Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades

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    Captain Disillusion gets pedantic about the description of a common camera effect.
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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. Slayer Wolfx

      I think we lost him

    2. A-

      I have a question, if humans were to drill a hole from one side of the earth to the other side (ignoring the core and danger) would you be flipped upside down and defy gravity or would you just slowly be standing on the ground?

    3. Mr. Cringe

      5:13 well he won't be making anymore videos

    4. Mohamed Hafiz

      Fuck he just died... so no mere video will be uploaded in this channel

    5. الاسلام طريقي


    6. Lv

      RIP niggas with epilepsy

    7. Jerry Tal

      Hi CD, can you do a video on the 911 plane attacks?

    8. Awesome

      How long does it take to get that shit out of your ears lol

    9. Ben Jones

      Why do we see that with the naked eye with car rims if they are going a certain speed? Does the sun have a continuous flicker ("shutter speed")... or does our eye? What's the go?

    10. Alex' s Channel

      Someone from 2050?

    11. Viky

      captain can u explain to us the real "lightning ball" there re so many video "lightning ball caught on tape" im not sure if those video re real. thank you for the great contents i love this channel (sorry for my bad english)

    12. Joe Cassara

      Since we’re being pedants: “the reason is because” is redundant. MW says it’s acceptable, but they can go fly a -kite- helicopter.

    13. Jude Dempsey

      Captain D you never fail to make a great video.

    14. Twisted World

      Thanks for the huge laugh about the "licensing requests" of this loser. I'm going to spam the hell out of his e-mail address regarding this.

    15. thisisgoddi

      Car ads use this to show off the tires or the rims while the car is driving

    16. Hackermann

      I kept reading cdisillusion as "CD is illusion"

    17. Fazil Abdul Lathif

      Can you check this video? Not able to explain what’s going on. I believe it might be a fluid dynamics thing. Link 1 - us-new.com/online/video-fRhPvlkcbZk.html Link 2 - us-new.com/online/video-btq9YM0XpqY.html

    18. James Holbrook

      No that hello copter was a glitch in the matrix

    19. Deipatrous

      Hey the fan hitting your head still looks convincing at quarter speed. I thought I'd be able to see the trick. Oh wait, you actually got beaned by a fan for real?

    20. Deipatrous


    21. Liliana J

      Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades You must determine where you are going in your life, because you cannot get there unless you move in that direction. Random wandering will not move you forward. It will instead disappoint and frustrate you and make you anxious and unhappy and hard to get along with (and then resentful, and then vengeful, and then worse). Family love is so big and immense, and sometimes we do not know what we have till we lose it. There is a proverb which says: when you haven t what you like, you should like what you have

    22. Ivan Hernandez

      I believe it happened. And cause I happen to me with my car !

    23. Spencer oximina

      Im new to this channel, and im very amaze, the edits and the efforts and explanation is awesome, and i cant believe you have only a million subscriber, your channel deserve more than that, btw new subscriber ❤

    24. DryBonz1

      First time on this channel. Did you have The Onion editors on payroll

    25. Joe

      I'd love you to be on star talk with NDT, your physics knowledge would make for a great episode

    26. horror478

      Why does this happen with a wheel and our own eyes??

    27. The Walnut

      Why is this channel free

    28. metallitech

      This is proper bo I tell thee.

    29. GDPlayr

      What ever happened to the cicrit bracelet

    30. Logan Hogan

      you're a great guy for shouting out to that dude. also your content is just the best

    31. Ilham Azrael

      Love with your heart, and use your head for everything else CAPTAAAIIINNN DISILLUSION!

    32. stampy Jr gaming

      Hello compact disc

    33. Evil D

      Why do you sometimes see this kind of effect on car wheels if they're driving at just the right speed? What's the frame rate of my eyeballs?

      1. Deipatrous

        You mean... IRL??? Human perception ceases to distinguish individual images round about 12 per second, but it depends on attentiveness and complexity of the field of vision. Rods and Cones are continually being fired, so in that sense there is no rate limitation, but each of them takes a few hundred milliseconds to get back to a triggarable state.16 fps looks perfectly fluid under most circumstances. I don't understand people who discern a difference between 25 and 50 fps. They sound like the audiophiles of old, pretending to hear differences that are not apparent to the uninitiated.

      2. Kingly00100

        Found the synth!!

    34. Billy Breakaho

      And this ladies and gentlemen is called "dragging it out". 2:48

    35. IronicOyster _

      I was wondering if you could see if the video titled “Man jumps over drawbridge” is fake and if it is how they did it

    36. nsxpetes

      Captain Deez nuts!

    37. Dan's Spot on the Tube

      More chia seeds! Or something, or not.

    38. djlowtek

      Your vids are laugh out loud funny. Thank you so much

    39. Vilho Eriksson

      us-new.com/online/video-G2A-185WViw.html pls look at this

    40. Pyrius HC

      I love Mat with 2 t's

    41. Erron Black

      This was way more easy to understand than the people who thought they were cool, explain this with the longest comments I’ve ever seen.

    42. AS Gaming

      Finally captain is back..

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    44. unknown

      What if the fan is colored?

    45. mz 00956

      Could anyone tell me if this photo is real? At 12:19 in the video us-new.com/online/video-oETsJhVZLnI.html

    46. Crazy Mud crab

      why the fuck is my phone popping up with this.... "whatever you call it"

    47. RevenantGhost

      i didnt understand a word

    48. Stephen E

      Did this at a party in college. Had black lights and glow stickers on the end of the fan blades but set a strobe light to match fan speed to make the blades look stationary. The glow stickers though formed a greenish halo around the fan. It was a cool effect - until people who had a few drinks tried to touch it, were surprised it hurt to touch, and would try to touch it again. I also enjoy car wheels that spin so fast they look like they are spinning backwards slowly.

      1. Thatone Dude

        Isn't that called acid?

    49. Crazy Mud crab

      you are a complete loser

    50. soap head

      Dad: *brags about building IKEA furniture* Dad like a minute later: 5:10

    51. soap head

      I only just realized this video is new

    52. Abdul Rahman Mariscal

      A quick D. Exactly what i needed early in the morning.

      1. DA PEPO

        Abdul Rahman Mariscal read this but out of context

    53. Dave Maze

      This video is so great! Consider changing the way you title your videos. The title did not grab me at all and I had no idea what Quick D meant

    54. Aqeev Sani

      Up Next: Captain Disillusion Debunk

    55. Richard Webster

      Is the recently published lady Maxwell photo dinning at in&out burger photoshopped?

    56. Artemis

      I also like to give her the Quick D

    57. Shadowhenge

      Your brain has a frame rate. Watch wheel rims on a car as they accellerate or decelerate. They'll appear to slow down, then reverse direction. If they could maintain the exact speed where the apparent direction changes, they would appear frozen. After all, in order for it to reverse direction, even apparently, it has to come to a full stop.

    58. jroc00725

      Love the new outro music.

    59. Turtle maniac

      seizure warnings, they're a great thing ya know

      1. Iron Lightning

        To be fair, tho, he did say he was demonstrating a strobe light technique. Someone prone to seizures should know that a strobe light is prone to cause seizures. but yes. a warning would've been nice.

    60. Cupro Hastes

      Just what I expect from this channel... an entertainingly performed explanation. Thumbs up.

    61. Viken Me

      I can’t praise this guy’s work enough... it’s more than enough

    62. RdL

      0 to 1 million subs : 5 year 1 to 2 million subs: 6 months

    63. Zakru

      I just recently found this channel, and I'm already in love with it. I want more content! I've already binge watched half of it.

    64. Hey it's Matt Parker

    65. Neko Puppet

      winkey smile face

    66. Strazdas

      People mixing shutter speed and frame rate is surprisingly many. Unfortunatelly Many people still dont understand shutters.

    67. Jay Ruper

      My boy Matt Parker!

    68. Zion Zion

      please debunk the moon landing of armstrong

      1. schuelermine

        That's real.

    69. Juranur

      The Parker cameo

    70. SPARK

      Still waiting for the logic behind 🌕 moon landing from captain XD 😆