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    Published on Month ago


    1. Catch Em All Fishing

      10 crabs in total 5 in per bin blue male lettuce + strawberries!!!!!!!!! *I WIN YAYYY*

      1. Ritamay nice :c taste gaming

        Catch Em All Fishing hello 👋🏻

      2. Zymoncoolfsda Fishing and catching and cuting


      3. jubin ks

        കച്ചമ്മോ 😁😂


        and the winner gets Joey's facial hairs !

      5. Hammerson

        Victor Lopez well said .

    2. Jordan Evers

      You should keep the one that is missing most of it's legs because it has cool colors

    3. Angel Thap

      “They’re saying subscribe” 😂😂💀💀

    4. Cathi FAM Journey

      Leafy green romaine and strawberries and watee of course. 9 crabs Blue/grey male Also a pretty amputee female.

    5. Jay Benjamin

      Where did you find them where is crab island

    6. Anthony A. Perez

      “Just not the crabs in your pants” 😂 Almost 300k bro! Hell yeah! I graduated with a celebrity 😂

    7. Matthew crab Lee

      Cute crabs yay

    8. Mojo wolf x and White wolf

      I think the bin should be a little bit bigger but I like them and think their good pets.

    9. t-ram

      They will drop their claws if you continue to pick them up by their claws

    10. I love that dog :3

    11. Diego Flores

      how are they doing?

    12. kashking gaming

      Don't eat the crabs untill the females lay eggs

    13. Joshua Yong Kwang Min

      What if they moult they will kill each other. And they dont have enough water to molt

    14. JoseCruz Tellez

      Clay let's the water to go through. Use plastic

    15. Arii’s World

      They look good

    16. Arii’s World

      Are you gonna make a sea food boil out of them cuz I would

    17. Gosho Genga

      I just got little shrimp for my aquarium and it already changed its shell

    18. Kye Villa

      Dude you aint seen “big mud crabs” still you come to Australia 😂 they are so smalllll!!


      U should see if u can breed them so u can make a farm of mud crabs 🦀

    20. cordell rush


    21. mcsnooklovin

      Are these a native or invasive species?

    22. SHADOWKING1017

      Lillie(camera girl) needs more respect from you bro.

    23. Nas Zack

      I will chew your cheeks

    24. Nas Zack

      Joey youre so cute because youre beard

    25. Tauri Jarvis

      Feed them corn meal . Soak it in water and crush the greens and put it inside and u will see how huge they grow

    26. that boy

      You're female is purple and you fed them strawberries in salad and you have five crabs in each bucket so you have 10 crabs

    27. Kev3004

      thicc boi joey


      Those Taste better than sea crab

    29. Patrick Ahern

      They need salt and fresh water

    30. Elijah Fuller

      Please don’t kill the one With no legs on one side and she’s purple let her go and the rest don’t eat them please

    31. michelle ramganesh

      10 crabs and 5 per bin the male is blue lettuce and strawberries you feed to the crabs

    32. Unrealistic Gamer

      10 crabs Blue male Lettuce and strawberry’s

    33. Nicolas Gattorno

      They r land 🦀

    34. Bailey Lawrence

      They aren't mud crabs. They are land crabs not mud crabs that a the giant ones that are in the Pacific Islands and on my home Australia

    35. Luis vlogs

      10 crabs in 2 diffenrt bins Blue the male crab A little bit of lettuce with slice of strawberries


      Your wife shooting your video with pink cover camera

    37. Q Mr. RockyBoy

      Didn't knew he's so fat, nothing against him

    38. vasanthi thiagarajah

      Do you no RAWW Fishing catch em all fishing

      1. Dr. Yolo

        Know and yes he does

    39. The Random dudes

      1.10 2.blue 3.strawberries and lettuce and if water is a good

    40. Wolf Lover

      10 crabs in total 5 in each bin Blue male Lettuce+strawberry

    41. amit verasammy

      they are not mud crabs they areblue crabs

    42. Pearl Wright

      Lettuce and strawberries

    43. Oliwier Sz

      1.10 crabs total 2.light blue male 3.lettuce and strawberies

    44. Jaida Castro

      I think Raul Castro should win

    45. Danyaal Essack

      You are the most fake US-newr in the world 💔🖤☠️😈💀💢🧟🧛😠👽👿👻

    46. Fish of mind Let minnow

      Bitch those are coconut crab

    47. 無我

      i think is land crab right?i have r coconut crab for pet for weeks ago ,i live in hongkong i do worry about it is the winter season



    49. ODST PHARO

      Joey your not fat.

    50. Daniel D

      Like if Joey should breed the crabs

    51. The Bored One

      No pinch test

    52. Jefe Eversole


    53. Kyrie Luby

      1: 10 crabs total 2: blue 3: chopped lettuce and strawberries

    54. Kyler Graham

      Let them pinch her 👉🦀

    55. Debderbie Harris

      Despite that diversion of counting crabs they are living in a wrong environment, they would never eat lettuce and strawberries in the wild they mostly probably would eat fish or shrimp. love your videos

    56. LRV 2019

      He be treaty lily ass😑 vid was kinda weak

    57. MäxGraphix

      Stupid wannabefunny fatass!

    58. matthew maxwell

      They are not mud crabs they are land crabs

    59. Jake Williams

      No you

    60. Nathan D

      1. 10 2.blue 3. Leaf green and strawberries

    61. omar beydoun

      10 crabs male crabs are blue you feed them leafy green lettuce and freshly cut strawberry 🍓

    62. J Carl

      Crabs have gills pls put some water

    63. Anil Liverpool

      Joey make a catch and cook the crad

    64. Anil Liverpool

      1 Yellow

    65. Larry B

      They're not mud crabs plus you hold them by the back of the shells or by the legs

    66. Toop Sriramatr

      they actually need some form of calcium(cuttle fish bone is really good and cheap) also protein for growth I use fish food that is high in protein for them

    67. ghian Cruz

      1. 10 crabs 2. blue male 3. Romace lettuce I Love your videos

    68. Jeffrey VDH


    69. aac bestfreind girl

      1. Srawberry and salled 2. Blue 3. 10 crab

      1. Real Cha

        aac bestfreind girl nice spelling

    70. Mister X

      10 crabs Blue male Food is strawberry and salad

    71. SnaCked Out

      Dont eat them!😂😓

    72. Rouge Gamer

      You treat Lilly like shit

    73. FOOTBALL _ GOD75

      1. 9 2. Male crab blue 3. Lettuce and strawberry

    74. askboutcolby

      5 crabs in each bin male crab is blue lettuce and strawberries


      invite me when you have a crab boil ;)

    76. SU_P3 C-Ops

      Improve the intro, camera, and also that brofist thingie

    77. Hammerson

      1. 10 crabs 2. Blue 3 . Lettuce and strawberry .

    78. OldSkoolGamer

      10 crabs in total 5 in each bin The male crab is blue Leafy green romaine and strawberries

    79. QKumber94

      Lily PEEENCH!

    80. bong gamer

      Suggestion on crab, U should give them 2 forth of water in the bin half land half water because they lay their babies in water

    81. Willam Murata

      Pinch test!!!!!

    82. Tomas Summers

      10 crabs Blue Lettuce and strawberries

    83. bong gamer

      Pinch test yes

    84. Abig candy

      Is it me or Joey is kinda getting thick

    85. Jamer Dockery

      Catch and cook 😈😈😈 LIKERS WHERE R U

    86. Jason sanders

      Are we ever gonna see mud crab baby’s

    87. Garcianna Walters

      Ten crabs The male is blue romaine and strawberry

    88. Bruce Lee

      stop being a dipshit catching wild animals and putting them in box... how bout we lock your fatass in a closet and stick lettuce in it

    89. tyree Anderson

      Is joey getting chubby?

    90. Mooffgamesgamer

      Joey, do you know that the largest terrestrial species of land hermit crab is the coconut crab(Birgus Latro) I raised them when they are the size of a pin head.Now they are as nearly as big as a dog!

    91. Alex Maldonado

      Where did you get the clay plate from Joey?

      1. Mikah and Jhay's Channel

        walmart :)

    92. Barbara Anderson

      Heeyyy Joeyy😘nice video . Let's see how long it takes the other US-newrs get crabs.

    93. Colleen McCarthy-Zeigler

      Joey you have 1. 9 Crabs 2. The male crab is Blue 3. You fed them Strawberries & chopped Romaine Lettuce! Your fan, MacZig6 ( nickname for my last name)) Thanks for the videos, I love all you pond guys!

    94. prockallday

      I was gonna say make em a pond alike where u found em but sum birds might scoop em up

    95. Jes Rabbit

      10 crabs 1 blue male Lettuce and strawberries 🍓🍓 Keep up the great videos! Love the assortment of different animals

    96. GFC Fishing

      I hate it when I dont get the notification for your video because it makes me sad I couldnt see it sooner! Awesome vid though!

    97. Mrs. PuppySaver For life

      Catch em all wins!!

    98. Scott J. Parisi

      When will you go ahead to make a dog and crabs video?

    99. Black Knight

      I feel for crabs now

    100. kxng howy

      10 crabs Male crab: blue You fed them strawberrys and romain lettuce