Solve The RIDDLE to Find WHO DID THIS!



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    Published on 16 days ago




    2. epic guy

      11:24 the mirror she was smiling

    3. Erin 1...Dan... LMAOOOOOOO the flower one was obvi

    4. Kariariiツ

      11:12 it was the reflection

    5. LizzieBlack11

      Me:watches this video Also me:sees the girl name CHLOE who is dead Also also me:WHAT WHY ME my name is Chloe🤦🏼‍♀️

    6. Anwar Johnson

      It was the reflection,because it was 🤨

    7. Atlantic Crab

      I did

    8. Jenny dehoyos

      Hey dan I allredy did these I got 2 right 😂

    9. Kosta Milo

      please stop..... NO ONE THINKS YOU ARE COOL IF U DO QUOTES! IT WAS NEVER ANY DIFFERENT! soory but please stop it is annoying.

    10. Agent. [REDACTED]

      11:13 Look closely at the mirror dan, Look reaaal close. The reflection smiles, then looks up at the cat.

    11. I C Yu

      Police captain: *hands officer Dan a piece of paper that says Kevin is the killer here is the evidence* Officer Dan: Hmm we will never really know who the killer is... Police captain: Jesus Christ

    12. Lorens amp

      I was feeling sad until I saw your video thank you sm for making me laugh and smile

    13. Sebastian Lopez

      I got the one with amanda green

    14. Tiger Dog

      Pls do more

    15. Tiger Dog

      That channel is the best riddle channel

    16. òwó Gacha kat òwó


    17. Steph Murray


    18. Steph Murray

      Aaaaaaaaahhh ssshhhhheeeeesssss dddddeeeeeeeaaaaaaddddddddd

    19. Faren adventure

      Dan is your brother bijuu Mike

    20. Kai Wallace-sahel

      Candal sofer wall rubber band

    21. ItsDominz

      ''wHy !s Ev3y0n3 q0uT1nG"

    22. Mariusz Kuzminski

      *Girl died Dan:drop dansing


      U-u-u almost ki-killed m-m-m-me D-d-dan.

    24. Mariusz Kuzminski

      Dan:HA HA HA! Me: Dan ,why are you laughing at People diyng?!

    25. Galaxy the best

      Dan! U forgot about your GOLD Farm!?

    26. Geffren Esteban

      dan the momi 1 the monster the move it whas stret on the firt thim but the lites are flikiring the monster move

    27. Janmejay Singh

      this was big brain time for dan

    28. Sunflower Horses

      I got the mixed the flower one to make green on her shirt

    29. fricker with snickers

      When he said that "No one got amanda green" well i guessed it and got it lol just had to point it out...

    30. Racheal Denny

      Shut up

    31. hope7096

      Glen Went Into The Cave To See What It Was Glen It's A Cave

    32. Mykee Theodore Viri

      9×2(2×5)÷4[Comment down bellow

    33. Jun Sillito

      DO BE DAN DO IT!

    34. Avril Hall-Andujar

      but I got it and I'm 9

    35. Mawbone

      realy your brain isn't big? But your forhead is so big!

    36. Tony Macaroni


    37. TG Kills Pros

      💎 dab police can’t stop me

    38. Kalvin Sansone

      Her face changes to a scary momo face a little

    39. Lourdes Soto


    40. Shaddai Griffin

      *the narrator is using sarcisim*

    41. renee briggs

      It’s B

    42. KimTaehyung Derp

      -_- I'm done with the quotes

    43. Claudia Espinoza

      Her reflenction

    44. Manuel Plays

      Sent 2 people that were not guilty to jail not that bad 10/10

    45. Sara Lemon

      This is sad for me because my name is Chloe

    46. TitanSamuel Plays

      5:53 HAHA

    47. Vernon Ralph

      It was the mirror

    48. Sage Porter

      Sb bff d hi, I baby gagagaga

    49. Cartoon Kid


    50. Gucci Jam

      5:48 5:58 Just to make myself laugh

    51. Keith Davies

      The monster in the cat one is in the mirror.When the women looks up her reflection is smiling

    52. Anna Liu

      Dantdm pls do another riddle vid

    53. Anomaly 617

      Did u watch this US-newr I ALWAYS WATCHING HIM

    54. LordZ X

      Pause at 00:00 Dat face tho 🤣😂

    55. super turkey

      Dan u are part of the police The dab police

    56. Dale Onions


    57. m o

      Pls do more

    58. Nicole Harper


    59. Nicole Harper


    60. Carmela Antoniou

      This is ligit full of everybody dying

    61. Pixelated AJ Gacha

      Guys this doesn't help that it's 3 in da morning

    62. Eron 0451

      Nobody. Not even a single soul. Mah cat. 11:25

    63. Lightning

      5:58 Dan: Her name was Chloe *Music intensifies*

    64. zeke aldwyn verzosa

      DANTDM look at the glass in the final riddle

    65. Golden Garuda

      This was good. More would be cool. I enjoy watching you laugh in the face of death.

    66. Vaishali Dixit

      I hate you

    67. Ghen Fabros

      At least you got the colour green