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    Published on 10 days ago


    1. zoe madness

      Its milk before cerial .

    2. Joao Cunha

      Why is no one commenting about the way he makes his cereal

    3. Yuen MWJH

      Well No one cares but I thank my parents for raising me correctly

    4. SmittieProductions

      Is his intro the pornhub sound effect?😂

    5. Trix - BunnyLove

      Look, look look. *Did anyone else notice that the Cereal is called Owo's* Good Dom. Good Dom.

    6. Lee Lightman

      *Domes is gonna be a great parent....i can tell*.

    7. the sour cookie

      I want a kid some day

    8. Gary Feng

      He just speaks straight facts in every video

    9. MahHeart MahSoul

      I once read a tweet which said: DAD: How old are you? ME: 15 DAD: When I was your age I was 16.....

    10. Quin Lacroix

      Where’s our next video

    11. SharkRBX


    12. Iceking Animation

      My mom was never nice to me When I was 8 and my brother was 10 my mom just felt the house and she left her here 8 month year old baby at her house with only with a 8 and 10 year old kids. I mostly did everything my brother did nothing. 2 years go by and my little brother is 1 and I am 10:and my brother is 12. It’s got worse. I actually did everything now I made the bottle I cleaned him a watched him and I didn’t even get paid. Every time I did something wrong my mom would slap me and never let me eat.(I secretly stole noodles so I can eat)My brother does nothing all he does is he plays on his games. I don’t have time to play. I started cutting my self and lucky I stoped for at least 3 months.also I never get anything and my brother who doesn’t do sh** get everything.I wish I could of got blessed with a good family. And I’m nothing like my family I and the nice one and quite one And my family is loud mean hurtful.I’m also always sad idk why 😞😞😞😞😞

    13. Wren Audy

      4:35 necc

    14. Aidan Ilagan

      You have had the same intro for 6 years

    15. Dominika Windak

      I once saw two girls playing on the swings. Out of nowhere a 3yo just waddles behind the girls (who knew nothing about it) and he gets smacked in the head and thrown to the ground. FiNAlLY the Karen mother comes and shreeks at the two girls. And I was bamboozled. Gobsmacked. She neglected her brat and then tried to push the responsibility on two girls.

    16. Campbell Harris

      My mum used to have one of those child backpack harness things. Tried it on older my brother and he just sat down and wanted to be dragged everywhere, tried it on me and I made my attempt to see how far I could stretch the elastic cord. Nice.

    17. jaidio lacerona


    18. jaidio lacerona


    19. RedSpoiler24 :D

      Hi mr pangabob

    20. Duplicate It

      If You See This! . . . . You are lucky, Because you got to have technology! Bless to your Parent

      1. Insanity _88_


    21. Kraven Dee

      Download Mobile Legends Bang bang it's pretty fun

    22. Xx_Sh3rkLovmi_666 _xX_

      hey domics i see in real life u so ugly pls change ur face in animation add more uglier hehehehehe Keep it up dom dumb :)

      1. Xx_Sh3rkLovmi_666 _xX_

        btw im not a hater

    23. oiero is toadsar

      Domics, why do you have a sibling complex XD.

    24. ಠ_ಠ wassup_bRo

      And that's why Goku has Chichi

    25. TAZELONE

      Me:Scrolling through subscriptions Dominic on the bottom:Hey u kid look here Me:WHAT?!? WHAT DID I MISS

      1. Trix - BunnyLove


    26. DarkStarLegit25

      Did your mom say thank you after watching this

    27. GTLive Fanart

      I don’t wanna have kids because I am a female, therefore, I’d have a fucking miserable time.

    28. Pancakes

      (Some)US-newrs:Subscribe like and comment Me:i havent seen your videos yet so i can't subscribe or like and what am i gonna comment about Mom:Must be those videos damaging your brain

    29. Ceraphine Hicenths

      Lol the Mom on the thumbnail has one black hand and one white hand

    30. Madison Kelly

      I do love watching my siblings fight with my parents

    31. Plumbob Dragon

      Me: Mum, I think my friend might be anorexic. Dad: does she have Instagram? Me: Yes... Parents: (exchanging knowing looks) that explains a lot. (This actually happened)

    32. Abdullah Naeem

      Dom, are you having a child?

    33. Fanshi

      *Has own opinion* Parents:"Wait that's illegal"

    34. Søuth park is my lief ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 購読または誘拐される

      Holy shit, i was exepcting parents complainig about shit kids or kids with good parents, now i red like 5 comnents about how they hate their parents...

    35. Windz _YT2

      Kid: i eat wall Parent: REEEEEEEE

    36. G4rix_

      I Watch the Italian version of your video but the original video Is so cool too

    37. hey you

      My Parents always blame my phone/ps4 for everything.

    38. dannyeet animation

      4:34-4:36 rushlight invader 2.0????????

    39. Kythra Kel

      Me: *speaks* Mom: *ignores me* Me: *speaks a little bit louder* Mom: *continues to ignore me* Me: *almost screaming* MOM WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME?? Mom: Stop screaming! I'm right next to you, I can hear you. Me: *whispering* But do you?

    40. KY23I

      I dont even know what Dom talks about nowadays

    41. Sheldy Lee

      " person arguing the same person" THANK GOD IM NOT ALONE ON THIS ONE HAHAHA

    42. ataerareta

      Please make a video about your comment of the Amazon forest fire, please. Thank you very much.

    43. George Longley

      good video, great animation and drawings, just shared this with my dad! Thank you.

    44. Starzella


    45. Am0

      Omg Nala it's so cute That being said, I share your thoughts on parenting, but my father some times ago made me think how stressed would be some parents of screaming children. I'm not saying that if you're son is running wild in a market they don't have to stop him, but sometimes when you hear a child continously complaining and seeking for attention the parent already tried anything to shut him and decided to just let him be to show him how useless is to behave like that. From when my father made me realize this, I've been much more tolerant with screaming kids and especially I understood why my parents didn't bother about them either


      Dom Ur chubby

    47. Wilmot C

      Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Parenting I think you still love me, but we can’t escape the fact that I’m not enough for you. I knew this was going to happen. So I’m not blaming you for falling in love with another woman. I’m not angry, either. I should be, but I’m not. I just feel pain. A lot of pain. I thought I could imagine how much this would hurt, but I was wrong. It's really a wonder that I haven't dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.

    48. Taylor Swomp

      It's honestly hilarious how many people are downright _angry_ that I pour my milk before my cereal, and only a little bit of cereal- more is added after I finish that bit. Y'all have fun with your gross soggy cereal while mine will be crispy the entire way through.

    49. Someone Is here

      ( I wuz 12)On my moms birthday I told her to I would give her what she wanted I expected her to say for our family to be happy but she said a children’s manual...

    50. hekili1


    51. Graham Fraser

      Would have gone. Is their an email sub or this walk?

    52. Fox trot

      So don't be ENTITLED

    53. sean neyers

      I dare you to sing the Philippine national anthem

    54. Tanis Roe

      My sister was 16 when she gave birth to my nefew and she doesn't care for him and his father is a criminal who doesn't care so she is losing her rights and this video wouldn't even help her one bit

      1. sean neyers

        how old are you? you and your nephew wont be too far in age, that would be weird

    55. the gamer

      2:22 milk then serel

    56. Adan Chavez

      I remember when he was under one million

    57. Yuuki Naomi

      I always do *milk* then *cereal* ⊙_⊙

    58. DARKZ Animations.

      Oh wow those captions are funny, I wonder who made them, he might be awesome. :)

    59. loops 27

      Make this blue if you love domics too | | | \/

    60. Sandra McBride

      I have a story related to this but it’s for grand parents I was at the movies and the grammas granddaughter kept talking and then watch a video in the middle of the movie and the theater was open and they sat right behind me

    61. kit jamisola

      yeah! those parents whos favourite line is " MGA WALANG UTANG NA LOOB!"

      1. sean neyers

        My reply: "Di nman ako nagsabing ipanganak mo q ahh"

    62. ethan young

      yes sir mr.domics

    63. toxic pro3219

      I haven't been getting notifications for the last couple months don't know why

    64. Claudia garcia

      6:30 literally me when i go shopping

    65. uchthekidd

      wwho else wus eating ceareal when watching this lol like of u were

    66. Merp Lord

      Back to school #2?

    67. Tito

      I rather avoid all this bullshit with kids, good thing I'm gay lmfao.

    68. EXoTicZ Army

      Notice how Dom is not a parent, but better than 75% of them. Including mine.

      1. sean neyers

        Ohh no, ur account was hacked by ur parent. Reads your comment Son!!! What is this?

    69. Nejc Sušnik

      2.20 is it usualy cereal first then milk? I do it the other way around