Rotary Engines - Why YOU Should Love Them, Even Though They SUCK | WheelHouse

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    The rotary engine is well known in the automotive community, both for reliability issues and for being amazing. So is the rotary engine really one of the coolest engines ever or is it a poor design that should be left behind?
    WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.
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    Published on 15 days ago


    1. Donut Media

      BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP What's your favorite Dorito flavor?

      1. Danny Rocha

        Rotary flavor no durrrrrr

      2. Chance Macdonald

        Sweet and spicy chilli fosho purple bag for life!!!

      3. The Ice Champion

        13b 2 rotor 1971 fitted in an rx3

      4. The Goat

        A reuleux one

      5. FreyjaTofu


    2. 600pers

      They burn oil? Like, oil just magically burns up in them cuz they suck? I'm so sick of retards saying that shit. At least explain how it's engineered to squirt oil into the housings instead of making it sound like they're just malfunctioning. Seriously, grow the fuck up. It's not the only engine ever to do that either. Such an ignorant thing to say.

    3. Boykott Jackson

      Felix Wankel was not an engineer!!!

    4. Joshua Finley

      I test drove an RX-8 once for about a few minutes, and it was awesome. If I was to get one, it'll be the R3. I love the way it looks, the way it handles, and of course the way it sounds. I'm looking forward to see what Mazda does with their Wankel engines outside the range extenders

    5. Turteng Spaghnhoff

      A Dorito to make Dorifto

    6. zStyle Jailson

      787B is my favorite car Ever

    7. Schorsch Werkversuch

      The NSU Ro80 has also two rotors

    8. Rick in Texas

      Racers don’t mind working on their engines. Normal consumers don’t want the hassle. When you add in the fact that rotary engines burn more oil and gas then they are doomed. Rotary engines simply don’t work in the real world.

    9. Nostalgia Rookie

      Dorito magic Work

    10. Edgar Santiago _

      7 Gang Rise

    11. Fiskn

      Rotary powered car wins Le Mans: Everyone: suprised pikachu face

    12. Timelostproto

      own a bridgeported, single turbo'd FD that I daily to work. and lemme tell ya driving the thing is my favourite part to any day. they're fairly easy to work on because of the small engine size and its so rewarding! oh and who can forget POP UP HEADLIGHTS :D

    13. Francis Rodriguez

      "Municipal waste is gone a fuck you up "

    14. doctorjules187


    15. Sergio Chavez

      Had to sell my 93 RX seven cool car to drive but it was a Financial disaster

    16. Thad Wilson

      Any chance you all could be as good without the curse words? I love watching these videos with my kids

    17. adanconst

      Can someone please please please for the love of god let me know what's that song's name? It starts @ 5:53 and ends @7:01

    18. Trent Robey

      Felix wankel was a Nazi s.s officer

    19. Trent Robey

      Wtf is this millennial wearing a grandpa shirt for!!

    20. Tyler Broughton

      I would LOVE a RX-7 FD, but in the meantime I have a 392 Scat Pack Challenger since in Canada a Rotary is hit or miss for whether it will start or not in the winter. LOL

    21. Anthony Flores

      Always wanted hans rx

    22. Seth jk06

      So these things are like the 2 strokes of cars?

    23. kursed13

      Wanker talking about Wenkels, good job Donut!

    24. James Barrick

      Show me a rotary engine fan boy and I will show you a dumb ass

    25. Emmanuel Ham

      First picture you call rx2 is not an rx2 is a rx4. Also there was a smaller car after the original Cosmo with a tiny 2 rotor engine called the r100 with a 1000 cc engine

    26. Branon Fontaine

      Ls swap NOTHING.....Coyote swap EVERYTHING......

    27. Nyquil For The Kill

      Reuleaux is pronounced Reh Low

    28. Kyle kyle

      Bring back science garage😭

    29. Damyan ExSSeSS Georgiev

      As long as there is still Doritos on the table, i will keep eating them! 👌❤

    30. Jaheim

      i was sold before i came buy now i wanna buy 2

    31. Vance L

      *Watches video on a terrible engine expecting hate* *Finishes video wanting a rotary build* The sounds!

    32. Hafiz Oktri

      no offense but shouldn't this be in Science Garage?

      1. Elias Nicolas Miranda

        is nobody in this channel knows the news of that? people here talked like 100 times man is really that hard to inform to all 2,60 million subs

    33. Ajay Kumar Prasad

      0:18 *OH THAT FC!!!*

    34. Sydwell Tlhola

      I thought I was watching Science Garage and Up to Speed for a second...

    35. Vegaベガ

      podemos ponerle atención a las puertas suicidas de el mazda rx 8?

    36. Jose Mercado

      Men! You miss all the DRAG aplicación that the Rotarys had! In Puerto Rico we have the fastes one! 3rotors 2rotors And Also 12a engine

    37. Skizzy 1

      I get love, and hate for my RX-8, but I love it with a 20B engine! Sounds, and drives amazing!

    38. Z F

      I dunno, rotaries have always kinda sounded like weed whackers to me...

    39. amicloud

      Love my RX-8.

    40. Grandafmor Blacksmith

      Me and my friend are ones of those people ;) Rx7 FC, still NA but not for long :D

    41. Patrick Mittel

      I'm back from my nice 8 day vacation in prague and i've seen a total of 4 rx 8's and it's just crazy

    42. ETTEM

      ...but they're sucking air, right? *Right?*

    43. Ben Stevens

      Still have my rx8

    44. zoefaith120

      My buddy. Had a 1983 rx7. Green 5 speed and. It would fly .not god quick but yes the rpm and sound was great. The car was low as crap. I actually rode back in the hatch to school in high school. Glory days. Some cars just put a smile on my face really easy. Miss that old car.

    45. Alexey Zaboev

      9:17 - *rotary screams* - subtitles says [Music] Shieet, that's true

    46. Trek2m

      I have a 2002 mazda protege lx with a wankel engine and it runs almost as good as the day I bought it and it has never burnt oil it runs so clean every time I go to get it smogged they compare it to a hydrogen engine. Mazda wants to buy it back they say its the only one still on the streets I love my car I am its one and only mechanic and its never blown or wore down any seals.

    47. Rui Kazane

      でもね、アタシローターりわ好き...2Strokeみたい! このエンジンわ人間みたいから。たいへん、むずかし、悩みです! Mazda Smile!

    48. JayJay Perez

      Yall need to come to puertorico it is the paradise of rotary ik is not torqui but is a different engine but is still a loveable sound and the brap brap brap thats nice ill still love that engine❤

    49. MrStoneycool69

      Because they're pseudo 2 strokes....I still have my FB RX7 after 17 years....

    50. Melanie Parker

      Except for the center section oil seal housing that breaks off

    51. tommy d u b b s

      I don't think it's loved at all, Toretto just drove one and that's about it lol

    52. John Burns

      Mazda have done promising research on HCCI ignition for its SkyActiv-R rotary engine project using research from its SkyActive 2 program. They have removed the need to locate the spark plug outside the combustion chamber to allow the rotor to sweep past. Mazda solved this in the SkyActiv-R rotary project. Rotaries generally have high compression ratios giving the design easy adoption of homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI). It looks like the next Mazda rotary will not have a spark plug and be HCCI ignition. Fuel consumption will match piston engines and when used at a constant speed genny as in a hybrid, outperform piston engines with all the advantages of low weight, small size, super-smooth, simplicity, etc. The expectation will be that the engine will be introduced in 2020, the 100th anniversary of Mazda. Looking good. Rotaries are better suited to constant speed, high efficiency genset applications rather than direct drive via gearboxes. In that application piston engines cannot compete. Rotaries are better suited for series-hybrid cars being much superior than piston engines. Direct fuel injection and laser ignition will improve the Wankel considerably when introduced. The problem of unburnt fuel in the exhaust will be eliminated improving emissions and fuel consumption. The engine performs very, very well in fuel consumption and emissions running at a 'constant speed' turning a generator - its most efficient "sweet spot". Wankels lose efficiency dramatically when they are revved up and down as when directly driving a car. The engine has a vastly superior power-weight ratio than piston/crank engines and is about one third of the size and weight of a piston engine for a similar power output. All these positive attributes combine to make a superb range extender, when the wheels are turned by electric motors. If a car is plugged in each night and uses grid power to run most of the time, then wear on these units will be negligible. As the engine is only periodically used, the life of the engine is greatly extended. Also newer metallurgic techniques are being used to make the engines. Even when batteries are depleted, the Wankel can provide enough electricity to power the car and still be economical. It takes only 25 to 30hp to propel a large American car down the highway at 70mph. Yet they put engines in them that can output 150 to 200hp. Most of that output is for acceleration and heavy loads. Highly inefficient. The great thing about a series-hybrid is that the generating engine works totally independent of the demands of the electric driving motor, enabling maximum efficiency when running. This means the generating engines can be greatly downsized. The battery acts as an energy buffer to give acceleration boosts. Mazda announced a rotary in a hybrid will be available in 12-18 months.

    53. MS Paint

      It's a shame they didn't put the video from Mazzei Formula in here, this is one of the sickiest sounding rx7s I've ever seen

    54. raheem7266

      What's the song that plays at 0:16


      I wouldnt doubt tht Mazda will make another rotary car again. Or at least use another companies support to make it happen.

    56. Le. Farquad

      I wish they would discontinue mustangs.

    57. Lolo Uro

      I just farted flames!!

    58. YamahaYFS200

      THIS IS NOT SCIENCE GARAGE! Nolan is cool, but bring back Bart you god damn heathens! I can only absorb automotive information if it's told to me by Mr.Bart I HATE LACK OF BART

    59. clownavenger

      Mazda need to design a skyactiv rotary car. Id buy it immediately. the gas mileage on my 2011 rx8 is abysmal in the city. maybe 12 mpg or so.

    60. nel c

      You are asking me to love a fatty girl even though they smell?

    61. Fred Flintstone

      Thanks so much for information info on rotory , I have RX-8 renisses 231 hp out the crate.iwant 4 rotor engine but ent got cash at moment, any donations grateful received 😎

    62. Steve Denton

      8:34 Johnny Herbert, Nicest guy on the F1 circuit

    63. Yahiaoui Senouci

      i can see nolan eating on some butcher and sippin nos on the low with james not sharing a piece u know. just there smackin in the corner by themselves like vultures hahahaha

    64. Emma Fitzgibbon

      Thats an rx4 not an rx2

    65. efini_fc

      2020 Olympics will be a great time to unveil a new car to the world. 20/20 perfect vision...RX-Vision.

    66. Dharma Rotary

      you dont need to push in so much more money in the wankel /rx8 development, its just the potential owners are getting more unreliable and dumber and dumber every year, you just wait and see what they will do with the Rx9 . big rocket science to understand and make daily out of a wankel ... bunch of swap experts, they will put the Bmw supra crap in it before the warranty expires. If Mazda really wants to sell Wankel cars angro, should start first engineering some Skyactiv spaceship containers to deliver the cars to Kepler-452b , more chances there to find real driver/owners for them and not just 'holders'' on registration, on this planet ...dangerously out of stock ...

    67. 23kilkenny23

      what no mention of Rolls Royce experimenting with a diesel rotary????

      1. 23kilkenny23

        btw i own a 05 rx-8 and i thrash the shit outta of it and its still going strong after 162,000 kms

    68. Dean Shinault

      Suzuki built a rotary motorcycle, the RE5, but they didn't trust their mechanics to work on it. The repair procedure was to pull the engine, place it in a wooden crate, ship it to Japan, and await return. There is a small cult following for the bike online now, which is pretty cool.

    69. Rilly Show

      Rx8? Might be a fun daily. It still looks good. Maintaining might be pricey but car payments are worse.

    70. Michael McGill

      I bought my RX7 GS new in 1984. I still own it and drive it weekly. 174,000 miles on the original 12A rotary engine. Still running strong and passes smog. It's the ultimate anti-Tesla.