Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker | “Hold On” TV Spot

Star Wars

Star Wars

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    Confronting fear. It’s the destiny of the Jedi. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters December 20. Get tickets:

    Published on 4 days ago


    1. SBLC 2015

      Might as well just post the movie

    2. Mario Preisser

      In December they will reveal that you have to ensemble all the tv spots and that's the movie

    3. Ryan Stern

      Finn and Poe: Incredulous fans stuck in the movie

    4. حمودي جمعة ابو


    5. QMPRO Productions!

      Such nice Solo music vibes here 🎵


      Is it just me, or Rey have phisically grown?

    7. Leslie James Byrne

      Get a life haters

    8. Leslie James Byrne

      Bye haters

    9. Arthur Moe-Mux-Hagi

      A jedi mind trick ! The most underrated thing of Star Wars ! It's been a while !

    10. Conor Dyer

      *cracks 3 eggs into pan* 'They Fry now???' 'They Fry now!' 'They FRY now!!!'

    11. jacoblgames

      Roses are red Violets are blue Rise of Skywalker Is bantha poodoo

    12. Dan Boutwell

      It not ok . Definitely not ok that you were ever here .

    13. Netrex

      0:20 Call me a boomer but I don't find these jokes appropriate for a star wars movie. The Last Jedi did it too and way too often. It doesn't feel right

    14. Reviewster


    15. milo20060

      "THE STORY ENDS" HAHAHAHA SURE DISNEY I know you will try to milk more.

    16. Bruce Wayne

      Only dumb ignorant sheep will pay to see this NWO anti-white/anti-male brainwashing propaganda. Disney is CANCER.

    17. Willow McGregor

      So it's a comedy?

    18. 4esthetics

      Disney and their cheesy jokes rofl

    19. mixio hili

      Me: I don’t want another TV spot “Hold On” TV spot: It’s ok that we’re here

    20. Jordan Lobo

      So when did she learn to force manipulate?

    21. tetsuoswrath

      @0:09 ROTJ style Radar dish explosion. Check. :{

      1. tetsuoswrath

        @mixio hili am I supposed to feel something? :{

      2. mixio hili

        "It's Ok that you're here." "It's Good."

    22. neejoy sola

      Disney: "I will do what I get you to go see my new movie." Me: "You will try!"

    23. Catzilla

      "Get tickets now" Ha Ha. No.

    24. Tone Desh

      So excited for this movie❕

    25. Zooq Pose

      For the first time I am actually not excited about the new star war movie .

      1. neejoy sola

        And another star wars meme is born

    26. Knågen

      Star wars: the rise of trash

    27. ThunderBolt

      “In fronting fear is the destiny of a Jedi”your destiny” is Luke ever going to say what our destiny is

    28. James Morris

      Oh good, she's still perfect at everything. We call breath a sigh of relief!

    29. Matt Damon

      Ha ha ha this shure is funny! Boy I can’t wait to go an see it!

    30. Raman

      Man that has to be Sith Lord Jar Jar...

    31. Antonishere 07

      Disney :How manny TV spots do you want? Lucasfilm/star wars :Yes

    32. Arturo Castro

      looks so dumb

    33. Paul Paterson

      I hope this bombs, all three films are an abomination. REY IS A MARY SUE

    34. Joe Mama

      Oh no more cringey Disney level jokes coming 😩😩

      1. wnnalis cioov

        2019: The saga ends 2077: They fly now: A Star Wars Story

    35. Steffweezy

      So, let me get this straight. It’s not the least bit weird that there are telekinetic humans and aliens who battle each other with glow sticks, or that cars can fly, but one storm trooper with a jet pack blows your mind ?

      1. wnnalis cioov

        Fans: "The 'they fly now' line was total cringe." Disney puts it into another TV spot Fans: "It's treason, then."

    36. StrugglerIndeed


    37. JKLM Gaming

      "It's Ok that you're here." "It's Good."

    38. The Rap Trap

      Star Wars: How many tv spots do you want Disney: order 66

    39. Cade the man

      And another star wars meme is born

    40. Antony Lépine

      Disney: Final Trailer TV Spot: “Hello there!”

    41. Ryno

      Did you guys know they *f l y* now?


      Me looking at two different paths. One path says: "The Mandalorian will be better than Rise of Skywalker, and will be the best Star Wars subject of 2019." The other path says: "The Rise of Skywalker will be the best Star Wars subject of 2019." I look at both paths. I can't make up my mind. I am lost. Before I give up and turn back, I see a silhouette in the distance. I see the Mandalorian walking towards me. He points towards the first path and says: "This is the way." As I exhale, I smile. I walk down the first path.


      Jon Favreau could be taking over Star Wars after the sequels are finished. "Yeah? GOOD."

    44. les bean

      “They fly now” 2 times is a lot more tolerable than 3 times

    45. Krishnan G M

      show Ghost ship at least in move from Star wars Rebels

    46. xoobo vola

      They've been able to fly ever since the clones.

    47. TutsiSlayer69

      oh god that was awful

    48. _WAYZ _

      Brilliant Movie! Who here thinks so too.

      1. xoobo vola

        2024) ◾ Star Wars: Episode XII - (December 18, 2026)

    49. SpyengoEen

      Fans: "The 'they fly now' line was total cringe." *Disney puts it into another TV spot* Fans: "It's treason, then."

    50. Leonidius20

      2019: The saga ends 2077: They fly now: A Star Wars Story

    51. Anakin Skywalker

      Don't show us a tv spots more! *Or I will use force choke at your director*

    52. Matthew Limahelu

      Hold on to your wigs.

    53. Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez

      This movie is a shitshow! REDO THE SEQUEL TRILOGY AT ONCE #BoycottEpisodeIX #NoMoney4Disney

    54. Blake Belakis

      Hold on? I let you go years ago.

    55. BJ Pug

      IM WATCHING THAT!!!!!!!!

    56. Light Saber

      Well these guys may not have seen flying Stormtroopers.

    57. Intel Kore

      They fly now, straight to the top of the "Most Cringe Award" nominations list, surely will win! There is the chance to beat this masterpiece of writing and comedy, TRoS is 2h35m hours long lol...

    58. MrTristen

      Rey: It’s ok that we’re here.” Stormtrooper: It’s ok that we’re here.” Obi Wan: Is my Jedi Mindtrick a joke to you?

    59. Sophie H.

      “It’s okay that you’re here” “Does she do that to us?” Lol, that was great!! I for one, am excited to see this.

      1. Shauka Hodan

        Comments are back!!

    60. Faigornx

      UNFUNNY!?!?!?!?! UNFUNNY!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Faigornx

        @Shauka Hodan Yea.. I'm not even hyped

      2. Shauka Hodan

        It just gets deader and deader with each “TV spot”.

    61. TheUnstoppableForce

      I swear to God if they use time travel in any way, shape, or form to undo something I'm walking out of that theater.

    62. Jacob Ramirez

      There's something about that black jacket that looks awfully familiar. 0:13

      1. Jacob Ramirez

        I saw him die in that fall. That can't be Sidious!

      2. Jacob Ramirez

        I don't know why he's still alive.

      3. Jonathan Citizen

        It's Palpatine's cloak.

    63. Rich 88

      *Star Wars Saga:* · Invasion of Naboo (32 BBY-22 BBY) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace* - (May 19, 1999) · Clone Wars (22 BBY-19 BBY) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones* - (May 16, 2002) ◾ *Star Wars: The Clone Wars* - (August 15, 2008) ◾ *Star Wars: The Clone Wars* - (October 3, 2008- 2020) - Seasons 1-7 ◾ *Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith* - (May 19, 2005) · Early rebellion against the Galactic Empire (19 BBY-0 BBY) ◾ *Obi-Wan Kenobi series* - (July 2020 - ????) - Seasons ◾ *Solo: A Star Wars Story* - (May 25, 2018) ◾ *Star Wars: Rebels* - (October 3, 2014 - March 5, 2018) - Seasons 1-4 ◾ *Cassian Andor series* - (???? - ????) - Seasons ◾ *Rogue One: A Star Wars Story* - (December 16, 2016) · Galactic Civil War (0 BBY-5 ABY) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope* - (May 25, 1977) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back* - (May 21, 1980) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi* - (May 25, 1983) · Cold War (5 ABY-34 ABY) ◾ *Star Wars: The Mandalorian* - (November 12, 2019 -) - Seasons 1 ◾ *Star Wars: Resistance* - (October 7, 2018 - March 17, 2019) - Season 1 ◾ *Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens* - (December 18, 2015) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi* - (December 15, 2017) · First Order-Resistance War (35 ABY-) ◾ *Star Wars: Resistance* - (October 6, 2019 - 2020) - Season 2 ◾ *Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker* - (December 20, 2019) · ???? (?? ABY-?? ABY) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode X* - (December 16, 2022) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode XI* - (December 20, 2024) ◾ *Star Wars: Episode XII* - (December 18, 2026)

    64. Michael Reynolds

      “They flop now!?” “They flop now.”

    65. Laser Face

      Me: how many TV spots will you have for Star Wars 9? Disney: yes

    66. Zachary Gray

      So much stoke.

    67. SkankHunt 42

      I let go December 15th 2017

    68. Luis

      Darth vader returns I saw it already

    69. Ludomir Steinbrück

      Not gonna lie, this looks horrible