Skinniest Ball Python I've Seen - How Will We Help it?



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    This emaciated ball python was sent to us a few weeks ago and has not eaten in 5 months. Although the previous owner did everything they could, it only ever ate one meal and is withering quickly. Here's our plan on how to help this guy out, and get him to perfect condition.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Morgan P.

      please don't send him back to the old owners

      1. Morgan P.

        their husbandry must have been awful for him to be so bad.

    2. Ratastic

      I once met a man who told me he wanted to return his ball python and get another snake because “it hadn’t grown in the two years I’ve had it”. I was immediately concerned and asked him the diet. This man has been feeding this snake nothing but FUZZY MICE since he got it as a baby. I immediately yelled at him and blacklisted him from getting another snake at the local store

    3. Anna-May Kettlewell

      Im having to assist feed my 8 month old royal. Got him 2 weeks ago and he was really underweight and it was confirmed by the vet.

    4. Stephen Nelson

      So what happened to king chonk? Is he okay?

      1. GoHerping

        slowly losing weight! that'll be a vid soon

    5. Abigail Thompson

      King snake looks like the worm thing from spongebob

    6. Elizabeth Ponce

      What ever happened with the obese snake??? And the other two?

    7. Dread Wolf

      Honestly the only people that should have any animals are people that know what there doing.

    8. Terrell Turner

      King Snack lookin THICC 😂😂

    9. Leecie Girl

      Does anyone know if there is a video on the obese king snake yet?

    10. dragons vain

      When I got mine she didn't eat for a month and was told she didn't eat for month before tried like you did she did same strike.. after while got her to eat one fuzzy then few days later three fuzzies and a live mouse. Now she eats two fully or jumbo a week.

    11. dragons vain

      Do you still have the pie? And for adoption?

    12. Rogue Of Spades

      Any updates on the poor thing?

    13. Tina Davies

      Haha the king snakes rolls had me 😂💀 She likes her food. Leave her alone and she’s told you before, stop filming her from her fat side! Oh wait... 🤦‍♀️😂

    14. Ashley W

      If you ever need new homes let me know I can provide pictures of cages for proof of a good homes

      1. Ashley W

        @GoHerping cool I will check it out thanks for the information

      2. GoHerping

        we sell the animals over at if you're ever interested - Everyone goes through a quick verification process as well. thanks for your interest :)

    15. Deltapaw 123

      Piebald BPs are my favourite morph and I've always wanted one, seeing that one made me sad 🙁

    16. BirdsWorld

      That kingsnake is *CHONKY*

    17. doggo

      That king snake is thiccc

    18. Snagglefang aaa

      Those poor scale noodles qwp, i want to hug them but at the same time i would probably kill them- Poor albino doesnt look like he can hug me back, I hope he's doing better- (edit: yes i do realise I'm a bit early for any changes, but this poor noodle looks terrible)

    19. Halle Strausser

      Keep us updated!

    20. Millie Lach

      “This is a stick”Best quote of 2019

    21. Kia Yang

      Please do an update on that snake! I'd love to see if he gained weight.

    22. Aislinn Kiger

      I got my ball python from someone who didn’t know what to do and she is just as skinny as the one ur helping now she refuses to eat it breaks my heart to see animals like that.

    23. Natasha Figueroa

      Can we see the update on the chonky chonk?

    24. CrippledHurp

      He must be the king of chonks👑🐍look at those majestic rolls! Jokes aside, i wish him good luck on his diet! ❤ Thank you for helping these animals! 🐍🐍🐍

    25. Nico Armstrong

      Oh that poor baby he rlly looks like hes dead glad he’s getting better😟😢

    26. Happy Doggo

      I stole this from a reply but.. O LAWD HE COMIN

    27. Vernowietsch

      A fat snake. Now I've seen everything.

    28. Tate Babyy

      Whenever the pied ball python gets up to weight can I have her or he?

      1. GoHerping

        He'll be available on!

    29. Adam Pansegrouw

      You have so many unhealthy snakes. Look after your animals

    30. Gabriela Olvera

      This video was super cool. I hope we get to see him once he’s recovered.

    31. Nekomi

      Update plzz that poor skinny snake

    32. Jesskaaaaaa

      I don't own snakes and somehow got here but I loved this and am subscribing. I will, probably, never own a snake simply because I feel like I would be an awful snake owner. My dog would probably mistake it for a piece of moving sausage in an enclosure. Anyways, gonna go watch some more vids!

    33. The_arch

      three words: Deflated ball python.

    34. Nina Wayne

      Ohh, that’s why they’re called ball pythons

    35. Olivia Reis

      If I were to get a snake, I would probably try to get a piebald ball python. That is, if I could afford to buy, AND take care of one. And YIKES that king snake is a thicc boi. I mean, JEEZ XD

    36. Joe Blazer

      Aw man. He's starved almost as bad as you are.

    37. Katherine Bigham

      love the pretzel python at 3:02

    38. Anja Vejnovic

      At around 5:26 you can see it's scales,and they are kinda sticking out.Is that normal,or is that a side effect of neglect?

    39. Kuri Su

      That King snake is T H I C C

    40. Sydney Grey

      I saw you at Repticon the other week in Raliegh and I was so scared to go and talk to you. I was so scared and idk why.

    41. Golden Trap

      Ive never seen a chonk snake

    42. Ryn

      Albino king snake looks like an overstuffed sausage casing, lol.

    43. Ryn

      He looked so much stronger eating the third! Hope he does well, can’t wait to see updates!

    44. Ella Hallsten sa17c GD

      Poor guy. Hope he will be feeling better soon!

    45. Janneke Jansonius

      I'm just amazed by the thicccccccccQ boii

    46. Cassie Ashland

      Will these ball pythons be available for purchase if they make a full recovery? Or do they return to their previous owners?

    47. Marián Dill

      Hi. New suscriber✌.

    48. greekfire2012

      It is very normal for underweight snakes to show neurological issues due to starvation

    49. alfie w

      That’s heart breaking

    50. Michael Abbink

      and btw snakes are cool no matter the morphs

    51. Michael Abbink

      u are a really good person...i am really upset about his condition

    52. Cady Lynn Oregel

      Poor little guy

    53. Bee

      Poor BP snek. Glad it's heading in the right direction. I hope the best for the snek.

    54. Momo Phyre

      My ball python is in between the two newer ones, but he hasn’t even looked at his food... he hasn’t eaten for almost a month, what should I do?

    55. Cassidy S

      That king snake is thicccccccccc

    56. Marie Lestrange

      Can you please give us an update on the snakes? I’m so worried about the skinny one ☹️, Also how do you get the fattie one to lose weight? Love your channel! ♥️ 🐍

    57. cimmonim

      that king snake is an *absolute unit*

    58. Charcol's Trash Vlogs

      Lmaooo Chu chu train it in

    59. Outdoor Livin

      I wonder if that albino is a het for spider and even though it’s not visual still acting out the mannerisms due to the neurological issues. But anyway it’s a great thing that you do. I’ve been sitting here bing watching some of your videos the last few days as I just came across your page. Excellent job to you two young men. Keep us updated on the pied. I’d love to give him a great home if he needed one. Take care, and look forward to more videos.

    60. Urban Exotic’s

      albinos head wobble is from overheating ( by guess) caused neurological damage , probably used a red heat bulb(any color LOL) and kept the hot spot over 100 degrees. but I'm not a expert so who would I be to say... also. if you're feeding him and then holding him less than 48hrs after , at that weight highly suggest against it . he's going to need to rest to digest and you're poking at his body... when hes literally getting ready to defecate. you said it your self " you're not trying to stress it " "he isn't strong" "compare the muscle mass" "he cant eat on his own" so why would you think the muscles in his stomach are any better? and force feeding him, sure. if you feel you can. but really be cautious especially with frozen thawed you run in to any septic issues from regurgitation... well. whats your ball python setups like? I don't really see you talk about it at all in this video. what are you running to heat your system? whats your temps at? humidity? , did you check it? I see you have been doing this quite some time, good for you. but as someone who is trying to do whats best for their animal you should really just double check how well you have taken the constructive criticism and put it to good use. have you at all? lol

    61. Aaron Allen

      Speaking of skinny, I just rescued an adult albino checkered garter snake. She ate 4 pinkies and I figured that was a lot. She was searching and bit the rock that had the scent. Should she keep eating?

    62. Potato&Soysauce

      This is just a twig

    63. Jessica Glovsky

      Any updates?

    64. Storm of the Fire Variety

      I feel kind of bad eating mice while watching this video...

    65. a real snarky egg

      It’s heartbreaking to see animals in bad health, and I hope all is on your side whilst these snakes recover in your very capable care!

    66. Fluffy Dragon

      Why are so many people talking about the king snake I mean I know he’s huge but that poor python is so weak it can’t hold itself up

    67. Laura Mabe

      Oh lawd they thicc

    68. Sidney Davies

      When I first got my ball python she didn't eat for 7 months, but she was a pretty good eater for her last owners and did not lose much weight during that time. I cant imagine this was a very healthy snake before that person bought them :/

    69. ʏᴏᴏɴ ʙᴜᴍ

      How can you be sure that albino ballpython doesnt have IBD? That cause neuro issues like spider and causes them to stop eating. This is very contagious and will result in death for all snakes that get it.

      1. ʏᴏᴏɴ ʙᴜᴍ

        Im not hating, hut genuinely interested in your acyions and thoughts.

      2. ʏᴏᴏɴ ʙᴜᴍ

        Its quite irrisponsible to lay your new, definitely unhealthy/even sick, snakes next to your normal healthy ones. If they have anything contagious, you have a hige problem. Quarantine takes at least 3 to 6 months! So just seeing it for a week to a month, is no way to be sure theyre healthy.

    70. Simone Puccioni

      I like snek.

    71. Zoe Nicole

      Snakes: "This is a normal human..."

    72. Milky Milk

      That snake is king sized

    73. Manny Lozano

      I'm so glad you helped him eat. I would have probably assist feed. He was SSSSSOOOOO weak of not having food.

    74. Stink simply stink

      It looks like the skinny boio may have some mothrot or something like that. I could be mistaken, but i just ask that they get checked

    75. Anahera Chase-Amoroa

      Oml the first snake is so funny and the second one made me cry.

    76. Bloodfun2585

      I feel so bad for that ball python hes so cute! 😥

    77. Emma Drew

      Unrelated but I recently realized my normal morph bp has a wobble. Like a decently prevalent one too worse than a few spiders even. But he still has a wonderful life. He is a wonderful eater. (Live tho sadly refuses even pre killed )

    78. CoolKCRoyale

      That’s one of the thiccest snakes I’ve seen

    79. Wickens Wicked Reptiles

      great video Alex! the B roll and editing is getting so good

    80. Just Herps

      6:02 what am I laughing 😭

    81. Wysteriant

      I know obesity in snakes is bad and it shouldn’t be glorified but oh my good look at the Chumby chubby noodle look how poofy he is

    82. Leif A

      That king snake need to run some laps. Think that's the first time i've seen a really obese king snake.

    83. Damon

      My ball pythom is like the albino and he wont eat frozen

    84. Alicia Horton

      i hope the skinny bois get better....

    85. Yikes Its me


    86. Renee Reuter

      I need help in making a big decision. My local petco has a starving python and she's starving to death and will only eat for me, I think they have improper humidity levels in the tank to because I think she is sick. The petco wants to GIVE ME THE PYTHON FOR FREE! I just don't know if I'm equipped to help her. Thoughts?

    87. EMI V

      At 11.30 with his little mouth open I was just sort off screaming to give him a second one. He looks so hungry and like he could definitely finish another one pretty soon. I don't know much about snakes, but I'm rooting for thisone!!

    88. avaorchid

      I like that people are putting their desire for their snakes wellbeing above their possession of said snake.

      1. GoHerping

        It can often be hard to find someone to take a snake that needs help. Many people that have surrendered to us say they spent weeks searching and never found any other origination on willing person :/

    89. Herrgabby _

      poor lil guy. hope his recovery goes well. best off luck to that awsome lil danger noodel

    90. Wenyi108

      Poor baby I really hope he makes it 😥

    91. Make America Great again

      What morph was the 1st BP ? The 1 u showed right before the underweight pied BP

    92. Liam da snake guy

      You should get a Hognose snake

    93. Jessica Glovsky

      Just curious why you don't use racks with so many animals? (No I'm not gonna try n convince ya to haha just wondering if you have a reason)

    94. Maddi Hurd

      I want that piebald when you get him back to health 😭❤️

    95. PJ Nielson

      The king snake.... _I'm in awe at the size of this lad_

    96. Lord Villain33

      You are an idiot you just said there is no health concerns with albinos and any of us with a brain knows that they have light sensitivity issues

    97. Evan L

      Poor thing, I hope it gets better

    98. Toxicated FrazeCrazy

      Wow Bro who ever had that little ball python is horrible and it's so nice what you do with these animals

    99. Duck on Quack

      That King Snake is a thicky

    100. Roselin

      really cool what you're doing! Here's hoping that the emaciated snake gets better!