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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Ethan Boyapati

      Love the Sasuke haircut

    2. iDk Ghøst

      help me my brother is spoiled

    3. OilyButterAnimationz

      Milk then cereal

    4. Robert Daniel Curtis

      4:10 Apparently this is how Louis Rossman's dad raised him.

    5. Lilac Lycanvic

      “This doesn’t mean you can do whatever the *hello* you want” New replacement word XD

    6. jesslyn

      me: “mom I have a cold” mom: *its the damn phone..*

    7. Your Local Potato :D

      When I was a smaller child I’d have family members and such always complaining that me and my brother were too good. Like, wtf?? Do you want us to run around the frikkin store shoving candy down our throats while no one was looking?

    8. Rania Tlili

      I sometimes forget that I don't owe my parents for creating me. thank you for reminding me that I'm not mean for feeling the way I do.

    9. Debz Baumaus

      I'm the adult of those so-called "child" parents... -_-" The psychologist told me to distamce myself from them.

    10. Hugo Arteaga

      Do is one of the wisest people I know

    11. Ben Nguyen

      PE teacher: YOU GUYS NEVER BE QUIET Me: *being quiet the whole time*

    12. TheColorOfUranus 21

      I wasn't taught that cereal goes before milk. I did milk then cereal for like 10 years 😐

    13. Elbarto Loco

      When I told kids how old my parents wear they where always surprised how old they where. they were that old because they didn’t want to be unready to have children

    14. Daniel fortnite

      I know dominic

    15. Phoebe Rogers Sherwood

      I can't do any sport outside of school because my parents are divorced and dad won't help my mum pay for me to do any clubs and I get picked on a lot for this by people who are suppose to be my friends and even if I explain they just this im making up excuses. This hit close to home

    16. The Undying

      “Cereal first, then milk” That’s an automatic like from me

    17. Just Anya

      {\___/} ( • ∆ •) / >🍰

    18. Grell GR

      Dom I love you're video's keep up the good work 💓😂. There is one thing I would just like to put out there and that is I grew up with an Asian dad and Mexican mom and every time I would act up I would get hit and not only did I learn to become a better person but also to not throw a fit at the age of 2. I'm not throwing shade or anthing just wanna throw my side in their. Keep it ur amazing. :)

      1. Grell GR

        Sorry I ment keep it up* lol

    19. Ayo's Vlogz

      You dont love your children if you dont discipline them. Parents who dont discipline do it because they cant be bothered. If you didnt want your children to turn into rats then you should show them what's right and wrong. It's easier to sit there and watch them go crazy then to tell them to stop. Put some effort into you parenting and start young, 8 is too old to start setting. Boundaries.

    20. slytherin shadow

      What if your adopted ...

    21. let's be honest

      My mom does it

    22. nibbs 2 eat

      My mom’s way of winning a argument is, u like ur Xbox right? Me:oof

    23. Andrew Walker Jr.

      6:29 ._.

    24. Rachel Rachel

      3:36 captions

    25. Orial CompleX

      There is know way this happened so my mom called me so I stand up from my bed and next thing I heared 1:38

    26. 쀵쀵귀염이

      3:34 Every old generation Asian Parent teaching ever x__x.................

    27. Genkin


    28. My existence itself is a lie

      I want a baby

    29. Puffinef

      Will you neglect me? {\___/} ( • . •) / >❤️

    30. Kayla Blue

      Around my neighbouring school, parents let their 3 AND 5 YEAR OLD KIDS play NEXT TO THE ROAD! and let me tell you, People do *not* drive at the speed limit around there!

    31. yunatrash

      the font that shows when samuel talks tho-

    32. JeffNotes

      Domics cantaloupes now available in the merch store!!!! =D

    33. Kennedy Grimes

      The bebe looks so stoopid...... *I lOvE iT*

    34. Soggy toast man678

      Loophole I'm adopted

    35. Eclipse Tora

      I live with my parents still along with my sister and her three children. What have I learn from living with three children, you may ask? After my six years of living with my nieces and nephew is that I hate [living with] children. I am never going to have kids.

    36. Embry Milo

      “You can’t just do whatever the HELLO you want!” Aw, thanks Dom. That was curse-free and adorable.

    37. Max London

      I want to be the parent that mine never was, I want to support their hobbies and support whatever path they have decided on. As well as give them the reasons as to why I am discouraging them for a certain behavior. I want to show them the empathy and affection mine did not. Of course, when they're a toddler, they'll be on a leash. You can't really trust a 3 year old not to run in front of a moving car, even though my parent kept me on a leash in public spaces from the ages of 3-6 I understand, because kids are a**holes.

    38. KDP Kitten Draws Pictures

      Keep zoure kids on a leash Me :my mom did that bc my brother was being rude and she put ME on a leash bc i was walking a little to far from her Yeah that makes sense

    39. Mcd Free


    40. Michael Davis

      Me:dang it's actually legal to put young children on a leash

    41. Duss Tuss

      Speech 100

    42. Ayelet Hashachar

      Dom: You're basically your parents. Me: Ahhhh that explains all my internalized homophobia and self-hatred.

    43. Felicity Edgington

      I love kids 😍💖

    44. CADEN 2023

      the airport one if my kid acts up and i say no stop like 15 times am i wrong if i take him to the bathroom and spank her

    45. Diego Unicahuin

      Maybe in us or european countries hit your children isnt normal but in my country all peaplo i know were hit its just diferrent

    46. Ryu Gaizer

      2:09 so cute

    47. stoopid bum nut

      and i’m over here mad at my parents because they forgot to put up the christmas tree one year

    48. Tangerine

      My mom keeps tabs on everything I owe her like it's my fault im born. Sorry for being your daughter and a human being that breathes and moves and goes to school. I literally be 10 and would get yelled at for being hungry or school supplies. Yeah I never joined afterschool activities

    49. Mike's stories uwu

      My mom tried a harness with me when I was like 2 It didn't work out to well-

    50. noobmaster69

      2:10 me when given the concept of living.

      1. Cedo

        Sad like.

    51. ZiTrio Gamez

      who else beat boxes to the Domics intro?

    52. Daisy Animations

      35: Every asian parent's thought

    53. Funkymonkey _

      2:20 Well then I guess I was raised WRONG!

    54. liamturbop

      Me: Mum, I pretty sure I broke my legs. Mum: Ugh, You’re fine, *just walk it off.*

    55. A person that is Here

      It shan’t happen again ooooh

    56. Lakshya Sharl18

      Parent: Argues with child. Child: properly argues and wins argument. Parent: How disrespectful

      1. FV N • 55 years ago

        Lakshya Sharl18 Not gonna happen with my Filipino mom.

    57. Z3R0 THE_number

      Tic tak eat crack

    58. Dan Mol

      Ok look I'm not interested in having kids nope nope nope it will never happen ever in my life I have my parents it was there choosing but mine is not the same

    59. AsianXOptix

      You should tell my parents that, they’ll still kick my ass if I do something wrong like my fucking test

    60. Potato XD

      Me: I GOT A 96 ON MY TEST!!! Grandma: u so stupid you could get 100- Me: just stop talking to a mirror

    61. Jacqueline Brannon

      0:45 My mom kept account all of the stuff I broke of hers when I was a child, and now made me pay her back 😂😂 But aye, it taught me to respect other’s property

    62. SlightlyTaintedMiwk YT

      2:50 take a LONG, HARD look!

    63. Said Gameing000

      James Charles had a baby with you like to dump james and give the baby to foster care

    64. the gacha lama

      My mum used to smack me when I did somthing bad, so I used to smack people when they pissed me off

    65. fisty baby


    66. DPWFG

      "As parents, you can't really have the mind set that your kids owe you" Can you tell my dad this please? Edit: I was put on a leash once when I was two... Got down on all fours and started barking like a dog in the middle of the mall. My Poppy refused to take me out into public after that... He also fed me butter

    67. Night Wolf

      I have to mix my milk with chocolate powder becose pre mixed milk has less uses, so I put my milk in first and mix it in the bowl instead of getting a separate container. Is that reasonable!?

    68. _Hailey해일리

      I learned a very valuable lesson

      1. _Hailey해일리

        Could you translate this is korean so i can tell my mom about the part where your characterism is passed down to me xD

    69. Dead Head

      My favorite line is “the cereal 🥣 then the milk 🥛 “