Ryan Upchurch & Katie Noel "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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    MUSIC- www.ryanupchurch.com

    Published on 5 days ago


    1. Joe Butter

      This is one of those songs that cause a boom in births 9 months from now 😉

      1. Pamela Lewis

        @Ryan Upchurch . Y m

      2. Pamela Lewis

        CV bbb

      3. Brandon Still

        Ryan Upchurch awesome song bro u and katie nailed it

      4. Brenda Holleman

        Joe Butter I agree 💯

      5. Mike Brooks

        Lmao! That Baby Making music! 🤣

    2. Dzlop

      Dude I absolutely love this me and my girlfriend listen to this every day since it dropped we both absolutely love your music! Your music made her so happy and she sings it to me! ❤️🙏

    3. Zach Jones

      I dont want any kids and this song makes me want to make a baby in the back of my z71🤣, good work church man

    4. Meagan Bellar

      My favs. Ugh. 😍😩 one day, I’ll be good enough for a feature with these two. Probably not. But maybe. Lmfao. 🤣❤️❤️ The king and queen of the backwoods. Fuggin mint. 👌🏼

    5. Seth Beard

      literally said on the roster pen podcast that you and Noel could make some dope ass shit about 8 months be fore you ever made this dope ass song

    6. Megan Comeau

      According to Spotify Ryan Upchurch is my #1 artist and my most listened to song this year was ghost ranch

    7. Max The gamer

      You better keep her and don't lose her I'm glad y'all are togather

    8. Levi Ledin

      Theres so many people not appoving of this song and of ryan and katie being together just hating on the fact there together... love this a bunch glad to see upchurch happily in a relationship you two conquer the world and the world of music ill keep listening to yalls music till im deaf or dead. Love yall both will be waiting for music from yall both. True fans wont get in between a relationship.#RHEC and #FUCKTHEHATERS And ryan one day man hope to god ill meet you in person.

    9. Carolanne Richey

      I love Upchurch if only this song or summer love could be my wedding song

    10. julian king

      this kinda love is is soooo hard to find. im happy for both yall. and im so glad i have this with my wife!!

    11. That Rapper kyngsolo

      back again listening from caneyville KY

    12. Unknown Drones

      Just killed it !!!!!!

    13. TBNRJayShot

      Love this song me and my girl song and we can sing the whole song

    14. Calico 45

      My dogg Church Xs3!!!!!!!!!

    15. David Judy

      If big brother didn't have so much influence in music awards I could see this winning a few awards, (fan sense the beginning) 🤘🤘

    16. Chris Brown

      PROBABLY one of the best songs i've heard y'all definitely hands down killed it raise hell eat cornbread Diesel gang

    17. Maggie Davis

      Love. Love this song u and Ryan have so much chemistry together...this song is awesome

    18. Kellie Stamper

      Song of the year❤❤❤

    19. zach.c Phoenix

      It’s been a minute since I’ve been around but damn I missed a lot haha yeeyee

    20. Dominick Swetcoff

      Amazing music by amazing artist and there happy in love #wheelchairbandit86 #vegas #hotwheels #rhec #tennessy #whiskey #diesel #dieselgang #Carolinas

    21. Daniel Allen

      Look what we got here. Haha, 2 musicians came together. This is something. Good job upchurch.

    22. Heather Lowe

      This right here!!! 🔥🔥Love it! Keep it coming! Huge fans Benson NC!

    23. Michelle Brown

      Best song ever! And the video...makes me wish I was young again!!

    24. Secret Label

      Clean ass vocals.

    25. TOP DOG KYLE

      So they are actually together?

    26. twoface

      bout dam time lol knew somehow yall come together and it looks like yall are really happy i love every song by both of you and have been listenin for years yall have got me through the bad times keep up all the great work and songs skin. Raise Hell Eat Cornbread

    27. Matthew Conley

      This made my 2019

    28. Kimberly stage

      Love this song y’all are the cutest

    29. Corey Moore

      She using him to blow her name up

    30. jesse james

      I'd rather be building epoxy lava tables in my garage with my sweat DeWalt tools than to sit around wasting time with a girl. My past GF's left me cause I like my hobbies more than them. So now i just stay single and live the dream.

    31. Michael Conrad

      Happy for u both😁

    32. ImSimpleYT

      Wait wtf I thought church had an ole lady!

    33. jc jc

      Congratulations Church & Katie. Great song , Superstars without selling y'all's soul to CORPORATE!!🤘

    34. Justin Burmingham

      You and Ryan need a hate with y'all's name on it I love both of yalls songs

    35. Travis Wolf

      Love This Song as Much as I Love You Guys keep up the great work love Y'all Keep making country Music Great Again God Bless the Two of Yous ❤️❤️❤️

    36. Daniel Patton

      God I hate life. This entire song I was alright.. I get it. Y'all are happy. Now shut the fuck up.

    37. AGT Virginia

      Just a question would you ever do a rollin stoned remix together?

    38. TT

      Awe reminds me of high school summer love lol cute

    39. AR Tear

      Love the song Upchurch, the music has kept me going the past couple months and today I finally enlisted in the U.S. Army as a 19Delta Cavalry Scout with an Airborne option. Thanks for the music it keeps me going everyday!

    40. rock the world

      Upchurch you and kevin gates need to collab

    41. Leigh Barry

      Can't help but notice THIS isn't on TRENDING!?!🤔 HOP👏 FUCKIN👏 TO👏 IT👏 SUSAN!!!!

    42. LVSkinny


    43. Justin Ridley

      I'm glad yall are together relationship wise. I do expect more collaborations in the future

    44. Branden Blanchard

      True love and true music i love it

    45. Shoot Red


    46. Holly Perkins

      Someone please enlighten me....I thought Ryan was with Brianna? It's cool either way with me, I love this song. They make a great couple. Sometimes things dont work out...so either way I'm happy af this song exists! Thanks for existing Upchurch! :)

    47. Richard Williams

      I go down back roads every day the mud on my rig just brings back the days..going places most ppl wont atemp and those 15inch subwooffers bumps with some of there songs

    48. Bonnie Lewis

      This song tho 🧡🧡🧡 I love you Ryan upchurch!!!!!!

    49. Zachary Walker

      One of the best songs ever 2 of the best artists ever known fire song 🔥🔥🔥

    50. Tyler Bass

      Upchurch that chorus is fire bro. Much love hitting #1. And with ur girl too

    51. guns first


    52. Austin Farnsworth

      this was an amzing bday present

    53. Dia Sick

      this needs 20 million more plays!

    54. Andrew Mcmasters

      Made me puke

    55. Savage American White boy

      My mother in law said you’re a puss

    56. The Truth

      Everyone call your radio stations and tell them to play it

    57. Shelby Grover

      Its so badass to see someone who is from the same small town I am make moves. Happy for you Katie

    58. KaOtic RaGe

      Hey y'all, Go show some love to "TOO SUSHI" for reacting to this banger. She put it on her playlist .. 🤘🔥💯

    59. Chris Huge

      played on repeat on my way to work today with windows down in 36 degrees and took the long way

    60. Tyler

      First off..not hating at all. Love the song but can someone please tell me why Katie sings HEY GIRL and NOT.... HEY BOY in the chorus? ANYBODY?

    61. Missy Musick

      Love it!

    62. Stee Osborn

      Great song! She is amazing also. Make more songs with her please! Amazing song

    63. The1bobo

      Hell yeah man y'all make a good couple and sound absolutely awesome 👍👌. Been banging y'all's stuff loud as it can go here in east tx. Y'all should team up with Knox and Adam for one badass album just my opinion but I think y'all would kill. Keep up the good work and can't wait for more awesome music!💯👍👍👍

    64. Bud Mccann

      THE KING AND QUEEN OF THE STICK!!!! Y'all, this is pure magic! Its that spiritual/cutty music! If y'all haven't went half on baby yet put this on repeat and get to it. Naw fr thou y'all are both super talented and I look forward to more DUETS, ALBUMS, AND TOURS!!!!! I follow both y'all very closely, I can't wait to see what y'all can do when u truly spitting, truly talent of the South. THE KING AND QUEEN OF THE STICK!!!!!

    65. Drew Glisson

      Put this on the radio now!!

    66. Outdoorsman Lifestyle

      Yee yee now that's true love! Country living you guys are awesome keep bringing amazing music to this world!🇺🇸🇺🇸

    67. mdeadz1980

      Fire good job skin

    68. Melody Godbey

      Freaking awesome.......yall make being in LOVE look like so much fun...........God bless you both and I'll be standing by for the lil UpchurcheS in the future.......🎯

    69. Daniel Son

      Ryan good to know you, great shit over the years...pussy got yea now 🤣🤣🤣

    70. Janet Brown

      Love it!!! :)