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    In today's video, Lizzy and Carter Sharer are in the backyard playing in the pool. Milli, the playful puppy is ready to have a water fun packed day. She loves water balloons so Lizzy fills up a tub for her to play with. This puppy loves popping water balloons and chasing after them! Comment below how many water balloons you see and which one Milli's favorite!
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      I love your channels Liz and Millie.🐶

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      This is so cute btw Millie looks like my dog Millie is the cutest and I love u vids

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    5. sithra naiker

      hi milly is so nice

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      I love milly She is so cut

      1. Ivan Reilly

        Lin German you mean I love milli she is so cute not cut

    7. Tazo Hampton

      Throw one at Carter

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      Das mile love to play tag

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      Millie is so cute

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      My dog Benji LOVES water ballons

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      Milly is so cute. Press the like button if you agree.

      1. Alex Pham

        Nelson Family just a correction it’s Milli not Milly I know its confusing

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      She is so beutifull 💗💗💗💗💗💗 who agrees smash that thumps on millie world

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      Milly needs a tall

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      Awwww cute puppy 😘😍

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      Lizzy u shod give her a treat

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      Awwwww baby you are so little

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      0:20 Lizz: By dropping watermelons on carter Me: watermelons water balloons?

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    43. Nick Rozycki

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      i 1000000000 percent l found her cute

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      Milli looks like she like water balloons and she is cute

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      She kept trying to pop it but she was also scared

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      What's the point of this video is playing with water balloons egg your dog is cute

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      Milli this is a message:you are the cutest dog ever

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      I would not get a dog like yours because your dog is horrible and disgusting

    66. Client Videos

      Did you guys know that Lizzy and Carter are boyfriend and girlfriend

      1. Client Videos

        They are

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      Impresing that miley likes water balloons my dog do not like it

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      Malik has a camera on her neck

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