Ron Pope - Lies and Cigarettes (YouTube Sessions)

Ron Pope

Ron Pope

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    Ron performing "Lies and Cigarettes" off his latest album, available here:
    Download exclusively on Google Play here:

    Published on 3 years ago


    1. Ron Pope

      Ron Pope tour tickets available now: 🎸🎹

    2. Filip Kloc

      Mate it's magical! Greetings from Poland!

    3. Brooke Morrison

      Ron Pope, you are absolutely my favorite singer! Your music never fails to speak to my soul. Bravo!

      1. Ron Pope

        thanks, Brooke!

    4. danielle santapaola

      You're a beautiful story teller

    5. Johnf275

      It is good to hear someone actually sing for a change. Great talent.

    6. Hillary Baca

      Come to Albuquerque 💗

    7. Kellofwax

      I do believe your voice could stop riots. I'd give anything to have you singing "I Do Not Love You" at my wedding! Please, keep making beautiful music.

    8. Layla Mcentee

      this is utterly amazing

      1. Ron Pope

        Thanks so much, Layla!

    9. Miriã Alves

      Amo essa voz ♡

    10. Maria Moreno Córdoba

      I have no idea about why he doesn't have more fans, his voice sounds really good and the lyrics of his songs are fantastic. Actually, I love him and his music

    11. Épicos De época

      suas músicas me encantam muito ❤

    12. david hopkins

      super duper my friend

    13. Kristina Yakovenko

      What a vocals, sugar for my ears, amazing Ron!!!

    14. Tyrone Elphage


    15. chantelle Rudy

      yeah,it's been a long time,so amazing @ron pope

    16. Allilito

      Sounds good, and I really like the beard!

    17. Lara

      Come to the Arenal Sound 2017 in Castellón, Spain, i would love to hear you🙏🙏🙏🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

    18. Denisse Sibaja

      i love you 💕 love this song🎊💕

      1. Ron Pope

        Thank you!

    19. Megan Shindelus

      So beautiful ❤

    20. Nix VanJustice

      any chance of a ballad only album? you're amazing!

      1. Ron Pope

        There are a lot more ballads on my upcoming album

    21. Jami

      It's been a long time since I haven't heard you and I'm still in love with your voice, such an amazing singer

      1. Ron Pope

        Thanks, Jami!

    22. Brandy Marin

      Absolutely beautiful 😌❤️

      1. Ron Pope


    23. kurdishgurl11

      Nashville. show. ? when. #youreamazing

      1. Ron Pope

        Thanks! You can sign up for my mailing list to stay updated on my tour dates:

    24. Celina Bogetveit Tellevik

      Beautiful 💗

    25. SŦŞ༒ VINNY777