PART TWO: We Address Tamar’s Comments on “The Wendy Williams Show”

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    We keep it real.

    Published on Month ago


    1. Saimazing Life

      Adrlienne’s 3LW is coming out here lol #AllForOne

    2. Tenisa White

      But the way loni said “and I didn’t do it”! My heart fell out of my chest😭. Her and Tamar really had a friendship and this really seems to be affecting her! My heart hurts.

    3. Bria Barrows

      Girl bye the show is not dry without Tamar. Not with that nasty energy she has. There is peace on this show now

    4. I D

      Tamera is so well spoken. She’s a good person, too.

    5. Paola Cuevas

      0:45 if Adrienne hadn't helped I'd be a little lost as to where Tamira was heading. Some true colors coming through in this clip. 👏Jeannie, super chill about the right topics.

    6. Keita Foxy

      And also the truth is more often than not, all this “SISTERHOOD” only goes so far. This is a job, these girls are all good with each other because their bread is not being threatened. It’s easy to say “what you would do if it happened to you”, until you are the outcast you believe everyone has your back. But this life and we’re all in it for self-interest.

    7. Sylvia Camp

      They are so full of it.......they got their stories together!

    8. s s

      Loni reminds me of a friend of mine who is a pathological liar, she seems like she was behind the firing of tamar, maybe Jeanine and tamera are innocent, but adrienne is such a sheep to impress her boss ,she probs tried to impress loni like she did in 3Lw and got that girl fired.

      1. Sandra B

        So what if Loni did get her fired?!?! It's been 3 years, Tamar needs to move on. For real, she needs to be worrying about healing from her abusive childhood, marriage, and the fact that she doesn't take her meds for her bipolar disorder.

    9. Element 115

      Nobody gets you fired , you get yourself fired.

    10. SamAsm

      Show business. I wish they hadn't split it into two parts. This part is better.

    11. lexis Sees

      Obviously Jeanie is apart of why Tamar has been fired.. I expected Jeanie to say something like "Yes Tamar has been rude to me-" (Everyone saw that) "but i would never go behind her back and say something to get her fired".. But she didnt say that she stayed quiet in guilt of knowing the truth. I get her silence, she just doesnt want to be targeted in any way.

      1. lexis Sees

        Myronn Coleman geez okay i understand you - you commented 3 times to me

      2. Myronn Coleman

        lexis Sees ever thought she stayed quiet because it’s like beating a dead horse... whether she said something or not people would still find her guilty

    12. Jasmin Ajayi

      Personally I stopped watching the real after tamar left and I do believe that they didn't like tamar and got her fired tbh.

    13. MrS98VAC

      It's funny how whenever the discussion is about Tamar, it's always Loni talking the loudest & the most!

    14. nicole idk

      y’all are such classy women

    15. Mary Hale

      The show is better without Tamar. Tamar was way over the top. I like the show without her!

    16. Sherry Craft

      Jeanie’s body language and her silence...

    17. Chosen Destiny

      Did NOBODY notice Jeannie!????!!??

    18. gcboy16

      Y’all sound petty af

    19. Nani Mar

      I love you Adrian but girl, that nose contour needs to be blended...😬

    20. Mrs. FancyFitz

      Wow they’ve been on this show has been on air for 7 years?! I’ve probably only seen one full show 😂😂

    21. Malik Davis

      These girls are all lying..... You can tell when people be lying because the first thing they do is bring their God in it!!

      1. Myronn Coleman

        Malik Davis or they could be telling the truth... the narrative of “ The hosts didn’t get a long “ was a narrative the blogs came up with and eventually enable for that to no longer be a thing about hosts not getting along the EP decided to fire her... When Tamar was on that’s all u heard about the show since season 1.... Hosts vs Tamar , Tamar vs ... , hosts plan to fire Tamar... they do not have power

    22. Tashana Wright


    23. Reva Diva

      I just can’t without Tamar . Bye y’all

      1. Myronn Coleman

        lexis Sees it’s just business... people get fired and things happen with contracts... Vince was Tamar’s manager... mind you s year later on her reality show it’s been to her knowledge that Vince has not been as good of a manager as he made it seem... he could’ve been the one to tell her they got her fired ... considering he was randomly given a co EP credit...I’m sure he knew she was going to be let go

      2. lexis Sees

        I know right! The energy is not as crazy & funny. I just wish they gave Tamar a heads up so she have a chance to change for the better of the show

    24. joy mwansa

      Well I think Tamar should stop blaming others or mentioning others for her downfalls... Rather build herself, I strongly agree with Adrienne .... Love you all !!

    25. Samantha Shelby

      You can’t ask someone to leave a job. Is Tamar gonna pay their bills?

    26. Revelation 20:7-15

      Everyone speaks of the true living GOD, but surely isn’t of HIM.

    27. Big Los

      Tamar has no talent at all

    28. ThePltsweet

      Jeannie ia a whole mood. She ain't feeling it at all. IMO, someone did definitely have Tamar fired. But it wasn't the girls. With her obnoxious and outrageous attitude, i'm sure she must have offended a lot of people if not everyone at the show.

      1. ThePltsweet

        @lexis Sees Lets face it. I like Tamar, but she's extremely obnoxious even on the Braxton Family Values. Jeannie can't be the only one she offended.

      2. lexis Sees

        Myronn Coleman It does make sense. jeanie probably was close with one of the prod. and had a break down or something, and maybe one of them saw how hurt she was and wanted to get rid of tamar. but thats just something that came to my mind. Chill.

      3. Myronn Coleman

        lexis Sees tell on her for what ? They aren’t kids... the fans / audience were not well receptive of Tamar and her energy or attitude towards certain cast members whenever they did girl chat... I’m sure the higher ups see stuff like that and put it into account just in case they have actual reasons to fire anybody... the audience not feeling Tamar was one of them... apparently sponsors not wanting to be with the show because of Tamar is also one of the,... some guests who did not want to be on when Tamar was there is also one of them... so the ladies don’t have any thing to do with it... if they go year by year and contract by contract... why tf would they would be worried about firing somebody else , when their job is not guaranteed themselves ? That doesn’t make sense

      4. lexis Sees

        ThePltsweet Or maybe geanie was bothered and secretly told producers not expecting her to get fired.

    29. Jon Clark

      I’m over this whole entire conversation. Let it go already. I love Tamar but this show doesn’t work for her. Her personality it too big for a group forum. I think everything happened was for the best.

    30. Daron French

      The show was a lot better when Tamar was on it.

    31. Linda Adams Warren

      Tamar lol only if you knew bitch my underwear ain't your issue reset

    32. b mar94

      This new group picture is amazing. So proud of them and this show

    33. Princess95369

      Jeannie seemed like she had a problem with Tay and she is quiet now. Maybe she went behind everyone's back and got her fired

    34. Cyndy L

      Why don't you all stop talking about Tamar and ASK THE PRODUCERS why you all were not notified. You are all going around in circles. GET A PRODUCER ON THE SHOW TO ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, NOT TAMAR.

    35. HAZAARD1976

      They STILL talking about Tamar??? Damn.

    36. Johnny Fuentes Bruno III

      THIS IS STUPID LET IT GO! Tamar U NEED 2 CHANGE ! Stop with all this drama before U loose a great group of friends! I don't know her personally but from what I have seen being outside the box watching her interviews to her talk about these men who have used her and seeing her on Wendy ,Tamar is the one to blame. She is letting all these negative nasty people fill her head with lies and would rather blame someone else for her problems instead of confronting them and is pushing everyone who was there for her away and filling her life with temporary flings and easy people that use her. IT is obvious these ladies are not lying and are willing to confront her and want to be there for her! SO She gotta let it go! So what? Business is business that doesn't mean that these ladies can't be apart of your life and be there for you. Keep it professional and don't take it personal u still have your success.

    37. Chris Torres

      I hate when tamar gets to talking lol

    38. Tiffany912585

      I believe Tamera and Tamar has enough clout to get her own talk stage

    39. Nino Anthony

      "I hate drama"... bitch you lying. The whole show is based... nvm

    40. Nino Anthony

      This show is kinda stupid... now that Tamar is gone... its 50% less stupid... or, only half as stupid...

    41. Nino Anthony

      I hate when people say "why would I do that" bitch, I dont know? Lol

    42. Kiawa Oakley

      Tamer needs to go on a SPIRITUAL RETREAT to find herself n GET CLOSER TO GOD. TAMER LET GO N LET GOD

    43. Step Watkins

      jeanni was quiet Cu she knew wat was going on! think about it she was always mean to jeanni if we seen it then higher up seen it I really think that's why she was quiet cuz she probably complain or was gon quit they rather lose tamar then jeanni

    44. Cristal Avila

      Everybody blaming Wendy for being shady but they never addressed this correctly and honestly.

    45. Sharah Yasharahla

      now we know most people dislike tamar..not good ..but sad.

    46. Hollie Watson

      Honestly couldn’t really watch The Real while she was on. I couldn’t get with her voice. I watch it now

    47. G Loves Quotes

      I'm happy Tamar is no longer on the show. She was just too much. I stopped watching The Braxtons because she was so dam annoying. Do your thing ladies, I believe you had nothing to do with her being let go.

    48. Em Gaddy

      It’s unfortunate when strife and corporate maneuvers comes into relations and tear them down. But the fastest way to kill any beast is to stop feeding it. Stop feeding it with commentary, sly comments, innuendos or any kind and valuable time. The more explanation given the more fuel gets put on the fire....also when situations of terminations occur...only speak for yourself...not for the entire collective group...

    49. YaShara Lynch

      Tamar was the HEART of the show. I love the other ladies, but Tamar was awesome! We all know it was Vince's fault she was let go! As for all of the ignorant comments of her being toxic and drama and a mean girl. Please GROW UP?! You obviously can't separate what you see on the "reality" TV from real life! It's a fact shows are edited to create false characters and drama....She was NEVER mean on the show. ALWAYS loving and supportive. She's allowed to voice an opinion passionately, that doesn't mean she's drama filled🙄 their jobs are to give an opinion and being real! Baby bye!

    50. K. Domingue

      THE REAL are Dragabots heshe's who have a gossip show Tamar is a dragabot as well..... Transformers more than meets the👁️ Transformers Dragabots in disguise.....

    51. cindy o

      Tamara is so lady like.

    52. Innocentia Williams

      All of this is so silly, you all look and sound silly. Can't your producers tell the viewers the real story. So annoying.

    53. Deja Smith

      They all lying. Especially loni. They keep bringing her up for clout!

    54. Mario Jones

      Jeanie did it

    55. Athni Bisri

      Tamar has problem with her own shadow let alone with The Real

    56. Lenhle Vilakati

      I don't think this is the show 4 me anymore because I know there is something deeper that they will not say I am not saying they are at fault but honesty is not what was displayed on that table.

    57. Erdine Casseus

      Really it's been 15 years Let It Go

    58. emanuel serrano

      They are NOT trying to give Tamar her moment. Jajaja. Can we leave it here because we're not ganna let this take over the show. Yesss. Lol. Tamar needs to seriously get over it already.

    59. Laticha Scott

      HR don't tell you when their going to fire someone.

    60. Hlengiwe Mngadi

      She's blaming everyone but Vince...

    61. caribbeanprincezz08

      I believe Tamar needs some serious healing.. as a lot of us do

    62. Indi Genius

      Loni fat ass is lying

    63. M T33

      Tamar wanted to be the bully and the victim. It doesn’t work that way. Pick a side! She picked the victim side. But now the girls are speaking their truth, and Tamar’s character has been revealed. To blame something on someone that they had no control over reminds me of girls I knew in high school. Tamar kept it real, but she was too immature. She could’ve been on a show based around more drama



    65. David Edmond

      The cast of Friends made a pact that if one goes we all go.... Just saying, they were on for 10 seasons with no personnel changes and they all got the same raises at the same time!!!!

      1. David Edmond

        Actually it's a proven fact that they went into the first season with this pact so they actually had no pull at all. They still had to prove themselves as a sitcom. I just think the media loves putting us against each other and unfortunately this show played right into that narrative.

      2. Tone Mcneely

        David Edmond Friends was a white cast with more advantages and pull.... take that into consideration

    66. WOLDU MAN

      I believe them. Tamar fights with everyone. Shes a drama queen qnd always plays victim. However, iwould rather see her on the show instead of adrienne... she's loud and annoying.

    67. Kagendo Kungu

      This is why I love this show, these ladies keep it REAL 24/7❤️

    68. Lakita Bostick

      Y’all should come for Wendy and not Tamar lmal

    69. Andrea Hischak

      I’m glad Tamar left. She was annoying AF

    70. maria nieves

      Tamar was the problem and the got rid of the problem!