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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. Brandon’s Gangster Stuff

      I’m getting weird vibes i literally just ate a pb and J right when I saw the video 😂

    2. Navjeevan Gill

      Can i get in a f in the chat for pb&j rights

    3. Dark Void


    4. Dark Void

      6:07 hilarious visuals, dude! "ALLOW ME, MISTAAH OH MISTAAAH!"

    5. Nina Banana

      Did anyone else realize that the cereal at 2:14 is white?

    6. Candy

      The sandwich has to be an ensemble to be considered a sandwich. It’s the ingredients being separated just that like cookies have many ingredients and eating them one at a time doesn’t make it a cookie, you’re just eating those parts. So eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich eating by each slice one at a time makes it eating jelly on bread with another bread but with peanut butter.

    7. Corbett Leibler

      Thx don I’m now a anima boi

      1. Corbett Leibler


    8. Lelek craft

      Congratulations you is inspiration for the best channel of Brazil

    9. Fangirl#1

      Can we gat an idioms#2

    10. Jay Cee

      A deconstructed PB&J.

    11. Retronic

      I like how you were attempting to be quiet at the beginning of the video, wondering if "she" can hear you, but then you get progressively louder to a "argument conversation" volume level.

    12. ContentNickle 45

      What has humanity come to?

    13. Flaje Tv

      Vc salvou o Draw mask

    14. true fandom

      I love how this turned into a argument.

    15. Pv Up Greninja


    16. true fandom

      Here's something more wrong. The jelly is on the outside of the bread

    17. ReaganFeil The Happy Gal!!!

      I'm proud of you for investing in the good animes

    18. Skinnyy Bean


    19. Agafaith Rilles

      I watched this while drinking soda while im having allergies. I almost got sum mucus in my drink wtf HAHA

    20. Renee Rider

      Cheerios and orange juice is good tho XD

    21. Anti Schtick

      This video is basically Yu-Gi-Oh rulings

    22. Anime Girl

      Dom why u swiching between jam and jelly its confuffleing 😂

    23. Mariana Castro

      No one: Dom: nine minutes talking about pb and j sandwich

    24. Anime Girl

      Does anyone put slices of banna in their penutbutter and jam sandwhich?🤔 I do its good too.😂

    25. Edgy_Eevee


    26. Michael Israelov

      2:52 ZA WARUDO! Now there's balance

    27. Brianna Morrison

      It’s called an open faced sandwich 😂

    28. 3578animegirl

      Who else, Straight after the video had PB&J sandwich...just me?

    29. Chunion

      Domics and Daidus in the same video!?!? Epic!!

    30. Яков Размолодин

      Привет Как дела ?

    31. paperbag

      i loved how dom turned this stupid lil idea so entertaining

    32. german ROJAS LEON

      w-... was that an ahegao at 4:38...?

    33. Stephen Thomas

      What if you make a pb&j with ONE slice of bread then fold it in half? Is it still a sandwich or is it a taco?

    34. Ela Owczarczyk

      I’m weird but I put peanut butter and jelly on the same slice of bread 😕 I only eat open bread sandwiches so that’s why lol

    35. Meldiino

      "I hope she can't hear me" *uploades it on US-new*

    36. Quwertyn

      Is this an american thing that sandwiches need two sides? Smh. No way I ever go there.

      1. Quwertyn


    37. Laura M

      I actually eat it like the girl does, one at a time because I don't like mixing flavours😂😂

    38. Michael Lima


    39. Pancakes

      IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT KAGUYA-SAMA? Like legit, in my top 10's.

    40. F.B.I

      As soon as I click the video...I've realized it's waste of time

    41. Catttrain

      So here's my question, you said that cereal with orange juice mixed in the bowl is not all right but then stated that drinking milk and then eating cereal will become a bowl of cereal later thus they mixed in your stomach. If you drank orange juice, how long will you have to wait to be able to eat plain cereal (without milk) without it mixing or will it always mix and then you have orange juice cereal, gross...

    42. Hansel Rios

      what if cows could fly. Imagine how the world would've adjusted to the falling pieces of cow poop. Like cars and buildings now have a different designs... Am I too high?

    43. MekayBlue

      You broke the poor man

    44. KIXX _DELTA

      It kinda looked like a titan from attack on Taiwan at 6:23

    45. Jaw Venais

      I'm so sorry but I do the same thing . I thought I was the only one. It just I hate having so much bread in one bite 😅

    46. Pia Salanguit

      If I had a spoon of peanut butter, jam in my mouth and ate 2 pieces of bread is that a pb and j sandwich

    47. Carl Singson

      Is Water Wet

    48. Loyd Gabriel

      1:43 she is eating what you call a canapé "canapé is bread and any toppings of choice"

    49. Elite Solder

      PB and then J

    50. SUPER NOVA

      “MINI RAMEN”

    51. Mk

      I'm from finland we do not have pb & j. but honestly it sounds so disgusting. whose idea was it to put fricking PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY TOGETHER?!?

    52. Aderic Biocore

      My brother eats it the same akward way

    53. Sheri

      PB&J, respectively

    54. Maxibomb Gaming

      I just paused this video when to my kitchen and made one BTW I’m from Australia and it was like eating our diabetes

    55. Pistachio

      I tried PB&J once and nah nah not for me Try pancakes (not the fat american ones, the ones that you roll) with jam and pickles (it's awesome) Also milk goes first you weirdos because if you put cereal first it gets mushy and gross I hate that now shut up

    56. Vivian Chu

      I love these conversational vids you're putting up! They make me laugh so much! Keep it up Dom and team :')

    57. Draconicrose Gaming

      Just let the woman eat her peanut butter then jelly.

    58. Bubble Berry Gacha

      I know it’s weird but what I do is this: 1) put some cereal in my mouth 2) while the cereal is in my mouth, take a sip of milk and chew 3) repeat

    59. JeSSoN L


    60. educated nibble

      please make more of these types of videos

    61. Some Viewer

      Why did the tittle pb and j interest me so much?

    62. Vanshita Gupta

      The animation killed me😂😂😂😂

    63. Noriel Ben Miel


    64. Ma L2

      wono here

    65. FeliMesc

      Etikwet 😭

    66. A Nice Place To Live

      Me: **watches vid** Me again: *WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U SEPARATE THE OREO PIECES!?!*

    67. Matopotato

      my parents think i'm weird just for eating peanut butter and jam together

    68. Game trends

      peanut butter then jelly sandwich

    69. mocha shake

      Love me some mrice even tho I’m vegetarian 😂