Our Family Pet Is A Six Foot Croc | BEAST BUDDIES

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    IN A small pool of water in an Indonesian back yard, lives Kojek the crocodile. Kojek spends his days in a small channel of water at the back of Irwan’s garden. The family's washing hangs right next to it and Irwan’s three children are free to play ballgames on the turquoise-green ceramic tiles parallel to the croc. Because he’s been with the same family for 20 years, Kojek, according to Irwan, poses no threat to humans. In the whole time he’s lived with Irwan, there have been no accidents or injuries - to humans at least.
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    1. MAK BIT

      That pool is too small for it

    2. rahmana ariya

      But kojek now not have in the house

    3. Shawn Mcginnity

      Good thing to have around small kids lol NOT

    4. Dominic Powell

      I think he needs to brush he’s own teeth not the crocs

    5. Sydney Riney

      That’s a fat crocodile lol 😂

    6. Azam Merza

      Good feeding but is fat because it can’t swim around it needs room to do that. That’s the problem with having animals like this in captivity. Good to see coexistence nonetheless.

    7. Death Breeder

      That Croc is fed so much it could probably live to see it's owners great grand babies also just look at his face!!! 3:08 he's such a happy boy!!!!

    8. Jasper Culannay

      The crocodule grew up to be a tawog richard

    9. Ronalyn Santos

      ❤️❤️❤️ I kinda heard the crock whisper “ I need a coffee and gudang garam please”!!!

    10. Annika Pitts

      Uhm why did u brush his teeth w soap@?!

    11. Annika Pitts

      Uhm why did u brush his teeth w soap@?!

    12. Annika Pitts

      Uhm why did u brush his teeth w soap@?!

    13. Lavar's Balls

      3:43 ^_ ^

    14. FortNite Player

      I think its cool having a crocodile as a pet very unique

    15. karan thakur

      This croc is a burden on earth😂 such a waste

    16. kirby and sonic fan

      King k rool in real life

    17. Ana Torres

      My question is.. Is Kojec just confined to that one small pool..? That's cruel if he only has a small pool to bathe in. Yeah he has an entire house to walk around but crocodiles in their natural habitat need ALOT of water to swim.

    18. Yonatan Hailu

      If the Croc bite you don't feel nothing because it doesn't have tooth

    19. Yonatan Hailu

      Crocodiles with no tooth "¿why you lying yourself

    20. Francis the person

      Idk It's cute

    21. Sunrise glare

      pilipino ni siya?

    22. r0n4L L

      It sits there everyday all day... Sad

      1. G P


      2. G P

        r0n4L L false. The government took him away and he now lives at a sanctuary.

    23. Ilham B.

      Tetapi sekarang buaya kojek sudah diambil pemerintah indonesia

    24. shandreka davis

      When he comes home and his family is messing, we all know what happen to them.

    25. DjSkyfaze

      This crocodile has like no room to move


      ooOh you have a pet omg?!?!what pet is it??i wanna touch it and see i- "it's a crocodile"

    27. Casey Rowe

      Truly enjoyed the video. :)

    28. Mila hemmings

      now i know for sure to never visit their house if they got this thing living there😭

    29. Sarat KG

      A tame and untame crocodile behaves the sameway there is no learning scope for reptile brains . Says Dr.dong lee of kingkong university

    30. Saud Qahtani

      bad abuse

    31. kid ker

      That the fattest croc I ever seen lmaooo

    32. joko jarak

      Awas jgn sampai lengah.....lupa kasih makan yg rutin...apa lagi lupa bisa kluarganya...sebagai makanan tambahan.....

    33. sierra 117

      it's so fat and so cute!!! I love it!

    34. jrbit 99

      croc might outlive the owner then have no food

    35. Hot Man

      The croc is the exact size As my penis thats BIGGG

    36. Delani Jacobs

      Wow look at that puppy dog

    37. Bo

      As long as it gets food it is a peacefully loving animal it does like it's alone moments tho so I am happy they got a small water pool bc they really don't need much just so much they can lay around bc gators don't swim much they just like to chill 😂 seeing that he also has a little (but stik healthy looking) side fat so I don't think he will be jumgry soon even if you skip one meal on accident I do think it will start begging tho bc gators are sometimes just like dogs

    38. black man

      That's a fatass crocodile

    39. An Account

      Several of his children have gone missing over the years. It's a total mystery.

    40. Channel Bryzilla 06

      So this is were King K. rool has been before smash.

    41. Mr Taff

      ive seen videos like this before. if a predator gets that fat.....they have accepted this new lifestyle and most likely will not attack the hand that feeds them=)

    42. scootidy mcdoogy

      He is *CHONKY*

    43. It’s me Makayla!

      3:09. Effortlessly putting soap on a crocodiles face 😂

    44. Alvan Syahfiar

      I'm from indonesia, and all indonesians ppl know that croc name is KOJEK🇲🇨

    45. simon furman

      I swear if this croc wasn't overweight and was bigger it would try to eat its owners children.

    46. DonKingKong

      some of these comments said the Govt has taken the croc and put it back into a proper place. i know that might be the wise thing to do, but imagine the feeling of the owner after bonding with this cute puppy for more than 20 years and all of the sudden he had to let it go. i doubt the croc could survive if it was put with other crocs in the zoo or the river. it's been accustomed to being a pampered pet.

    47. Redacted 00078576

      Lazy croc

    48. Etap Jaroon

      I wanna be 6 feet too...

    49. PutridFoe 65

      Now that’s one big good boi.

    50. E M

      What a fatty 🐊🤣

    51. David Stephens

      Well it probably would of been dead if he released it into The wild while it was young air left it with those other kids but at the same time that space is too small for him. He must be so bored not having any wear to go

    52. Junior Diaz

      why is it so fat XD

    53. Karl XIV Johan

      Poor thing's obese :(

    54. Wilfred Wiz

      it smiles like him

    55. Alanna Reinstedler

      I want an update tho

    56. Korbin Patrick

      3:08 Croc:ahhhh this feels nice

    57. Vladimir Pudding

      Mines ten soo don’t talk

    58. hamba allah

      binatang yg menjijikkan

    59. MetallSwede

      Now that is one overfed crocodile. It's too bad they don't have a larger water basin for it to swim in; right now it just sits there sort of wedged into a ditch in the foundation.

    60. Officer Cops

      Reminds me of scp 682 when hes a safe class now

    61. carmel bugeja

      that croc is free from arthritis with all that fish, he is stuffed with omega3

    62. Juicy Mango32

      how idiot can you get

    63. R

      He's a sweetheart

    64. TypicalMiracle

      Awww it looks so adorable and chubby >w

    65. Lucas Benolirao


    66. johnson Dahal

      The croc looks bloated as hell.just free it in the jungle for god sake where they belong.

    67. starburst

      thats one fat croc

    68. FF plyer

      The power of INDONESIA

    69. Ade Heryanto

      and now that croc has ben moved to zoo :'(

    70. k k

      Idk why but i find the crocodile cute lol