Reacting and Recreating: FAN ART

Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    we tried to make an art and we sucked
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    1. Andi Cline

      LMAOOOOO this is probably one of the MOST genuinely funny videos they have!

    2. EmilyPlayzRoblox

      roses are red violets are blue i’m on a dolan twins marathon and so are u

    3. Emma Nolan


    4. Libby Mallett

      I’m watching this on the way to school lol

    5. Piper Shoenberger

      8:21 Ethans what’s wrong

    6. S u n n y B ë a r !

      Graysons looks more like the original pic

    7. Angelina Novini

      Grayson's picture didn't even look bad.....

    8. Giselle Hudson

      And the original pieces were hilarious and kinda scary

    9. Giselle Hudson

      Grayson won round 1 of recreation

    10. Milena Romero

      Round 2: Grayson again

    11. Milena Romero

      Round 1: Grayson

    12. Andrew is cool Paniccia

      1. Grayson 2. Grayson So Grayson won

    13. General DSG

      Gray's recreation actualy shocked me😂

    14. Pinkinkcat Master

      7:02 Grayson won

    15. Funksolebrudda 1

      I liked grayson's more but Ethans wasn't that bad

    16. saleem The tiny

      All of grason drawings was better than ethans

    17. Eva Sove

      “ThIs OnE tIcKLEs mY aStetIcaLs” - Grayson Dolan, 2018

    18. Eva Sove


    19. Dakota Burcham

      Ethan:how do you scream down someone's throat? Grayson: (screams at Ethan with his mouth open

    20. Ailar Tz

      Omfg! When Grayson starts laughing I start laughing 😂🤣 8:25

    21. Natalie Ayala

      I love grayson's sunset 😊😊

    22. Elena Gomez

      When Grayson yelled 8:53

    23. Elena Gomez

      I meant none not nine

    24. Elena Gomez

      First round Grayson second round nine but I will say Grayson because Ethan was scary

    25. Elise Sullivan

      Grey’s problems with paint brushes tho.. 4:16

    26. Katt Whittaker

      Ethan asking what’s wrong is the cutest thing I’ve heard all my life 😭😭😭 8:22

    27. La Jackys

      Looking back they should have done drawing our fans 🤣 that woulda been so funny

    28. Kristin B

      One of my favorite videos! 😁🎨😂

    29. Julia Francis

      6:52 Sorry Ethan, Grayson’s picture is a lot better than yours, Ethan. Sorry Ethan!! 7:24 Grayson’s photo looks more like the original.

    30. Julia Francis

      5:20 Ethan calls Grayson up just to find him without clothes on. Lol

    31. Shriya N

      This one is the bestest👍🏻👍🏻😍video of all the recreating video’s ....ooommmggg this made me laugh untill I start crying 🤣🤣

    32. Kayleigh. G

      Grayson's first drawing is better than Ethan's first drawing but I don't know on the other two 😂

    33. allie watson

      1:47 the famous editing line 12/14/19

    34. Viviana Bueno

      Grayson look scary

    35. Viviana Bueno

      Grayson is sooo much better

    36. -horizon avenue-

      imixedmywhitewithblacksoitturnedgrayandihadnomorewhitesoiusedthenextbestcolour. try to figure *that* one out. (hint: 7:45) OwO

    37. Allison P F

      7:19 oh hey turtle man

    38. Laura Murray

      G: that’s so scary E: it’s because it’s you Me: your identical twins 😂🤨

    39. Daria Krupa


    40. Olivia Harries

      Tbh eat

    41. Spongebob Squarepants

      8:22 “what’s wrong🥺”

    42. Stephanie Surujpaul

      Winners of the Art Pieces Round 1: Grayson Round 2: Grayson But I do love both of you very much!❤️💕✨

    43. Trinity !


    44. Kira Beauregard

      Graysons reaction to Ethans art gives me life

    45. Lilly Bear

      The VERY end scared the 💩 out of me

    46. Lilly Bear

      3:08 lol

    47. Lilly Bear


    48. Lilly Bear


    49. dawn dyer

      @ the begging I was laughing so hard that I farted

    50. mofor thefil

      Awww, Ethan. You are a purest soul.

    51. J Lo Rich

      Round 2 gray won

    52. J Lo Rich

      Round 1 gray won

    53. Samra Naveed

      1:28 cracks me up 💀

    54. Mia Pritchett

      Definitely Grayson but good try Ethan

    55. Mercy

      ROUND 1: Grayson

    56. Kobi L

      Round one... Grayson

    57. Archie Gore

      8:36 that was cute!!! aww💖

    58. Zaina Ramadan

      my brother was watching with me and at the end where there was the painting of Grayson my brother was like " thats scary"

    59. Gabriella Trujillo

      1 and 2 gra

    60. Felicity Shaw

      Grayson Dolan

    61. Leah Bray

      Sorry E but......Gray had the better painting to be honest.

    62. Gacha_ Puppy

      I think grayson won, if ethan didn't put the white face, maybe he would've won the second round at least😂😂😂

    63. amelia rucshner

      Grason won

    64. Izzy Marie

      I teach painting classes. I wish you guys could come to a class! 💙

    65. George Feghali


    66. Nafisa Najmi

      Picasso is shaking

    67. Grethan Dolan Imaginez

      I think that both of Grays were the better ones i dont think Ethan can do art well

    68. Hafsa Nizam

      Ethan is fucking lmao😭😂😂😂😍😍

    69. Boden Shields

      Grayson is decently the best 💗💕💋

    70. Senpai Trxsh

      4:36-4:41 I can relate