Project Resistance Teaser

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    A brand-new team-based survival horror experience is coming. #ProjectResistance
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    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Mouth Barakat

      This game will be very nice

    2. Anonymous Owl

      Giant Freddy Krueger at 01:20

    3. Albert Wesker

      Omg, who will be play it? It was stupid idea... Can I buy RE3 without this shit?

    4. Chris Valen

      Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was bad ass during its time. Never liked play regular citizens

    5. Cesar Augusto Pires Fabro

      Now we know: Project Resistance is a Resident Evil Resistance mode from RESIDENT EVIL 3

      1. rok wonho

        No mood of RE3 It's a separate game that's part of the Resident Evil 3 package. We have to games of RE RE3 and RE rsistance

    6. Frenzycx

      Everyone here knows any small weapons won’t stun Mr X.😂 Get A Fucking Rocket Launcher, That Dude Is Too Powerful.

    7. Luka Vojinovic

      Now we know its Re3!!!

    8. Coruja Stryxs

      And... Its RE3 😂


        Yes, prank kk

    9. Jacob Painter

      Mr X has returned.

    10. Eduardo Garcia

      They take out this recycled game from Left 4 Dead instead of taking out a remaster of RE Outbreak or an outbreak file 3 that for me is the best coop game I play it on the computer and it's fun and they take this thing without history baaah lost hope in you capcom everyone excited about the outbreak

    11. Sujanto Tjoa

      I love the beta games its fun :D

    12. Mojo Jojo

      All you had to do was RE8 or RE3 Remake not this shit. what a shame this looks boring and already dead.

    13. Joon

      We like it.❤

    14. Rodrigo Vargas

      Capcom, you disappoint me

    15. uppishcub1

      1:16 now mr. x has glowing red eyes, he is literally just the terminator at this point

    16. Julio Castro

      Please make a storyline narrative similar to outbreak please capcom...make a story mode and would love if it ties to rE2 remake and re3 remake and teasers from re3 remake and Easter eggs

    17. Вячеслав Дубанов

      Нельзя так просто взять и не обосраться (с) Capcom

    18. Rayan Uchiwa

      Sa sent le putain de jeu sa mere

    19. Mark Gross

      Capcom is turning things around with this game.😎👍💯💯💯💯💯

    20. DC funny ever

      these characters looks nothing interesting lol.

    21. Alex MaGanda

      Man it shouldve been a fuking outbreak game not this crap man i was so hoping for an outbreak game

    22. Ariel Ferreira

      Nobody is forcing you geeks to purchase the game

    23. Zasta Game

      Nobody: Mr.x:Omae wa mou Shindeiru.

    24. Sushispng

      will it be coming to PC?

    25. Rick Sanchez

      Teria sido melhor ,ter visto o filme do Pelé...

    26. Leon Coben

      Sad it's not Outbreak 3 but it I'm down for a proper MMO Resident Evil game too.

    27. Kai Nagnap

      omg! omg! omg!, this is just a phase for a new outbreak game. so excited.

    28. Michael Mitchell

      Can we have Resident Evil 8 instead please?

    29. KEN the BLOWDOLL

      ha fuck, i expcte a true RE8 like the remake of the 2. ,not another online turd for fatty teens eating ice creams and scremain on the headphones and mic ! :/

    30. Kazuo Sasaki

      Leon, a veteran zombie killing machine had a hard time killing Project X in RE : Damnation. I'm curious what these depressed ass teenagers can do.

    31. S_H_A_R_K_O

      You mean....I can be the X GIVING IT TO SOMEONE monster? Bee's knee's!

    32. DD Biss

      After years of silence from valve we finally got left for dead 3

    33. Dorothy Gale

      Welma? XD

    34. Flam3thrower

      Who asked for this ?

    35. Alex W

      .....this left for dead 3 or something?

    36. Hussein Capcom

      Please capcom Remake Dino Crisis or a new part

    37. Moses the weirdo Lee

      Wait a minute! 4 person coop? Oh boy! Now I can constantly be playing the really fun parts of re6 except it's the entire game! Nice.

    38. Justin Zayas

      I’m glad to know the Last of Us 2’s trailer just came out. Very glad.

    39. D. Project

      PLS MAKE RESIDENT EVIL 3 REMAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Going Full Retarded

      This game looks so bad please don't buy vote with your wallet, these bastards don't listen to the fans. No one wanted this generic resident evil 2 DLC make a proper reboot or gtfo. Maybe capcom's forgot they were walking a thin line to begin with lets remind them.

    41. sufi damascus

      Hello, I"m a manufacturer of Krauser and Leon kennedy's knife from Resident Evil 4. Here is the buying link. -

    42. max samieff

      L4D WWZ KF Now this? What's next? STD?


      Ok so it’s essentially just an extremely buffed up version of the HL2 mod Zombie

    44. ash the pyro

      Is it a 4 player co op

    45. Kawaii Rising

      Take my money

    46. Jhon Alex

      Resident evil 7 : Good capcom something new..not the best but good Resident evil 2 remake: Fucking amazing capcom, you hear us, your going to the good path Resident evil Resistence : .... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    47. LAIN

      Resident evil+dead island= this shit. I need outbreak

    48. Matin Mohebbian

      I was realy hoping for a RE3 remake To be the next resident evil game

    49. Ángel Arias

      This game doesn't convince me. We'll see when it comes out .....

    50. Cider Valentine

      This is absolutely disappointing...the next resident evil game is a multiplayer only time based scenario that is guaranteed to be loaded with in game purchases on top of the 60 bucks some silly people will pay for this "project", and we probably won't see another title in the works until mid 2020 or early 2021

    51. Alessandro Ostetto

      Friday The 13th The game ?

    52. El RickyTan


    53. Cristian Martinez

      ahhh ok, copyright DEAD BY DAYLIGTH

    54. Arctic Smoke

      Left 4 Evil

    55. Cabo Elton

      Uma merda

    56. Leonel Gauna

      That's a weird way to spell Re3 Remake.

    57. William Bartee

      Game looks terrible why didnt they make res 3remake, operation raccoon city remake or a online multiplayer story game or res8(not first person)

    58. StormkoopaCV03

      Great, it's just some Umbrella employee renegade reject that got a hold off an Nintendo power gloves for no reason. lol

    59. Frank Castle

      Should we put Mr. X in the game? DMX: Duh nigga

    60. Beaury ROÉS

      Its cool

    61. Nathan Hale

      Capcom, you are still on time to cancel this crap.

    62. Bruce Williams Peña Morales

      the people need a new outbreak

    63. strixe7


    64. Vadim Dudeovskih

      Who asked for this show me that person

    65. A250791

      X gon give it to them

    66. Alex Mendoza

      Omg I’d love to play this

    67. ZackDestroysU

      Holy shit she has bad aim don't expect that much ammo unless you'r on easy

    68. PugsAndKissesYT

      This looks badass but i wish it was on pc damn

    69. Anwar Lopez CheerierNevada1

      Remake RE 1 and add more puzzles then work on RE 3 after