Full video here! us-new.com/online/video-QCKGp6G67Ok.html
TFIL's #OctoberOvernight Series Begins on Oct 17th
Video will be on MAIN channel! www.US-new.com/ecastee
(figured I would use this channel to post the trailer)

Published on 28 days ago


  1. TFIL - Films to Inspire Change

    Full video here! us-new.com/online/video-QCKGp6G67Ok.html

  2. CJay

    lowkey would like to be in this shit lmaoo im just like that nigga elton i need concrete evidence

  3. Camp Jerome Fan

    You guys should do the prank wars again

  4. gecko 1

    When yall going back to the whaley house hmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Jay Uchies

    When you gonna drop the video? We been waiting a week

  6. ViktorWolfFurry fun

    To those at tfil. If you are willing to come to Virginia I'd be happy to take you to a haunted cemetery. If you're able to message me back I can give you the details.

  7. MakaylaBtw

    Already watched the full vid it was so sketchy also love the vids keep up the good work ❤️

  8. innocent ghost

    Where is this at?

  9. Trisha Wininger

    Omg yesss love this

  10. Signy Gabrielle

    Elton gonna beat the shit outta someone

  11. Emma Zittritsch

    1:09 was blurred in the full video but not in the trailer. I mean it just shows what looks to be a picture of a guy?

  12. B Henderson

    Is that a person laying there at 1:10?

  13. Yoshikin s


  14. Shyla Smith

    Can't wait

  15. Aaliyah Bayley

    OMG!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU LOT ARE OK, I AM SCARED FOR YOU!!!! BTW if I was there and I saw a dead body I would have suggested that we would leave who else would be with me. PLUS I AM GLAD YOU DECIDED TO GET WEAPONS AND ALSO ARM YOURSELF GOOD ON YA!!!!

  16. mel seavey


  17. Gwyneth Escabusa


  18. Gwyneth Escabusa

    Came out right now plz

  19. Gracee Haass


  20. tylar Neprud

    Come on y'all arenkilling me...just like with sam and Colby

  21. z. camacho

    Damn, watching this trailer literally made my heart pound outta my chest. Whats more when the actual video is out!!! But im excited, i cant wait 😆😆

  22. Lexi Riingen

    Did no one else notice the shape of a person at 1:26 that’s in the right side of the screen that disappears after Corey looks

  23. Karalissa Ramsey

    this looks like something straight outta texas chainsaw massacre

  24. memueroJAJA


  25. Heaven Dragon Clan - HDC

    Please don't do a "Logan Paul". By filming that...

  26. Arianna Vargaa

    I'm never early anymore 😢😢

  27. Casandra Tudon


  28. Jolene Patterson

    I'm really hoping Elton is pranking them like he's done so many times

  29. Cheyanne Ferreira

    comin our on my birthday 🤩

  30. Mia P


  31. Zuzka Feriova

    Can't waitt!!

  32. _ HuffleProud _

    “There’s a dead body.” Well, I hope this doesn’t turn into a Logan Paul situation...

  33. Elena Vilela

    Where’s Colby and Sam?????

  34. Ben the bro 296

    Can't wait for the video! Hey I'm a small US-newr and I have a goal to get to 100 subs by the end of this year. I was wondering if you guys could check me out and maybe subscribe to me thank you so much!!!

  35. Siobhan Kewley

    is this another prank.......

  36. emily tawil

    when tfil turns into sam and colby

  37. Rebekah Shaw

    Now I really wanna see this video! Can't wait.

  38. Lindy Anthony

    Holy shit

  39. francesca Russell- Sandford

    Holy shit !!!

  40. Anthony J

    o sheet thats a dobble barrle

  41. AbBeiBei 526

    Don’t be a Logan Paul and show a dead body tho

  42. natalie young

    Post it now !!! I can’t wait to see it!! when they saw a dead body tho 😬

  43. Fern O'Neill

    anyone else shaking whilst watching this? 👇🏼

  44. bella

    holy shit elton!!

  45. Chloe Xwx

    Omg I’m hella excited , no words can explain that

  46. Marwa Mahmoud

    OMG I can't wait 😭

  47. Pretty.Odd.

    “Category: Comedy” ????

  48. cust_ cat

    Can't wait for it to come out!

  49. Nuclear Sprinkles

    Y’all really do some crazy shit u have to be careful when u do this Ik that your ok cuz this video is out but one day the video might not come out we love you guys just be prepared and know how to handle the situations love your videos keep doing what you love

  50. Bubo174

    You're releasing this on my birthday!!!

  51. Vito Kovalov

    Its a crear birthday present for me 😏

  52. Elle Em

    Cant wait!!

  53. •Mangle/Puppet •

    1:27 did anyone else see the PERSON beside Corey? And when he looked over, it was gone. 😣😖

  54. OOF-ER Gang

    Bruh this shit gonna be dope AF!

  55. Jersey Rodriguez

    Why Elton? Why? Lol

  56. Lucy Church

    Can't wait to see this.

  57. Maddy M


  58. Tinywolfgirl :p

    OMG I think I might die... right now... of a hard attack... AHHHHHHH

  59. lisa whittingham

    this looks awesome Elton cant wait

  60. Μαρία Πεϊνιρτζή

    How am I supposed to wait know until they release the full video????

  61. Nicole Nail


  62. Noor Nasser

    Now i understand why Elton tweeted saying this is the last video Andrea and Jay would do with tfil! If this was pre-recorded I hope they are okay and are slowly recovering.

  63. Vijaya Yegatella

    I’m so scared but excited to watch this!!!!!!!

  64. Baby-Boris221

    I can’t wait who’s ready 👇🏻

  65. Sophia Porter

    OMG j can't wait for this video come on

  66. Colby's Mine

    omgggg i cant waiitttt

  67. NiallHoranFan 06

    I swear to god while I watched this my leg started going numb... I need help

  68. Leasia Washington

    My Birthday is October 17 and this is coming out on my birthday yay yay yay yay

  69. craft and slime time

    Oh my God

  70. Holly Ø

    Umm.... a horror movie??