Saoirse Ronan Tries To Teach Stephen An Irish Accent

The star of Brooklyn gives Stephen a primer in speaking with an Irish brogue.

Published on 3 years ago


  1. sazzad hossain

    she says fans-🧐🧐

  2. Benny Hill

    This girl is gorgeous! She's wrong on the Mexican skin tone because there are lots of blondes in Mexico too, just liker her.

  3. Benny Hill

    Colbert, she's been trying you to SHUT UP and listen!

  4. Shrekboi 62

    right but y is she teaching an accent when she canny do wan hersel???

  5. lukus black

    I always thought it was So-arse-y. lol I never had a clue she was Irish, either. That girl has played so many different characters. Sometimes you wouldn't even recognize her. She's absolutely incredible.

  6. Comp Wiz2007

    Nobody gives a F^CK how you pronounce your name... I don't even know who the F^CK this is, Supposed to be famous or something?

  7. Urzona

    damn i’d ball up with her

  8. Thorny_Boy718

    England, N.ireland, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have 100’s of accents in such a relatively small geographical area. CHRIST I can’t understand half my own countrymen in England , let’s not even mention the Scots or Irish from the rural areas....good god 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 The British isles are unique though, that’s for sure.

  9. Gabriel Pilati

    S U A R E Z

  10. Mohammed Barhoum

    At first glance of the thumbnail, I thought she is giving him the middle finger. lol

  11. red x17

    She is dublin we in connacht are not represented ):

  12. Emma Mikaelyan

    When he said 'Go to hell' in the end, I was like yeah, 'To hell or to Connacht'

  13. dacsus

    She would be great Ciri (in Witcher).

  14. MAHIUN

    What will we do with a drunken sailor

  15. ron perry

    I didn't even think he was potty trained


    Umm ok

  17. Broxios

    The best name is Sadhbh

  18. Pygmy puff nation

    0:41 Luna love good

  19. Emjee CB

    She’s a beautiful Soarez

  20. Robert Kool

    God he's painful to listen too

  21. tfnvv

    I always thought it was Sheer-sha. Or spelled like “Saorise” (which, if it were a real name, also looks pretty to me).

    1. Sam Magee

      It's seersha. It means freedom. I find it hilarious when Americans can't pronounce Irish names because they're so common and easily understood over here. Like if I was shown an Irish name that I've never seen before that is spelled in Irish I'd still be able to pronounce it immediately. Any Irish person would

    2. Emjee CB

      tfnyy The way I read that kinda sounds like "cerise" (cherry in French)

  22. Lyhesa's Diary

    when I saw Siobhan I immediately thought of orphan black XD

  23. Caoimhe M

    Orla Orlagh Orlaith Orflaidh Are all pronounced the same...totally makes sense.

    1. mac_tíre_aonair

      Caoimhe M - I think the 'f' is buailte on that last one.

  24. Vie _Hendseym

    I can see Luna Lovegood on her

  25. Benno Reuter

    Mein Hefe-Tadhg ist fertig

  26. John Doe

    Hahahahahahaha If I want to turn completely insane I'll go to an Irish village .

  27. Gabriel Incognito

    C'mon, people should stop being little sensible pansies and just enjoy her explaining to us these things in her cute way! She's a swearheart!

  28. ADAM

    You wanna speak Irish...start drinking early in the morning.

  29. Nick ngaronoa

    Diddly Dee poortaytiz (potatoes)

  30. Þorsteinn77 D

    Irish accent is beautiful english

  31. justin vw DePape

    She sounds like Cape Breton girl’s :)

  32. Mayo Luck

    I love Irish accents bc it almost sound like a American Southern accent.

  33. Sredni Vashtar

    Sore arse Ronan

  34. Vindexproeliator

    Yes she ca be a Suarez. You will be surprised so I don't know why is that supposed to be "funny"

  35. Yellow Rose

    2:37 he tried to save her from what she said about her skin tone comparing it to Mexican people. She was actually making fun of how pale Irish people are but, some Mexicans or others might get offended you know like all Mexicans have the same skin tone. They don't btw. Plus she's a blonde haired blue-eyed white person so she needs to be quiet about Mexican skin tone. Just thought it was funny how Stephen swooped in.

    1. MY 2 CENTS

      It was a very funny gag tbh😅

  36. Yang Si


  37. Dr. Go the F away please

    Never been😪 🇮🇪

  38. ausgepicht

    Shit interview. He kept talking over her, she had to fight to complete a sentence. Never seen the show, but this guy is shit.

  39. I put the 'hot' in psychotic

    I like this woman for some reason

  40. John Kochen

    You want to speak Irish? Try these words: Whale Isle Beef Hooked.

    1. Sredni Vashtar

      Old hat. Tell us something new.

  41. Xocomil Alvarez

    Like Chikie from Mayans the Irish eyes tho!!!

  42. Andrew Parfrement

    Interviewer: shut up. You’ve asked a question, let her answer it.

  43. MickeyCeltic

    I have never heard anyone pronounce Caoimhe as queerva! Everyone pronounces it as Keeva.

    1. Muesli711

      I pronounce it QUEE-va.

  44. freethinker1

    She has one of the nicer Irish accents. Some regions you can't understand a word.

  45. Blue Moon

    What in the name of all that is Irish was that about? 🙃🙃🙃

  46. Adam Gottsch

    Jeez. Can he shut up and just listen until she’s done explaining

    1. david ogbeide

      @Þorsteinn77 D 😅

    2. Þorsteinn77 D

      fakin amehikan aksent

  47. uildanach2010

    Is it just me or is every interview with saoirse either focused on he accent or the pronunciation of her name.

  48. cromusic ibra

    Saoirse like inertia? Every time i've seen this name, i've been told it's "Seer-sha."

    1. maybellinelover

      I've heard her say that she doesn't pronounce her name correctly. My middle name is Russian and for most of my life my family pronounced it incorrectly. We're not Russian, but she doesn't have that excuse...

  49. Twirlyhead

    and she's actually from Bradford.

  50. Ellie Hs

    Stop interrupting her for God sake

  51. Mr. Reddii

    World is confused about English accents.. But we indians are confused about our 1600+ languages..and jus imagine about accents of those languages...🥴🏃...bhag bosd K.

  52. Mr. Reddii

    Fu*k I don't want to learn any countries accent...I'm good at my pronounce and good at my Indian accent..

  53. Hellboy

    "Suarez" is a common surname in northern Spain. You will be surprised to know that the Suarez in Spain can be quite light skinned. Saoirse is just gorgeus.

  54. The Blue Frog

    Who is this host? Shut up and let her talk.

  55. remaker blogtube

    a guy from Philippines. need help my small channel. thank you

  56. Neiler’s_cra-Zee_moefoe •

    Whale oil beef hooked.

  57. Mikey O'keefe

    wait! those are the easy names

  58. Chick Filla

    She is an Irish goddess! She's my favorite all time!

  59. B Size Indian

    Writing in one way and reading in another way.

  60. CrazyRussianDiaries

    They still got nothing on *Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas*

    1. W Latif

      Say your name Call it again Jeeesuss

    2. Ryan Phillippi

      @M.ô.P Ikr? He's a real person. If you haven't Googles him already, he's a Kenyan footballer.

    3. M.ô.P


  61. Maw 3615054

    WHALE OIL BEEF HOOKED! (Say these 4 words with an Irish accent).

  62. Alle Augustine

    Nah, I still hate you for ruining Robby and Ce's love life. Jk I love Saoirse. 💚

  63. christianrepizo

    She's lovely.

  64. Tinsel MaiteZorro

    *j a c k*

  65. Mike Earls

    he never shuts up

  66. will ben oni

    Irish kindergarten school be like Teacher - A for? students - apple teacher - spell apple students - chmioarzxt teacher - how is it pronounce? students - Apple.

    1. Ben Ski

      @Anarchist nah i actually don't know what kindergarten is?

    2. Anarchist

      @Ben Ski guess you didn't attend it. You made it straight to Harvard after your mother gave birth to you🐄

    3. Ben Ski

      Tf is kindergarten

    4. Ari Song

      LOL :-)

    5. Mr. Reddii


  67. Mini Cooper

    She is freaking adorable!🤤🤤🤤💥

  68. Val293

    Wtf did he just said she looks like a Suarez & she agreed with the skin tone?!?! Uhm no

  69. Cameron Robertson

    I struggle to do an Irish accent. I roll my Scottish R's too much. I can't help it

  70. Gerrard Barrows

    Omg She's an angel...