Ron Pope - Lies And Cigarettes (Official Lyric Video)

Ron Pope

Ron Pope

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    Here's the official lyric video to "Lies And Cigarettes!"
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    Published on 3 years ago


    1. miss souditi roy

      Beautiful and mesmerizing : )

    2. Anthony Sissons

      Love this song, really enjoyed the meet and greet with you in London, you were amazing ;) best of luck to you Ron

      1. Ron Pope

        Thanks for the support, Anthony! Hope to see you at a show on the next tour

    3. Meret Gross

      Stunning voice but even more beautiful lyrics!Thank you!

    4. Katrine Boucher

      Your lyrics are powerful, its beautiful, don't change the purity of it❤️

      1. Katrine Boucher

        You're welcome, I meant it. I know how it feels to express yourself throught music😄 I hope you continue writing beautiful and powerful songs👍🏻

      2. Ron Pope

        Thanks so much!

    5. famished panda

      Thanks for the summer I'll never forget Bre.

    6. Lizzie H

      I just started listening to your music and I love it so much. I found u on Pandora and I'm glad I did you're awesome

    7. Kshitij Naagar


    8. Igor Dajic

      couldn't say if I loved it, or I was not there yet... - but I'm absolutely there now! Great great song, I'm so glad it's not overproduced by some smart ass producer.

    9. LCJ-94 /

      I love this one so much.. I have it on repeat all day!

    10. Martins Silva

      Oh my god... This song😍❤

    11. Leslie Martinez

      I fuck with this heavy love u so much

    12. Korryn Graves

      deep. lovely. inspiring.

    13. Korryn Graves

      deep. lovely. inspiring.

    14. Carter M

      I love you.

    15. emma

      absolutely beautiful

    16. Jessica Faraone


    17. Melina Amandowitz

      Beautiful song...I really like the guitar melody and the lyrics make you think about those things more deeply!