Reuben the Bulldog: A Day In the Life

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    What's a typical day like for Reuben the Bulldog? Here's a few snippets of what goes on. Pretty sure he's got things pretty darn good around here.

    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Keith Bates

      Agreed you melt our hearts Reuben! Joan Bates

    2. mark duncan

      Get a load of that tongue! I wouldn't want to get slapped with that!!

    3. mark duncan

      I would not want to be a stranger coming to that door and get confronted by this character!!

    4. DSherman50

      I busted out in laughter when Roo started tasting your delicious floors! Mostly I smile but every now and then he really floors me. The twaddle of his tail to describe his life was everything!

    5. Teisha Howlett

      There videos should make everyone Smile..I love watching them...Reuben Is highly Intelligent...And he is very Sensitive..Reuben has a lot of fans..

    6. Marcus Hill

      He's basically dog version of Garfield 😂

    7. Sherry thompson

      Little stubble wubble

    8. martha scurlock

      the tail says it all ! kisses to you roo !

    9. Scott Hohner

      I think Reuben likes the salad bar instead of kibble Haha 🐶

    10. Lady Blocker

      Love you Reuben thanks for making me laugh 💕💕💕

    11. Maria Abbott

      Another Brilliant video. Who wouldn’t want to spend a Saturday with Rueben, any day, every day. Yes , oh happy days with Sir-Farts-A-Lot. Maria from Yorkshire, Great Britain 🐶😁

    12. Michael Hall

      Reuben needs a tree.

    13. Kory Dee

      Where does Roo get his vest?

      1. Kory Dee

        Thanks! I have a little bulldog puppy named Saidie who will need one eventually.

      2. Reuben the Bulldog

        Julius K9

    14. Teresa Gregory

      That face is just too sweet

    15. Evelyn Bonner

      Roobs, I used to be a healthy person until you came into my life. Now I am getting hooked on you!

      1. Reuben the Bulldog

        Just one video.... I can stop anytime i want. :))

    16. Madcat4301

      It was at that moment Reuben realized his humans did not recognize the danger in the back yard.

    17. Shelley Mourer

      Aww 🥰🥰🥰

    18. Mary Blaif

      Every dog should have a chance to be loved like Rueben.

    19. Bleue Violette

      Never tire of his perfect pout!

    20. XxXMedusaXxX

      Did I see Ruben twerking🍑 for the last 3 min of the video? LoL, 🤣👏🐶❤

    21. Cristina Shepard

      His butt....:D :D :D :D

    22. Alissa Poston

      Roo is adorable! I know its only June but I was wondering if you were going to do a Roo calender for 2020? Im in love with the one I got last year! 10/10 would buy!!!

      1. Reuben the Bulldog


    23. Jane Delsid

      He so cute i just want to kiss h

    24. Davia Humphrey

      Roo have you heard this ? Dog’s and owners start to look like each other 🤣 Just saying Mike have you heard this ? 🐶

      1. Reuben the Bulldog


    25. Selena Anne Smith

      He's so gorgeous 💕💕💕💕


      I think he might like a bite of finger!

    27. Goran Antulovic

      What are u doing reubennn again chew the seat and blanket

    28. Melissa Lang

      That little wiggly nubbin on his bottom! And I could watch him tilt his head all day.

    29. Cecilia Garcia

      Roo, tell him doggies need to eat grass on a regular basis.

    30. Time


    31. mj durst

      Sometimes i think rueben is worse then a three yr olf toffler when it comes to doing things he shouldnt

      1. mj durst

        Thats a toddler

    32. MidKnight TEK

      Ruben is best boy #rubenforpresident

    33. Evolution of Shyanne

      Do you have teenage nieces or nephews I can become friends with so I can cone over and play with your Reuban

    34. Faith Black

      Hilarious. Your dog is so well behaved at the duck pond. I have many pics of Tinkerbell terrorizing the geese. She was the worst. All the other dogs were so well behaved. The geese didn't mind her at all until she almost took a bite out them. I almost put a life jacket on her because she would chase them to water. Uhm, I hate to tell you this but most of Reuben's looks translate to "When are you going to feed me?"

    35. john Baldock

      Roo's normal life is like a Human's Lottery Winners life!!

    36. Shawna Brewer

      I can’t get enough of his head tilt. Lmbo

    37. Vonn Scott Bair

      Good Evening: Wait a minute--The Roo sometimes sleeps *next* to his beds?! Not in them?

      1. Reuben the Bulldog

        Fact. 😀

    38. james Tamburo

      Ruben you make me laugh

    39. Sangeeta Misra

      Everything about this child is adorable

    40. Jinnie Hernandez

      Oh, Mr. Roo. The shake of that little knob of a tail is priceless!

    41. Cheryl Murphy

      Hello Reuben your as cute as ever. Reuben I have you say your friend here in Oklahoma is very busy. Yes I'm a nurse but also a first responder . We are having devastating flooding here in central Oklahoma, the rivers are at max and loss of homes and lives are devastating. But we are doing our best to keep everyone safe. So at our staging area I introduced you to a room full of very tired and sad first responders. We sat and laughed and I told them all about you and your humans. So for the evening you were on the big screen here in Oklahoma. We live around the Cimarron River so it's very sad to see homes falling in the river. But thanks to you we had a break and a few laughs. Know we love you,its ok Reuben you can hide under the rug any time. Will be watching you from a very soaked Oklahoma. Hugs to you. Back to work we go...😘

      1. Reuben the Bulldog

        That’s awesome. I’m so sorry you guys are going through all that. Please pass on our regards to everyone there and our hearts go out to you all.

    42. Shonta Gulley

      I love Rueben. He acts so much like my two English bulldogs. I taught mine to shake her head no, and that was a huge mistake, she actually knows when to use it😂😂. Probably from me and her dad always shaking our head and saying NO when she was into something she shouldn’t have been. Now when I ask her to do anything that’s not fun to her, she shakes her head NO😱😱

    43. Brian Parent

      Love Reuben!

    44. Boi English bulldog

      Hi there 👋🏽are there videos of Ruben getting his teeth brushed or any grooming ? I have "Boi" he's 3 & we could use some help.

      1. Reuben the Bulldog

        There is a teeth brushing one, but other than the brush, we don't have to do much grooming.

    45. Drew riley

      The tiles need peanut butter human.

    46. Tonya Ray

      Reuben is absolutely adorable and his personality is hilarious! If I am not having the best day, watching a little bit of Roo truly turns my mood around! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing little guy with everything, especially me 😎!

    47. Carrie Cairns

      Love the close ups! ❤️

    48. Carrie Cairns

      This video brilliant happiness 👌

    49. Tammy Wright

      He's so adorable! That's the cutest butt

    50. Ohio Sharon

      I love Reuben. He always makes me smile!!!

    51. mark duncan

      What a guy! Don't you know that all things go through Rueben!

    52. Daniel De Kok

      How does one say no to that face?

    53. Pearce Fennell

      Gosh arnt they awesome mines called blue and she’s wonderful and she’s actually blue Merle and white , as rare as rocking horse 💩 and totally awesome . Thank YU 💙

    54. Mr Jingles


    55. Afra Fernandes

      Loved the jazz music... Seems to suit the day in life of our squigy Roo 🤣😘😘❤

    56. inxs1010

      The best part of this video? Watching his little snub move! How I adore Roo!

    57. Philip Berke

      Hey Mike since your backyard is basically Reuben's Salad Bar have you asked him if he prefers Ranch or some kind of Balsamic? What truly amazes me about Bulldogs is that they have already made up their minds long before we have made up their minds. God help us they are so precious !

    58. RMA 5150

      Dude.. I've pissed myself... again

    59. tmarkhamesq

      Love this video!

    60. Kenneth Russell

      Reuben, You look like you are as the expression goes "living the dream".

    61. Gerald Post

      Me and Rueben have the same forehead lines, we’re practically brothers. Rueben is the handsome one ☝️

    62. Deborah Mclenaghan

      LMFAO 😂😂😂

    63. jlopez9382

      Mike why did u get the new grass if Rueben can’t eat it? I don’t understand lol

    64. tuskawilla

      Now I know why you had to replace sod

    65. MsSoozy

      Love the tune in the beginning. Jazzy just like Reuben. Ah our Canada geese are everywhere, dirty birds. Lovely to look at and the babies are too cute, but boy our local park sure gets full of poop this time of year!!!! I mean landmines everywhere. omg that butt wiggle is priceless. Thanks for sharing his day with us. :)

    66. tommy mckee

      love to see this boy'' reuben you make my day!!!

    67. KDiane

      Love the close up shots ! He is adorable !😘

    68. Patrick Desgroseilliers

      Rooooooo love u!!!

    69. Bonnie Sengchareune

      Roo being roo, nothing else matters and nothing else cuter.

    70. Anne Evans

      Melts my heart 😏💙