Solving The JAPANESE BINARY Puzzle Box!! - 32 Moves!

Chris Ramsay

Chris Ramsay

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    Today I'm going to attempt to solve this Japanese Binary Puzzle Box made by the Karakuri Creation Group. This Box requires 32 specific moves in order to unlock. Enjoy!
    Lubor's Lens:
    Binary Puzzle Box:
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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Chris Ramsay

      If you want to show some love to Obi... :)

      1. whywasiborn0404

        +Rudie Jazz same

      2. alicia emilard

        can you make your dog solve puzzles? those dog treat ones with multiple pockets and stuff.

      3. Raymond Luna

        @chris Ramsay what are in you're opinion the best deck of cards i am looking for prefurably a thiner deck, nice looking, feel well in hand while performing cardistry. my price range is 0-50$ USD

    2. ⭐

      This is so weird n random but your handwriting is super cute

    3. willofdodge1

      You have a such a nice kitchen #imjelly

    4. K1LLST33L

      the pen was already distorted you were hiding the distortion with your fingers lol im no magician but even i spotted that haha :)

    5. Billy Barham

      "Blocked" off his day for this puzzle lol, nice one

    6. Darien Fecht

      i feel like the younger you are the easier it is. your mind thinks a little more out of the box, im 14 and figured this out by the second... go at it ... for lack of better words.

    7. Darkiller 11

      I loved it. I have see a lot a lot lot of your videos and this is by far my favourite and now I know the pattern too. And I have a challenge for you to make your own puzzle.

    8. Razif Baital

      Someone with a computer science background would have discovered it just from the first 6 moves. However, the most intriguing thing is how the creator could come up with the analog mechanism that work with the binary sequential pattern. Guys at karakuri sure are amazing.

    9. nelis fabré

      This is more a towernof hanoi, than a binary puzzle

    10. iRisk951

      I love your puzzle videos please keep me coming !👌🏻

    11. Emerald

      Still watching this, but I think binary was the biggest hint. The position of each face seems to be like an "on/off", and the sequence fits binary counting, where I'm at so far. If you think of face 1 as the ones place, face 2 as the twos place, face 3 as the 4s place, and so forth, the pattern you have to reach to unlock each new face reflects counting in binary. 000001 000010 000011 000100 000101 000110 000111 etc.

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    13. Catman

      my guess based on the name and the current pattern, its based on binary 000000 100000 010000 110000 001000 101000 011000 111000 000100 100100 010100 110100 001100 101100 011100 111100 000010 100010 010010 110010 001010 101010 011010 111010 000110 100110 010110 110110 001110 101110 011110 111110 000001 and of course I realize after this I type ever single number backwards

    14. Unreel Media

      They need to make a non binary puzzle too so everyone can play.

    15. SLW Gaming

      Where did you buy your hoodie?😲

    16. Okino w

      one to the one to the tree

    17. Alexandre Lavoie

      And BOOM

    18. Charlele ____

      Was the sheet of plastic polarized? Also, have you ever seen trick pens? They have a band of thinner plastic around the part that gets 'distorted' and that piece of plastic shrivels with heat.

    19. scoobysnax

      posting my guess as 1,2,1,3,2,3~ etc

    20. gianni

      love the background music

    21. Xj18A

      I like this guy.

    22. Rhetorik Official

      I need that sweatshirt, where can I find it?!

    23. Skoot Skooter

      Im in love with it wow

    24. Melvin Corpuz

      Your videos are so satisfaying to watch. I love watching every single vidoes you are uploading :) . I'm a Filipino Fan of yours hoping to catch your attention, lol😂. Ganna subscribe to your channel now 😁

    25. gG Itachi

      Video starts 2:33

    26. Zatusk k

      tis a good boi .o.

    27. Felipe Loera

      This reminds me of The Brain puzzle.

    28. rytram prophet

      people who understand binary would have solved this easy. its all in knowing how binary counts. that was the trick and only hint to the puzzle. but if you don't know binary, then it would understandably take someone longer.

    29. Keith Judge

      Wondering whether the patterns on the sides were enough to solve it without your sticky numbers, seeing as the sides had a pattern.

    30. Secondgear36


    31. Mick Schilder

      my guess after 7:02: 1,2 1,3; 1,2 1,4; 1,2 1,3 1,2 1,5; 1,2 1,3; 1,2 1,4; 1,2 1,3 1,2 1,6.

    32. CottonShot 1

      This dude is my long lost best friend. He just doesn’t know it. Yes I know, this comment sounds weird and creepy

    33. Gabriel De Leon

      Where can I get that sweater?

    34. Badmacstone

      I need this music.

    35. CantankerousOldMan

      Geez, and the only way I can solve a crossword puzzle is to wait a week for the answers to come out.

    36. acalthu

      you need to write down the sequences somewhere. 1>2, 1>3, 1>2, 1>4

    37. Jona Hofman

      It's amazing how you can solve all these puzzles I'm already struggling with messed up earbuds

    38. HannahAnneOnline

      so the magic trick is easy for the distortion for the pen, if you notice, he is holding the pen in the area that the distortion takes place, making the trick, a trick of the hand

    39. Rafael Perrella

      Greymoonbros posted the right solution (Gray-code), but there is a simpler "hack" to this problem. You can solve it just by knowing how to count (in binary). If you've made N moves so far, the face to be moved in move N+1 is the bit that becomes 1 (from right to left) when going from number N to number N+1 in binary. Easier to understand with an example: you've made 9 (b1001) moves so far. So in move 10 (b1010) you would move face 2, since that's the bit that becomes 1 when going from b1001 to b1010. Table in format [: ()] _0: 000000 _1: 000001 (1) _2: 000010 (2) _3: 000011 (1) _4: 000100 (3) _5: 000101 (1) _6: 000110 (2) _7: 000111 (1) _8: 001000 (4) _9: 001001 (1) 10: 001010 (2) 11: 001011 (1) 12: 001100 (3) 13: 001101 (1) 14: 001110 (2) 15: 001111 (1) 16: 010000 (5) 17: 010001 (1) 18: 010010 (2) 19: 010011 (1) 20: 010100 (3) 21: 010101 (1) 22: 010110 (2) 23: 010111 (1) 24: 011000 (4) 25: 011001 (1) 26: 011010 (2) 27: 011011 (1) 28: 011100 (3) 29: 011101 (1) 30: 011110 (2) 31: 011111 (1) 32: 100000 (6)

    40. Mr. Sway

      You covered the twist in the pen with your fingers. Hmmmmm cmon Chris...BLOW MY MIND

    41. Steven Szefler

      Hey Chris, just subscribed been watching the puzzle vids to keep an active mind . Great channel! maybe the sides have differences in them that you need to look closer at. striping or wood grains could be different

    42. Broken Lake

      name of the background song?! 5:03

    43. nightmare 101

      It took him 7:09 to figur it out

    44. Kahu McLeay

      Eye candy much 🤩😍

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    46. Drachen Saft

      How about that Excalibur tho?

    47. Kyle Klatt

      Tfw you don't know what binary means

    48. A and M

      But can he solve a rubik's cube?

    49. Randi Stewart

      Considering it is called a binary puzzle, my guess is counting up where the first digit is side 6, 000001, 000011, 000010, 000110, 000111, 000101, 000100, etc.

    50. Kianna Staniforth

      Who here is subbed for the puzzle vids!

    51. Kira

      Oh god I expected a boxer or something but it's a tiny dog

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      Bruh I love watching your vids while I do homework

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      I want my cells back

    56. piratefetishmachine jones

      Elegantly done, Ramsay.

    57. mustang607

      A binary box

    58. xCameronx

      We have a same kind of dog as you. My parents had to cut his ears short IN OUR HOUSE! I was in my room not knowing. Once my sister told me calmly. I went down and felt sad. Blood was on a cloth. I saw his ears. I went up and not cry really but just felt sad. He is weak because of blood loss I think. He is okay but this kind of tape like band aid is holding it up forcing it. I feel really sad.

    59. Brian Jackson

      It might make more sense to label the faces 1,2,4,8,16,32. Then you can see that you are counting up binary numbers.

    60. LGN

      I think you might be intelligent.

    61. Zays Zayn

      First move like the vide Second subcribe Third like this comment Fourth leave a comment

    62. Bad NoWhale

      This is fake.

    63. Peter Petersen

      next step excalibur? ;)

    64. Yolanda Hernandez

      I'm the only one who thought the title read "how to solve a non-binary Japanese puzzle"

    65. Conner Mims

      Hey Chris, great content! Im a US marine stationed in okinawa and i gotta tell you, when i get bored here i can always rely on your videos to occupy my time and actually be interested in something. Keep up the amazing work with these puzzles!!

    66. EmelolMLG MLG

      For people that doesn't know how binary works We use the decimal system (base 10)(0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9) wich has 10 numbers so each position is x10 the previous position form right to left. after we reach 10 in a position, we put 1 to the next position and 0 in the current position 1000

    67. Spydragon Animations

      Prediction: 6:57 12131214121312151213121412131216

      1. Spydragon Animations

        10:42 Hm, I guess it doesn't help that I've known this pattern for a little less than 4 months.

    68. AUSSIE GUY

      lol my dogs named obi too, after star wars lol

    69. Andy Beckmann

      There are way more than two genders!

    70. Raymond Slater

      In the intro how did the Luxor’s lens logically work

    71. cube11235

      If the sides of the box are labeled correctly, the side that needs to be moved on step M of the solution can be determined from the binary representation of M. The binary representation of M is a compact way to express it as a sum of powers of 2. The smallest power of 2 in that sum will be of the form 2^N. The side that needs to be moved is N + 1. For example, side 4 needs to move on step 24. In this case, M = 24 (decimal) = 11000 (binary) = 2^4 + 2^3. The smallest power of 2 in the sum is 2^3 so N = 3. Therefore side 4 needs to move.

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      I always see these puzzles as great stash ports for weed🤗

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      Dude ur 46 on trending pat on the back

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      Oh NO NO the portal to hel-. Pinhead: why helo

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      Someone tell me where I can find the music he uses! It’s beautiful 😍

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        Bikboi Griefer shazam it with your phone 🙃😊

    78. Rapdoc

      1213? Thought Binary means only 0 and 1

    79. BKDDY

      Yeah i can Google how to do it too.

    80. Whole Food Plant-Based Man

      Sheldon Cooper had one of these to hide his flash drive when he was traveling by train, and Penny just broke it to get to hit. Thus, it requires one move to open.

      1. Whole Food Plant-Based Man

        There's the clip:

    81. Daniel Whitlock

      You're crazy how you solved that so quick. I got lost by the forth piece found

    82. The Real Reason

      Maybe you should put ur cam on ur face as well bcus it seems like you keep pausing to look at a guide on ur phone. Seems fake

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      I sexually identify as a puzzle box

    84. You Tube

      The plastic acts a bit like water but the distortion changes when you rotate it. There was a really famous experiment done but I forgot what it's called.

    85. andre bruere

      Glad you are feeling better man. Awesome puzzle. Gonna try and find it.

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      1:36 he got em culturism poses

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      He was holding the pen at the twisted part when he was showing it

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      Psh...I can do it in 12. Wit my butt cheeks.

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      He just twisted the pin you can see kept hold the part with the twist

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      Unless your dog does magic like you, keep him off camera.

    93. Soorian

      The puzzle is counting in binary. Out is 1 and in is 0. It's actually really ingenious.

    94. whywasiborn0404

      It would have taken me like three years to figure that out ... but good job bro😂😂

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      Glad to see you’re doing good after magic Chris

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      i do not understand the math you did but congratulations 😂😂

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      Stickers is totally not cheating.

    99. alicia Akers

      We have a puzzle box that we cant solve. Its run in the fam for years unsolved . Theres supposed to be some thing inside any tricks you might be able to give us on how to solve it .. it deff has moving parts inside.

    100. Stef M.

      That’s actually amazing because for the first time I was able to solve it without having it in my hands. I was yelling the moves at my screen :D