SML Movie: Precious's Pillow Fort!

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    Precious has taken over Junior's Pillow fort!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. superbowserlogan

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      1. JJL productions 4314

        Precious lives up to her name

      2. Gaming Boi

        I’m the 500th commenter lol now no one else can comment *LOL*

      3. R7 Alikan

        T-Rex9000 00000000000 000000000000000000000000000

      4. Predaking Savage


    2. Wildlife Dude

      My dog is called Boris

    3. All Rounders

      1 of my dogs is teddy the other one is meg my 3 cats names are Kosie, Kimba, and maggie

    4. Mrnotsoslow Plays

      0:44 *Precious preciously steals pillow fort*

    5. Noel Marin

      Your mom Ohhhhhh!!!!!!



    7. savage roblox

      Jr it's a cat

    8. Gradie Prude


    9. Gradie Prude


    10. SJ Pugs

      Cabela and sandy

    11. Emil Johansson

      Jippi Gunnar Sven Greta Mohamed Ahmed +37

    12. Gavin & Shyla

      That cat is not talking, he is not moving while he's in Bowser Jr's pillow fort.

    13. Iker Abarca

      Cat blue

    14. Daddy Pops

      Whiskers is my pets name is.

    15. bernard woodland


    16. Chall and CHLOE D

      Jr: is the pizza man here? Me: he is bruh

    17. CrazDudYT

      I bet this was Chillys idea. Ok junior, theirs a girl with Blonde hair that lives with you, she can help get rid of precious out of your pillow fort

    18. The Randomizer 720


    19. boggaloko Parra

      Why are the puppets and other sml merch cost so many money I will rather go to walmart

    20. Thunder GalaxyPup

      My dogs name is fudge

    21. Alex_werwolf gacha

      My dogs name is Bella

    22. Novada 2k12

      My parents are allergic to cats

    23. Joseph Cedeño

      My pets name is fluffy

    24. Sonic & Tails

      My cat is called chicken

    25. Bryce Smith

      Brooks Rusty And Bella

    26. Nancy Daugherty

      My dogs name is bella

    27. Vinny Parana


    28. Craig Mullen


    29. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

      My pets name is dick head cause I don't have a pet

    30. diony rebutar

      My pet is name is alice she's a female and she's a type of the brandy

    31. joey plays11


    32. Gavin Thramer

      "She likes to bust my balls" please dont take the out of context

    33. Manuel Padron


    34. :3 Tube

      “I was over seas and they cut grass and I was out” HOW DID THEY CUT GRASS IN THE SEA

      1. Surferdude Games

        Are you ligit dumb


        He was either next to an island with fresh cut grass, or it was seaweed!! ... 0BIu5l`/ 😒

    35. :3 Tube


    36. Char Latte

      It must have been so hard to keep the cat in place the whole time!

    37. Ninja panda 08

      My younger cousin can watch you now that you are curse free

    38. zakhira nimir


    39. zakhira nimir


    40. Awesome RK9

      My dog is called patch

    41. S B D Lijus

      Liesel and she's a cat

    42. Joseph Fonseca

      My cat's name is pj

    43. Skullinator Đuković

      want some koolaid 3:29

    44. Lucy Chafer

      My pet names are Bella,Strawberry,Diego,Simba,Dackary.

    45. Squidward Tenticles Isthe Best

      Sml Answer: Ponyo from the Studio Ghibli movie.

    46. Star Jones

      Omg 😆 😝 😂 😂 😂 😂 😆 😆 lol

    47. Jamel Mason


    48. Draw Story

      1 cent not 10

    49. Victor Ramos

      Blue ,billy ,Linda ,strawberry,goldfish,goldfish 2

    50. Alicia Clermont

      My pet dog name is sparkle

    51. Jacob Vargas

      I'm sorry to bother you again for your business and look forward to seeing you again for the first time

    52. Bimmer Fan

      My pets name sex balls

    53. LilSkullz00


    54. Fortnite player

      My dogs first name is cece but her middle name is sunny because she has a spot on her back that looks like the sun

    55. Sofia Sullivan

      My Pet's Name is pee pee suck

    56. Savage on Demand

      Oh yeah 3:27

    57. Masonator 7710

      Cooper daisy and Loki 2dogs 1cat

    58. Wasim Touhafi

      you made me think about my dead bird ):

    59. roxanne tornabene


    60. Vicky Coffman

      His name is Toto like from the wizard of oz

    61. Eva Calpito

      My cats name is Peta but he ran away 😢😢😭😭

      1. Eva Calpito

        @Cami Flora thank you for support for my cat Peta but he will never come back 😭😭😭😭😭

      2. Cami Flora

        I hope he comes back

    62. Jay jay Morales

      My pet is named FUCK YOU



    64. The awdz ツ

      3:35 Spider-Man reference

    65. StandupKnight49 Yt

      I got a dog ad in this

    66. Eduardo Chavez

      My pets name is Lucky 🍀❤️

    67. Ayden Russell

      My cats name is ducky the black and white cat 🐱

    68. Amardeep Jethwa

      My dogs names are ripply because she rips everything and the other is harly

    69. Teo Butnaru


    70. Helen King