next stop pies!

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    happy thanksgiving to all of you..i'm so unbelievably thankful i get to do what i do here for a guys rock my socks
    the pie recipe book i used:
    ingredients list:
    -potato starch
    -brown rice flour
    -arrowroot flour
    -tapioca starch (enriched)
    -maple syrup
    -beyond beef
    -white onion
    -worstershire sauce
    -assorted spices
    -evaporated cane juice
    -vanilla extract
    -coconut oil
    -standing sugar
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    Published on 7 days ago


    1. Aves elle

      The Debbie Machineeeeee! I hope Jennas momma knows how much shes loved! "I wanna try it!" "I wanna try it!" hahaha good luck Julinnnnnnnn

    2. Raven Jackson

      Ur a beast... in no way could I have pulled off 3 pies.... 👍👍

    3. mikan xx

      jenna and julien are so freaking cute sometimes 🥰

    4. Eva Luque

      Julien I want to see you try this recipe!

    5. Bethany Chapman

      So julin here’s a thought. The author of the book may have been baking at a different elevation and humidity level so you always gotta tweak most baking recipes bc of this. This happened to me and my aunt with cupcakes before

    6. J T

      Julien: “they’re like sweet calzones” *Ben Wyatt has entered the chat*

    7. Emily

      Hi not sure if anybody has pointed this out but starting around 6:00 there's some serious interference going on between your mic and I believe the induction cooker??? I think it starts when you turned the cooktop on. It's a super super high pitched noise so I'm not sure how many people could hear it but it made me throw my headphones.

    8. Sarah McFarland

      Why is Jenna and Debbie the cutest mom and daughter team!? 💕

    9. Chloe Noteboom

      I love watching you bake because I am also a gluten-free vegan and it's so nice to see someone else struggle with the same STUPID CRUMBLY DOUGH

    10. thegaycryptid

      I'd give anything to see Julien be a guest on great british bake off to release his aeries energy everywhere

    11. Sarah Crawford


    12. Elise DiVittorio

      Weird to hear Julian call her Jennifer

    13. Caitlin Perkins

      I’ve said it once and I will say it again: Virgo Bakery and Aries Kitchen 👏👏👏

    14. Marian Chaney

      Both my youngest cat and my rabbit are Aries. They are best friends and destroy my house. My oldest cat is a Leo, and my boyfriend is a Scorpio. I'm just a Capricorn trying to keep everything from falling apart.

    15. LittleCutie ABDL

      29:35 - 29:37 .Please someone do edits of this part, thanks can't wait.

    16. LittleCutie ABDL

      Julien: When you do 3 different pies, is kinda hard to make any of them perfect" Rosanna Pansino: Challenge accepted!

    17. Stephanie Reid

      Oh my I forgot how much Jenna looks like her Mom!

    18. Kylee Vines

      The Debbie Machine Energy + Jenna Energy = Broken Aries Kitchen 27:20

    19. Sarah T

      you make me want to cook more :)

    20. Emese Szatori

      I miss not having a kid. Just standing in the kitchen, deciding to bake something, and actually doing it without being interrupted 435 times.

    21. Jhope Ee

      When he added the water to the banana pie dough I almost fainted

    22. Jarade Blackmon

      This was my favorite episode

    23. Danaë Nox

      You did amazing with the pies Julien! I think I will try the recipes in the book myself.

    24. Anna Green

      At 18.25 you left Satan's anus on the banana pie!!

    25. Jackalynn Baldwin

      As someone who bakes pies regularly, you did so well. It's not easy as pie making pie. I've been watching you for the last few years and jenna for nearly 10 years. Yall kill it, keep it up my dude🤘🤘

    26. alicia alonzo


    27. snakesnaplane

      Haaa I was hearing Strawberry-Ham Pies.

    28. creativeusername_x

      no matter how many times the word pie was said I still read the book tittle as Lie while it was on the counter

    29. Megan Trimble


    30. Alyssa Waisner

      You know we had to dough it to em

    31. Tahlia

      It hurts me how he always says "a fourth" instead of a quarter

    32. Morgan Vermeulen

      Jenna is meeee “can I fix them if I sit on them again?”

    33. jovanna krukow

      29:36 is the best part

    34. Jordyn Michelle

      i love when he says "oh no... *we* messed up" like... what dO yOu MeAn WE ???? last time i checked i didnt make no pie because im not about to set myself up fo failure like that but go off sis

    35. Natalie Slusser

      How severe is celiac disease? What would happen if he had gluten?

    36. Grizzly

      your videos are so soothing in the most chaotic way possible

    37. Linda Doak

      Oh no oh no oh no Hahahahahaha

    38. Ashley Shanley

      can you please do a bbq video using jackfruit!!! and can u do it with an actual jackfruit and not the canned stuff.... ive done it and it was painful but i feel like watching you do it would be hilarious and probably make me realize im dumb in the way i did it

    39. Faye Queen

      Danngg that strawberry one looked so good!

    40. alohabrooke

      is no one gonna talk about how effortlessly he caught peach when she hopped up into his arms

    41. The Vegan Kiwi

      It makes me so happy to see popular people, (that reach thousands of people) making vegan food, and gluten free for those who can’t eat it🙏🏻I’m getting back into baking😁 it’s easier and cheaper than buying vegan stuff at the supermarket which also has a lot of plastic.

    42. Danielle Martinez

      Making pies ~**** * W o r K * ***~ for me

    43. Sofia Dimas

      Can we appreciate that Julien says 'aussie' properly

    44. Puggleatlaw

      pie is so hard. props.

    45. Sameye

      I had no idea you were friends with Dillon Francis until I saw your Christmas collection 🤣😂🤣😂

    46. emperorchrislovato

      Chef Julien be like: we could make pumpkin pie but we're not. Cook book be like: we are.

    47. iamsophialashay

      Someone plz put Jenna & the machine on a loop saying “I wanna try et?”

    48. Vlada Balinsky

      when peesh jumped into your arms:)

    49. Lauren Levensaler

      This man did not just say tomato sauce and ketchup are the same things I-

    50. Summer Leigh

      When peach has full trust that julien won’t break her neck holding her upside down 🥺

    51. bronchitis_beech_logan

      Hey Julien. My best friend overdosed on their antidepressants this morning. Purposely. I hardly have any details, and it’s hard to get my mind off of it. It’s just... a lot, you know? I just wanted to thank you and Jenna for being so lovely and helping me cope these last few hours. Love y’all

    52. Maddie Scheid

      He pulled a Rachel Green lmao

    53. Zoe O

      anyone know where i can get jenna’s sweatshirt? 😭

    54. Emily Wilson

      as a Pisces i wanna cry to juliens voice

    55. Elizabeth Michaud

      That is not how you say pecan 😂😂😂 as someone form the south but cute way to say it lol

    56. Nic Jane

      What is Jenna Yelling in the backgroud???

    57. MechHead1

      As an Aussie thank you for representing meat pies, they really are fantastic.

    58. Chloe Perry

      5:27 julien be like: blender tour🥰❤️

    59. Erika Butler

      Amazing pies!! But I think for the pie crust, it would have worked better if you melted the coconut oil

    60. Cameryn Allen

      Redeem yourself with black raspberry ice cream 🍦 but make it SORBET

    61. Brenda DeVries

      The Debbie Machine!!! ❤️❤️❤️☺️

    62. Irene Rose


    63. Chloe Rain

      When Debbie said "delicious, nutritious..." I really thought Juli was gonna hit us with the "and all of this is 0 calories so don't even bother logging it in your fitness app"

    64. Anya Venturini


    65. Ellington Griffin

      Next stop, Christmas cookies?

    66. Анастасия Татарникова

      Джена такая малышка в этом видео, не могу насмотреться 😍

    67. Jaanika

      VEGAN FISH N’ CHIPS PLZ 🇬🇧 #bananablossom

    68. Anna B

      This is the content I need in my life.

    69. Alice Henman


    70. Abby Lee

      He’s trying, and that’s what I love.