Skinniest Ball Python I've Seen - How Will We Help it?



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    This emaciated ball python was sent to us a few weeks ago and has not eaten in 5 months. Although the previous owner did everything they could, it only ever ate one meal and is withering quickly. Here's our plan on how to help this guy out, and get him to perfect condition.
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Paul Alaniz

      Where do I go to get a reptile from you?

      1. GoHerping

    2. CapriciousMuse

      That is honestly scary. I’ve never seen a snake that scrawny. Know you’ll do good by him/her

    3. Ingrid Johansan

      You do good work. Bless you.

    4. Crash's old account

      oh my god, the weakness in that ball python is alarming

    5. caelyn brennan

      Can you do an update of the first snake? I would love to see the progress

    6. Fonzi Pacheco

      I love that brown and white ball python it's so beautiful and so mesmerizing. How may I find one like that!? I love your videos btw!! You can see the compassion and love you have for not just your animals but all animals!!!

    7. ques1134


    8. RS Media

      Hey, so my Spider ball went off feed for like 8 months. She was underweight, but not by a whole lot. She's been eating for about 5 or 6 months now consistently. Couple questions, should I feed her more often? I feed her a medium mouse every other week, and she takes it no problemo. Also, her length is concerning. She's only about 18-24 inches, and almost two years old. She's really not big. Also, she seems very shy (I know, it's a ball. And a spider at that) and usually doesn't move from her hide for days at a time. Last question, I'm having a tough time controlling humidity. She's in a 40 gallon breeder, eco earth substrate, and I have a regular humidifier hooked up as a fogger, but she seems to get stuck in shed every time. The humidity is around 50%, but I'm really having a hard time keeping it consistent

    9. Clooz

      Is there such thing as snake physical therapy? I know in babies a parent can be assigned to exercise physically the child themselves by hand. To help build up of strength and heal damage properly. I know you guys love snakes. But twiggy likely has in born neurological issues. That have likely gotten worse with the neglect. A lack of neutriants and blood to the brain and critical organs causing not only physical breakdown, but mental deterioration. I wouldn't encourage ever breeding him. Just like certain human families carrying issues. Some members present symptoms, while others are carriers. I am not a snake expert. But I'd do research if the sorts of physical therapy used on babies and paralyzed people, if it would be effective on snakes like these I'd also look into the effects and long term damage caused by several malnutrition and starvation in humans. It may help you guys plan the best recovery for twiggy. Not only the physical issues. But the mental ones caused by the stress and lack of neutriants long term to the brain

    10. PainTrane01

      This kid is such a tool.

    11. Lu

      Poor thing looks like a deflated balloon :( hope he got better.

    12. Robyn Bryce

      Can we get a update ?

    13. Mistee Lee

      How sad, maybe just stressed

    14. FLY Jeres

      Send me a Ball Python 🐍 I’ll bring its health back up. I love snakes 🐍 omg so tiny poor thing. They can be tricky to get back on feed bt using tricks u can get them on food again.

    15. iyona xoxo

      Poor baby

    16. Sonya Mchargue

      Maybe you should consult with dingo he is an expert and snakes I'm pretty sure you have seen his channel you should be proud of yourself John and make sure that snake is taken care of

    17. Sarafina Donald

      Oh my !!!

    18. GiancarloFXBBTx.

      Hahaha that’ snake has love handles.

    19. Kassie Johnson

      Poor baby 😭

    20. Makayla Daughtry

      please do an update on the albino

    21. Armoni Chaffin

      Can we get a update on him

    22. Smillingcat doll

      I really want to get a ball python but this is what im terrified of, not getting him to eat.

    23. Layla Ammons

      Poor baby. He is soooo skiny. I hope he is doing a lot better now! Is the piebald going to be up for adoption any time soon? He is absolutely gorgeous!!! I would love to adopt him!

    24. CamilaSnakes

      Hows the albino doing ?

    25. reptile SLUT

      Don't snake shame some snakes are just chonky 😤.

    26. Sabrina Mitchell

      Poor baby :,,(

    27. Victor G

      I bought a male Mojave lemon blast ball python on may 26 at an expo, he was about 8-10 months old according to the seller. The seller told me that he was eating frozen thawed rat pups, which I thought was kind of weird considering his age and size. He was a a bit thin but the seller gave me a really good price on them so I decided to buy it, even though I know you're not supposed to do stuff like that or you shouldn't do stuff like that. Long story short he didn't eat for over 2 months with me at all, I had him in a 40-gallon Exo Terra breeder tank. Eventhough he was doing good, he was coming out at night to explore his tank, he would not eat for me. So I decided to move him to a 32qt bin, cause maybe he was stressed because of the tank, he wouldn't eat after being in the bin for a week. As a last resort I tried a live rat pup he took it right away, that was about a month ago. Today I fed him his first small rat. The only thing I can think of is the seller lied to me about him eating Frozen thawed just so he can get rid of him because he wasn't eating. Thankfully he's starting to gain some weight and he's doing pretty good.

    28. Alisa Lopez

      @GoHerping How is the super skinny snake doing?

    29. Lori Smith

      How is that little snake doing now?

    30. NateDawg920

      It really is too bad the albino didn't make it since you were able to get him to be better with eating. I feel like if you got him 2 to 4 weeks sooner he would've survived.

    31. Alyson Enos

      I got my corn from emerald he is doing great

    32. Christyn Lead

      How is he doing now?

    33. FBI

      The king snake is looking insane like damnnnn son he got ROLLS

    34. Rosie Caswell

      Can we have an update at some point???

    35. Lori Pitas

      Good job dude

    36. itsbomee

      Thank you for saving him🙏🏻

      1. Adog Afrog

        he died

    37. Opahyagenn

      11:35 those ribs showing while he was being fed made my heart sink.. hope he is doing better!!

    38. Savannah Burris

      Oh my goodness that poor baby... he's so confused and weak :'(

    39. bellajaid

      Oh, these poor boop noodles. I just subscribed and am stalking your videos for updates!

    40. Samurai JackOff

      He was savoring the taste

    41. S O

      I just got a baby cornsnake and where i got him from did let me know he had trouble eating and they thought it was due to stress (they had him homed with another baby cornsnake) but regardless he is going on 3 weeks without eating. He is starting to look skinny but is active especially at night. Ive tried feeding him at night/day/leaving him in a box with the pinkie and leaving the pinkie in his enclosure. Ive even brained a pinkie. He just will smell it and not eat. I wouldnt be concerned if he didnt look like he was losing weight... any advice? From anyone pls im jist worried

    42. Chiara Renaud

      Luke warm bath to pass the constipated matter.

    43. Sek's Sneks

      RIP little dude.

    44. RoadkillPhil

      Came back to say RIP lil man.

    45. C.o.R (Lex)

      Here in this household we like our snakes BIG and we like em CHONKY

    46. Ron Duey

      Young man many best wishes your vids are information ,have you tryed vitamins on my poor eating snakes ,even my best feeders I injected the feeders with them the vitamins was a child type called polyvisal ,you will know how much, like anything good take in small doses !

    47. Tom H

      The owner of the skinny one was a vegan .

    48. Brandi Throm

      I’ve also rescued a poor ball python. He’s my BEL, I’ve named him Nelson, he was between the underweight one you have and the skinny one you have. We tried to get him to eat for about two weeks and we decided to assist feed him a pinkie. After a few weeks and a few pinkies, he upgraded to assist feeding fuzzies and we’re slowing working our way up with him. When we got him, he was only being fed a pinkie every other week to every few weeks of that. This video has definitely reassured me that we’re on the right path with getting him back to health :) so thank you I truly appreciate it!!

    49. Mad

      That king snake is a thick noodle😂

    50. Mad

      I saw the thumbnail before i even read the caption......I knew something was wrong and I've only been into snake videos for what....2 weeks. But i mean anyone could tell that ball python has been through some shit

    51. Akio Kuro

      "In a few days" Finally does part 2 after over 2 months

    52. lily murawski

      When a snake does not have enough vitamin and food it can develop neurological issues

    53. Maegan Brown

      Poor baby. What a skinny danger noodle. Just wanna hold him and give him all the attention in the world. And obviously feed him all the rats he needs

    54. Raven T

      Can you do an update on this one? Good luck!

    55. Rebecca Howe

      How often would you suggest feeding a snake that under weight ?? My little guy I just picked up basically looks the same :( I am not even a fan of snakes and how bad he looked and his stuck shed I couldn't leave him. (Pet co) .. shock I'm sure. But honestly he is the sweetest and I legit love him. But I would love some tips please

    56. Ambi Cahira

      Did the albino survive?

    57. K R O K O D I L

      You’re sure that’s not shed, right?

    58. Saoirse Justice McKenna

      thanks for the rescue

    59. Todd m

      Hes big boned not obese come on lol. He needs to exercise. I actually wonder what muscle these snakes lose (i know there still all muscle when they r healthy) it cant possible be the same muscle density of a wild bp though theres no way.

    60. Laura Anderson

      At the end of this video, you said the next would be about the overweight snake, but I have not found it. Please produce it or provide a link?

    61. Catalaxy 04

      Oh no, im glad these babies getting help now

    62. Mr Man

      Wow that's a lot of layers

    63. Jordan Rider

      The snake look deranged and he look stress i think

    64. Courtney H


    65. niphx

      my sister has an albino ball python as well and still hasn’t ate ever since she’s got her as well. they tried to assist feed her as well but she made it down and regurgitated it back out. this helps a bit more on trying to help feed more.

    66. Reptilebigmac

      Obese king snake=chonké boi

    67. Dolly Games

      Seeing that fragile little ball python made me feel so sad... I really hope he recovers!

    68. MadHatt3r

      Also, i know its a different animal, but I used to have an albino rat and she used to bob her head a lot to better see depth. Albino animals in general have a weaker nervous system than regular ones.

    69. Mdb 730

      Not good, zero quarantine practices. You endanger your animals by not keeping strict quarantine practices. God forbid it was something contagious, you would have wiped out your collection.

    70. Corgi Cookies

      I thought the kingsnake was a ball python, he’s so fat.