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    Sidemen Clothing:
    Song 1: Kkev Music Production - Omen
    Song 2: PartyInBackyard - Btch Lasagna
    Song 3: Dread Pitt - Arena
    Song 4: Fareoh - Under Water
    Song 5: CloZee - Koto
    Song 6: 80Fitz - Irrelevant
    Song 7: Noisestorm - Crab Champions
    Song 8: Mitchell Broom - Redemption
    Song 9: Toby Fox - Megalovania
    Song 10: Marc Madness - Mean
    Song 11: Rameses B - Visionary
    Song 12: Loop Genius - Do it again
    Song 13: Gidexen - Ronin
    Song 14: A Himitsu - Lost Within
    Song 15: Noisestorm - Crab Rave
    Song 16: EWN & Whogaux - Start That Fire
    Song 17: Kelypso - Home
    Song 18: Toby Green - Lift Me Up
    Song 19: Pegboard Nerds - Frain Breeze
    Song 20: AeroChord - Surface
    Song 21: AutoLaser - Witching Hour
    Song 22: Clarx - H.A.Y
    Song 23: Unknown Brain - Superhero (feat. Chris Linton)
    Song 24: Mattia Cupelli - Emotional Sad Piano Music
    Song 25: Egzod & Imagin8 - Focus
    Song 26: Pegboard Nerds & Tristam - Razor Sharp

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Joshua Kirby

      12:23 vik looks like he’s doin a chicken run😂😂😂

    2. mixio hili

      At 12:27: Everyone except Tobi: just confused on how Vik did it Tobi: just died laughing

    3. Cole 7 7 9

      What’s the song at 18:50?

    4. ja doei

      Stolen from bankzitters

    5. Hosam __ch

      Am i the only one that heard pewds song at 1:38 and later on

    6. Michael Vargas

      Vik should be kicked out of sidemen

    7. Ally Jordan

      Pause at 7:04

    8. BloodHound

      Frame not analyzed for stabilization; click Analyze.

    9. Wxsted Kicks

      Simon should of done the silly Simon in the water😂

    10. Fork Knife Captain

      They played PewDiePie’s music on JJ’s turn.

    11. Jake Marshall

      Very cringe when they try and talk Road. I.e Simon saying “Done out ere”

    12. Noelle Van Barneveld

      Its in The Netherlands😀

    13. Atreusjaded948


    14. Molly Boyes

      why is simon wearing socks

    15. Josh Lee

      “Back in the day he would’ve got stuck

    16. Thomas Dawson

      They just played pewds song at the beginning with jj 😂

    17. iliketurtles 300

      9:40 when area 51 guards realize 1 mil people show up but they all die

    18. fatex

      Shame i didn't know that they where in the netherlands i would have come for sure

    19. Rithari

      19:47 I'd recognise Sharky's voice anywhere 😂

    20. Omar Saidi

      u guys should do more videos like this

    21. game boys

      if dare stand 'niet op zitten' means don't sit on it/hang what does simon

    22. Josh McDermott

      When was the last time to total wipeout stuff was used

    23. Brave Stripper

      13:55 for W2S

    24. HardstyleIsMyXTC

      wait thats in the netherlands?

    25. Dani P

      1:30 and 2:05

    26. 丂ノズリツ

      True! Crazy frog

    27. Daddy Depressed

      *Should've gotten Phil to be the commentator*

    28. Maxwellian Man

      2:06 Bi*ch lasagna ? 😂

    29. Ju_ Swain

      Ngl this is rly funny

    30. Eden Bogale

      15:56 Man really said 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️🧘‍♂️

    31. skshjkds

      it’s an obby

    32. Floor van de Schilde

      Is this in the netherlands

      1. Daniel Öström


    33. Clairelbeatty


    34. Mac Macker

      Please analyse those frames

    35. Eva K Salinas

      Crab rave💖

    36. Victoria Smith

      😂😂😂😂😂 to funny

    37. egg with 10k subs?

      Is this in holland?

    38. Brian Harrington

      12:24 the first thing he does

    39. Youssef Bilal

      The sidemen probably won’t see this but my little brother who has down syndrome absolutely loved this video and was laughing the whole time! He was also cheering for JJ to beat every course. ❤️

    40. Rado

      U need to remind Harry to upload 😂

      1. Rado

        @Daniel Öström ohh yea i will send him a text rn

      2. Daniel Öström

        Do it yourself

    41. Ivan Perez


    42. Sunay Jinka

      I came here for vik lol

      1. Sunay Jinka

        @Daniel Öström hes funny

      2. Daniel Öström

        Off all people why vik

    43. Hannes Pekkarinen

      12:20 i laughed so hard to this 😂

    44. Nyte Gaming

      If KSI was still in shape this would have been easy

      1. Daniel Öström


    45. Daniel Og27

      On the circles that were spinning u can hold on too the circle and go around

    46. Hoover

      This weather looks so brittish

    47. Hoover

      harry is such a tryhard

    48. ZzentikK

      6:50 to 7:05 i died of laungh ahahahhahaha !

    49. KaRth1K KaMaTh

      Sidemen go to area 51

      1. Daniel Öström

        And get killed

    50. Yannick Sturtz

      This video is made in the Netherlands!

    51. George Bulmer

      Ski be looking like stevie wonder on shrooms

      1. bilinas mini

        8:46 Everybody waiting for a crazy video to see his hairline Ksi: Nahhhhh imma exposs my self in a vid where no one notices

    52. yopan

      7:30 why is he wearing socks yuck

      1. bob brown

        I think the socks give them more traction

      2. Daniel Öström

        He has ugly feet

    53. DineshVlog

      8:30 the background song when Harry packed Pele in fifa 😆

      1. bilinas mini

        Play mafia together

    54. Hibba

      do sidemen apprentice

    55. Greek Gamer

      I knew miniminter is the best in sports

    56. Jewel

      12:25 I lost it 😂 that was so unexpected of him lol

    57. English Fold

      Person is spelt wrong there at 2:30 Like if u didn’t realise

      1. Bram Van den berg

        English Fold it was recorded in the Netherlands, so it’s spelt correctly

    58. Diogo Vanegas

      Vick disappointed me every way possible

    59. Reuben Thody

      I think 1.Harry 2.Tobi 3.Simon

    60. Jaco. L

      Again? Nah get out of the water!! Lol

    61. Michael lopez

      Y’all should collaborate with 2hype

      1. Daniel Öström

        And do a basketball vs football video

    62. PointlessJLP


    63. The one and only Jäger

      Vikk- “Vikk Indian Spider-Man” Me- cries because spiderman is cancelled

    64. Jacob Henning

      Idk why but I laughed so hard at 12:20-12:40

    65. therealtekkers

      Poor for dropping out of the jumper over the spinning bar or whatever challenge 🤣🤣💆‍♂️

    66. TheMSGames

      Play mafia together


      8:46 Everybody waiting for a crazy video to see his hairline Ksi: Nahhhhh imma exposs my self in a vid where no one notices

    68. your dad

      Only one way to do it.. Naruto run 😂

    69. Ash

      I haven’t laughed this hard in soooo long 😂😂😂😂😂

    70. Alx100

      repetedly press this time stamp for something amazing 10:51 *enjoy*