Our Family Pet Is A HUGE CROC (Vertical Video)



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    A family in Indonesia live with a MASSIVE 200kg pet crocodile 😮
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Nathan

      I doubt anyone will think of robbing his home anytime soon.

    2. chargermom

      That is horrible!!!

    3. Just Some Person

      I'm really one to complain but That's not much water for him to be in And He's pretty chumby

    4. Mark Hanna

      I would think twice before trying to break into a house with a crocodile in the yard.

    5. lakeseminole

      Shameful the small pool!

    6. Ilovemusic&food

      1. That's a wild animal it hasn't attacked because it doesn't view you as a threat and is feed. 2. That Croc NEEDS more water they need to swim or else they will have issues with there muscles and joints. They are built to swim not crawl on land. 3. That Croc is seriously obese. 4. The scutes on its tail are down. This indicates that the animal is unhealthy and unhappy. 5. Is all it eats fish? If so then it doesn't have a proper diet. In zoos and in the wild they need to be feed different thing pork,chicken,beef,deer, things like that. 6. You should not let the animal be so okay with humans it can be dangerous for people and the animal. Thanks for reading this- someone who loves animal a ton.

    7. big dog

      damn what an out of shape croc. what the hell you feeding that thing cheeseburgers and pizza?

    8. Pro

      Big thicc boi

    9. Dastin Raima

      Eyy that's my friend,i live in bogor,indonesia too

    10. Rishi Rajan

      Most crocs in the wild are this size....

    11. bayu adrian

      Gila Piaranya buaya mana gede lagi...Siapa yg dari Indonesia disini??

    12. Riezka Andayani Bouje

      He's obese😂😂😂😂oh..come on😎😎😎

    13. Brandon Drew

      So cool guys!

    14. dana brichtova

      🐊 😯

    15. GAMER .GAMER

      Who has seen the ace story of this channel its sad

    16. Aimee Grayson

      I honestly never thought there could be such a thing as a fat crocodile but wow, I guess man always finds a way

    17. Samed masa


    18. Montserrat de la Hoya

      So beautiful!



    20. Carlos Martinez Garcia

      Let him be, is his body he eat what he wants

    21. Christy Mcmahan

      that croc looks overweight big time.. but that's kool

    22. Rusman Kurniawan

      This is from indonesian

    23. Theo Dreisiger

      I don't know anything about crocodiles but I think he is very fat

      1. I don't know 1433

        That croc isn't healthy

      2. Kuro Visuals

        I don’t see the problem

      3. Angela Bird

        And you would be correct

    24. Devil_ boy

      He gonna get atef

    25. deepfriedbeats

      "Meet my dog Croc. Oh yeah and he's leash trained.. But I was wondering, You think we can borrow your pool?"

    26. Quiet Autumn Mountains

      This poor croc is so obese... and his pool is practically not even a pool.

      1. Kuro Visuals

        Land.Sky.and.Sea have you ever researched crocodiles all they do is lay in the water they’re very lazy animals it’s not like how you think it

    27. Yvonne Gilmore

      Hell to the naw

    28. Yvonne Gilmore

      Do yaw see this crazy "MF"

    29. My Pet World

      I like it when it’s not vertical

    30. AN MEDIA

      Lol hope this was click bait not cause the pet but instead wanted it to be horizontal lol

    31. Blacklion 667

      *K.Rool on his vacation days..*

      1. Charles Swedenburg

        He's busy in smash

    32. I am Sheppard

      Bruh that’s not a healthy crocodile he obese brother!!!

      1. Mr hacker man XD

        The croc is happy leave him alone

    33. Tamas Egyed

      Please stop this vertical video trend. For mobile, users can flip their phones, for regular viewing, keep things in regular format. Other than that, cool croc

    34. Ikbal Awaludin

      Kojek is real, indonesia punya

    35. nikhl saul

      that croc is in a horrible state of health

      1. julius turner

        They are feeding him alot so he won't eat them ;)

      2. Joseph Rodriguez

        nikhl saul These guys in the comment section talk like if it's fine to have a croc lol

      3. Woomy Doomy

        Dark Time yeah, the weight just gotta work on.

      4. Dark Time

        They’ve had the Croc for over 20 years, he’s just a little overweight. But I think the Croc’s doing fine for now

    36. Jeremy Moorer

      Is that all the water it has to get in?

      1. Nadya Buatsim3

        Yes it is But now the crocs been taken by the government to a better place called zoo

      2. Dark Time

        Jeremy Moorer 1:17 The croc doesn’t seemed to mind 🤣

    37. Michael bonj

      I feel bad for that animal he is morbidly obese and can barely move

      1. Mr hacker man XD

        Crocodiles actually don’t move that much

      2. Pro

        **is also obese**

      3. deepfriedbeats

        @Angela Bird Well maybe it should go vegan..

      4. Michael bonj

        deepfriedbeats have you seen the creature it does not exercise and is only fed fish and looks like a balloon it is very over weight

      5. Angela Bird

        deepfriedbeats Crocodiles are large yes, but it is indeed morbidly obese. It should not have as much fat as it does.

    38. Matt King

      Im feelin crocy

    39. RM

      Don't think I'd be interested in having a croc as a pet, they don't seem to have very dynamic personalities to say the least.

    40. Demon Love

      Think I’ve seen this before....

    41. Samed masa


    42. Abby P


    43. Miranda Machaidze


    44. Cookie London Cat

      Cookie says hello from London x

    45. MALAZ ملاذ Tv

      أنا متابعك من سوريا العرب و بس

    46. Lauren Gamezz12

      I love your channel sm

    47. King Israel


      1. snickerdoodle 20

        King Israel your second

      2. snickerdoodle 20

        King Israel your fist

    48. Landonl155 YT


    49. snickerdoodle 20

      First, but I was lowkey third