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    Shamu my pet bass chokes on a huge fish, we had to save her!
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Ryan Sturm

      She’s a definite keeper she stuck her hand in shamu’s mouth with no hesitation

      1. FADE 164

        Ryan Sturm lol

      2. lulu mushtaha

        Is this learning fish: *eats freind*

      3. I need a life alot


      4. Arlene Harada-Brown


      5. A Random Fish

        She's the one

    2. Thicc Cucumber

      What happened with the beta fish?

    3. Tennessee Jeff

      Will no longer watch your videos!!

    4. Brent Jack

      About to give that thing shaking fish sindrum

    5. Karen Rowland

      Eating the food she didn’t out eating the food again shit it out and eat her shit

    6. Tapanga Wade

      HURY AND TAKE IT OUT, you Weren't supposed to feed them to shamu

    7. Tate Spahr

      You should rename shamu megaladon or make shamu’s nickname megaladon

    8. Fate Caution

      no one: absolutely no one: zach: the blob is now a catfish turtle dolphin killer whale looking thing

    9. Leika Grady

      I hardly her your girlfriend talk but the few times she did she cursed. For that, I won't subscribe 😯. My kids use my phone

    10. Agni Degio

      More like abuse

    11. Gilbert Seaver

      Guys it’s just a fish

    12. Mohamed Alfateh

      Poor fish i love animals

    13. random person


    14. MindlessPulse

      I'm from Louisiana we call em crawfish

    15. Mateo Perez

      Your girl is hot where can I get one lol

    16. Jahniel TG

      Don’t get a girlfriend 😂

    17. Tyson's Youtube Channel

      NEVER take a fish out of the water when it eats because when it thrashes it has a really high chance to choke

    18. Nikola Mira

      Catch em all fish is trying to talk girlfriend throws something - don’t get a girlfriend

    19. Hellrazorxx911


    20. Maggiegr 05

      Ok can we talk about how much alcohol this guy has geez lol

    21. Goshua Fisk

      why did you literally take food out it's mouth... it was a gonner for sure... I lost a fish I spent money on. I didn't pull it out....

    22. Brayden Sorrell

      I though that shamu died what?

    23. Tal Shemmer

      9:32 G rated i dont think so

    24. Mounia Kahhach

      Poor Fish

    25. DENVER024 /BT_DENVER024

      Hey I have a baby Shamu

    26. Rison Massillon

      Learn about fish first

    27. Bianka Tellez


    28. SYED &uss!in

      You know the rock in her mouth how whould see had dijest it, whould she just spit it out?

    29. mlyniecm

      youre an asshole man. uneducated fish owner

    30. Dirty Fruit

      I thought shamu died

    31. ui mui

      Your pat fhis look like he is dieing

    32. LJ ruth

      How many shamus have died 3 or 4

    33. morgs sarazon

      Lol ur a prick

    34. Darius Jungslager

      you should put gravil or it might die.

    35. kathe hagreen

      That fish was more interested in your fingers than the thing that it was actually supposed eat😂😂😂

    36. Shalini Bairagi

      She's doing yoga

    37. slimmdogg

      Pulling it out is a bad idea, The spikes that stuck you are digging in to her stomach.

    38. JustinNicole Ferguson

      Are you ash kethums brother lol

    39. Cinna Bxrry

      The world is watching and now it is the time to eat He is now fed he is a dolphin killer whale looking thing xD

    40. calm ur tits

      gril: that was a disgusting sound guy: YoU'rE a disGusTinG soUnd

    41. Amelia Lagman

      It’s called tilapia

    42. Raven Nichols

      Y'all sound like crybaby bitches theres a million different talapia it'll be ok if they die

    43. Lauren Lopez

      Omg the “blob” is so freezing cute!

    44. Amari _Slays

      4:00 he is so cute

    45. Madison Kinville

      Poor shamu

    46. Marycel Gonzalez

      How long can a species like Shamoo survivor outside of water??

    47. penguin waxsima

      From a vid where you save turtles and you are buying a frog for shamu. I thought shamu was a person

    48. penguin waxsima

      The blob has a mustache

    49. PureClan

      Lol you a wired sound

    50. Betta 4lifez

      The mighty shamu

    51. Z6P

      Don’t get a girlfriend 😆

    52. Yeeto Noodle

      Aw - I feel bad for da dead fishy’s that gave their lives for the sake of da weird blobby dolphin fish...and all the other fishy thingys...heh

    53. little boy BOB YEE

      You should try to breed Talapia so you don´t have to catch them when you don´t have any more.

    54. Dzaki

      Does the fish not bite? And how long can the fish stay out of the water?

    55. I Dont Know Who

      He need some milk! Choooookeddd

    56. Lilly Hewitt

      A fish ate a fish and that’s just cannibalism

    57. Μαρία Χρυσουλιδακη

      3:43 😂😂😂

    58. TCG_ Trigz

      She shakin it

    59. Acherz_PW

      Tilapia is from Philippines

    60. Nikaya LittleTiger

      when that blob ate his fish he definitly a blob

    61. Talaya Barnes

      How long can a fish be out of water

    62. Leahplayz2473 2


    63. Abeo Mariachi

      God dam how long does shamu stay out of the water

    64. PeckygamingYT Qi

      Is shamu going to die 😭

    65. b creates stoddart

      Chek out rawwfishing he has more than 20 fish

    66. b creates stoddart

      Does bass mean bad ass

    67. BubbleWitch Puffy Games!

      Lol 0:14 I couldn’t stop watching the intro lol.

    68. Maiganne Bronson

      Shamu died

    69. Maiganne Bronson

      Shano died

    70. gt ifallenong

      It was surgery on grape Now surgery on fish What next?