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    In today's video, Lizzy and Carter Sharer are in the backyard playing in the pool. Milli, the playful puppy is ready to have a water fun packed day. She loves water balloons so Lizzy fills up a tub for her to play with. This puppy loves popping water balloons and chasing after them! Comment below how many water balloons you see and which one Milli's favorite!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Shyanne Fletcher

      I love Kizzy she is so cute

      1. Shyanne Fletcher

        I love lizzy she is so cute

    2. Miley Girven

      Lizzy I think u should fill the pool to with water balloons and have milli get in it!!! It would be so cute!

      1. Miley Girven

        i Really Do

    3. Raahee Patel

      Milli is so cute

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      Milli is so cute💗💗💗💗💗🌈❤️

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      She so cute

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    9. Linh Tran

      my uncle has 2 puppies and when he comes to my house from his house he let me play with them and one is a boy and one is a girl and the boy on is Jay Jay and the girl one is Nai Nai

    10. Katiria Lozada

      Do you play Roblox

    11. Nik Brown

      She's just so cute ❤️💕

    12. maxalex awalebo

      Hi lizzy

    13. Rohan Pryce

      Jnbdfg veg

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      Nikola rasic Lizzy ken ju du ej video av fortnine danc carter

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      Do you guys like lizzy give me a big thumb up

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      we all love your videos

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      Millie might choke on the belloon

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    30. Gladdies Ann Alejandria

      So. Cute

    31. Colleen Douglas

      Lizzy me seeing milli is like awww

    32. Myra Rosli

      i think she's scared with the water balloon bc its going to pop thats why she's like playing than she goes in the back than play again... I think

    33. Reel Mowing Romo Keeping it Reel

      Why Mills like water ballons

    34. William mohammed

      Milli is so so so cute!

    35. William mohammed

      Milli is so cute

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    37. Juni Gacha

      I dont see steven for soo long

    38. Sean Baker

      Have you and Carter been thinking about having a baby

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    40. Ruth Lopez

      You are welcome to come to our. How’s

    41. Wilson

      Millie looks so small and fragile when she’s wet my dog isn’t a year old and three times the size of her

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      i subscribed

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      How did you become a US-new board

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      This is so cute btw Millie looks like my dog Millie is the cutest and I love u vids

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    52. sithra naiker

      hi milly is so nice

    53. Lin German

      I love milly She is so cut

      1. Ivan Reilly

        Lin German you mean I love milli she is so cute not cut

    54. Tazo Hampton

      Throw one at Carter

    55. Laura Lliguicota

      Das mile love to play tag

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    58. Janke Hatting

      Millie is so cute

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      My dog Benji LOVES water ballons

    61. Nelson Family

      Milly is so cute. Press the like button if you agree.

      1. Alex Pham

        Nelson Family just a correction it’s Milli not Milly I know its confusing

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