Race to Pop the Nasty Balloon Challenge!! | Don't Let it Pop on You!

Team Edge

Team Edge

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    Hey guys! In this challenge, we compete in a trivia face-off to see who gets a nasty balloon popped on their head! Every time you get a question wrong, you get a disgusting mess popped on you! Who do you think will win?
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    1. thebigtiger21 81


    2. Liza Mcilwee

      Bobby chet

    3. Emma Bracken

      i love your videos please shout me and j-fred is my favorite he is so funny

    4. Joe Zich

      Not six

    5. Joe Zich

      Bobby did seven

    6. Tia Bond

      The Statue

    7. Tia Bond

      Statue of liberty need given by France

    8. Samuel Muir

      I live in New Zealand

    9. William Preston

      13:43 what was that

    10. COD 74

      13:36 nobody: Cameraman: ok who put a flashbang in the ballon

    11. Gacha_ Raven

      Do u even know who BTS is ?

    12. The puppeater

      i live in new zealand not all places are buetiful

    13. Jessica Wolf

      Bobby's balloon is made of steel πŸ˜‚

    14. connor Blakeborough

      I swear Hawaii was the first place I thought of

    15. LilMattBoi221

      I love JFreds screams

    16. Rylee Harchar

      Do the eat it or wear it challenge!

    17. DASHEY 231


    18. Jessica Lowrey

      Why are they making Hi5 stuff more religious lately? You've got to be alienating a good number of your viewers... It was understandable when Joey would say one religious thing offhand, but when you make an entire portion of the game a long bible verse and say you are a god believing channel it can be very off-putting. Mathias has mentioned it a few times too, on Dope or Nope.

    19. Elianna Neal

      The Bible verse after the Addis’s one was my bible verse I’m so happy πŸ˜ƒ

    20. TTV_BTW hernandez

      Why is Bryan never the houste is always doing the punishment

    21. E&C Fam

      There’s a flash in 13:32

    22. LIMES

      Not the same without Mathias

    23. Jared Songheng

      Not Joining I Have No Money

    24. Crypto

      I’m from New Zealand

    25. Collin Tibbs

      The first time a balloon poped Bobby pumped 7 times he was sopost to do 6 pumps

    26. Stephine Reina

      Who else thought BTS (the worlds best boy band) instead of behind the scenes

    27. Quin Lin

      Bobby got like 1 billion pumps, Bryan got like 10 pumps and Bobby still won what do you mean?!?!

    28. Daniela Vasquez


    29. Ghosteez

      team edge phase 3 comming soon

    30. Kengy sung

      When he wanted to do are you smarter then a th3 grader at the top it said 3 pumps

    31. BFL SoleMacroon

      10:17 look wrong

    32. BFL SoleMacroon

      Bobby is so lucky

    33. CactiSenpai :

      Bobby had so much luck

    34. Jimmy Sanchez

      Here is a challenge punch Joey everytime he change something in the next five seconds

    35. Taliah Greasby

      Rip gummy bear

    36. TheMinecraftCuber

      Isn't it kinda unfair, cause they have to pop it immediately which gives the other person no chances

    37. A cup of TAE with SUGA and KOOKIES


    38. Kaizer Lizardo

      Million is seven zeros

    39. Lil Phill


    40. Tygolina


    41. Rashmika. patel

      I subscribed

    42. Markus Stowers-mcCarthy

      yo nz was top of the bucket list

    43. Solgaleo Lunala

      I am in Hawaii

    44. Mary Louise Pollard

      I live in New Zealand

    45. Newt

      I think they give Bobby a condom instead of a normal balloon

    46. Bobz_ aruba

      Did anyone Notice that Blue Cheese is written wrong at 6:44

      1. Brenden Doyle

        That's how you spell it. The correct original spelling is Bleu not Blue.

    47. Sara Abdulla

      Yaaaaasss BTS!!!

    48. Arez the Beast Gamer

      When joey was strangling the gummy bear I was dying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    49. Julia Adventures

      Can you please put some old school stuff on the channel for free because some people want to watch it but we can’t get membership. Please

    50. Natarsha S

      woooooooo New Zealand got first yay

    51. yuly osorto

      Hey does the punishments looks like soda

    52. Jessica Dunton

      GG Bryan

    53. Olivia's Hyper

      Bobby kinda looked like tape face with the tape on his mouth πŸ˜‚

    54. Olivia's Hyper

      Bring back Matthias please

    55. Khanh Vo

      Do I pay for membership

    56. one man

      New Zealand bois out there??

    57. shamelesscub

      Trivia : where is hoover dam located

    58. Jacob Smith

      Bobby cheated on the John 3:16 one because Joey said you get one answer

    59. Naquib Khan

      Bobby is lucky

    60. intiaz khan

      if you ever think of coming to new zealand please come to auckland

    61. Pratyush Kapoor

      Do fortnite live with viewers I could get you guys wins especially Connor

    62. OvalKainoaKunisaki The Anime Fan

      I heard bts stuff

    63. Israel Vasquez


    64. 10twenti bento Da

      Bobby cheated

    65. Manaaki 4571

      yo bucket list was my country chur

    66. Job Angelo Cruz

      Okok captain america is no.1 peoples favorite and ironman is three!!!!! Ironman sacrificed bruh!!!!!

    67. Chen Torgeman


    68. doctor 360

      Bryan:new original stuff is coming there we will bring back OLD stuff🀣🀣



    70. zac Capco

      Who saw the Bible Verse John 3:16 And instantlly went *Ding* Me:*Ding* Ding*Ding*Ding*..........