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    Published on 24 days ago


    1. FireBird20613

      9:41 that's my office OwO

      1. FireBird20613

        @Crota, the son of Oryx Arrest me senpai OwO

      2. Crota, the son of Oryx


      3. It's a me, ICY

        This must burn

      4. Sawyer

        cawn I gow wnto wour woffice? ÙWÚ

    2. Prime Decanus

      Watto: goes for a ride Damien: OMG IS THAT ALF?

    3. Alexa Miller

      5:57 either I heard dinni or diddi

    4. Muselk & Fits

      4:13 They ment 954 hours from Halloween

    5. Avian Crux

      4:59 that engi is just screaming I TELAPORTED BREAD!!!

    6. Monster Jam OCD fan number 1

      When they said Dawn of a New Year it's probably saying that there will be a new year in the hours are like how many hours it takes to actually get to it

    7. Charles M. Rivera Laporte

      5:54 David Devito?

    8. It's a me, ICY


    9. Sublimująca Drożdżówka

      2:18 Why isn't it squashed by a concrete cross?

    10. Sam

      any art: exists damien: aNDY WARHOL?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    11. andrognir the fable keeper


    12. Beanos

      5:55 So anyway, I started stabbing

    13. Jacob Ponce


    14. Hami Colbour

      The shadow if the cat in the door looks like bat man

    15. betia partouche

      12:05 For anyone wondering, taking a look makes it apparent that this is in a Metro in Japan, but they aren’t sitting on the priority seats (for elderly people, pregnant woman, etc.) *Horrifying but still well behaved*

    16. Sebastiaan De Winter

      1:44 doesn’t critical wave a watto

    17. Birds With guns

      I have to unsub because you like fortnite even tho i reallu like ur channel

    18. TheGreatDabdos

      0:31 is that a jojo reference

    19. the fird souls

      So nobody is going to talk about the batman shadow on the wall at 12:37 ?

    20. Foxy_theNighteditz

      Gary is 24 but snails live for 25 years

    21. Carson S

      8:42 it's Mordecai

    22. One Slavy Boi

      4:33 wryyyyyyyyy

    23. Rhys Kyser

      v i b e c h e c k

    24. Technoboi 2

      Did no one see the incest joke at 7:09

    25. Colton Anderson


    26. Six paths Madara

      7:10 the faces aren't the problem they are siblings

    27. Six paths Madara

      3:34 BearGator

    28. Alex Playz

      2:15 SHIZAAAAAAAAA!!!!

    29. Mariogaamer 64

      Kromer the frog 👽

    30. Augie Chapin

      8:19 mcjoker

    31. Augie Chapin

      7:18 gourdolovania

    32. Augie Chapin

      4:31 tatdio

    33. Augie Chapin

      1:26 fruit birbs

    34. PC The Reese

      I'm getting a love bird or a sneak and I can't chose

    35. Rea Morris

      I think the 900 something hours left in the year was talking about in the school year? It looked like something that was hung up in a school

    36. xander du plessis

      12:08 first it was the furries...now this?

    37. A Engie main


    38. GodlyShark

      _T e l e p o r t B r e a d_

    39. marked deer93

      0:42 we all know what he is going to do

    40. David The Weirdo


    41. Kiara the wolf

      7:16 Sans carved into a watermelon that is talent and dedication oml i'm crying X'D


      3:34 I'd probably go out more often.

    43. Chicken Man man man

      By the time I’m committing this video has 666 dislikes 👹👹👹 Weird 👹👹👹👹

    44. Dennis Streno

      OMG 666 DISLIKES

    45. Totodile Enthusiast

      667 dislikes Im scared

    46. GNGR bred boi

      there is 666 dislikes I am scared

    47. Pheen

      joe mama

    48. Logans Revenge

      7:03 Was that entire family inbred?

    49. Pikachu plush

      I dont see anybody talking about damien saying papyrus does not fit on ferbs skeleton but on phineas’s skeleton phineas is shorter and sans is shorter too ferb is taller and papyrus is taller too

    50. YoBoi Frog

      That Kermit costume was mine this year

    51. azur dragon

      7:59 Damien: is that fortnight Me: *facepalm*

    52. Usagi - Nee

      @2:07 What's even funnier about this image is that the person is wearing a white rope which is a Chaplin rope. Meaning he actually helps with church services and stuff. Nice 👌

    53. NullLex00

      3:40 fiction? As the Crocodylomorpha fan, I shan't let it slide! Look no further than Kaprosuchus, otherwise known as the ramming, galloping, 21-foot-long (ew, imperial) beast with three sets of protruding fangs. It fed on dinosaurs.

    54. Dsing BoyBlock

      2:27 there is one of those in my reading class

    55. D Rex

      I live in Wyoming and it’s gonna stay

    56. Supergirl Jk

      This video has 666 dislikes when I'm watching it, this video is indeed cursed

    57. WolfyLix

      8:57 some of that good old Australian coffee i see.

    58. Fire is nice

      White banana=racist banana

    59. Ivy Smith

      I love this community, never letting the dislikes get past 666.

    60. stevo Winters

      Ok people make Christmas ads even though it's thanksgiving

    61. shadowplayer 65

      Me : *plays megalovania * You : uuhhh... Me : * drawing a Satan star * You : t f u doing...? Me : * puts a ketchup bottle, a skeleton skull and a sans jacket from the internet in the star * You : what... Ya... Wanna summon? Me : * says a spell and sans appears * You : wwwwttttfffff Sans : Heya.. Me : *Hugs sans and tells him about mean fangirls * Sans : *kills them *. ( I know u can't kill people over the internet) You : f***** this shit I'm out... Me : yaaassss ( am I in the video? OwO)

    62. Niko Kourouklis

      Birds used to have teeth in the Cretaceous.

    63. Zoe Tremain-Woodcock

      2:23 2:56 7:28

    64. Team PikaSkull

      i pray to bowsette to

    65. Just another member of the Chaos insurgency

      1:45 that's the owner of the scrapyard that anakin was a slave of in episode I. delta command has some home videos of that movie so I got to watch some clips

    66. Chewy Mustard

      Why wado in the car Idk Why do is wado in the car

    67. Original Gameframe

      Someone took that sans watermelon pic on amino or they stole it

    68. bob dankman

      5:52 cool and scary

    69. ThinkerOfGames

      I laughed so hard at the first image I farted