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    In No Time To Die, Bond has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with dangerous new technology.
    In cinemas April 2020

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    1. Ramesh Kr

      I like James Bond movie series

    2. Thanseer Mohammed. A

      they are repeatedly giving the same stuff. its time to change drastically.

    3. Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez

      No Identity Politics! Know your place, Lynch: Background character!

    4. Rosegold Beats

      Something tells me casino royale is still better

    5. Marie Elisa

      Daniel Craig is brilliant... I hope Idris Elba will be next Bond👍

    6. dhicky adhyaksa

      Wait a minutes... An aston martin..

    7. BC 21

      God this looks embarrassing..

    8. Gabriela Trindade

      safin kills bond and he goes "mama, just killed a man"

    9. Mozart Benedict

      Looking forward to it, for Daniel Craig and it's the last Bond movie I'm gonna watch. #ForCraig

    10. archit misal

      This is *no time to die* because *tomorrow never dies* so *die another day*

    11. Héctor Alcota

      es tan yo

    12. feel alive

      guys comment ur fav bond .....mine is daniel craig and peirce brosnan.

    13. Siddharth Dwivedi

      "History isn't kind to men who play god"

    14. Flavortown Gaming

      That last shot of the trailer 👌😩👌

    15. Steven Miller

      Can everyone stop with the Female Bond bullshit already. Barbara just put it out in a statement literally not even 48 hours ago that the character of James Bond is and will always be Male. We all knew this before her statement anyway but since some are so stupid and wouldn't let it go, Barbara was literally forced to even make such a statement to the media about! So, let it go already idiots

    16. thetalentedmrman

      Excited to hear that guitarist Johnny Marr from The Smiths will be scoring the new theme tune alongside composer Hans Zimmer for the new James Bond movie. “‘Part of the legacy of the Bond films is iconic music, so I’m very happy to be bringing my guitar to No Time To Die.’ - Johnny Marr

      1. thetalentedmrman

        BBBIGST It’s also just been announced that Johnny Marr will also be officially creating the new James Bond theme tune alongside Hans Zimmer - “Former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr will join composer Hans Zimmer to score the upcoming James Bond movie No Time to Die.”

      2. BBBIGST

        He's not doing the theme, Billie Eilish is.

    17. Mr I

      Hollywood is owned by sinners. They will always push anything that is opposite to The Most High's laws. Which is why they push female worship in their films.

    18. jonnygogo bravo

      Man! Bond is the coolest and the baddest. When I grow I wanna be just like him.

    19. Russ

      They better not make the next Bond female or they will have ruined the secret agent MAN concept rather completely. James Bond is simply not a female character no matter how you slice it.

    20. BBBHuey

      This should be interesting :)

    21. Moritz Dorn

      I want a Full Version of this theme at 2:29 😍

    22. Marie Selfer

      Christopher Waltz 😍

    23. Stavro Xhardha

      Find that guy a woman to trust.

    24. A G

      Hollywood does it again. Insert cultural appropriation here. It was only a matter of time before they got to the 00 movies. Good thing it's only make believe. Hollywood, the land of pedophiles and the whores that revere them.

    25. BroncoBillieBeastie

      If James Bond is reduced to just be a sidekick or a lesser character to female characters, it will ruin the whole franchise!

    26. BroncoBillieBeastie

      I do hope that the song by Billie Eilish is a lot better than the song from the last Bond movie, Spectre!

    27. J-800 Model HaHaHa

      Lashana Lynch's role... Strong female character woman can get behind... been a 00 (rumoured 007 replacement 🤦‍♂️) for just 2 years and is a total asshole to 007 (a living legend) for no apparent reason in the trailer! Yep! Its 2020 so makes sense I guess 🤦‍♂️

    28. atheia kid

      I can tell Lashana Lynch's character is going to be a pain in the butt. Double agent? Also, how is seeing Bond as a half broken man entertaining in the slightest? Too dramatic and not why I watch this franchise. Hopefully the next 007 actor adds some Light-hearted charisma and charm back into the character...

    29. professor GIMSARA

      I am not watching this without Daniel Craig

    30. Yxsha

      !Hola! Dame Tu Cosita

    31. Midhun Radhakrishnan

      Not watching, thank you. I don't want to see my favorite bond get humiliated.. Don't worry not going to download a pirated copy. I won't humiliate him like you do...😐

    32. OsamaBinLooney

      this will be the last James Bond movie sadly apparently the next 007 is going to be a woman, i'm not a misogynist but when that happens the series is DEAD to me

      1. OsamaBinLooney

        @BBBIGST well that's a massive over-simplification of what i said, but ok the first Underworld is the best vampire movie ever made in my opinion Kate Beckinsdale does an amazing job Kill Bill, another good one, female lead Adventures in Babysitting (a really old flic of the 80s, probably before your time) another good one with a female lead i believe it was Elizabeth Shue i don't mind female action lead's there's TONS more examples, but just not as Bond Bond is a white male British agent with swagger, girls, and guns THAT'S what it means to be Bond i didn't even like Craig that much, cus he didn't have the swagger part if they wanna make a black lady spy movie, go ahead, but don't make her a 007

      2. BBBIGST

        I don't hate women, I just won't give them a chance to do a thing.... lol ok pal

    33. David Carreon

      why billie elish? why not adele again or sam smith WHY! u.u

      1. BBBIGST

        Tell me this doesn't already sound like a Bond theme...

    34. O Oh

      Was hyped on it till that bitch said stay in your lane. Shame he wasn’t allowed to put 3 rounds in her forehead

    35. Mara Fae

      how has this been out for a month? haven’t heard anything about it lmao

    36. Joe Cannabyte

      0:45 would have been much better if Bond had, y'know, a witty comeback. Something that good writing would call "banter" to show that they are both on the same level, or better yet, let Bond's experience and charisma shine-through with a comeback that shuts her braggadocious, arrogant mouth up with his own braggadocious, arrogant mouth, that's been doing it much longer. Ah well.

      1. RedLightMax

        Joe Cannabyte To be fair, this is just the trailer - in the movie he'll probably have a retort. It would be awkward if he doesn't say anything.

    37. 리샐

      2:20 This is what we are looking for.

    38. Greyson Martina

      The titles of these movies are so f*cking bad you would almost think it’s a parody 😅😅🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. RedLightMax

        Greyson Martina No Time To Think Of A Good Title.

    39. MOLE

      All films are great but there is nothing quite as epic and exceptional as the Bond Films

    40. Curtis Dimes

      Box office disaster incoming. Hollywood how have you not figured out, Twitter doesn't buy movie tickets

    41. Karthik Thirunagari

      is that casino royale music i hear

    42. Mike D

      Reminds me that my wife’s been trying to get me to paint the spare room for the last 18 years, without success. 2002: DIY another day 2020: No time to DIY

      1. Juan Pablo Maya

        Mike D lol

    43. Me

      Another James bullshit Bond film

    44. Paolo 01

      The greatest pig in a blanket recipe

    45. J-800 Model HaHaHa

      I hope the rumours are true and Rami Malek is playing Dr No... Sean Connery Bond to Dr No: "World domination. The same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they're Naploeon. Or God." Daniel Craig Bond to Rami Malek's character: "History isn't kind to men who play God" Dr "No" 1962 "No" Time to Die 2020

      1. atheia kid

        Please NO! We don't want reboots/remakes to start 😰

    46. Scott Galpin

      I'm not feeling it..

    47. Justin Wilson

      That, was DREADFUL. I was expecting this to be bad, but wow. Even Craig's delivery, he clearly doesn't care anymore, he's just cashing a paycheck. This whole movie is just saying that "hey Bond fans? you know all those things that you loved about this character? They're outdated and problematic, Bond is irrelevant (Even though Skyfall was explicitly out to show he wasn't), so please instead embrace this instantly unlikable rookie 00 agent who arrogantly sneers at your beloved franchise." Even the music couldn't give a crap, it's just the bond motif by way of "low effort, cliche trailer music". Also, considering this is is obviously going to be a progressive pandering mess first and a film second, I could take bets that Mrs. Rookie 00 agent turns out to be a lesbian who's in love with Madelaine. Ian Fleming would have hated what Hollywood has done to his character, and you're all nuts for thinking this looks like either a Bond film, or a good movie period. Also, Spectre was crap.

    48. Afaq Siddiqui

      big fan of 007 movies,,.


      I am obsessed with batman, bane and joker. Is anybody obsessed with 007?

    50. A.r002

      *#007 is one of the best Movies and Daniel Craig is perfect for the main role !*

    51. hulksmash05

      Next 007 will be a black Muslim woman in a wheelchair going through a sex change who identifies as asexual

      1. BBBIGST

        and they would still kick your ass.

    52. Intoxicated Daze

      the world is totally fucked lets just prove it once and for all bring out the female " 00 " geeez after the mess of ghostbusters do ppl ever learn let this be the final one EVER!!

      1. BC 21

        Intoxicated Daze Completely agree, PC feminist bullshit ruining a classic spy franchise..

    53. Vinit Phatak

      Excited For Rami Malek's Character😍

    54. Natalia Colon

      Rami's gotta get a new skincare routine or something he's not lookin too hot. I mean I know that's the point but he just looks sickly.

    55. Metroid4fan

      Next movie: My name is SJW bond HAHAHA Hollywood die in 2020. Degenerated pedophiles.

    56. Tiger 844

      I was hoping Billie's song would be in the trailer lol

      1. Joe Horne

        @Tiger 844 No problem.

      2. Tiger 844

        @Joe Horne oh sweet! Thx!!!

      3. Joe Horne

        Bond theme's are typically released a month before the film - so expect Billie's song March time.

    57. Aryavir Sangwan

      Am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t look great

    58. Andy Web

      *Spoiler alert* here's the official lyrics; No Time To Die. Verse 1 Oh you're a big oul fella now Mr. Bond. How many blue diamonds does it take to keep it up? I bet you need to take a lay down before you start, Just hope that you don't fart. Chorus Goin' down Mr. Bond, Goin' down like one big floppy. Goin' down Mr. Bond, Hope these villains aren't just a re-hashed copy. Just make sure the Bond women get a Brazilian, No Time To Die is sure to make a billion. Verse 2 Goldfinger liked stroking his golden bar, Dr. No wouldn't have it before marriage. Dr. Strangelove isn't in the Bond franchise, Better get your joe bags ready you would be wise. Verse 3 Who's that new girl in the trailer? Oh Lordy Mr. Bond who's that new lady? Looks like you'll have your work cut out. Better not give her your STD's you drunken lout...

    59. esa Software

      The width of the shoulders on that thing next to Bond, huge skull, long arms, large hands, etc etc is a dead giveaway, that's not a woman baby, that's a MAN.

    60. Eye-lish

      The name's Eilish. Billie Eilish K srry I wanted 2 say that since Billie is going to sing the theme song 😂

    61. esa Software

      First Bond with a trans gender I see.

      1. AJ17

        Not even a good troll

    62. Michael Hanratty

      I was thinking this can't be as bad as spectre or skyfall. But it does look as bad...

    63. TheDenseDMR

      Jesus Christ - I get that people are angry about Lashana Lynch's casting but first of all: GIVE IT A GODDAMN CHANCE! THE MOVIE'S NOT OUT YET! And second of all, there are so many people who are taking advantage of genuine criticism about her admittedly non-subtle casting in this film to spew racist and sexist garbage.

    64. David Pierce


    65. Overlord of Cats

      Making Bellie Eillish make a Bond song is like the old guy trying to be young.

      1. Overlord of Cats

        @Ian B Let's just hope it would be worth listening too. And, by the way, I learned that Eillish was actually a James Bond fan. Do you think it's a good sign?

      2. Ian B

        She cant do any worse than Sam Smith...Can She?...Oh God

      3. Overlord of Cats

        @Guitar Nun Why?

      4. Guitar Nun

        Other way around pal



    67. bamlin52

      Well it's a movie. But I think it's past it prime. You have seen it all before.

    68. Littlewhite Rabbit

      The black girl is to much of a bitch to be a good guy, so she is clearly working for the bad guy but we don’t find out till the end and also the white girl is working for the bad guy and the old bad guy escaped from jail at the end

    69. jdjonesdr

      I'm amazed I still get goosebumps watching previews of 007 flicks. Diehard fan for sure.