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    Our first night at the new Ace Family house!!! **Finally**
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Raneem Thiab


    2. Victoria_panda1320

      I can't wait for the house tour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Brianna Sanchez

      Thats the best house ever i love you guys so much i watch you guys everyday ❤️

    4. Kassie Worsham

      What time do you have to be Post the video

      1. Kassie Worsham

        What are you doing Ace family

    5. Amy Lechuga

      What happened to the float Austin bought you for Valentine’s Day not trying to be rude just being curious

    6. Layla Skye Anthony


    7. AnxietyFree

      Hello Ace family I'm a huge fan. My name is Symphony. Just wanted to know how can I play to win the next cash app giveaway?

    8. Manuel Casillas

      Ace family ❤️❤️❤️

    9. Brianna Gonzalez

      I remember Mr. Caterpillar

    10. Giuli M

      Wow this pool 😍😍 i‘m a bit jealous now 🧐😂 but the deserve it, they work/ed hard for all this:)

      1. Alan Stone

        What hard work have they done? US-new videos? They dont deserve any of that. All they do is complain about things that arent a problem.

    11. Giuli M

      Wow this pool 😍😍 i‘m a bit jealous now 🧐😂 but the deserve it, they work/ed hard for all this:)

    12. AJW_ Wally

      Wally is my last name what da hell

    13. Xiomara Arroyo

      Lol Elle is so cute working out with mama.

    14. Lady Martinez

      Omg my birthday is on may 28

    15. Lady Martinez

      WHATS GOIN ON EVERYBODY!!!!heyyy ace family

    16. T C

      If Catherine's butt was real, she'd have some hamstrings but dont see any 🤷‍♀️

    17. zori olden


    18. Melis K.

      That’s one gorgeous infinity pool with the view! 😍😩 I know their content has changed over the years along with their lifestyle obviously since the channel grew so much but I really wish they could try some of their old content styles where everything was more spontaneous and seemed more real. I do get that Austin is a perfectionist tho and that’s fine. Love you Ace Family! ❤️❤️♠️♠️

    19. LadyLuv Musiik

      this dude is annoying

    20. RedAZurE

      The wife is a plastic faced bitch, also did you guys know she used to be a prostitute.

    21. Andrea Martinez

      So cute Elle -

    22. nicholas siebert

      I have been waiting for sooo long when are they going to do the house tour😡

    23. chloe wilson

      That pool gives me anxiety

    24. Yuhfav_. Alyssa


    25. Christina Xhengo

      ACE family your house is 50 times bigger than mine ....if you agree put 1 like !!!!😂

    26. eleni papageorgopoulou

      Jesus this house is so hugee. How much does this cost I can't even imagine 😂

    27. Samia Said élève

      this is how many people didn’t go to the ace family basketball tournament

    28. Joniel Grullon

      I follow you guys

    29. Joniel Grullon

      Hey ace family do you guys have TikTok

    30. Malayah Slay

      Done love u guys can’t wait for house tour

    31. joshua arteaga

      why in god’s name does anyone actually watch this shit pair of people that exploit there daughter for views and money

    32. Crimson Master

      Everything don't have to be perfect austin

    33. Chicken Nugget

      Y’all aren’t even relatable anymore. You’re just complaining about things people would love to have 🤡

    34. Kenzi Vangijssel


    35. Nesrine Lawley

      i agree with austin everything should be done so the house tour looks good

    36. Estevan Whiting

      Such a materialistic family.

    37. Chiziterem Ezeiruoma

      sorry when are you going to do the tour

    38. Trxpp Jenn

      Jake dorsey house ?

    39. Oof 100


    40. Cal Abate

      fuck this is tragic

    41. Nozi Maseko

      I can't wait for the house tour

    42. Sunflower• Aesthetic

      I am literally so disgusted of this poor as family and you may think what the fuck they're so rich but they're just showing off I've searched on Google that's not their house... they say how rich they are but actually there's so poor and I'm not talking about the house their personality is trash in videos they are showing off because of you you dumbass kids who are subscribed and liked all the shity content of this channel. They're having money because of you, you little ass kids may think right now they're so cool so rich but when you grow up, you'll remember my comment and understand how shity they are and how they're flexing on every single little thing...

    43. Prem Tegala

      Who's better Ryan or austin

    44. LV life

      Why not everyone looking forward to Catherine's birthday and THEN the house tour?! 😏😏😏

    45. the grinch

      This made me a communist

    46. Josh Quintanar

      i love you ace family

    47. im sad because of u.

      I haven't been here for a while. Is he still giving his children dick popsicles?

    48. angel cruz

      if you subscribe to watch videos of rich douche bags who have nothing in common with you talk about moving into their new mansion you are a sad p.o.s. Almost as sad as rich people who make their own merchandise to sell to make themselves more rich. ace family more like scam family, scamming all you dumbasses, i swear human race really needs to end of this is what we've come to.

    49. Sara Abughosh

      And Elle is the The smartest kid in the world no literally

    50. Sara Abughosh

      You are so inspirational when I feel sad you make me happy god bless you guys

    51. ava te ngaio

      look maybe they deserve their wealth (im not sure abt that tho), but maybe some of that money could be used to actually help our world and the people who need it? like donating money to help stop the fires in the amazon rainforest that have been going on for three weeks, or donating to help stop climate change. materialistic things are fun and all, but maybe not destroying our world and making sure there is actually a future for the human race would be a lot better for both you guys and everyone.

    52. Ta Ma

      Holy shit that’s the biggest pool I’ve ever seen

    53. Claire Tawhiti

      u are the best i love little alaya and elle i love ur videos pls give me a shoutout pls pls love u guys

    54. imBocaaa

      REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH this is sickening.

    55. Reen H

      Why she is even with that douche? She can do better. Even after having a family he still seems so immature. Why?

    56. Ummehani Bharmal

      DONE ♥️

    57. Sierra Burnell

      I got so happy when they brought out the caterpillar I remember when Austin called it "The centipede"

    58. Prod. Hxrford

      this is why we need communism

    59. Lisa Bormans

      i love how they are living happy lives in their new fancy home but they boast about so much making some people feel poor and think that they suck that their not living lives like them just saying share better boast less

    60. Barbara Payne

      you guys dont deserve this

    61. Heaven Hannah


    62. Darcie Ryan

      Fuck those parents I would love to cause all my own problems by being self centred and not giving a shit

    63. Talia life Style

      I love u all can I get a shot out

    64. Ryder Walls

      I honestly don’t get why people find the content of people spending there crazy wealth on an completely unnecessarily huge house, like try donating that money to a charity and don’t lie about it

    65. Ryder Walls

      I’m just here from Drew’s video to see if anyone else came to bash them

    66. Madyson Jeffers

      I just want you to imagine for a second and think about the first time you opened your eyes, took your first steps, said your first words, and going to school for the first time, next thing you know your going on your first date than your married and you have 3 kids then your kids get married and have kids and your old. Your sitting on a rocking chair on your front porch drinking coffee with the love of your life and you watch the morning sunrise while hearing the birds chirping in the background next thing you know, you realize your time is coming up then it comes and you die happy and peacefully. Sound good? We all imagine what a perfect life will be like, It may not be what you thought it would turn out but it’s your life. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect as long as you have had fun and enjoyed the little moments you got to experience. Not everyone experiences the same things, some go through life a little bit harder than others. People are dying everyday because of a mistake they made or a mistake someone else has made and caused others great pain. Some people grow up without a mom or a dad or they don’t even grow up with their parents at all. People complain that their guardian is stricter than their friends guardian but what for? If your still alive to this day you should be thankful for everything you have been through and experienced because your still here for a reason, there are people who are dead and did not want to die, they can’t experience anymore but we can. There are people who didn’t even get to experience their first kiss or go on their first date or even take their first steps or say their first words. Yes life is very stressful but I believe another day that you are alive than life is still trying to show you a lesson and show you new things. Enjoy every moment you can get because each day is getting closer and closer until the day that you won't be here anymore so take chances in life, don’t let anything hold you back because life is precious and it’s something you won’t get back. Be the best that you can be and remember that everything that happens, happens for a reason. Don’t be bitter, be kind and tell the people you love that you love them because you never know when their last time being on this earth will be.

    67. Dalani Green

      My favorite 💙💗

    68. Larry Knight TV


    69. Dalani Green

      Yalls home is SO BEAUTIFUL

    70. Dalani Green

      My favorite family!!!!