Skunk hunting. I might regret this.

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    We’ve had a skunk show up the last couple nights and we need to put an end to it. And what will happen when we catch it…
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    Published on 2 months ago


    1. Ohskelily Wurarah


    2. Cashagon

      Wow! Your garden is amazing! I tried gardening once. It didn't go so well...😌

    3. mix xim

      Bamboo is the new chou 😂 Way of the dragon😎

    4. Cosmic Kitten

      OMGosh-the drone emu footage was hilarious!😅

    5. ba kheg

      Great family at new farm.👍👍👍👍👍 enjoy life fully

    6. elenahedgehog

      once you have a better fence a higher one you can have bamboo kick predatos out for you, foxes, skunks, weasels, and even snakes, he will stomp them and kick them becouse male emus are the caretakers of the bunch, my friends uncle had one that killed a coyote he stomped his neck when he jumped over him, it was savage... but it could have been becouse he was brooding and father mode kick in.....

    7. Meh Name Dark

      You seen any sign of rusty and outlander

    8. Saloni Salvi

      Hi!!! The emus have become so big ,,, bamboo looks big but acts like a baby still 😀😀👍🏼‼️‼️

    9. Naerwyn

      These vids always fill me with a mixture of happiness and melancholy.

    10. Sweetpea

      I love 💕 your videos thanks for sharing

    11. Magnakay Violet

      I hope Bamboo doesn't meet the skunk. Smelly emu is no fun.😊

    12. Drew Hoffmann

      There not ring tailed pheasets there ring neck

    13. Drew Hoffmann

      U guys should get ring tailed phesents they taste really good my dad and his friend rasie them sometimes there are a couple that die in the flock and if u release they will come back to the enclousee

    14. Canter On 4 Life

      #whitehouseonthehill can you please tell me what canopy/canvas cover you bought? I believe you said it was off Amazon? I love your outdoor sitting area and would love to recreate it.

    15. PickleTheDragon48

      Y’all need to try this: Put canned corn into a muffin tray. Fill it the rest of the way up with water and then freeze it. Then when it’s really hot give the chickens the frozen treat.

    16. Mrs Farm Alarm

      Take that you intruder!

    17. Mrs Farm Alarm

      We had a skunk in a nesting box one time. Let me tell you it smelled for days. Looks like you guys had a great trip.

      1. White House on the Hill

        +Mrs Farm Alarm - luckily we never got sprayed!

    18. naqvi 128

      There was an another channel based on farmers

    19. naqvi 128

      Why you dont have any pigeons and dogs...

    20. Tanny M.

      Why do people hate skunks? Apart from when they get sprayed.

    21. Seanrhex Lauron

      You should try incubating an OSTRICH EGGS

    22. Seanrhex Lauron

      You should try incubating an OSTRICH EGGS

    23. Mel Arredondo

      5:14-5:19 Bamboo is me when I try to kill a cockroach😂😂

    24. Nathan Broaddus

      Will there be more baby emus

    25. KC Mackie

      Try a different bait.

    26. CamDaily Boss

      Its me ivo :) im a member of you guys too :)

    27. CamDaily Boss

      What state did you guys go the Atlantic ocean?

    28. Jinu Chu

      i guess the skunk is called the devil skunk in 3 am yep its from the devil

    29. darthvader4hire

      shoot the skunk if you see the skunk...if you dont see the skunk trap it then shoot it. same goes for the cat...but if you dont shoot the cat leave it in the trap a couple days and release. it might never return then. i had a large flock of chickens and ducks back in the day and that is how we dealt with those issues.

    30. Ally Becker

      I wonder if the skunk got a hold of your cats :(

    31. Nita Valdez

      Welcome back...missed you❤. Get that STINKY SKUNK

    32. Maria Ciolkosz

      A good trapping channel is Kendall Gray he is good at explaining if you need help trapping

    33. Al's Homestead

      We had a skunk in our neighborhood about a month ago. (Only 7 at night, we saw him in daylight!) Luckily he didn't come around the chicken coop though.

    34. Carrie Ashley

      Put feed bag over trap so it can't see in the cage but make so you can what when in there

    35. Classy-Cat Art

      You guys should collab with Weed em and reap! 😀

    36. Deaf Barefoot Melange Farm

      LOL, I love skunks. I love the smell. I would have trapped it and de-glanded it. I’m weird. You have to do what you have to do. Lovely children. Lovely animals. Beautiful bird. I handle each chicken every single day. Jealous of your garden. I’m moving in with you, okay?

    37. Stupid Intelligence Stream

      im so glad to see your cats are back!

    38. Nick

      Make a big aviary for your mandarin ducks and your gold pheasants

    39. S M

      What are you going to do with the skunk once you catch it?

    40. Yathish Moolya

      You might want to cover the trap after the skunk is caught so that it cannot see you. Bcz once it does it will spray on you and then you might actually regret it. Cover the trap with some cloth right from the time of setting the trap to releasing the skunk in the wild.

    41. Priscilla Palacios

      The emus interacting with the drones, so funny!!! Your sons have such beautiful smiles and enthusiasm, thanks for sharing.

    42. Amen

      I never laugh outloud and the emus with the drones made me laugh so hard, I peed. Bamboo killed that drone!! So funny.

    43. Brix Lacsamana

      Guys did you notice that their profile look likes the horror movie

    44. Juancho El Potozino

      Yeah you gotta remove that skunk before he brings more of his friends and creates a real problem.

    45. Mindia Heikes

      Good luck with the skunk! I second the fixing the black kitty if you catch him. If you guys have the time, of course! It's a busy life being full time parents to three kids AND have a farm at the same time, I can imagine! Amazing video, as always! Bamboo was too cute protecting his girls, especially since the drone was okay. You could tell he was NOT having it in the beginning hah! A good protector indeed!

    46. Snoop Ham

      Be safe God Bless don’t attempt careudl chemicals could kill kids and stuff be safe dirve safe

    47. Joe Serrano

      The kids sure loved the drone but Bamboo and the one blonde twin not, Becky sure enjoyed picking veggies as much as swimming in the Atlantic and talk of catching a skunk? How do you catch a skunk, well very carefully! Thanks for sharing and yeah, this will be a stay tuned in for another skunk-catching episode! :)

    48. Verónica Gómez Maluenda

      Maybe, you could try covering the trap with some box or wood. 🤔

    49. Thia Moldova

      white house on the hill i have a question when do female ducks start laying i have two White duck's and one is a male and the other is a female love you guys so much hope one day i have a bird farm that's as big as you'res right now i only have 26 chickens 1 guinea fowl and two ducks so that's 28 birds soon i will get turkeys and pe chicks eli holding his baby brother is so cute!!!

    50. Connie Mui

      Love your videos

    51. Nita Valdez

      Love your videos❤

    52. Lorife Contiga

      Can you please get a dog pleeeeeeease

    53. Sasha Minimoore

      I have 4 pet skunks

    54. Lorife Contiga

      Please keep your ayam cemani rooster

    55. Leilani Brabant

      Darn! Maybe next time.

    56. Kaltrina Demiri

      Bamboo is big. When you said "Woah is it okay" I thought you meant Bamboo but I guess you meant the drone LOL

    57. Doug Fortier

      If sprayed by a skunk, "Nature's Miracle" will neutralize the odor in seconds-completely! With dogs and a dog door, one would get sprayed and come into our bedroom. Applying the product and leaving it on overnight would allow the dog to return to the floor of our bedroom-stink free!

    58. Bob Saget

      Put your trap in a fence line that the skunk is running. Use a piece of bread with peanut butter spread on it. I've used this method with great success and you'll avoid catching that cat. Yours truly not really Bob saget

    59. Melissa Coleman

      It's like, you guys look it's a big flying bug. Then it's like, oh yuk I stepped on it. Yuck, yuck, oh, yuck.

    60. Jessie

      Have you checked Bamboo's foot he seemed like he may have kicked the drone so hard he hurt himself?

    61. Melani Monnin

      Bamboo was protecting his flock from that foreign flying invader!

    62. Marta Sherbring

      I trapped a skunk. I had to use an egg for bait. Only thing that would work. Have fun

    63. jerry quigg

      I safely trap and dispose of skunks as follows. Deploy the trap out in open for easy access from all 4 sides. Suspend UR bait above the live animal trap trip plate and toward the rear. Fried chicken scraps work well. Trapped skunks are usually fairly docile - cats are not! Use a common sheet hold it wide, approach the trapped skunk and drape it over. Provide a source of CO via hose to put skunk asleep and kill it. Use disposable gloves - skunks are rabies carriers. Place a plastic tye wrap around the neck for insurance - I’ve had them come back after an hour or so. Transport to your favorite place. FYI skunks are beneficial and eat many insects - however they also carry rabies and screw with pets and live stock. Also, you can harvest and sell the skunk scent - see US-new if interested.

    64. DJ TAPOSH

      Very nice video I am living India mp I am flowing Instagram & titer mp I am watching all video

    65. Cat Myscrappinmama

      Had a skunk under our porch a month ago. West smell ever! My poor dog!

    66. The Gully Farm

      Where do you meditate on the farm?

    67. glenncountry

      In my experience skunks dont spray that easy. Ive walked right passed them without realizing it. Almost stepping on them. Cover with a towel so it feels hidden. If you release it? Take it way far into the country and let it out so it can go right into brush or grass. When i shot one i dug a hole first, then pow and quickly buried it.

    68. Diane Hakala

      Did the cats come back ,??

    69. roben lotha

      My cat asks if yours are back yet😢

    70. Danzel

      I missed why Anne is on her own does any one know