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    Claire Saffitz had never had Pocky before. And then one day in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen her life changed forever. Her eyes are open and now she has ascended to Pocky level: Tsubu Tsubu (Strawberry Flakes), a level that it usually takes decades to reach. With her work in making a gourmet version of four flavors of Pocky - Chocolate, Matcha, Cookies & Cream and Strawberry Flakes - she is quickly climbing ever upwards in the Pocky Movement. Join Claire as she seeks Pocky Perfection.
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pocky | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

    Published on Month ago


    1. Bon Appétit

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      1. shit lista

        I couldn't watch because she used the dirty foam for placing them :( :( :(

      2. nohmers18


      3. leyana williams

        make spongebaby krabby patties

      4. greg green

        what about Welch's fruit snacks?

      5. Nicole W

        Bon Appétit please make edible cutlery it can be a way to promote less use of plastic and be cheaper than buying plastic

    2. michael

      claire: makes her own pocky from scratch with no recipie and is fine me: puts ice cubes and a lemon slice in water and is pooped

    3. dAfoodie101

      can someone just buy her a giant set of that one size of pastry tips?

    4. Areeya Draper

      Thai pocky in the bottom hA

    5. Lily Mayr


    6. SEA BEAR

      Claire should make gansitos next ! :P

    7. Cole Eaton

      I would literally die for gabby.

    8. blake leis

      i do not like your vids sorry

    9. meraki

      she,,, needs a break

    10. PackerKing24

      I love how happy she was in this episode! It’s so hard to watch her fail over and over again and just not have fun with it.

    11. kaylalove246 mrs

      I wanna see her do funyuns nexttt

    12. Aja Cameron

      "Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Hi-Chew"

    13. beef

      ok but i think this is the most wholesome episode to date ... i cant tell you how many times i went "aw ):"

    14. Emily Maragni

      can claire make mallomars???????

    15. maria isis

      Raffaello !

    16. Simon Chester

      Claire is maximum radness.

    17. Naomi Alex

      Is that foam sanitary....?

    18. Alexandra M.

      Claire: I don't think people are going to like this. People: DO IT!!!

    19. Kim Stuart

      Idk if someone has said this here not finished watching, but it's not pahkee it's pohkee like the word poke with ee at the end. Pokey would help saying it.

    20. Maria Williams

      Let’s just casually write down information with a pocky 🤣

    21. Bernice Tam

      The more gourmet videos Claire is featured in, the more white hairs she’s getting.

    22. krireshin

      Make Totino's party pizza or pizza rolls pleeeeaaaassseeee!!!

    23. Erin Hand

      You should make airheads

    24. Derrick Chambers

      You should try to make bugles! The #1 Hand Hat!

    25. Helena Konstantelos

      Please make cheetos

    26. anuni

      what is this new place 8:04

    27. Metzli

      I thought Claire was going to have another meltdown because of TeMpErInG cHoCoLaTe but she just skipped and cheated xD

    28. larryisr 91

      do lemonheads please

    29. Sharon Goldman

      Please do Nerds candy! Would love to see a gourmet twist on them! :)

    30. Jessica Raine

      Pocky is already gormet... Prove me wrong!

    31. verakylie


    32. marixsa santos

      her hair its naturally made omg love it :D future goal

    33. Creed Bratton

      Make tic tacs

    34. takaa e

      they all have amazing skin

    35. Mikki Leon

      I’ve Never Heard Of These Either. Maybe It’s only Big in certain parts of The Country 🤷🏽‍♀️

    36. cassie phillips

      Why do they always have so many of the items they're trying to make? Like do they use them afterwards?

    37. Audra Gardei

      you should make wafer cookies (Voortman is the leading Brand name I think)! Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla. Make them better and not sugar free!

    38. dragonmudd

      Vodka, HAHAHA!

    39. Hiram M.

      Polly rice and only 8

    40. Minji Gim


    41. Robin Harris

      It would be awesome to see you guys do nutter butters or reeses pieces!!

    42. KG_FootLettuce

      I recently started jumpcut academy with kong and i have started a course to help me start a youtube channel cause mines not working out. And on one of the worksheets he reccomended i watch some of your videos, and after watching a few and looking at your channel. i really like it and i realized that you are the youtuber i keep getting reccomended to watch. im glad i did. im really liking your videos keep up the hard work!!

    43. Grace

      Seeing them all lined up on a pan at the beginning is so visually satisfying

    44. Marek Tóth

      Brat and Rusty Clanton look alike so much!!

    45. Ysta Calden

      I wanted you to do Pocky! So happy!



    47. Marinda Hender

      god bless gaby

    48. Valdemar Hammer

      Make Gourmet Nerds 🤓🍬

    49. Laura N. Ortiz

      Try making Pandas!!!!

    50. unsponsored skater

      pocky ain’t even that good

    51. Paul Hernandez

      She's so hot

    52. No other Like my own skin

      Hostess Cup Cakes Gourmet Style

    53. allyse johnson

      Takis takis takis

    54. Jordyn Goldklank

      Love this show and I love each of the wonderful chefs, but the amount of times I hear Claire say "or I'm going to KILL myself" or make light of that idea in references to baking is very distracting and kind of insensitive. Same with Molly who literally said it at the end too.

    55. Chloe Kau

      she looks 40 and 15 at the same time or is that just me?

    56. Paine Gnash

      Yawns are contagious as your brain, upon seeing another yawn, concludes there are low oxygen levels and draws more in quickly. Or at least that's the running theory next signaling to others biological changes such as your brain needing to cool down.

    57. andletstalk

      “WHERE (slight pause) HAVE YOU BEEN?” Gabys reaction in the beginning was absolutely everything.

    58. Katsuki Bakugo

      Dough is to up tight... better give it some vodka so it can loosen up

    59. Sandra Abbott

      You know Claire is proud of herself when she goes upstairs for taste testing 😊

    60. Josie Howe

      Please do Lindor Chocolate!!

    61. Ruby Coalier

      You should do sun chips

    62. Emma Livesley-James

      Also now that people used Chris's words to annoy her (had to temper chocolate) he's become her biggest supporter and it's so sweet

    63. Emma Livesley-James

      The "what are you doing Claire?" *long pause* "I don't know." was an freakin Mood

    64. Myka Loveslife

      Make a pop tart

    65. Kayla Newbill

      The matcha chocolate looks like pea baby food color.

    66. Gerythion Argarys

      No idea what these are, but maybe that's just cuz I'm from middle of nowhere Canada.

    67. Kris Martin

      I’m sorry but I’m only 7 minutes in and I’m really mad that she didn’t even try the banana pocky which we all know is truly the greatest flavor (that can be easily found at least since apparently there are more versions)

    68. Warda's Kitchenette

      Make lays if u haven't already

    69. Warda's Kitchenette

      Can Claire make dewberry cookies

    70. Woot Neorage-X

      I love her witch hair :)