Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex



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    Offset goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about his love for Nike SB, older Jordans, and not being able to get sneakers growing up and how it fueled his current passion.
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    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Lit 2winz

      Like this to see NBA YOUNGBOY

    2. Lit 2winz

      Do NBA YOUNGBOY again

    3. JackAttack Games

      Do a video with Michael che

    4. DoubleGlock

      Offset: needs to catch the flight so he ll send someone to pick the rest of them shoes Also Offset: Poses with all the shoes when they are finished packed up...

    5. Alejandro Gonzalez

      Do "Zlatan Ibfrahimovic goes sneaker shopping"

    6. Felicitas Castillo

      Dababy sneaker shopping

    7. Mintyy

      this man just *-_-* when he said the price..

    8. IGutierrez15

      Sure enough he could’ve spent less if he would’ve just shopped online and looked for them deals 😂

    9. Alan Olea

      Complex do Bryant myers !!

    10. Tre Wash


    11. jonathan muyeki

      One day I gonna buy does shoes for the homeless people

    12. Mike D

      He will be broke in 3 years

    13. Peep the Sneaks

      Half of the stuff he purchased can be found on around the internet for the low. Spending 31K on shoes is straight dumb.

    14. Ellis Smith


    15. Joao Victor

      Nikeboy ?

    16. N R

      Poor jeans..he to tight for it

    17. Francis I

      Could y’all plz get Polo G on this

    18. kevin laurence japay

      Sana madala mo lahat ng shoes mo sa langit. Haha.

    19. Rafael Rodrigues


    20. jdamania1126

      Sneaker shopping with Stephen a smith!

    21. DailyRapFacts

      This is how much drip offset has 👇🏼

    22. L1L K1NGTRAPP

      Offset looks like chief kief with long dreds

    23. ItzBruhitsyolander 09

      Do lil tjay next 🧐

    24. Saria Robertson

      Yesss good taste n shoes!!💧

    25. Eric Morris

      Damn should've watched the whole video before asking that question

    26. Eric Morris

      What shoes are thos you have on Joe then hard

    27. ouu you

      Mus be nice 😭

    28. Nice Barz

      Man y’all gotta buy these jawns on goat or something. Them prices be inflated like shit in that store 🤦🏽‍♂️

    29. Bharti Shingare

      Lol he got the credit card not that 10000 dollars

      1. Jay ThEkID

        Bharti Shingare that’s not just any credit card that’s a Master Card Black Card. You have to serious money to get on of them. And you can’t apply for it either they ask you if you want it.

    30. Daren Woo

      pls make an episode with Edison Chen

    31. Chris Solis

      DO NAV

    32. M.H 75

      Wait he can talk normal?!?!?1 i thought he mumbled

    33. Michael Serujo


    34. onfurious

      Do lil Wayne plz

    35. NtheKnife318

      32K?! I hope music continues to go well for the dude. You’d feel like a real ass having to watch this in a few years when your going through bankruptcy court.

    36. Informaty

      He Dipped from the faze house to spend 30k

    37. TaiFo.1

      He was eyeballin them doernbecher 7's fr

    38. Roberto.X Nestor

      I fuck with jordan 5s

    39. YBV the dream team

      You should put korey wise on sneaker shopping

    40. jesse lofman

      Or frank ocean

    41. jesse lofman

      Sneaker shopping with @younthug would be insane

    42. Karen C.

      So is Nike working on a contract rn?

    43. - Blessings

      He got on this show cause he's Offset

    44. james hawkins

      This was the biggest headache growing up black and poor in the inner cities. Are families live in $15k shit shack houses but we judge the shit out of each other based off of the name brand of clothes we had on.

    45. Treyvin


    46. 1000 Subs With One Video

      I want Posty on the show

    47. r c

      I wonder if dude gets a percent for having these nukkas spend that crazy amout of money

    48. Trent Black

      Lay-Z Here 👁️💯💧

    49. Seenyor Wilcher

      I’m sorry but those Macklemore shoes are trash 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    50. milk truck

      That's alot of money😂 most of the shoes he bought were ugly though👀

    51. Egyptian_Thoth

      I wish Black people would stop being stupid and allowing these non-white muthafuckas to pimp them out. He could have invested that money into something else.

    52. I have a question

      HE"S IN FAZE ?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?

    53. Alan Arzate

      This nigga really just dipped out the faze house to go buy shoes

    54. Yaya

      If this isn’t blue then James Charles touched you 👇🏾

    55. khong cedric

      Imagine playboi carti going sneaker shopping in this series

    56. MMCXII

      What a clown wearing a faze shirt

    57. Rock N’ Roll Jae

      what jeans are those?

    58. david lopez

      Can someone cash app me please im trynna buy jordan 11s an im about 35$ away i really been wanting this pair anything works 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 $DavidLopez02 thankyou so much anything is appreciated

    59. Jaxon Craig

      Dababy next🔥

    60. Ant Pignataro

      This wouldn't be a show complex can't make moves they need bruh

    61. xboxFREAKINSWEET

      Who’s here after seeing him on smackdown in ric flairs robe😂

    62. Renato Souza

      “So your cash comes out to 31.333 dollars and 12 cents” Off-Set face be like: “PATHETIC”

    63. Leandro Gomes

      I wonder who gon sped 100k

    64. Juankills_1

      What shoe is the one showed at 5:15???

    65. Jennifer Dalimonte

      Do ayo and teo goes shoe shopping

    66. Kendall Banks

      nobody: Offset: buys whole store

    67. DJMOHAN28 !!!

      So when is NLE CHOPPA gonna go sneaker shopping with Complex?

      1. DJMOHAN28 !!!

        @Fade nah idc if it's dead I still like the game

      2. Valentin vgx


      3. Fade

        so are you gonna uninstall fortnite because it’s dead

    68. Infinity Gamer

      Who wishes to go sneaker shopping one day

    69. chuck jacobs

      I usually don't do this, cuh I'ma big dog, but offset yu and I wear the same size... I'ma be in Georgia soon...... Lol