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Little Lia

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    SSSniperWolf My Closet Tour 2019! Here is the walk in closet tour for my new house. Yes this (Little Lia) is my official second channel for more girly stuff... check out my new house tour on my main channel SSSniperWolf Leave a Like if you enjoyed and Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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    Published on 3 months ago



      You bought all that

    2. ItzBoring Forever

      You called Chanel a box..?😂😂

    3. faten mohammed

      Wow ! She’s so messy! SMH

    4. Free Willi

      Now u just flexing

    5. Linda Dominguez

      Like here if you love sssniperwolf

    6. Mary Katherine Smith

      Your dress is Soo beautiful

    7. Wolf Queen Szabo

      I love ur pink shoes

    8. Wolf Queen Szabo

      I have Lowe voton phone case

    9. Blinking Army

      I can't believe that I seriously have a the same dress as you

    10. Jodi A.

      I wish Lia would do a jewelry tour, I see a bunch of Cartier pieces in her videos.

    11. Addy Cooper

      Her Closet is my life Full and Unorganized

    12. jose luis Genao

      SSSniperwolf: I wish I can show anything fancy Me seeing a Louis Vuitton bag

    13. Lupe Lopez

      You are not the real sssniperwolf??? Are you ???

    14. Aoiblue

      Tour of my closet: shows collection of dusts

    15. Queen M


    16. Uwi Gacha

      Wait...I heard of sniper wolf.... I thought you were different but I neved watch sniper only little lia

    17. Puppylover123 Martinez

      Omg ur closet is literally twice the size of my bedroom

    18. pranati Mahanta

      Lia : my closet is not that fancy. I am happy with whatever I'm having...... Me : whatttttt..... Literally in the black hole 🕳

    19. Chan Bee Lee

      Lia: *has a closet bigger than my whole entire house* also Lia:*tells the story of every single cloths she go through*

    20. ariadna García

      Do a Room tour

    21. itzelp dominguez

      her closet is 3 or 2 times bigger than my parents room

    22. Nathan McIntosh

      Sniperwolf Is the best but i must end my life for her because there is a demon that says you must die or sniper wolf must BTW mrs.wolf you are very pretty goodbye.........

    23. Brian Werrett

      My grandaugter loves her

    24. beetlechew1

      So overrated lmao

    25. Gacha Xavier

      Jeffree star!

    26. Leah Zick

      Sssniper wolf not sssniper

    27. Leah Zick

      Wait... Is little Lia and sssniper the same person🤔

    28. Black Ice

      I think it's cute they are liers

    29. TheNuggetBoi69

      Lia flexing on us for 16 minutes

    30. Zia Mohammad

      Lol wow

    31. laney brown

      hahaha you posted this video on my birthday btw love you!!

    32. Mi Tran280

      I love ur style it’s like mine

    33. Robyn Harford


    34. Jeannie Gennuso

      Sssniperwolf's just wanted to tell you that I love your videos and that do videos expire me to want to become a US-newr in the future thank you very much

    35. Albab Amaha

      She has so much bags that she doesn’t wear and I want to take them of her hands

    36. Emily Perez


    37. Tanasia Perez

      Sssniper wolf is PRETTY i have her as my wall paper

    38. Tanasia Perez

      My sis acc

    39. Tanasia Perez

      Bro im a Boy


      Squirted all over you lol

    41. Its Just Serenity

      lia you can really pull off ss

    42. Shelby Collier

      Lia if you don't want anything like bags or shoes you could send me stuff because I would love new bags :D thx I live your videos

    43. Fati Love

      She showed her bags and I was like gimme that small mini Louis backpack

    44. Norah Nasky

      wow ur so cool

    45. Tilak Ram

      Aap kabhi lehga pehenna buhut beautiful😍💓 dikho ge Me aapki sweet si fan Kittu

    46. Marios Mourtouvanis

      This is a clearcut example of a nouveau riche girl who instead of dealing with a public concern or issue is showing us her probably rented for the day posessions. Fifty cent, Mike tyson spent their money on useless things and at some time were poor. Looking forward to see how this little youtuber ends. My forbears used to say:Don't judge somebody until you see his/her ending. In Greek: Μηδένα προ του τέλους μακάριζε.

    47. Tia C

      Does anyone know where that goth dress is from bc I need it

    48. Drypsy

      Love you sooo much I am in Arizona btw

    49. Samantha H. Santos

      Can u do a closet clean out

    50. Samantha H. Santos

      Why don't u were wings anymore

    51. Christina Hooper

      Gurl that closet is bigger then my whole its bigger than my house...

    52. Ğäčhã Šňøwý

      When Lia's side of the closet is full then you go and look at her bf's side

    53. Sasha Squire

      your house is crazy big

    54. Luca DeBay

      lias closet is not biger than my house its way smaller

    55. Tina Maddox

      Are you rich

    56. Aalya Qureshi

      Ok my favourite colours used to be black and red together, but now gold has been added somewhere to that equation

    57. LavenderLushLuxury


    58. LavenderLushLuxury


    59. LavenderLushLuxury


    60. Tom Bailey

      my lil brother is going craza helppppppp lmao

    61. Meli Odas

      And my mom has the axact purse. :)

    62. Meli Odas

      SSSniperWolf ! =) I have the same pants. ;)

    63. Kuppamah Marappan

      Can you do eating one coloured food challenge

    64. Night Raine

      Where do you get all your dresses from??

    65. HOLY WATER

      Your bathtub is the size of my house.

    66. ansserendipity

      1:16 ;; the way she threw the clothes off the table onto the floor.

    67. Alicia Contreras

      Your bathroom is the size of my closet

    68. Alexis Kline

      shes wayyy better than the ace family

    69. Luxury Mattress

      Black gothic short dress reminds me of Edward scissor hands

    70. Tani Finnholm

      Woah! My apartment is the same size as your closet!!! Soooo jellyyyyy!