Our Family Pet Is A Six Foot Croc | BEAST BUDDIES



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    IN A small pool of water in an Indonesian back yard, lives Kojek the crocodile. Kojek spends his days in a small channel of water at the back of Irwan’s garden. The family's washing hangs right next to it and Irwan’s three children are free to play ballgames on the turquoise-green ceramic tiles parallel to the croc. Because he’s been with the same family for 20 years, Kojek, according to Irwan, poses no threat to humans. In the whole time he’s lived with Irwan, there have been no accidents or injuries - to humans at least.
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    1. josué fuentes

      Ironman :great white shark Orca : capitain américa Crocodile : Thor Thanos : human

    2. Amy Redzuan

      why that crocodile looks so fat. 😂 seem like he always eating

    3. Natsu913

      😭 the croc has been Americanized... Get it, it’s because he’s fat

    4. dinoboi 7

      Your dog is wierd

    5. KaydenGaming - Official channel - YT

      That's a chonky boi

    6. Joko Bramanto

      dare to talk on youtube, mentally like what I'm not embarrassed to see backs

    7. Jessie Angel

      This man is strange. It’s very dangerous to raise crocodile like that

    8. Oneida Tejeda

      El pobre cocodrilo no puede nadar está aprisionado

    9. Rock Dracula

      Man: I own a pit bull, don’t mess with me kid. This guy: Kuh, I own a crocodile.

    10. Namburi Devi

      The crocodile is so cute 😍😍😍

    11. さん金

      Are you stupid the owner is look a like a crocodile gay

    12. kids channel

      I speaks indonesia

    13. normal person

      That dog looks cool

    14. ecotts

      What a fat f**k... If he loved it he would set it free somewhere safe.

    15. summer bertram

      He calls it a pool? More like a crack on a floor. It can't even move in it and it's fat because it gets no exercise. I wonder if he even have a yard for it to walk around.

    16. Bunga Rin

      that croc is THIIICCCCCC

    17. Knight Of ANGUISH


    18. CooperFilms


    19. Dea Rox

      Hes a big boy. He seems like a quiet pet to have also

    20. Lol l

      Poor croc he is suffering

    21. Ankhu

      Good boys come in all shapes and sizes

    22. Justin Hodge

      Never seen someone shampooing a crocodile

    23. Silver

      poor crocodile ... only got a tiny space to live

    24. Vick Petrosian

      Looks so fat lol, take it for a walk once in a while bud

    25. Duayne Clarke

      Hey if he can bathe his crocodile I should be able to bathe our Chihuahua

      1. Akhil Vanaparti

        No you can't.

    26. Duayne Clarke

      He needs an exercise program. Maybe some weight lifting to tone up his abs.

      1. Gr 128

        Yeah and then maybe some dbol

    27. Ron Paul

      He’s so chubby I love him

    28. egg with 4000 subscribers

      Thats a damn weird water cow

    29. bikbik

      Everyone talks about how fat the croc is. But sadly, only few noticed that this croc is living in a very small pool. You cant even call that a pool.

      1. Justin Hodge

        Its okay, the croc dont know what its missing

    30. JD JD

      That croc is a little too close to children sir

    31. SenSored PhantomZ

      The croc can't burn any fat in such a small space, use your brains

    32. Michel Lacasse

      One of these days ??Have you seen Grandma !!!

    33. Alpha Savage8

      Alpha male

    34. Helan Jackson

      One day it ll eat u

    35. Ulises Hernandez

      just needs exercise

    36. Row Deo

      What lunacy and with kids running around one trip??????? one stumble????Its bad enough I clean parrot poop and dog poop I draw the line when it comes to crock poop. It is disgusting .

    37. Tina Dennis

      Florida 100

    38. Obscure Genesis

      Who needs Department Protection when you have *Monster Protection*

    39. WE

      It needs some exercise

    40. 0BAKEMONO

      oh lawd he comin

    41. Rishab Yadav

      This croc is DJ Khaled pet😂

    42. sol rock


    43. holyshiterX3

      Everyone is right he needs a larger pool his diet and people around are good but just the pool too narrow bad designed

    44. Kaleyah Coley

      I know im not the only one that seen it wink in the end lol

    45. Christopher DiNardo

      It would probably eat him if it wasnt so fat and it could move properly

    46. Alejandro Ricci


    47. Buseko Nsofu

      Why is that poor thing in such a confined space, nah that's not right 💔

    48. Garrett Friend

      This guy is NUTS!!!

    49. Fergus Postles18

      Animal abuse the croc needs to exercise and it can't do that there

    50. Mark Sullivan

      lol before reading the comments I thought "damn that croc is fat".

    51. The Mexican Guy

      That’s King K Rool

    52. BcFc_official03 KRO

      Cruel. Should be in a proper river and his two fat Cruel wankers

    53. margrith klein


    54. keito-kun

      reminds me when i wash my dog.. just smiling and still while showering it...

    55. Ozzy

      dat is a thicc mf

    56. Yung Guillotine

      He looks super happy 3:41

    57. Meng John Lee

      Sad to see a dangrous beast, get obese from being overfed

    58. Zeba Khan

      Very Rong .. you are wild animal

    59. egg curey

      the way he treats the Croc, it looks like it's his long lost son

    60. Friedrich Nietzsche

      Oh my god I wanna see the whole bathing routine

    61. Friedrich Nietzsche

      You have to admire the stones on the women who willingly procreated and decided to raise child in a household where a crocodile is a member of the family.

    62. Rokie YT

      im scared for his children.

      1. Wulframm Rolf

        don't worry i'm sure the crocodile doesn't get the chance to breed.

    63. rose quartz

      Its teeth arent that big and sharp like those in the wild i think it adapt to the foods that he eats he dont have to hunt big live animals

    64. Alexander Mayes

      My mind stopped working the moment I read the video title. I thought they meant the shoe not the animal

    65. Tacos For ever

      I think the croc is overweight.

    66. Samuel Garcia

      Godlike ability

    67. Simple Trivia

      Heyy, bring us back my brother!

    68. A loud Italian

      Only in Indonesia would they adopt a predator from a long forgotten time to be a pet.

    69. Wakingfromslumber

      What a spoilt fatty croc !

    70. Drop Zone Media

      Put some carpet or fake turf grass out there to walk on and watch how fast it will move