OVERNIGHT AT SUICIDE FOREST (Warning: Incredibly Scary)



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    OVERNIGHT AT SUICIDE FOREST (Warning: Incredibly Scary)

    Published on 2 years ago


    1. ItsieDoll

      Is that van abandoned? Lol it’s in every suicide forest video I’ve seen from US-newrs Also!!! Do you guys hear that 2:58 - 3:01 ?! Or is it just me??

    2. jeremy harms

      "You guys wanna see a dead body?" Lol

    3. Aaron Hrndz323

      This is the scariest fucken video on US-new y’all should be ina movie

    4. Samuel Walker

      Couldn't see anything their camera skills suck

    5. Tracey Shaw

      Absolute waste of time watching this

    6. Belinda Frazier

      When you walk over the bones did any of you hear those noises i would had flipped out then left..

    7. Michael Jacob

      Imagine you’re exploring the suicide forest and out of nowhere you see dead people surrounding your ass 💀 Shit I’ll act like if i was dead trying to act like them 😭

    8. Luis Peralta

      Camera man *we’re not leaving* stfu.

    9. ***smal lamp**


    10. Silas Scherer

      Augusto Rodriguez fuck that I heard ittttt

    11. Bob Miers

      Him: kids should never have too see that Logan Paul: hold my sushi

    12. kitten queen1009million

      I dont find this scary!!

    13. pissed off pistons

      Yo to kid that said they heard go home yea if you listen the volume is edited and turned there voices down its bullshit you people are so gullible such bs

    14. pissed off pistons

      Such bullshit...i have the same fucking wrist light and they have high beam low beam and strobe..hmmm my lights dimmer ok you put it on lol...omg my lights strobing ohh cause you put it on strobe...so fake not even close to real

    15. pissed off pistons

      Nice editing with the sound issues

    16. Stacy Coleman


    17. Anna Sartori

      While I was watching this my phone started to glitch and kept unsubscribing and playing different videos😓 I’m freaking out

    18. Stacy Coleman

      "Let's hope we live" be way more entertaining if you didn't but then no one would be around to post on US-new

    19. Madison Guilliams

      Did yall hear a static sound at 37:18

    20. Joker

      At first I couldn't see the body but then when the camera focused and i saw that white pale circular shape, I thought ok, that's where. Respect for blurring it but not full blown blacking the screen. Not that I want to see a body but to see the evidence of one there is it sort of necessary so no one calls bullshit

    21. jeonsfineass

      i know everything else is creepy & all but the fact that your ribbons were gone when you guys were coming back is fucking horrifying. Was someone or something possibly following you guys the whole time?

    22. Danseep da Sheep

      Who’s here in 2019???

    23. Grass- chan

      hello. I would just like to say that i looked it up and apparently people that werent for sure if they wanted to commit suicide would bring a tent and stay the night thinking about it

    24. Kristian Kristek

      Boy what is you doing? You know that people died in here I’m not surprised that you found a little bit of bone 🦴 💀

    25. Imabadbih Youcantkillme

      I’m surprised y’all survived this💀💀

    26. daisy mwah

      Everyone wanted to go home but why was elton so determined to go to the damn tent ???

    27. Robert Morgan

      Well that was a big waste of time

    28. Jason Grill

      These guys say the dumbest shit.

    29. Lange Chang

      My grandpa always told me to grab my balls whenever i come across such scary and horror situations. Silly as it seemed but it worked!!

    30. Eve O’Connor

      Wow the audio was hectic

    31. Eve O’Connor

      I pray for everyone there to survive and not die also I pray for them to be safe

    32. kacie1720

      Mmmmmm colbys voice 🤤

    33. JudaMan 4evr

      I want a shotgun in any forest aint no bear monster nor human being gonna run up on me. But suicide forest naaah yall mainy theres some fuck shit there smh i bet theres hella spirits jus watchin u. Damn yall smarter than logan paul LMAO What is the shuddering noise and interference? Fuuuuuck that

    34. Mortal Instruments

      Elton is gonna get everyone killed one day

    35. Oscar Jensen

      #shotmamacoco IN the wood

    36. Sinzuii

      That ear rape though

    37. Valentino Ricky

      i thought its forbidden to enter aokigahara

    38. Frankie Hannon

      First time seeing this and fuck are these 4 pussies!!! Guy with the camera just tries bossing them and that was no fucking body there- fake as fuck

    39. Lisa Ann

      What happened to the girl/guy at the tent. Did u go back

    40. Harley Alsbrook

      It's cool to see this, but these have got to be the most uneducated, unprofessional, and immature people Iv'e ever seen. ,

    41. Vicky Alshami

      This has me all tense up

    42. Llama-Corn

      Why were I watching this in full screen

    43. Noah Tharp

      *shows camera in the woods saying there’s a dead body. Whoever thinks this video is real... you are straight up dumb, there is no way in hell that they could have seen a “body” sitting down on a tree. I will put $200 straight up on the line knowing that was a tree stump. Amos @noahtharp1 if y’all wanna get there was never a body in this video. They just wanted clout and y’all gave it to them

    44. Alex Martinez

      Its just a dead person get over it

    45. pretty bean

      Who else watching in November 2019🤣

    46. Candice Stitzel

      Also 18:39 lil' "Hey!" and i can hear your cracking voice at 24:56 Brennen.

    47. Lou

      Thats not a real black guy we dont do shit like this lmfao 😂😂😂😂🍺

    48. Candice Stitzel

      1 like = 1 prayer for TFIL Like this damn comment to help them live "*Praying for them*" Colby: *Using flashlight* *Sees web* *Screams* about like 5 mins earlier Brennen: Let's just be quiet so we don't alarm any police.

    49. Marpeck

      Hello Stranger scrolling thru the comments right now because they're scared xD (*im not tho xD*)

    50. Jack Torrance

      Stay deep inside the comments my friends. Safe here with the rest of us. 😬

    51. Sweet Pea

      * remembers when Logan Paul found a body* Oop gotta go

    52. Long.LostCosplay

      my CAT brushed against my LEG i almost CRIED

    53. Angel Guevara

      Look at 50:15 bottom left you see a body but they dont see it

    54. Kayla Gomez

      I watched this video once two years ago and I'm watching it now and I'm hearing and seeing way more shit than I did last time. This experience for you guys must have changed you. Im so sorry for what happened. This video changed me and fucking freaked me out. It must have changed you guys more than it did me bc you guys actually experienced it. I feel like you guys where changed in a big amount. Your content is amazing. And please continue doing more content like this. Here is a song for you.....Itchin' and burnin' itchin' and burnin itchin' and burnin' stanky fishy stanky fishy stanky fishy Donald Trump got STDSSSSSS😂😂😂

    55. _.Leigh HotLatte_.


      1. _.Leigh HotLatte_.

        AND THEN IT DISAPPEARS AROUND 23:12 - 23:14 someone was WITH THEM

    56. alabammahammermen art

      Are those spirit orbs I'm seeing?

    57. William Sawicki

      When I watch the part where they run away a bird ran into my window and scared the f*** out of me

    58. JibberJabber 77

      At 9:38 I heard a scream or something.

    59. Marleymoo& Treesop

      if u stop the vid at 50:13 before they see s1 sitting down look under the twig on the left u can see a girl

    60. Kalley Kemp


    61. Marleymoo& Treesop

      omfg that static spund is annoying

    62. Asian Cookie

      I wish it was kind of like minecraft so we could teleport home or in their perspective the car.

    63. Asian Cookie

      At 6:35 on one of those trees it looks like there is a naked butt on it xD

    64. Maja Czop

      15:07 there is a blach thing on the camera

    65. Depressed Apple

      Guys u actually went a suicide forest in JAPAN where a lot of Urban legend come form whit creepy stories and u actually done that there who know who or what was there?! I know its adrenalin or what the heck but its pretty scary like hearing things and saw stuff (sometimes I done too) ... I feel this one is real, but at the same time its dangerous because of the wild animals. So pls dont go to a forest like that ever again.

    66. Rangeroid Voidz

      Theres probably someone there messing with the devices and flashlights to get energy and try to communicate with the 4 of them or just mess around with them.

    67. Nicolette Lubbe

      the camera man ceeps on saying the same thing over and over

    68. Kaylee Lockhart

      2019 ??

    69. teamblue

      Did anyone else wanna punch the f out of the guy behind the camera every second of the video or is it just me

      1. Aino A

        haha why

    70. Samuel

      Look at brennan