      @SpaceX you plan to make your space station im brazillian thanks for missions

    57. arran walker

      tesla tower , same as diamond iron but you resonate it at 7.83 hertz to synchronize it to the earth magnetic resonance

    58. Jeg er Leon !

      When are we going to Mars?

    59. mark jones

      cant wait to not have to deal with 600 ping normal satellite net

    60. arran walker

      diamond iron how to make it , spacex this is something you'll need if going to mars, carbon rod sending electricity through it will heat it up but the next to it an electrical coil with its own electricity through it this will give an electrical shock if you place your hand inside the magnetical field but inside the electrical field you place a piece of iron and this will infuse the iron with carbon that is in the air

    61. Not The Usual_YT

      He did this so he could install the new KSP dlc.

    62. 0x0cd0

      It not really about connectivity at all .. that's just a ruse.. its about claiming the next prime real estate.. leo..musk like many others before him is a wolf in sheeps clothes.

    63. S. Zhang

      why always no live feeding of the first stage landing? seems always seconds before scheduled landing, the video would be cut off.

    64. M1DaVWOT

      *Илон Маск когда ты сделаешь России нормальный интернет!?* *УДАЧИ В ВАМ, SPACEX*

    65. Musique Libre

      On a enlevé mon commentaire????

    66. Yoselin Montiel

      I am so proud of all of thier work puts sucsements and more other great stuff I hope one day i can be like them and become an astrounat👩‍🚀🌌🛰🚀

    67. Lu Yumei

      spaceX build the new spaceX spacedragon v3 and also spacedragon v3 Demo.

    68. Lu Yumei

      build the new space capsule it's called space dragon v3 and also space dragon v3 demo. Do the new space craft space dragon v3.

    69. Ersel Elric

      i hope we can use whatever any country we living in im a dreammer i guess :)

    70. 丹尼 Dax FC - 鯨魚頻道 [ig: 852hk]

      Can't wait to use Starlink to view my website and my US-new Channel

    71. Bobon Meiknob

      I'm from the future, come with me if you want to live.


      Falcon9 second stage is not reusable why?

    73. MTG Scrappy

      534 flat earthers disliked this....

    74. Suharyk

      timing 1:17:37 UFO's on the up left screen corner

      1. Fin/Ji

        Are you serious.

    75. pecovgfx

      beautifully coordinated, produced and presented historical event!

    76. Aiden jans

      19:54 launch of countdown net

    77. Zo Fryer


    78. kilze Mohammed Amin


    79. XianPalJed pop

      dyson objects for weak type one civilization

    80. Horizon Exploration

      Great Work!

    81. Jimi

      how can you fuck up reading a text that often. gimme a job, i can read.

    82. Leomer Lubo

      Is Elon Musk the new Tony Stark?

    83. أفلام كارتون قديمة\ Old animation films

      واخير انترنت مجاني

    84. Topa joka

      1:17:39 and 1:17:49 US-new time line left corner???

    85. L Lawliet

      Heh. My WIFI was trash. now it's not. =)

      1. Grue Two

        But starlink isn't even operational yet

    86. Carlos Opus

      More space pollution.. Horrible.

    87. Imidasui Xerodam

      Elon please buy and delete are our only hope

    88. Greg Atlas

      I wish I could be a beta tester for the service. I live in a rural area and my internet options are poor quality and speed and is fairly expensive for what we get.

    89. Ahmed Aqidi

      We in the Middle East suffer from bad internet and high prices. We hope that SpaceX will provide the Internet directly without intermediaries in the Middle East, especially in Iraq. This method will prevent thieves from stealing Internet users to pay big money and provide bad service. Please do not allow thieves to control the Internet in my country. They stole everything. Let us see the world behind the prison of deprivation. I hope to reach out to the officials. thank you

    90. Василий Федоров


    91. ariel Rubio


    92. Adamant Orcinus

      starting at 13:00, to 13:05 wtf is that going on? looks kinda scuba to me. And does anyone else notice that the second stage rocket and payload seem to breathe? Or pulsate? I find that to be interesting. Someone explain that to me all scientifically and stuff.. "P

      1. Brandon Lunch

        Yeah, sure. The liquid oxidizer that SpaceX uses with all of their non-methane rockets (falcon 9 and falcon heavy) are cryogenically stored because liquid oxygen can only exist in subzero temperatures. This is why the rockets are continually fuelled right up until launch, so that a minimum amount of fuel evaporates. The "breath" of the rocket when the fueling arm falls away is the oxidizer heating up and boiling off.

    93. zgrillo2004

      Even though Elon Musk wants us to stop using cars because of CO2 emissions, he uses a fucking jet. a fucking hypocrite and a con man. fucking pothead...

    94. Kaze LAB Games

      all the dislikes coming from earth internet providers~~ lol ~they are shook

    95. wilwad

      Making rocket launches great again eh

    96. shrimpfarmer

      Well done to all involved. Space is getting very exciting again.

    97. Craig Mullins

      How do we apply for early access to this internet service?

    98. Zhai Vey

      International space stations I can see you @ 1:17:50 .

    99. Andre Young

      Why does the rocket smoke before launch?

      1. Odysseus Rex

        A certain amount of the liquid oxygen boils off and is vented. It is very cold so any water in the air condenses around it. It's not smoke, its water vapor.