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    This week on Basics I’m teaching you how to Sous Vide. Sous Vide has become a home kitchen essential over the past few years providing restaurant quality results at an affordable price point. It can help make the perfect steak medium rare, the perfect tender pork chop or even safe to eat cookie dough.
    NOTE: Raw flour can still contain pathogens - pasteurize your flour by baking separately for 10 minutes at 350F!
    Ingredients & Grocery List:
    Peeled Ginger
    Green onion
    Soy Sauce
    Fish Sauce
    Plain white sugar
    Pork Belly
    Porterhouse steak
    Olive oil
    Bacon fat
    Special Equipment:
    Sous Vide
    Butcher Twine
    Vacuum Sealer
    Vacuum Sealer Bags
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    "Apples and Butterflies" by Blue Wednesday'
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    1. tanner meche

      Bruh banish that steak wasn’t cocked all the way my man there was a lot of raw

    2. Emiliano Hernandez

      Nah man, that looks raw... even for rare.

    3. SongJiangShiJin

      Live big orders go home. I eat my cookie dough as always. Just like my mousse au Chocolat. With raw eggs

    4. Explosive Rift

      Most food poisoning from cookie dough is from the flour, eggs are fine so long as the chickens are vaccinated.

    5. Paul GR

      Where did you procure your porterhouse?

    6. Theopolise 20

      Raw eggs aren’t the only reason you can’t eat raw cookie dough it’s also raw flour

      1. angelindenile

        In fact most cases it isn't the egg at all; most eggs are safe to eat if they come from a healthy chicken (American store bought ones are not).

    7. DouglAsshat

      3:18 F--k off, steak.

    8. Expunge6667

      I would eat pretty much anything you make... except beef or red meat in general. Bleeding is for your prey before It's dead. Meat should be rough, peppery and seared... but It's up to the individual, I guess.

    9. Fury


    10. Alicaido

      that "big ol' fuck off steak" made me laugh so hard good to hear other people speaking the way I do

    11. Henry Asselin

      *Wagyu A5 picanha with salt and pepper ALWAYS on boths sides has entered the chat

      1. MrThyten

        Henry Asselin don't forget the dry aged

    12. melwin paul

      That looks not cooked

    13. thefeels

      1:13 my meat at 3 am

    14. Gio

      At 1:10 is that a reference to 'The Glass Castle's ' Rex Walls?

    15. pineapple boi

      but flour has salmonella

    16. eltiolavara9

      oops wrong bald guy cooking channel

    17. Josh Josh

      The lighting at 5:23 and in the thumbnail is absolutely beautiful. So much cool light makes the steak look nice and pink. Do you do that with editing software or do you have a special light?

    18. Clayton Pakowski

      Hey Babish, why are u seasoning the steak before you throw it in the hot pan. I mean the pepper burns completely and taste is awful

      1. Uncouth Rapscallion

        That's a you mistake i'm afraid

    19. Yogi

      I was eating a burger when 1:14 came and I almost choked

      1. AdventureRider 650


    20. Zac Boska

      Can you please consider making a non-tofu based veggie ramen?? Thanks in advance.

    21. Jim Leirvik

      You didn't pat it try! :'(

    22. AB03 MESCO

      “I know it doesn’t look so good right now but watch this!” Mystery Man

    23. Hydrogen Nuke

      been eating raw cookie dough for years now....what's not safe about it as is?

      1. Turanya Singh

        You might get salmonella poisoning from eating raw flour

    24. jecenifo

      all cookie dough is safe to eat cookie dough if you're not a bitch

    25. Michael S

      Do the sandwich Kevin Kline made in Dave.

    26. BrosMinecraft2

      I think i clicked on the wrong bald guy's videos! Where is the chicken wings in hot sauce???

    27. Elite Yeet_69

      Plastic bag boiling

    28. Quiett Bear

      😭 let it sit! Or at least put it on a plate, you lost juice

    29. James Williams

      nope can't the outside of the steak is good but for me mine has to be well done

    30. TraceguyRune

      Makes amazing boneless skinless chicken breast too. Just be sure to season, brine, and tenderize

    31. kash

      Guga foods: So lets do ehhh!!

    32. Pink Milk

      Favorite part of the video is how calmly he said "big ole f*ck off steak" 😂😂😂

    33. tya04

      I'd recommend you take the raw cookie dough advice with a grain of salt. The raw flour can also be a liability.

      1. Michal Valta

        Any flour, really... Grains are for chickens, not humans. :)

    34. Shiori Nakamoto


    35. Joshua

      Props for using Kerrygold!

    36. The Preacher 36

      I cringed when you forgot to season, but I'll excuse it since you did season it after all;) Nice video sir.

    37. SeanNumalo

      I've never really come across the term, "sous vide." Would've appreciated more of an explanation before you started. Great videos though 👌🏼

    38. Mike Routley

      Just a preference i would want my steak cooked a helluva lot longer burn that Fucker lol

    39. TheEnchantr

      “I hope you have aloof smoke detectors.” That would make a good insult.

      1. razorblazer 05

        Oh, yeah

    40. Thazin Win

      Adopt me Babish

    41. Cameron Howard

      That's a t bone not a porter house

      1. Cameron Howard

        @Banana yes but the t bone has the bone in the steak with each porter house making it a t bone

      2. Banana

        Cameron Howard you know they are the same thing

    42. Alex

      I am confused about how there was still a grey strip on your steaks. for some reason I haven't gotten a grey area on my steaks even though I followed the same instructions

    43. Jason Safaverdi

      It's not the raw eggs in the cookie dough that gets you sick, it is actually the raw flour

    44. Arthur Morgan

      I've been searching since 10:26 PM for the song at 0:21. It's 2:11AM now. please someone help me before I die from exhaustion

      1. Chris Neale

        Stay Tuned by Wuh Oh

    45. 1Q ZX510

      5:40 it look like a di inside a va

    46. Richard Breads

      *Yeah that stuff looks delicious I should really make it sometime!* As I’m cooking knock-off party pizza in my oven

    47. A singular Microwaved Burrito

      Doesnt everyone know that you can just use egg replacer instead of egfs for cookie dough they tast the same

    48. Magmafrost13

      Here's a novel use for them: cook eggs at 63 C for an hour, and then crack the eggs open and poach them. Perfect poached eggs every time, and they look nicer too. The sous vide eggs will keep for at least a week, so you can just make a batch of them once a week, and crack a few open every morning for breakfast or something.

    49. Mektek19

      This shit is out of pocket. All that damn blood, nasty ass white folks eating raw meat.

      1. Banana

        Mektek19 you want to ruin your steak by cooking it to the same burnt colour of your skin

      2. Wesley

        Rare to medium ain’t that bad. Although if you want actual raw beef you should try the Italian dish carne cruda!

    50. Pennypearls

      4:54 I've always saved my bacon fat, something my parents taught me. I currently have a BIG planters peanut tin full of bacon fat in my fridge! Even when on vacation, this habit still follows me, and I'll save bacon fat in a coffee mug!

    51. Chavita98153

      That Porterhouse beef still alive

    52. [GD] Reten


    53. GlitterBoyCos

      How.. how do you do a surgeons knot without forceps

    54. tom chen

      The steak was done right because you forgot it season it before putting it into the bag for the bath...seasoning it before the bath with salt could develop a bad texture for the steak during the long bath. Am I correct?

      1. razorblazer 05

        Salt drys out the skin and both helps to retain moisture and give you a better crust. Sous videing doesn't affect that

      2. razorblazer 05


    55. Jacob Hord

      I'm gonna say it. I'm gonna be that guy... I've been eating raw cookie dough since I was a kid. Every time my mom made cookies and I still do. Never had an issue. Cookie Dough is safe guys.

      1. Banana

        Jacob Hord who hasnt done that

    56. IDidNawtHitHer Oh Hi Mark

      Yoooo they cookie dough had uncooked flour right? That means thats not safe to eat since raw flour has lots of bacteria

    57. ReganADHD

      "I know they don't look that good right now.... But watch this!"

    58. Sub 2 pewdiepie

      Nobody: Babish: slaps pork belly on a table

      1. Noitu Lover

        Now that you've had 5 hours to reflect, do you *honestly* think that had even an ounce of comedic value? And while you're thinking about that, you might wanna change your username

    59. Nai Remlap

      You are a beautiful man 😍

    60. jbot91


      1. Daniel Molina

        jbot91 a girl version of a man cave

    61. Engelberg Munoz

      That steak looks nasty at the end tho. Bloody as hell.

      1. Uncouth Rapscallion

        That's normal but ok

    62. RAPH FELIX

      damn. that steak looked so damn sinful. which is the best.

    63. SmokeyOwOs

      I'm so glad he uses fuck off when he talks about something.

    64. StevoTheAce71

      Maybe I'm tired but that steak is closer to blue ? Or am I loosing my mind

      1. StevoTheAce71

        @Sivert that's what i thought

      2. Sivert

        Yeah i'm all for pink steak but that's straight up purple.

    65. Yur Ma

      That pork belly was horrible. Pork belly should be scroched with boiling water and left out to dry for atleast 24 hours to dry out the skin. It should then be scored and then cooked to get a nice crackling. I don't even know what to call what that thing was

      1. Wesley

        Pork belly. It’s pork belly

      2. Uncouth Rapscallion

        Sure buddy

    66. StrolledMice YT


    67. Redacted

      bruh i eat cookie dough raw like a chad

    68. jakie tags

      i only reverse sear my steak if its porterhouse or strips

    69. commander sus Gunner


      1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        W A G Y U

      2. J. Jonah Jameson

        "Oh man it's so juicy and tender, it's incredible."

    70. The Dimensionist

      Damn dude that steak was lookin like it was still movin of the plate. You cooked it black and blue!