IMPROVING Cheap Paintings - 10 Minute Power Hour

The Grumps

The Grumps

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    Arin and Dan give Thomas Kinkade a run for his money. Painter of Light move over, it's Grump time now!
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Astro Wolvez

      I'm suprised there isn't comments saying how disrespectful, because there's always angry comments no matter what they do.

    2. The Pickle Of Destiny

      Oh my god THANK YOU ARIN! I missed Matt and Ryan from when they were with Mark.i don't know why they stopped working with him and started working with y'all.arr they still working with y'all,idk but I'm just so happy I can see their faces again.shit I haven't seen them since Cyndago,rest in peace Daniel.i wish his folks and everyone here the best.

    3. Fight the fairies. YOU FIGHT THOSE FAIRIES!

      Imagine seeing one of your paintings in this video lmao

    4. LilMissMatches

      The first painting is just the plot of Death Stranding

    5. Bella Dolphin


    6. Videl Phoenix

      Bro. Hooded Danny. Omfg. Then he took it off and hair went wild. That lil scratchy thing he did, I do that. XD

    7. Nino Powers

      Arin is like the hyperactive 7 year old child and Dan is like the dad that wished he never had kids in that intro

    8. ᴍɪʏᴜᴋɪ ᴅᴀɪᴅᴏ 『ʙɴʜᴀ ᴏᴄ』

      The first painting that came onto screen, is actually hanging in my bathroom- I'm not even kidding-

    9. QT-J/ME

      This has one of my favorite intro skits.

    10. Tony Jackson

      I like how Danny mocks the large hat at first, then steals the joke enthusiastically.

    11. Abyssal Forge

      If that first painting isnt up for a charity auction or something im gonna be really disappointed. I need that work of art

    12. Blaine Elmore

      9:37 Death Stranding

    13. The- potato-warrior

      3:36 Jew attacks Mexican. Illuminate confirmed

    14. Crashtrash Kei

      Remember the EatAlamo

    15. Twigpalm -

      They did so good, I'm so proud of them

    16. Reaper76 Forever!


    17. Anthony Lampo

      Did that Lunatic drink his own piss!!

    18. Andrew Sol

      The landgels vs. The airgels

    19. Tknight

      The Game Grumps predicted Death Stranding with the first picture

    20. Blake RB


    21. Konniptionz

      On the surface he looks calm and ready in his jacket pocket he has MOM'S SPAGHETTI

    22. Double Queen

      What I learned about this video: everything needs a hat.

    23. SweetieGuySans

      Dan sexually saying my mothers name is not something I enjoy

    24. Grilled Cheese

      please send me these paintings, i will pay shipping

    25. Hydnellum Peckii

      my poor fellow Doug’s must revolt

    26. aazhie


    27. ShakedownDreams

      Are we glossing over the fact that Arin pissed in a cup and them drank some of the piss or no?

      1. Double Queen

        Its Monster Energy

    28. Jesse Kinne

      ... I actually didn't know this was a different Chantal... *Subscribe

    29. CJ Kenney

      MSG stands for Mighty Sood Goup

    30. Real_Pat_FTW

      I’m talkin to you doug. Jesus

    31. Dat Dood

      and in the end.. Dan became the hat for the hat on the painting.

    32. huba duba Bradley

      Dan that's not a Stegosaurus horse that's a Stego-Hor-is

    33. Meme Warrior

      The rumor come out does Arin is work at subway?

    34. Carpet Cheeto

      Maybe the real hats were the friends we made along thebway.

    35. SilverMoon Light

      Can I please have the first painting 😂

    36. Penguinssss

      1st pic is their version of Death Stranding

    37. Penguinssss

      Anyone know where to buy that pizza sweatshirt? I need it. It will keep my Bob Ross shirt nice and warm.

    38. Skyler High

      Wow.... are you going to sell these repaintings?

    39. Albert Escobedo

      If I was their producer I would have an aneurism every time we filmed lol also Arby's plz sponsor

    40. Brianna White

      13:36 Dan and Arin Just look at Tucker for approval like innocent little kids 😂

    41. Persephone Tenorio

      This is only the third video I watched from this channel/series and though I thought I knew the oddities of Dan and Arin already, this episode's editing and overall humor through me off hardcore.... I F*cking love it ! 😂

    42. Cassidy Flores

      literally at work, at subway, the store is dead, so I open US-new. this is the video I picked. Arins first words are 'so I work at subway' omfg

    43. Penny Williams

      Global warming: exists Dan and Arin: that's gonna require a HUGE hat

    44. Christy Thibodeaux

      Who said Arby's slogan was "We have the meats"? No! It's "Eat Fresh!"

    45. ShifterInTheShadows

      2:06 "I don't know, but thank you Melissa... No thanks to you Doug! What did you ever do?" As somebody who has a useless boss named Doug, this resonated with me more than it should have.

    46. Classix

      "No thanks to you, Doug!" My brain: 'It's the middle of the day when darkness falls on the city, it's the shadow of a giant cybernetic death kitty.'

    47. Lynnsey Evans

      Arin: **seahawk noise**

    48. Jester Vain

      I kinda wish I had photo shop, cus I just wanna make a creepy horse and dinosaur hybrid and hunt Dan's Twitter

    49. New Blood Gaming

      MSG Mighty Good Soup Ummmm.... I think you mean MGS

    50. Jonathan Falso

      The birds

    51. WiredCity517

      As an artist and lover of the mischief of the Grumps, this video simultaneously hurt me but also tickled me. Gettin' mixed signals, here.

    52. Corrupted Reality

      Can we talk about how Arin drank his own pee XDDD

    53. PwrMiner

      12:32 Hey I'm Dan I'm also Dan

    54. Jacob Benning

      and Arin looked upon his world, and said, "LET THERE BE ACID RAIN HATS"

    55. Naomi Kyanos

      Please do this again.

    56. LeWarriorStar

      Fun Fact. Carl Valente the guy who made the picture with the horse and stage coast. Lives in Southern California, ya'll should drop in on him and show him your masterpiece.

    57. Picky Path

      Wow this Mario Odyssey concept art is very strange

    58. Anthony Hernandez

      The first painting was basically meet the robinsons

    59. SepticSoldier13

      Its Big Hat Time

    60. dasten123

      Who had the idea for this episode? An eight-year-old?

    61. daveybx777

      msg=mighty good soup nice arin...

    62. yax itzy

      oh derp sub...tanks Arin

    63. Sara Clifford

      real talk where do i buy one of these

    64. Nimrod 24

      Plot twist the big seagull was actually really close

    65. Junior Jaminez

      ok but where can i buy a pizza shirt too?

    66. Casey Poteat

      I would hang those works of art in my house, right under the hat rack.

    67. Void

      oh god, please someone tell me where can I buy that pizza sweater that Dan is wearing :O

    68. Bunny Tsukino

      What is this Ryan’s toy review?!

    69. sabishii P

      That moment when you look up the artist and the art peices are at a minimum worth 30 bucks or more 😔