OVERNIGHT AT WATER PARK! (Security Catches Us)



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    TFIL takes on the challenge of staying overnight at a waterpark. Everything seems to be going well until security comes...
    This is video ONE of THIRTEEN from our TFIL Utah trip with Elton Castee, Andrea Russett, Corey Scherer, Sam Golbach & Colby Brock. We have some CRAZY videos in store so make sure to subscribe!
    Thank you to Splash Kingdom in Redlands CA for making this one possible! Check out the park if you're in the area!!!
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    Published on 3 months ago


    1. TFIL

      MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!! THIS IS VIDEO 1 OF 13 FROM OUR ROAD TRIP!!! 200,000 LIKES = Another Overnight Challenge Video! Comment where you would want to us to try & stay next!

      1. Rosie J

        Wut up uncle Elton nice vid

      2. Gymnastics Flamingo 57

        Six flags

      3. hope Constant

        I want to meet you guys

      4. omg yeet


    2. XxinsanexX

      They are breaking the number 1 rule at the water park NO running

    3. •《ĞÀBĔĻ》• •《ŤHÊ MÂĞÌÇÌÁN》•

      Corey: I'm CoLd Me: Bish dood tomarrows low is F*CKING 27 Reee

    4. victoria beck

      i wish i could have gone to splash kingdom with you guys, that's a good video idea to go somewhere cool with a fan. But seriously i really want to go on a fun trip with you guys anywhere almost anywhere in the world i with go with the whole group Sam, Colby, Corey, and of course you Elton. i would say Colby Brock is my number one favorite though.

    5. CrabbyTheCrabCrab

      1. Pause the video 2. Prepare yourself mentally 3. 8:10

    6. Rockstar_Paisley 101


    7. Noah Paiva

      andrea is hot no cap

    8. Brittney Benavidez

      I died laughing 😂

    9. Lapi dot

      coby's the fricking flash

    10. Bliss Eboma lucky

      And I oop-

    11. Jocelyn Hayes


    12. Jonathan Wilkins

      19:21 what are you doing to that poor camera?

    13. Ari Lok

      Who eles just sees his titty when he’s running 💀💀😂😂💀💀💀👣👣

    14. Bobbie Wnuk

      Is Colby and the girl dating

    15. Nathan Lepage

      You guys are the coolest ever!

    16. Rubie Rose

      You KNOW eltons scared when THE DEVIL comes out of him😂

    17. Tori Obrien

      Bro when they were finished the flipping sun was coming out

    18. Tori Obrien

      Sams nipples were so SMALL

      1. Tori Obrien


    19. Cheyanne Da bomb

      Pause at 26:57 it young Colby

    20. Cheyanne Da bomb

      15:03 mama this is we’re I die lol

    21. Tyty Beeks

      Elton is chubby, I love it

    22. Emmy K

      Then the cops see this 😵😂

    23. donovan mahler

      21:45 Elton looked like a sardine from spongebob

    24. Mariana_love Garcia

      Stay at burer king

    25. Rylie Bomkamp

      This is how many Ike’s they swallowed water ------| |

    26. Pat Brouillette

      Overnight in largest McDonalds in the world

    27. Jehramy

      I feel like Andrea and colby would be a great couple. Just please don't attack me, Fangirls

    28. Donna Mason

      At my house Colby

    29. SupersunnygirlXD Tomino

      Security: IM NOT BUILT FOR THIS Colby:keeps running...

    30. beat drop

      You should stay overnight at darien lake

    31. Xx Lucky Luna 13

      Stay in Walmart

    32. Tracey Simonson

      Andrea:"that shot urted"

    33. Tamie Harrison

      i love how andrea is like so i sprinted for nothing

    34. sandmarksillyness

      stay overnight at..... sixflags -w-

    35. The golden beast Joshua fb

      Andrea tho

    36. The golden beast Joshua fb

      Insane asilom

    37. Reese Wolf

      Water park dude: Hey! I’m nice! Sam: Well... not that nice DANGGGG SAMMMM

    38. Emily Farmer

      At 22:40 I saw Elton grab Sam's nipple is it just me who saw?

    39. BLaZE

      do over night at a strip club (This Is A Joke Comment)

    40. Denki Kaminari

      On The Fist Ride With Elton And Corey Has To Be Super Flipping Gay

    41. DENISE0002 ojeda

      Add me on Instagram @supreme.nathan00391

    42. Kitkatz Unruh

      Cop : GET ON DA GROUND! Colby: NAhHh Cop: NOW! Colby: ahHHhH

    43. Monica Iniguez

      IT looked like Sam was having a baby lil baby Colby

    44. Sheila Sanchez

      every time colby was running i got a close up of the nipple

    45. Found Love

      Elton: I'm ready. Corey: I'm ready. Worker: "You guys are heavy!"

    46. Emilly Kurth-Lepoidevin

      Them: nicely sliding down Me: so thats what the babys view of giving birth looks like

    47. Wells Faumuina

      U what i just notice that there 1 girls and 4 boys or 5

    48. Moonlight Gacha

      26:19 rip Elton’s hat 😂

    49. PuRe Frxnzy

      Whats that girls name

    50. Logan Wiginton


    51. Lord Animation

      On 33:51 it looks like eltons arm is part of colbys body

    52. ally

      34:00 #solby

    53. ally


    54. ally

      3:35 #solby

    55. ally

      3:21 #solby

    56. virn romolor

      Sam: Screaming in the slide shouting Elton: Grabbing Sam's nipples lol

    57. Sarah Ramirez

      Okay but i love how they all ran 😂😂

    58. Bastien Schweitzer

      33:46 that water is preeeetty Brown

    59. Rebekah Shaw

      Did anyone else notice how hapoy Colby was when Andrea grabbed his hand when they were on the slide?😏

    60. L B

      This is how many times Alton has rented a place but not told the boys. ⬇️

    61. Ange Ssel

      Corey and elton for life 😍 their chemistry is ughh!

    62. Ange Ssel

      Dang sam and colby reminds me of zack and cody

    63. youtube fan

      I laughed so hard the whole neighbor hood heard me that was so funny😂😂😂😂

    64. Janya barwick

      Why is it in that almost every video corey looks like a adorable little baby!? like OMGGGG

    65. Rachel Thompson

      The way they smile when they run is fucking hilarious

    66. My Boring Teenage Life

      I legit wanna be friends with them, this looks like soo much fun.

    67. Nathan Nazir

      Andrea is cute

    68. Marina Diaz

      34:59 wtf 😂😂😂 nice scripting Guys Thanks for the shipping content, Corey

    69. Emiliano

      2:15 and I oop

    70. The Two Horsemen

      Sam and Colby are bff