NYY @ HOU - Altuve sends the Astros to the World Series! ᴴᴰ

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    Jose Altuve sends the Astros to the World Series with a walk-off home run!

    Published on 24 days ago


    1. Josue Resto

      Jose "roids" Altuve

    2. Ryan Hungerford

      Let’s talk about that opening second mustache though 👍

    3. John Emmanuel Ramos

      0:04 (Russ Hodges voice) There's a long drive, into left field, it's gonna be, I believe...... THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT! THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT! THE ASTROS WIN THE PENNANT!! Jose Altuve, the Venezuelan, has hit into the lower deck of the left-field stands! The Houston Astros have won the pennant and its' going crazy tonight in Houston!

    4. Gemdex Física

      Estoy igual que Chapman, aún no me lo creó.

    5. Junior Valdez

      Did anybody else see harden and Westbrook in the stands

    6. John Cook

      Lmao. Chapman just keeps a smiling composure. God bless baseball!!

    7. Seriously Malfunctioned

      Never gets old watching this

    8. Mark Ortiz

      Man the pitcher really fucked up. And Altuve clutched the life out of it.#clutchcity

    9. Serial Crepeist


    10. FishManMike

      Who were the dancers at 0:55, asking for a friend. 😁

    11. CirculateWealth

      World series grillz

    12. kaleb kuykendall

      After all those years of struggling the Astros have finally put together a great organization. Can we say the start of a dynasty?

    13. ALFredo C

      Some News Channel needs to interview that couple prior to Home Run because they were the Astros “Good Luck Charm”.

    14. All Day

      The roar from the crowd after a hit is so dam cool

    15. Justin Briggs

      dude that initial roar of the crowd when he cracks it

    16. Topspeed350

      That guy can Fu€kin hit!!!

    17. Prince Playz_Yt

      Y'all don't know how god damn happy I am bro...2 world series in a row...let's just hope we win cuz Jose just sent the Yankees back to town

    18. Shane Brennan

      Did anyone else watching this real time get a vibe that fan smiling knew Altuve was going to hit this walkoff. Dude was smiling while his wife was having an anxiety attack.

    19. John Emmanuel Ramos

      0:04 (Howard Cosell voice) THAT'S GONE!! (few seconds later) Jose Altuve from Venezuela has won the American League Pennant with a two-run walkoff homerun for the Houston Astros!!!

    20. Jhonder Jaspe

      y es de venezuelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no joda carajo

    21. terrick vaughn

      Fuck who ? The Yankees 😂😂😂😂 karma a bitch ain't it!

    22. b0nkert0ns

      Someone needs to meme that Chapman smile

    23. body7100

      I just now peep harden and Westbrook showing no emotion 😂

    24. Carl Tompkins

      We love Jose Altuve here in Houston Texas. Now go take care of business versus the Washington Nationals.

    25. The Rush

      Harden and Westbrook in the front at 0:04

    26. Steve At Random

      Congrats to the Astros, but damn, that was definitely one of the weakest game-winning on-field celebrations I’ve ever seen. Especially for a walk-off home run to send your team to the World Series

    27. Felipe Sustaita

      That sound off the bat is incredible.

    28. Andrew Colvin

      Not a fan of either team but these moments give me chills as a sports fan. The big moments and the crowd

    29. Levi Brown

      As a Yankees fan, you have to sit back and admire what he just did. Plays like that makes you a hall of fame player. Upset now, but will look back and can say you witnessed that. What a play by a great player

    30. RJ Abundo

      Poor Goliath Judge once again beaten by David Altuve

    31. Ether 12:27

      Altuve.......fudging SAVAGE! !!!!!!!

    32. Ether 12:27

      Chapman knows a thing or two about giving up big home runs.

    33. Alex

      That old man right in the start was smiling like he knew something

    34. Texas Made

      I can never watch this enough times!!! Such a beautiful finish! Let’s go Astros!!!!

    35. Rayner Barreto

      José Altuve el astroboy es Venezolano y de los navegantes del magallanes que les puedo decir más bendecido imposible 🇻🇪💛💙❤

    36. John Adams

      I hate the little monster but I respect his game. He’s clutch

    37. Greg ybarra


    38. Inez Ojeda

      Altuve grand master, you did it buddy 🤣💚

    39. Ethan Gilbert


    40. Dave Rindone

      Thanks for shutting those classless Yankees fans up and rip ass against Washington! From a local Astros fan deep in Red Sox territory.

    41. denzelsnipes69

      LOL @ Aroldis Chapman smiling

    42. ANDYYOUU

      James Harden and Russell Westbrook in the background be like: What just happened?! Why is everyone standing?! LOL

    43. iran lassninja

      This one hurts my soul But it is extremely impressive

    44. Matt Wilkie

      How can you not love this guy? What a freaking stud. Barely cracks a smile as he's rounding the bases. Fun to watch man

    45. Sergio Gonzalez

      I love my city go astros

    46. Nunya Business

      Better call than "see ya later"

    47. satyagraha a

      Altuve (Venezuela) 1 ...Chapman (cuba) 0

    48. satyagraha a

      Amazing player .....a giant and always showing awesome class.

    49. Jorge Cordoba

      Astros came up big time. Damn

    50. Johann Wilder

      Chapman’s facial expression is more puzzling than the Mona Lisa.

    51. fspec

      Where the Yankees fans at? Lol y’all pretty quiet compared to a couple of days ago when y’all were throwing shit 😂

      1. fspec

        Fuck yeah!!!! Hahaha

      2. David Hatamleh

        fspec hahahaha true af!!!

    52. Dan MacLean

      0:12 Why was Chapman smiling?

      1. Dan MacLean

        @Michael Hoffman Those are good points although you figure he'd be more mad, pissed or hanging his head instead of smiling.

      2. Michael Hoffman

        Dan MacLean he’s in shock he can’t believe what just happened plus I’m sure he’s embarrassed that got his team sent home

    53. Kenny Nipp

      He's so tiny! Compared to his teammates!

    54. Dan MacLean


    55. D Ddd

      I want the Astros ,but I actually felt bad for that pitcher when Altuve hit it out .he just kind of smiled !!!!!!!!

    56. Leroy Jackson

      I love Altuve, but Correa needs to lay off the jumping on his back. Correa should know better he broke his own ribs getting a 'message'. Correa gets injured every time the wind blows. He doesn't need to be injuring Altuve.

    57. Brynny211

      Jose Atuve , if you want to be honest ,has been the best player in the MLB the Past 4 years. He has a clutch trait like all the greats. ( Jeter , Ortiz )

    58. playhouserage

      Say it ain't Stro!

    59. Mikki Forrester


    60. Michael Crawford

      Texas Rangers fans are 99.9% happy for the Astros.

    61. The Punisher

      Altuve is such a blessed man , he plays like he has mutant powers 😂

    62. Logan Creed

      ALTUVE FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. Logan Creed

      36 people must be Yankee Fans! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! SHUT YOU ALL DOWN!!!!!!!

    64. Luis franyer Mejia lopez

      Orgullo venezolano papa 💪🏼👊🏼🇻🇪 Made in Magallanes 👊🏼

      1. Sijham Bahri

        Magallanes sera campeon este año si ganara... la gente q va al estadio, le canta esta cancion... 😁

    65. Jemone Hamilton

      Htown holding ain't a damn thang stolen

    66. Abe McGee

      bet the Yankees miss Mariano Rivera

    67. Todd bob

      Don't ever underestimate small guys ...the dudes like 5'5

      1. Logan Creed

        5' 6" and Judge is 6' 7"...... Just goes to show ya...

    68. Erick Macías

      I've watched the walk off at least 50 times. Imagine how many more times than that Tim Wakefield has!

    69. Ant Thompson

      Only Yankee fans dislike this

    70. fAtman jay

      Yankees fan here but what a hell of a game