Rebuilding A Wrecked 2019 Ford F-450 Platinum



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    2019 Ford F-450 Platinum!!! This new tow rig is going to be an epic build!!! We bought and duramax for hauling builds and as soon as we but a big lift and wheels on it, we knew it wouldn't be ideal for towing. This dually however is the perfect candidate and will be a smooth long distance hauler. We can't wait to dig in a see what it going to take to get it rebuilt! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
    -P.O. Box 37
    Rossville,GA 30741
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. milber guerrero

      I like your truck

    2. chopped T

      You guys get a good deal on it?

    3. ryan schroeder

      “Heavy duty trailer”😂

    4. Yogi69

      Damn.... could've saved a shit ton of work on those $1,000 wheels with some 2x4s.........

    5. Michael Lytle

      Nice chevy truck

    6. TADionysus

      the code is probably on a sticker under the hood by one of the hood hinges

    7. TADionysus

      i would rebuild it stock it would be worth more

    8. Summit dave

      The code might be in the manual/ paperwork in the glove box

    9. No Yes

      the Ram limited has heated and more power ports in back

    10. Dallas Andrews

      you may not be legal. depends on your driver license's and what plates you have on your truck and trailer. By law total weight is your truck and trailer and load on trailer. So if your truck is plated at 8,000 lb. normal truck plate then you are overloaded

    11. 66singleman

      Move the pintle ring up on the trailer front channel and then put the pintle hook plate mount directly into the GMC reciever hitch socket.Get the pintle as close to the bumper of the GMC as possible. I hope one of you idiots has a Class A license for a trailer over 10,000lbs..the DOT would have a field day with you..

    12. Jake Risner

      You guys gonna sell the Duramax after this one is done? No point in having 2 tow rigs

    13. Snowboss PA

      i've done this before with a non deckover trailer, and you guys got it right unloading, just need some 2x4s or something to get the front wheel/rims to clear the fenders

    14. Snowboss PA

      i know everyone will say it eventually, when you get a trailer, and moving trucks this size/weight "roughly 8-9k", upgrade to some good usa tires like Goodyears at least so you arn't making a video of blowing out $60 china tires next :)

    15. kris shaw

      y'all got the "goon" part nailed

    16. QualityTradez

      Towing capacity is 21,000 for that truck. However I have seen them tow 30k+ with no issues. Very well made.

    17. mhawkins1975

      Beautiful truck

    18. Ande Cothrean

      code for the door lock should be in the glove box, or you can call your local dealer

    19. JKscatpack

      You can find the door code on the airbag module or on top of the dash u going probably have to remove the plastic panel. When u remove the airbag module to get it reset make sure the door code is there if its remove the sticker before you send it for reset

    20. Chris Taylor

      You really need a CDL license if you haul 10,000k trailer and truck it is a 26,001k pound truck before you need a CDL, nice truck 👍💪💯😀

    21. WESpower13

      Yeah no that truck pulls closer to 35k lbs I’m pretty sure

    22. Andre

      Great find. What auction site did you buy from. What was your winning bid?

    23. Matt K

      That hitch setup is the dumbest thing I've ever seen!

    24. Emnauel Cruz

      Two guys never see a ford truck I know is beauty ja ja

    25. Rami & Randee

      Y’all need a tow truck

    26. Jason Emerson

      Bring back the boat content

    27. István Gugyella

      Please build 911 Porsche!

    28. Joe Pellish

      Also you guys have your safety chains hooked up to the step that comes with the geny hitch i mean come on guys what the hell is that?? Your really going to kill someone!!! And to boot you have a random pintle hitch that's not meant to be used with the geny hitch installed on the damn thing. Geny makes their own pintle hitch adapter to be used with their hitch. God I can't take it i almost want to turn them in to DOT in their state. That is an accident waiting to happen and with all of their money that they are making you know damn well that they can afford the proper hitch and proper chains to use. All that this says about them just like I said in my other comment on this video is that they are completely incompetent when it comes to trucks and towing anything. I wouldn't be surprised if they bent the frame on their truck with that 2 1/2 feet of leverage sticking out the back. God damn man I hope that they don't KILL some poor family on their way to vacation for the weekend. This is beyond STUPID!!!! Come on goonsquad forreal!!!!

    29. Evans Boateng

      Build your dad his dream car

    30. Robert Nugent

      No way that truck is 15k unladen. My 24ft International box truck is just under 12k. I'd guess like 9k.

      1. Robert Nugent

        Okay, he answered it later in the video. 8k sounds about right.

    31. Shane

      How much was the buy on it?

    32. Dashawn Broche

      Could you guys build up my car?

    33. Joe Pellish

      I literally had to pause the video and comment. I don't know who taught you guys about trucks and aftermarket tunes but you guys are dead wrong. When towing that truck home you mentioned that you "had to turn your tune up to 6 just so you had the power to tow it home". Well that was the worst thing you could have done while towing. I own a Denali and these trucks have way MORE than enough power to tow that much weight stock, shit that's a walk in the park for that thing. Either get a tow tune or leave it on the lowest power tune possible. By cranking up the tune and towing you put your Denali at major risk of melting a piston or two by creating high exhaust temps. Also you guys bitched about the way you had to load the f450 and it towed like shit. Well let me tell you that was the best way your could have towed that truck with most of the weight forward. If you would have loaded it backwards you 100 percent would have wrecked on the way home due to trailer sway and having too much weight on the back of your trailer. You know I like you guys you do excellent work but some of the shit you say makes me cringe. I almost think you guys have no business towing anything other than a lawn mower let alone a truck. You just lack the experience to do so. So please for the love of God never load any vehicle backwards on a trailer no matter how much tounge weight you have. More weight in the front is 100 times better than more weight in the back. Always. Or you will most likely kill yourself or others in the process. I'm sorry guys but I just had to comment. Rant over. Thanks for reading.

    34. Marshall .t

      For the code check on the owners manual book it should have a little card with the numbers

    35. Alfonso Martinez

      Make sure y’all take the quack quack sound off 😎

    36. Richard Vanier

      I work at a ford dealer i believe i know hownto give u the code for the door

    37. Ashgrabbie

      CDL is based on the GVWR of the truck and trailer not the actual weight. If that truck has a 14,000 gvwr ( it’s listed on the sticker on the drivers door or door jamb) you won’t be able to tow any trailer rated for more then 12,000 lbs without getting a CDL.

    38. HoodRat Fishin

      Passing thru my local area. Cool 👍

    39. merchant joker


    40. William Roark Jr

      How much did you pay for the truck?

    41. Brady 916

      Y’all should’ve called yourselves the Dangsquad with the “dang” being thrown around

    42. Peyton Merovich

      How much did you buy it for?

    43. a camp

      you need both keys and there is a process center console incert one fob turn on accessory take it out then then put the second fob in turn off it will flash the code in the cluster if you dont have the second key then you have to take it to the dealership

    44. Alan

      These kids are rich

    45. Ken Graham

      I wanna buy the gm lol

    46. MJS AUTO


    47. AlternateMusicAddict

      of course a chevy towing a ford

    48. Todd D

      Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, not actual weight. F450 GVWR is 14k lbs. But it’s the GVWR of your trailer as per the sticker plus the GVWR of the towing vehicle as per the sticker that you add together, not the actual weights, so the F450 actual weight is irrelevant. Over 26,001 lbs and charging money: CDL. Not charging money, you may need a non-com Class A depending on your home state.

    49. DeMarcus Hagan

      Code is inside you door panel

    50. nathan penketewa


    51. Bluegrass Rules

      I always worry about the weight capacity with those after market rims, especially as wide as yours are. I seen a New F250 with wide rims with probably a 6" Lift, pullin' a pretty good size Travel Trailer make wide turn at a STOP sign, in town, and one of those rims cratered, ending up dumpin' the Travel Trailer and turn the F250 on it's side. Talk about traffic being backed up. Anyway, glad you fellas made it back home okay. That code to open that locked door is probably in the glove box with the Operator Manual on a little card.

    52. Ryan Buck


    53. Hildelv Manzur

      How much did you guys pay ?

      1. JP

        42.5k plus fees...they should make that back in a couple weeks from ad revenue, sponsors and merchandise profits...

    54. frédéric dupérré

      FYI Got heated back seats in my 2014 Ram Laramie LongHorn so no big deal in that platinum hehe gonna be a badass truck though 👌

    55. SilverbulletRB26

      The code is under dash driver side

    56. Belzo Graphics

      Not be cheaper buying a new truck?

      1. Belzo Graphics

        JP you are you going places my friend, plus where would be the fun in that a new one, building one would a good learning experience

      2. JP

        but a new truck wouldn't need to be have to look at this as a business...they earn money from ad revenue on 15m monthly views, sponsors, merchandise and patreon...probably around $100k every month....buying new vehicles would cut their income stream...

    57. Filip W

      I live in sweden😀


      No good hauling with an auto box .

    59. jansen

      Pls no 99% rim 1% tire on this one, pls don't pull a Florida man on this beautiful Powerstroke

    60. m miller

      door code can usually be found on the back of the owners manual

    61. Martin Buckner

      big difference between the curb weight and gross weight.

    62. Roger Thaine Sr.

      Now that's a tow rig. Glad you listened to us Ford owners lol

    63. Daniel Starr

      If you go to the ford dealership and give them your vin number they will give you the code for free. I did the same thing.

    64. Brandon Thomas

      Keyless Entry Code should be with the owners manual in the glove box on a credit card sized white card. There's also a method to make it show on the cluster if you have both factory keyfobs. I'll share that with you through a PM if you need it.

    65. MVP11489

      My Denali had those rear vents. So does my escalade lol.

    66. Daniel Martinez

      Man goozquad i love that Duramax let me have it lmao I wish

    67. Ortiz Jacob

      goonzquad have a 1M subs but theyusing iphone does'nt have a good camera

    68. 1_the_ koran

    69. Daniel Hayse

      The code could be on the back of the radio head unit on the older models it was

    70. Shannon Overby

      how much did it cost you to buy it