Post Malone - Take What You Want (Audio) ft. Ozzy Osbourne, Travis Scott

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    Official audio by Post Malone performing “Take What You Want” featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott - off his new album 'Hollywood's Bleeding’ available now:
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    Official “Take What You Want” Lyrics
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    I never needed anything from you
    And all I ever asked was for the truth (All I ever asked was for)
    You showed your tongue and it was forked in two
    Your venom was lethal, I almost believed you (Almost believed you)
    Yeah, you preyed on my every mistake
    Waited on me to break, held me under hopin' I would drown
    Like a plague, I was wasting away
    Tryna find my way out, find my way out (Find my way out)
    And it finally came the day
    I start giving my heart away
    For Heaven's sake, my bones will break
    But you never own my soul, no
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me?
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    I took them stones you threw, made chains for the crew (Ice)
    I brought up 10 hoes, this coupe only made for two (Yessir)
    They all ran through it, it ain't nothing left to do
    I need some more reasons to live out this evening (Straight up)
    I've been sippin' forever and just taking whatever
    Hoping, thinking whenever you'll be back around
    Let's go our ways, whichever
    You say how is however long
    'Cause you know I'll never be alone
    Love (Love, yeah)
    Shorty gon' back (Shorty gon' back)
    Need it on sight (Need it on sight)
    Crack it all back (Crack it all back)
    Give her that pipe (Give her that pipe)
    All of my gang (All of my gang)
    Shawty went bad (Shawty went bad)
    I feel you crumble in my arms down to your heart of stone
    You bled me dry just like the tears you never show
    Why don't you take what you want from me
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Why don't you take what you want from me
    Take what you need from me
    Take what you want and go
    Take it all away
    Why don't you (Take what you want, take what you need)
    Take what you need from me, yeah
    (Take what you want) Why don't you (Take what you need)
    (What you need, yeah)
    #PostMalone #TakeWhatYouWant #HollywoodsBleeding
    Music video by Post Malone performing Take What You Want (Audio). © 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

    Published on 5 months ago


    1. Eduardo Mertins

      Vim pelo Lucas inutilismo, muito boa a versão dele dessa musica essa musica é demais

    2. Apple Senju

      God Ozzy’s voice is amazing

    3. water ismyfriend

      Terrible terrible lol holy shit

    4. Matheus Bispo

      este eo comentário br q vc esta procurando 😀

    5. Arko Choudhury

      The best thing that can happen to music.. Metalheads and hiphop fans on the same podium..long live such inspiring music

    6. - AussieClasherGaming -

      Why is Post Malone peeing on a sword?

    7. Txnci0n

      Yo who the hell invited Thanos to snap Travis out of the comment section?

    8. Frogs Please

      What a perfect blend of Genre’s from the masters.

    9. demon beats


    10. Katherine Redick

      I want to know how much sucibeles he got

    11. Christopher Mullen

      Ozzy 🐐

    12. jvvvin

      The people who disliket this don't take what they want

    13. geena9999


    14. Rafin Alam

      Who’s better Like ozzy osbourne Comment post Malone

    15. X-Racer

      Что здесь забыл Ozzy Ozbourne???


      Poor bat 😔

    17. Jeremiah the Pisces

      I just heard this on a local radio station and i just felt it I can relate I had to look it up and US-new convert to my phone👍✌💯😂 i had to have this song

    18. Alex Otto

      Hip Hop/Rock/Metal! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!

    19. sizzj

      L I T

    20. Mister Physics

      posty's talent is in the lyrics, if he writes his own? mike patton is a Vocalist

    21. aaron calbert

      This is truly wonderful. I love all of them and never thought to imagine this.

    22. Ricky To Good

      Well that was horrible.

    23. Fatuma Muse

      so good !! 💰💸💸😄😄😇👍👍👍👍🙉💶💳💸💸🚀

    24. Linh Nguyễn

      i can heard that guitar , is that slash ? .

    25. Robert Kelly

      I'll give you respect when you tell kids on the internet you didn't find Ozzy

    26. Ramzi Isbanioly

      So glad 2 hear the ozzman again normally not a huge rap fan but I'm in love with this mix great song

    27. prettybrownround

      Who’s listening to this in 2020?!

    28. Ionuț Christian

      Somebody come and build another play buton, i'll pay with dry tears. 🔥

    29. jay leigh


    30. M

      Fucking fire

    31. Yaxoi

      Anyone else saw the AMA on Reddit, had no idea what kind of music he is making and clicked on the song with the most views?

    32. kelly h

      don’t u love how no ones talking abt travis

    33. Lyle Hunter

      No one's gonna say how the intro sounds like Under the Graveyard? Okay

    34. Chris Acosta

      As a 50 year -old man who grew up listening to Ozzy, I don't get upset that Post Malone fans don't know him; times change, music changes. But I do think that if we want to keep Ozzy's spirit alive that we should ask our nieces and nephews to start a "carve Ozzy's name onto your school desk" challenge and let it catch fire!

    35. Filipe Fernandez

      I think post malone ft ozzy was better than ozzy ft post malone

    36. Gott Ist Ein PopStar

      Ozzy Osbourne is the Prince of Darkness. You have no idea how massive his legacy is. No disrespect to Post Whatever, but he wouldn’t be able to fill Ozzy’s shoes in a million lifetimes. Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal by accident. Most of the music you listen to would not exist if it wasn’t for Ozzy & Black Sabbath. Learn your history kids and show some respect.

    37. Lovely Blk

      I love Ozzy!!! Fucking Legend!!!!

    38. omarh diaz

      Only posty can mash up hip-hop and metalrock together 💯💯💯

    39. Michael McClain

      Thar commercial killed some braincells

    40. Karla Louisy

      Fico show esses dois juntos,Ozzy maravilhoso como sempre 😍

    41. Hand Banana

      It's always sad to see so many rap listeners hating on metal music. In reality, many many rappers and pop artists are really into heavy metal.

    42. NightmareGamer 1205


    43. Batatudo

      This guitar solo rocked me harder than any Nickelback song.

    44. Yung Snoopy

      Ozzy's voice is just so annoying, and even on speaker Jesus Christ. Post's part though was nice.

    45. Trisha Jones

      This is such a beautiful rad🤘🏽😝 rock piece

    46. John Leeper

      This dude Isn't worthy of Ozzy Osbourne! Anyone can sing with autotune, ANYONE!

      1. Abel Romero

        To be fair, post has a beautiful voice, auto tune is more of a Travis scott thing

    47. athena •

      Alguém veio pelo lucas inutilismo? Kkkkkkkkkk

    48. Veronica Martinez-Lopez

      When did post Malone had ads

    49. Araebus

      who else is jamming to this song in august 2004 🔥🔥🔥

    50. Dominator

      more like ozzy ft. post malone

    51. Gage Stensrud

      if you're reading this comment and you have no idea who Ozzy Osbourne is, No, Post Malone didn't make him popular. He was the frontman for a band called Black Sabbath back in the 70s. They are basically the founders of metal. In the 80s, he started his own solo project, which made him really popular. Black Sabbath let Ozzy back into the band, and he sang for them until they disbanded. It wasn't until 2019 when this song was released. So Ozzy has been around for a while.

    52. Billy Williams

      Big Ozzy fan for decades. Terrible song imo

    53. Some Fudge

      If you think this is Ozzy's worst collab, I invite you to take a look to the one he did with Jessica Simpson. You'll never forget it.

    54. hbkgirl75

      I want to like this song, but I just dont hear anything I like except that sweet sweet guitar solo.

    55. x_julQa_x gacha

      Kto z polski🇵🇱

    56. # Edumalafaia

      I like Hip Hop and Metal, if you think about these are the only two type of music that has such motivation vibe.

    57. Mc Psycho

      Who else gets emotional when listening to this song for no reason?

    58. Wyatt Flagg

      the real ones remember when ozzy bit a bats head off onstage

    59. Jasta Gai

      God damn this is one of the most toxic cesspool of a comment section I’ve seen, it seems that a good portion of the people watching this are just those self proclaimed metalhead filling the comments with their elitism bullshit. I love metal but these assholes makes it embarrassing to say that out loud.

    60. Internet Explorer

      Its crazy when people think that rappers nowadays are cool or insane for the drugs when Ozzy literally snorted Fireants and Cocaine for fun

    61. Nadja Kessler

      omg what happens with ozzy?! since when became the prince of darkness the grandpa of trap??

    62. Jackson Teller


    63. Joel Miller jr

      Post you have gotten better with Izzy man

    64. sebben323

      This song is terrible

    65. HyellaRizz

      ayy peeps chec me out much

    66. flame 69

      Post Malone literally made this Ozzy Osbourne guy famous! I’m glad Post Malone is shining light on unknown artists!

    67. reAL SethGD

      Post Malone fans: who's ozzy Osbourne? Ozzy Osbourne fans:who is post Malone Ozzy Osbourne: who is ozzy Osbourne Everyone: God

    68. Carmen Montoya

      take it all

    69. elseptimo77

      Ozzy’s voice still unmatched after so many years ... will always give me chills

    70. Holly Little

      LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!