Solving The JAPANESE BINARY Puzzle Box!! - 32 Moves!

Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay

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    Today I'm going to attempt to solve this Japanese Binary Puzzle Box made by the Karakuri Creation Group. This Box requires 32 specific moves in order to unlock. Enjoy!
    Lubor's Lens:
    Binary Puzzle Box:
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. Chris Ramsay

      If you want to show some love to Obi... :)

      1. Alex Laatsch

        I was wondering if I could talk to you about some ideas for a new puzzle, if you could E-mail me or have a shout out in you next video that would be amazing. Or maybe if I could E-mail puzzle master, that could work too. Thanks!

      2. Mattinahat

        I love you man , but obi is the freiking coolest 😅

      3. Hyper D4rk

        Awwww obi is sooooooo cute

      4. Kain Chapa

        Chris Ramsay but can u solve a...Rubiks cube

      5. clone theory

        Stop using him for yourself

    2. Singhsanket Tomar

      That trick is same on which 3d glass was working in early day

    3. Tintin Nabuli

      Why do you look insanly cute with your dog? I almost melt... Anyway.. yeah... good puzzle.

    4. Yonatan Harari

      The notorious abacabadabacaba pattern Vihart would be proud

    5. Hannah Shermak

      Most youtubers: Okay, go follow my insta! It’s in the link below! Him: Go follow my dogs Instagram he’ll be very happy! Won’t you buddy?

    6. Lana Privé

      The stickers aren't cheating in my oppinion because if you do it without the stickers en you open 1, the only one which will move after that is 2 and than if you can only open 3 etc. So you are forced to do it in the order... with or without numbers...

    7. Jānis Zukulis

      *_-OMG DOG-_* !!!

    8. Aviaja Sewohl

      My Dog is named obi too

    9. yagos skiadaresis

      The dog is the real magic here

    10. Smid 429

      I have that card you showed in the begging too

    11. Roman Nikolayev

      Like watching ur puzzles makes me start talking to the screen trying to tell you what to do

    12. DkryptX3

      At about 6:20 at the timer, it makes sense so far, labeling them with base-2 digits would have made it a bit easier in terms of figuring out increments. 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32.

    13. Andreea C

      I instantly pressed the like button when I saw Obi

    14. Ross Stone

      Maybe write down things as you solve

    15. Jennifer Amador

      I thought I was following along with him until the fourth move and then I got lost 😂

    16. Tan Hue

      omg weinie dog!!!

    17. Emma Franks

      I liked this video before I even watched it because there was a dog

    18. Polly Bonanzas

      I would say the stickers are basically cheating, but I also don't see it as much of a big deal. I would compare it to something like using a location map for The Legend of Zelda on the NES. Like something that shows you where all the dungeons, bombable walls and burnable bushes are.

    19. corbin markle

      anyone else waiting for him to say 1312? lmao

    20. Spitfire Last

      The puzzle tests an individual memory to solve it. Labeling it defeat the purpose. Hence, labeling is cheating. This dude always use tools to solve every puzzle. Mr.Puzzle is way more entertaining by not cheating.

      1. Cameron Pineda

        Spitfire Last shut your punk Ass up

    21. braden Voigt

      You are terrible with the

    22. Alan Mooney

      Ok, now you are off the charts cool. Dachshunds are the best! I've had many, have 2 right now :)

    23. Manav Udgirkar

      How the hell is this all handcrafted?!

    24. Tobi Salzman

      Me yelling the sequence at him every time it was wrong

    25. Hannah Hays

      you're talented and all but i liked this video for obi

    26. talsonis Kornage

      It looked to me that there was a distinct pattern on each side when you look closely at the lines. So the puzzle should be doable based on that as well. I may be wrong I can't see much on this phone XD

    27. Jazmine Pinete

      The things that he does alone 1:35😂💀

    28. Lauren Nicole

      Everyone of these videos I skip to at least the 3 minute mark

    29. Aarón Gayán

      It's not random at all. If you count the binary bits as 6 5 4 3 2 1 then you can count to 32 (as the movements). The movement order is exactly the bits that turns into '1' counting from 1 to 32 in binary. That's why you always move side 1, because counting in binary makes the bit 1 swap each time from '1' to '0', and from '0' to '1'

    30. Oaffi

      Looking for a link below to the links below.

    31. Mckayla Coller

      His fingers were covering the part of the pen that was already “distorted”, nice try Chris

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    34. Meewu

      Your dog is so cute!!!!!

    35. baby driver

      It is also helpfull to have a piece of paper to write down the patterns

    36. Jonathan Di Carlo

      Is anyone else sad that a binary puzzle with 32 moves didn't somehow spell open?

    37. Red Craft

      He solved step 4 while his timer was at 4:44

    38. maple scott

      All your doing is counting up in binary

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    40. Poppy Lin

      Why all the puzzle boxes so expensive😩😩

    41. Vel

      Sometimes your knowings in before are just too obvious once you start to solve totally different than you usually do -.-

    42. chase wilcox

      In one of your openings could you show and tell us about your tattoos?


      The video starts at 2:35


      Friendly Business Greetings from Nippon

    45. Domino Durham

      Pen was distorted before card was placed over it, he was holding it with his fingers the exact place it was distorted at the beginning of video.

    46. Lotam K Yimchunger

      I love ur new intro style... It's like a bonus to enjy.. Good job.. Loved ur dog.. N love ur accent.. N voice.

    47. Sean Moore

      I want to see the start of the puzzle solving, ad, I just see Trump being retarded

    48. U WOT M8

      Fuck obi... is a good cook.

    49. Scott Frame

      its simple binary LUL

    50. emmanuel lord

      Proud to see a canadian have so much succes over here....C'est Malade!! Its kind of nice to discover u just now!! Its.completly addicting!

    51. HonooRyu Perrone

      0:50 are you not entertained

    52. NinjaOfComedy001

      Have you noticed the faces he moved are actually the some of each Base 2 binary code? First face 1 = 1, Second face 2 = 2, Third face 1 + 3 = 4. There's the pattern, binary system 000000 to 100000.

    53. Jessica Campbell

      Im not sure if you keep all the puzzles but if you do you should put a note in them saying the date you do and how long it took

    54. sad human

      Obi is cute :'>

    55. Laura Christofides

      My mini dachs Daisy has fallen for Obi 😍

    56. Joe Fisher

      Stickers weren’t cheating, they just saved an hour of time.

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      Wait so how to u do that one

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      Gorgeous dog. Mwah!

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      Just subscribed .. I wanna party with you, dude!

    62. Amanda Hepner

      I love how I am screaming at you to "put the two back" or "move that one" even though you can't hear me. I get frustrated that I can't help you when I get the pattern down before you.

    63. gravilo pricip

      It’s not a binary puzzle (There’s 73 genders)

    64. Slowburn

      Wouldn't using stickers be the same as getting tools from your kitchen to solve a puzzle??

      1. Slowburn

        Don't get it twisted, though... I would have used stickers 💯.

    65. Slowburn

      I don't think Chris knew what binary means, but the error in his definition of binary actually helped him more than the real definition would have.

    66. sapphire dicson

      I believe the lense used at the beginning of the video is made of a gem called TV stone, it's fibers only accumulate in a certain direction. When sliced thin enough you can see through it but only when its viewed parallel to the fibers. I could be wrong though.

    67. Ohlsson

      I think it’s hilarious that it’s a binary box, since I’m nonbinary ... Aaaand I have a really bad sense of humor... aaand I really need sleep 🤭😂

    68. Sheryl Napier

      Geez louise!!! Is your kitchen that clean all the time??!?!?!

    69. Ellen G.

      You: I'm going to see how fast I can do this... *Does not start the timer* Pam: I have no intention in timing him. This isn't even a stopwatch. It's a digital thermometer.

    70. Sailio

      the first trick is how computer monitors work... just backwards

    71. Mike Kerezsi

      This is a really interesting puzzle!

    72. Geraldine şϻίţħ

      This is now my favorite puzzle love it

    73. Peter Kelley

      If you understood that then you ought be able to understand the 6 bottles.

    74. B Bui

      I'm hitting pause at 5:08 and hope as I watch the rest of the video my theory is correct. Each side once labeled 1-6 represents a position in the binary string of digits. Each is assigned their value 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32. Sliding the face is the on position and returning back to neutral is off position. Then we make a series of moves where we count up in binary by sliding faces on and off. First move is 1=000001 (face 1 in the on position) Second move is 2=000010 (face 2 is on and face 1 is off) Third move is 3=000011 (face 1 and 2 are on) Fourth move is 4=000100 (third face is on) etc. Don't comment, this is me taking a stab at what I would do to solve the puzzle. I'll watch the rest of the video and find out.

    75. Worm

      there was different tones of wood in the centre of each face. 8 bits to a byte (a collection of 8 zeroes and ones "0000 0000") a nibble is half a byte, or 4 bits (0000) reading each face as a byte in the early stages holds up but the wood finish is a bit hard to make out in the video.. this might save you on stickers next time you open this one 1 = 0001 if you consider decimal.. 0.9 + 0.1 becomes 1.0.. 2 = 0010 but what if 1.0 came after 0.1? 3 = 0011 4 = 0100 0.1 + 0.1 is now 1.0 5 = 0101 6 = 0111

    76. Ciara Is Zer0

      Who else is watching this instead of the tati x james drama?

      1. 🐰

        Meeee! I stumbled across this page during the drama and haven’t left since

      2. Marsmensch

        the what?

    77. Marlinspike

      I love your puzzles more then the magic. I can’t afford the puzzles, maybe you can come up with puzzles with quarters or something that we poor people can do. I think that would be fun.

    78. Llama Lover

      Roses are red Violets aren't blue The video starts At 2:32

    79. Jeffrey Heim

      Lubor’s Lens trick. He twisted the pen before the trick happened, he just placed his fingers over the twist.

    80. SuperObi1

      Wait.... hold on

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    82. Damien Proffitt

      At 0:14 he just had his two fingers over the twist and cut to it being distorted by the plastic.

    83. Gavriil Aleshin

      aint nobody bouta mention acab huh?/

    84. Mike Heath

      0:52 anyone else see him throw the pen

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      You killed it

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      The Cube.

    87. Mark Watrucki

      That's a cool puzzle. It'd make a cool jewelry box I think haha. Imagine having your gf solving that and then pulling out an engagement ring lol.

      1. Deleteme Am

        First you need to have a gf

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      What genre of music is that

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      17 minutes of hearing chris attempt to count. ASMR edition.

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      If they had made it look like a die but with the dots in the wrong places then it would be really good.

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      Nice pen hold 🙄

    95. Eleni Katsiaouni

      Basically the way I think about it is, to open the next one you need the previous one to be the only one open. And to move one the one before it has to be open. It's really easy when you understand the logic

    96. Eleni Katsiaouni

      These is the first puzzle I found the solution before you did😂

    97. Alexander Mason

      I've done something like that first trick in physics. I hate physics

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      I wish anyone treated me the way he treated that box

    100. Agata Ciekawska

      is easy if you know binary system ;))