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    The Sidemen play Hide & Seek on a Cruise Ship! Enjoy!
    Sidemen Clothing:
    Thanks so much to MSC Cruises for letting us be some of the first people ever on their brand new ship MSC Bellissima. If you want to find out more about the ship visit
    ● Miniminter:
    ● Zerkaa:
    ● Behzinga:
    ● Vikkstar123:
    ● TBJZL:
    ● Wroetoshaw:
    ● KSI:

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Ibraz Rahman

      I thought this was gta v 😂

    2. The Atrocious Disaster

      "we're being pricks" finds some cacti...yeet

    3. T80_Tríton

      6:52 okkkkk vik

    4. KᖇᗝKᗝᗪIᒪE鿅


    5. Brandon0522 07

      JJ did nothing

    6. Vast Alfie

      12:53 Ethan’s face

    7. Roeslan Zakiev

      JJ what was he doing xdd, 22:49 he's not following thé rules ''nahh he's not''

    8. DazzaDoes

      Goes on $billion ship, plays hide and seek. Thats living life

    9. Danny Miles

      Ethan= in the gym KSI= scoffing his face in the buffet

    10. Leo Adam

      This was a very good video

    11. Tum Clavert

      I feel sad for them cuz I’m only 12 and I have been on 11 cruises

    12. Oliver Brok

      Wasn’t the construction workers the first people on the boat? Hmmmmm?

    13. Jaythebarbar

      Jj would make the best spy

    14. FizDom

      Sidemen: Hide And Seek KSI: *Bulks and Sleeps*

    15. McYeetus Donalda


    16. zombie soul collector

      Ethans voice break at 6:35 😂

    17. Awozen

      Harry is like the little brother sore loser

    18. bb boi

      i wanna dye

    19. Ronan Gallagher

      JJS bulking session

    20. dangergear

      "Vik US-new"

    21. YoYoHannes

      11:42 wait are they in sweden?

    22. Shyz_beastmode

      6:34 Ethan that voice crack was baaaad

    23. LUC- CA

      Cruise oops

    24. Ryder Jorgensen

      Hey vick

    25. Olivia Williams

      They should hide at a paintball in place 😂

    26. chamundeshwari prakash

      that idiot snitched on JJ

    27. Kid doodler

      1:33 Jj- why am I so black 😂😂

    28. D Berg

      Ksi is so ugly🤭

    29. Chesmond Gamingg

      Can’t wait for JJ to have a double chin by the time of the rematch and claim he’s just bulking

    30. Victor

      I just watched Faze 10 Million dollar house hide n seek and then this popped out wtf

    31. Mario Tobar

      10:51 that’s the funniest part 😭😂

    32. Alfonso Gonzalez

      Why does the ship there playing hide and seek on look like hijack from black ops 2🤔

    33. DVDJRocks


    34. Ugonna Alilonu

      KSI is always bulking

    35. Erik Suarez

      JJ has the best hiding spot

    36. lilPidgey

      Scuffed European faze team (Im not a fan of either)

    37. Kyle McGregor

      6:45 that dude definitely saw him

    38. Alex

      Yes the outro is back

    39. Raed Saleh

      😂😂Ksi just eating

    40. Bradlayy

      I got a yacht In gta

    41. ArtilleryKing 7

      JJ eats all the pizza on the ship JJ: GUYS IM BULKING😂😂😂

    42. F BI

      7:55 get cuz he’s... never mind

    43. Oh yeah yeah

      Vikk is black now its 3 and 3💪👍👍

    44. Oh yeah yeah

      So is JJ the fatest Sidemen now...."Im bulking"

    45. Rahib Rehman

      some one should just straight up dissapear on one of these hide seeks. dont answer your phone lock off all of social media. leave the country- dont get in contact with anyone nd vlog it --- would be doppppeeee

    46. Mad Dog

      He is bulking

    47. Brett 17

      when jj was eating all i could think was "im bulking"

    48. Nathan Ream

      White people lose first the foreigners are better at hide and seek 😂

    49. Jerry Shi

      23:48 imagine a waitress trna wake him up

    50. Ryan Flinch

      Jj sleeps in the open. Still can’t find him

    51. ImThatJKrexy

      Wheres agent 47?

    52. apfel


    53. Cold Husky


    54. free6ix9ine 22

      Not bad since yall got famous off playing fifa back in 2013

    55. Zhraa Nemrag

      *vik youtube* 😂😂


      6:22 the ppl playing the machine were french.

    57. Hugo Marin

      Poor Vick, he takes this so serious meanwhile JJ is bolking...

    58. Channel 123

      The 3 white guys get caught first because black people are used to running from the police

    59. down boy

      im bulking

    60. Håvard Wefring


    61. George Vlad


    62. ItsRaspy

      JJ WON he’s the only one who didn’t move lol

    63. Bryn Smith

      Jj’s hair looks like nik naks

    64. Mr Stooley

      oh my god 17:33 lolmao

    65. RogueProjects

      Thats insane

    66. A Jarjis

      12:51 Ethan and Harry's reaction when they found Toby 😂

    67. Shockwave

      What was the outro music?

    68. Kakashi

      JJ was just thinking about the food the hole time

    69. zachary green

      BRU 900 MIL NAH

    70. Nick Sullivan

      1:13 WHERE ARE U?? 😂😂😂 and ethans voice break at 6:32 😂😂😂

    71. DupeGlitching

      Bulk and sleep

    72. Gucci Presents

      First shot of jj in the video: “Ughh why am i so black” 😂

    73. Zahra Mammadzada

      1:34 idk JJ parents? lol

    74. Kyran the Troller

      ksi is so black

    75. The Silverbird gaming

      Do more hide and seek like this

    76. ViiZion Vortex

      JJ's Bulking Season..

    77. Ephy_The_One

      JJ: IM BULKINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

    78. Childish Toes

      6:31 that voice crack

    79. Yajna Maharaj

      19:21 🤣🤣🤣

    80. Alexander Vangelovski

      Technically jj won because w2s was found and he was with vikk

    81. Akshay Mesuria

      Ethan’s voice crack anyone

    82. Gerónimo Bonet Ugalde

      14:00 "bulking"

    83. King Suraj

      7 yellow ads vs one adblock boi

    84. Muhd Irfan Norazli


    85. vanillathunder

      KSI must have misheard, it was hide and seek not bulk and sleep

    86. Brick Buster

      6:30 voice crack

    87. Kambing69

      17:33 baby

    88. Okami-Rose

      JJ Bulking

    89. Maxx 123

      I fell that jj won

    90. Kasper Myrstøl

      Like so Josh can get his bracelets... Dat boi need dem

    91. OWEBOE 2

      JJ in the restaurant is so me

    92. andres payan

      Bulking meme will never die

    93. Joonazz

      Am i only one who thinks that Josh looks like white drake

    94. Zano Skitz

      Josh: This is impossible (Sees Ethan and Harry) Josh: Na I’ll leave them

    95. AG_Gaming_YT_TTV

      We really just gonna ignore that voice crack 6:34 “they got a football PiTcH”

      1. The Sgab

        AG_Gaming_YT_TTV Was gonna mention that 😂

    96. xenon plays

      The question is how can u top this for next vid

    97. Nathaniel Jones

      Could hide in the buffet and start eating fatty

    98. JamDonuts


    99. Sufyan

      damn .. dope outro

    100. Penny Gillespie

      Hide and seek + JJ BULKING video