Ordinary Things CUT IN HALF



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    Ordinary things cut in half! Have you ever tried cutting things in half to look at whats inside? It can be satisfying! LIKE IF YOU ENJOYED! Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack! WATCH Funniest Marriage Proposals us-new.com/online/video-W6L_lMZc2Ng.html
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    Published on 6 months ago


    1. SSSniperWolf

      hello friends what else do u wanna see cut in half??

      1. -DinOsuar squad-


      2. Danny KT

        A HUMAN

      3. Giti Hoseinzadeh


      4. Mazy Brend

        EVERYTHING plus I love your videos ❤️

      5. Capriyum

        A bed or a toilet 😂

    2. hidudes 22

      1:04 its called an abortion some times I wish my mom would have had one

    3. Fluffy Bunny

      Not all balls are made equally

    4. bonnie smrdi

      I should probably stop saying balls... What is inside of a stress ball?

    5. Brenda Love

      1:25. This is what the inside of a PIǸATA looks like. THAT IS TERRIFYING!!!

    6. Molly Rosenberger

      Paper 😂 lol

    7. SherreeJamesReal

      Hold up how the salesperson y’all you out of getting the car 😂😂😂 YOU HAD ONE JOB 😂😂 and you failed. They should be fired for that

    8. Addiecat 0821

      No one: Not a soul: Leah:A PINEAPPLE HAS MEAT IN ITS HAIR??!!

    9. Sophia Venegas

      Last time in real life me and my sister where talking about how a car had these Christmas lights on it and I opened TikTok and it showed a car that had lights 😅

    10. Rachel H

      Some stress balls have foam beads and rocks

    11. ayla sahloul

      How many times did she say ball

    12. zach himmies

      I did that with my galbrajers

    13. Ayyoob Va

      Pineapple don't have meat

    14. wilson Plays robloxYT

      *IN HALF* *=* *CODY*

    15. wilson Plays robloxYT

      Cody: *watches this* Cody: IN HALF

    16. peyton bill

      Ya I know my mom has Facebook and her and her friend were talking about boots and the an hour later the boots showed up on Facebook

    17. Pawsitive AndMagical

      Everytime I eat a pineapple my tongue gets itchy...

    18. Centaur Gaming

      Pineapple crowns are poisonous

    19. William Parker

      (\_/) ( • •) ( )

    20. Paige Miacarla

      ‘rectangular prism’ 😂 it’s a cuboid

    21. Freya Mccann

      I tried talking about something and it came up as a US-new ad

    22. SofaCat UwU

      Omg the add thing it happens for both me and my mom like all the time

    23. Juleanna Martin

      9:07 some use orzbees idk how to spell it so fell free to correct me

    24. cutemøøngacha ʕ・ᴥ・ʔ

      Im ordinary wanna see me cut in half?

    25. •Itz Mimi•

      O-o pineapple tryna become fast food?!

    26. Avi3plash 12

      Its kinda pissing me off whe she says TEZLAS

    27. Madison Thompson

      A house

    28. Ariel Protack

      Lia: i shpuld stop saying balls now. Lia: this is whats in a stress BALL

    29. Ruben Parra

      I want to see where's cut in half

    30. David Adepoju

      I learnt nothing

    31. David Adepoju

      Wow so basically, a cuboid is a lie ,my life is a lie school means nothing aaaaaaaaaa

    32. Im just a rainbow Kitty

      *Realises this isn’t made in englend* *FaLsE*

    33. charlene wright

      I went boling today

    34. Xxtacobellqueengacha

      Umm if the iPhone battery is big what about a ipad😯

    35. sandra ortega

      Lia:I should probably stop saying balls OnE SeCoNd LaTeR Lia:What iS iN A StReSS BaLLs

    36. Kiana Richards

      Hacky sacs have like powder in the middle I think 🤔 like chalk. That’s what mine had inside when it broke 🤭

    37. Arrionnah Rogers

      JK To lia DON'T EVER mess with jaw breakers again

    38. It'z Bee Gåchå Leåh

      SnipperWolf- Ok lemme stop saying "Balls" . Nobody- SnipperWolf- Ok this is what's inside of a "Stress BALL".

    39. KonyoNI ECHO

      Cookie dough ice cream any good you know that little containers I have that one in the big container it was so good

    40. Victoria Yan

      Does the like button have a face?

    41. Mariana Quigley

      I talked my friend rl and we were talking about Gacha Life, and later on my PC I saw “free Gacha Life on PC”

    42. Jolie Zhu

      ╔┓┏╦━━╦┓╔┓╔━━╗ ║┗┛║┗━╣┃║┃║ 0 0 ║ ║┏┓║┏━╣┗╣┗╣╰╯║ ╚┛┗╩━━╩━╩━╩━━GUYS

    43. Holly Dillon


    44. Nicky Gillan

      Um teddy ?

    45. Greenlee Francey

      I didn't know it was so long ~sssniperwolf

    46. Safwan Suraini

      Psychopaths watching this video: no humans cut in half?

    47. Willow Alegria

      your goggle is lisning ALL THE TIME turn the mike of of google and say "hey google" shell say sorry the mike is off hide google is coming shes listning!

    48. Zoe Stone

      Me when Lia kept on saying balls: THATS WHAT SHE SAIDDDDDDDDD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    49. Anastasiia Maksymova

      It’s Tesla not Tezla

    50. Reagan Hearn


    51. Kali Wallace

      12+12=24+24=48.Leave a comment that sais i'm confused.

    52. Laura Rudy


    53. TokyothepotatoYT


    54. Duy Duong

      Can Sssniperwolf cut me in half? My friend wants to unfriend me in roblox My day is going horribly *kill me*

    55. -Willow- ,!Wish!'

      Who ever did the subtitles you are awesome XD

    56. Myra Parrott

      Did you use a hex pass?

    57. GumKitz

      Santa isnt real????????????!!!!!!!!

    58. Shamayl Jawed

      Subtitles at 4:06 when she says niche

    59. Sarah Ali Ahmed Alkaf

      at 4:03 when sssniperwolf talked about an iphone listening to you an iphone ad showed up

    60. Lazaros Abramidis

      Lia: I should probably stop saying balls now. 2 seconds later: Now lets see whats inside stress baaaaaalllls.

    61. Gwenavier Walsworth

      Your supposed to play the top of the pinapal

    62. Friendly Gamer


    63. SSG- Allan

      I saw the inside of a iphone in real life yesterday when my dads phone broke open then my mom bought him a new one for valentines day

    64. Joshua Rasmussen

      SSSniperwolf says “I should probably stop saying balls” SSSniperwolf says “here’s what the inside of a stress ball”

    65. Sadiecorns !

      Ok I’ll stop saying balls Says stress all like five seconds later 😂

    66. Elana Daboss

      No my teacher said something about chocolate and she got an add about McDonalds about chocolate milkshakes!

    67. R Casey

      Bowling balls are hollow

    68. nicola tuck

      hi lia im a fan and have been watching you for about 5 and a half years you are awesome and I would love to met you I love you my name is kyra and can you follow me on tiktok im @sssniperwolf_mar_xoxo pls follow me I would be soooooooooo exited if you did I love you and pls read this and pls notice me I love you bye

    69. Little Miss Gacha!

      Great Video!!!!

    70. FBI

      0:16 u done messed up girl