Real Life HEROES Who Restored Faith In Humanity



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    Real Life HEROES Who Restored Faith In Humanity! Just good people doing acts of kindness and restoring your faith in humanity! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! I WENT TO AREA 51
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hellloooOoo FRIENDS pls do something good for someone today and tell me what u did

      1. Vanessa H

        Safe Haven homeless little boy in my burger

      2. Charlie Dawson

        SSSniperWolf I exploded

      3. 2broovideos carias

        I watch your videos and I love

      4. March Hall Hall

        I had $20 bucks and I gave it to a homeless man and I watch him go buy food an di felt like this 🙂

      5. March Hall Hall

        Check out mr beast

    2. guest cat

      This was so sad :( Like if this was sad for u to I I I I \/

    3. Bella_ Music0906

      Funny thing is how many things I have found I was always been able to return them and I’m not old enough to go anywhere that my parents don’t know 😂 I hope they don’t loose it again

    4. Wiz Tomato

      I love dogs too! My dog died last month😥she was a shiba inu.🐕

    5. Elana Mckim

      You forgot to say superman

    6. Maisie Grant

      It touched my heart when my grandma told me this I know it’s real because I have a video that my grandma sent me it was so cuuuuuute

    7. Maisie Grant

      True story

    8. Maisie Grant

      In Florida we’re the other side of my family lives, my grandma workers at a hospital and superhero’s came to the kid hospital and cleaned the windows for the sick children and children that have cancer they came there dressed as supper hero’s and cleaned the windows to make the children happy

    9. Iron Rose

      To the people who risk their LIVES to help our country we love you

    10. Greeny314

      Parents:people that listen to rock music are so mean and are jerks People listening to rock music:*buys and homeless man a house and helps a crippled person to see a rock band play music*

    11. Andrea Garcia

      Mike Bloomberg should create a job for people to save puppies on the street

    12. Jordan Lowe

      Can I have a little bit of a shout out

    13. Jordan Lowe

      I’ve been watching for two years SS sniper wolf

    14. Jordan Lowe


    15. ItsBlazer

      I helped an elderly man cause he was struggling with his shopping he was sooo nice

    16. Vanessa H

      I'm eight

    17. Esme Cavanagh

      Yh the clothes one me and my family do that every time something is to small or we don't want it anymore we put i in this bag we have then when it's full with shoes and clothes we write a sign saying for the homeless we figured u need some nice stuff and to say warm in winter hope u have a nice day rd ps just know it will all be ok soon

    18. Frankie Ball

      My school did our own version of caines arcade

    19. Heidi 512

      not even gonna lie- this video made me cry

    20. Shirley Hoang

      My moms purse wasn’t returned IT WAS STOLEN

    21. Suzanne Blackburn

      I omits cride

    22. Vanessa Francis


    23. Maria Sauceda

      When it was my nephews game I found a wallet and gave it to the oner

    24. mcrhodes1982

      My grandma payed for the old person food behind us

    25. Far cry 5 best

      That second one was so kind and the third, well all f them are very nice but you domthis so much but s getting boring

    26. Rainey Lovell

      That NASA shirt is from wearing kids outfits

    27. Zaclilaangus Lindsay


    28. Anna Wheeler

      NOOOOOOOO cuz koalas can't drink water from a bottle, they have to be able to tilt their heads down or else it will kill them! Oh no, it was sweet but that koala might've died

    29. Anonymous Viola

      With 24,000 tickets you could finally get the kazoo

    30. Bordumb

      The soldier picture in the front did anyone notice the the writing at the top that soldier is misspelled

    31. Despair ́

      Me watching anime characters die: 😩 Me watching humans die: 😪

    32. Lara Birani

      Sssniperwolf: you got Spiderman, you got Batman Me: you forgot superman......

    33. Adam Aitken

      She said batman but it was superman😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    34. zac ellis

      If that's were NASA i really want to go there. LOL JK

    35. Jayda's Daily Vlog

      To all that is watching in 2020 : 4:15 Kobe & Gianna Bryant

    36. Alizea Marin

      Omg Riley Bryant crying

    37. Ghassan Alqaysi

      I just came back from Dave and busters

    38. Kathy Wang

      I have gave free stuff to all the old people

      1. Kathy Wang

        I am kathy Wang's kid

    39. Rylee Beckitt


    40. Meme Mathion!

      I learned about Kains Arcade at school

    41. mipo181

      once my brother was getting a 20 pound note and he forgot the money and someone ran after to us to give the money

    42. Paul Bailey

      This is the worst person ever:Some people cut dogs legs off and tail off not even dogs PUPPIES!!!

    43. Thunderprogamer Power

      Dogs are so cute they melt my heart

    44. Tomoko Sugiyama

      Kane who made the arcade was one of the student in my school.

    45. Pro Zombies Keller of darkness of king

      I take a bullet for a stranger

    46. Moises Centeno

      My school did a contest about caine using recyclable stuff

    47. bacon nation

      I watched this video at school 3:50

    48. dave newland

      Not anything iPads or phones cost 100,000

    49. Ying D

      i have a kindle

    50. Iris Nuñez

      Oh yea cane i wached that at my school

    51. xXsaltie seaXx

      dogs are mostly cuter when the had a something wrong with them but there still cute when they arent too

    52. Jenny Funk


    53. Kawaii Savage Panda

      At 8:16 that’s what my mom does if she has extra tickets, she give them to kids or people.

    54. Jake Stafford

      That one Batman that was superman

    55. Disney Fan #1

      Once at a thrift shop there was a special event on Halloween. You had to find a pumpkin stress ball. If you find a pumpkin stress ball you get 50% off. There were only 5 stress balls in the whole store. I was with my mom and grandma( I am 9 years old). I told them about the event and they helped me find a pumpkin stress ball. I was really happy for my mom and grandma ( my dad was at my house). I was walking around the store and saw a pumpkin stress ball. I had already found one so I did not know what to do. I told my mom and she did not know either. I did not just want to leave it there. I thought and thought and finally I had an idea. I could give the pumpkin stress ball to someone in the store. I told my mom my idea and she said I could go give it to someone. I went over to this random guy and said “ hey this pumpkin stress ball let’s you have 50% off and there are 5 in the whole store do you want it?” And he looked very excited. He told me he had been looking for one and I had made his day. He gave me 4 hugs and left. When I went to check out the lady checking us out let me have the stress ball. That made me feel satisfied. The end.

    56. happier marsh

      You already reacted to this

    57. Fudge


    58. Sethunya Kgakge

      In our country, parents can give their children's old clothes to the orphanage. And they are all over the country. So now we can give our clothes to the kids who need them.

    59. Aleksandar Filipov

      OMG 😱😱😱 something crazy happened to me today. I was eating bread when I got this feeling in my gut to stop and check the inside of the bread. And when I opened the bread in half it was full of maggots inside🐛🐛🐛🦠🦠🦠😮😮😮

    60. }_Cotton Chicori_{ :P

      I love how my last name is Korn like the band-

    61. star fright 8989

      One time I was at Disney and we were kind to a couple and they had extra fast passes for the slinky dog ride and they gave them to us when we were about to get on the ride

    62. Angel Panora

      I am nooooob

    63. Gerardo Perez

      Something sad happened today... My music teacher Mr. Smith, was standing in the sun with a sweatshirt and asking the kids passing by if they wanted to test their recorders he got nobody it was so heartbreaking. As he had his head down almost going in to the hall my friend and I called him and kept him company, I hope we made his Valentine's day...

    64. Askiete Shay

      Hey sssinperwolf,Mt birthdays soon and I get money everytime my birthday comes up do this year,I'm going to give my money to a home less person that I have seen on the streets every single day,And earlier today I gave him a blanket,so I hope everyone can do the same!!

    65. Lunark64 Night

      Every year at my school the older kid makes arcade games and the little kid win candy, toys, prizes, and etc. and we call it the Caine’s cardboard arcade !

    66. Skylar Quiliza

      My bro went to the army in august 21😭 so I don’t really react to anything I just sit there

    67. Marisa silva

      I Love your vid 😍😍😍 your a ☆☆☆☆☆☆ and I'm in brasil

    68. JayJay_Da_Boss T


    69. Margaret Gallagher

      When my dog goes in the heat and takes a nap outside.

    70. Sparky Lennox

      Oh my god this made me want to do things like this ❤️❤️So wholesome 🥺😭