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    🤯 Today I'm testing New Drugstore Makeup that will BLOW Your Mind!!!
    xo's ~ Tati
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    ✔ C H E C K O U T » » »

    ✔ M A K E U P W O R N & P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
    Makeup Obsession// Pore Blurring Primer
    Cover Girl True Blend Matte Made Foundation // M20 Makeup Obsession Mega Conceal // 03
    Flower Petal Pout Lip Mask // Starlit
    Wet n Wild Photofocus Powder // Translucent
    L’Oréal Bronze Please // La Tera
    Boots No. 7 Blush // Peony Mist
    Cat rice x Eman Blush Palette
    Pixi x Rachhloves The Layers Highlight Palette
    Reckon Colorstay Brow Creator // Blonde + Dark Brown
    Elf Ultra Precise Brow Pencil
    Elf Brow Pencil // Nuetral Brown + Taupe Elf Brow Wow
    NYX Modern Dreamer Palette
    Milani Stay Out Liner // Semi Sweet
    C.Y.O. Metallic Eye Stick // Clowning Around L.A. Girl Volumatic // Black Brown
    Kokie Lip Liner // True Red
    Maybelline Super Stay Ink Crayon // Hustle In Heels

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    ✔ I N S T A G R A M
    ✔ T W I T T E R!/glamlifeguru
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    Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

    Published on 11 days ago


    1. Alma Corrales

      You inspire me to be gentile with my skin

    2. Alana

      Everyone is talking about “too much blush” but still looks phenomenal!

    3. Rosa Romalis

      So annoying that I watched the entire video and had to stop it when you fast forwarded.. because you didnt show how you used the products!!!! Its a waste because I cant finish the look if I retry

    4. Dale Lavery

      You look gorgeous

    5. You have been Yeeted

      She always puts on wayyyyy too much blush

    6. Megan Morris

      For goodness sake Tati! Stop putting the mirror in front of your face! You’re a make up US-newr - we need to see the make up. I trust your reviews more than any other US-newr but I don’t want to watch videos where I can’t see what you’re doing.

    7. Sarah Roberts

      I’d love if you could talk through what your doing more but I also like the speedy up bits too!

    8. Avery Mac

      I definitely like these vids just like this don’t speed them up!

    9. Deb Hill

      Keep doing what you are doing!

    10. Ramon Lopez

      Would have been nice if the mirror wasn’t in the way while you did your eyes 😭😭. I was waiting to see 😐😦

    11. Kayla Clements

      Anybody else mad she used neutral colors with that big ol pallet full of colors

    12. Casey Lynn

      I’m seriously obsessed with this look! The eye makeup made your eyes POP!!!

    13. my wavey world

      love the eye shape

    14. clarise jackson

      Bronzer and blush...a pass for me. I do agree on the mirror though it takes up your whole face.....

    15. Viki Schofield

      Omg, the lip! Runs out to see if Maybelline have released it in the UK

    16. Valeria Nijm

      I would love to see one eye already completed and then you go through the steps on the second eye 👍🏼

    17. ALV

      Beautiful Look Tati. Love it.

    18. Bekka Coleman

      What number Superdrug lash did you use? I use them and just wondered if they were the same as yours looked amazing as always ❤️

    19. Valentina Gamboa

      Love the red red red look ❤️❤️❤️ btw Tati thanks to one of your videos I bought my first palette 😬 love u ! And love your videos.

    20. Maegan Robinson

      “Cool story, Tati” I laughed out loud - I love your sense of humor so much & I GET IT, girl!

    21. Nicholas Travis

      Tati, i like it better when you explain the different shadows and steps you use to do your eyeshadow look. It has helped me as a beginner know how to shape my eyes and how to use different colors in different areas to accent certain things. I have hooded eyes and its so helpful when you explain everything out.

    22. Shila


    23. Mary Copeland

      Tati, you have the best music! Wish you could link it. Love you and all your content 💖

    24. Amy Bartlett

      Going to my make up room in the morning and taking my time is my favourite way to settle my brain. I'm usually always watching one of your videos too x

    25. Sara Apel

      I don’t mind the mirror at all, but an insert or split screen with a side view or something along those lines would be helpful, because all of your looks are always so beautiful and so different, I don’t want to miss any steps. I would also love a video that focuses on what types of brushes to use for different types of products. I feel lost in the world of brushes and brush care! Love your videos!

    26. kiran kaur

      please mention what nailpolish you use? I'm so annoying about your nail colors but I really love them.

    27. JackieHoney

      what is toner good for? there was like 3 ads

    28. Lorelei N

      Please, please, please don’t be mad... but I find it annoying when your face is hidden by your mirror when you’re putting your makeup on. Maybe you should put the mirror lower, just look down while applying make up.

    29. Madeline Dittmer

      Your little speech about make up and anxiety and everything; just yes girl, you are amazing and you get it, thank you

    30. Ashley Kochan

      I love step by step!!

    31. Sabrina Berosik

      Love this look!! I want to try the lip mask. I love makeup it is an escape

    32. Hannah Crocker

      I NEED a skincare routine video please please Tati!! Because you’re goals 💖

    33. featmyself

      YES for lip and eye bold combo!

    34. Clarissa Navarrete

      What is the sponge she is using?

    35. Kathy Walmsley

      (Once the makeup was all on I mean. Cos of the look)

    36. Kathy Walmsley

      You look like a young hot Janice Dickinson

    37. Stephanie Ward

      You always look perfect! Yes the look works....Ive never seen u with a look that doesn't.

    38. Ana Ale

      What you said between 20:38 - 22:05 about "makeup meditation" 100% resonates with me. Makeup helped me calm myself in a period of great and constant anxiety and it was so soothing, so now I use it regularly primarily for that purpose! Also, your final look is soooooo gorgeous in this video! I completely love every bit of it, and it looks amazing all together!

    39. Marina Pooshit


    40. Dina Cox

      You look so very beautiful. I will, however, disagree slightly, as I thought you were at the peak without the lashes.

    41. aarynb

      can y’all stop freaking out about her mirror or blush if she likes it she likes it

    42. BooGirlParanormal

      What I would love to see is that stupid mirror go away so that I can actually see what she is doing!!!! ☠

    43. Rindy

      I love the Makeup Obsession blush palettes!

    44. L. R.

      I really feel like it's more enjoyable when you explain what you are doing while applying. I actually miss your tutorials.

    45. Diana Woodard

      You need a new mirror, I like the two way mirror idea for your hand held. :)

    46. Mesha De la rocha

      U cracked me up when u Said i just painted my nails! Literally I'm having a girly moment painting my nails watching u lol 💖

    47. WeDazzle

      Love the longer more explanatory videos Thank you

    48. Victoria Bech

      Can u please do an update on makeup revolution? They've come out with so many new things ❤️

    49. Lydia Sullivan

      Tati 💕 can you pretty please do a homemade beauty products video (hair, skin, makeup)?

    50. Sarah Townsend

      Hey, Tati! I like it best when you have each video focus on a different part of your makeup. Like for example one video you explain your updated technique and tips for eyeshadow, then another video is more complexion focused? I want to know your tips and tricks, but not have one long video where it’s all crammed in. Love you, Tati! 💕

    51. Brenn Boncales

      Tati your mirror is covering your face and i cant see how youre blending things 😫😭

    52. Mackenzie Jennings

      What spray did she use to set her face?? Also need to know where I can find that sponge!!! :)

    53. Ainzlei

      Am I the only one who *adores* these cheeks?

    54. Jennifer Raymus


    55. Jessica Marie

      Try out the maybelline jelly highlighter and the found make-up brand at walmart

    56. it’s. beckaaa

      the blush is a huge no for me (or at least the amount u applied) but that’s just me

    57. Tash Fern

      I like when you give tips while blending your eyeshadow, I feel like we miss that when you speed it up

    58. bambi bunny

      Stop with the lip fillers

    59. Rileigh Petermichel

      what kind of eyelash curler is that 😳

    60. GuardianAngelWings

      Do we know the outcome of the "transfer-resistant" decision? Was it good, or no good? I can't find a follow-up anywhere :(

    61. Karleen Kincaid

      I know what you mean Tati, I love how much peace putting my makeup on its a ritual

    62. Maci Mitchell

      I just love hearing you talk lol. Glad you don’t take yourself too seriously!! You make me smile and laugh 😊

    63. sides1974

      Makeup meditation!!!! Love it!!!!! Words to live by💋💄

    64. Taryn Smith

      What do you spray on your face at the end?

    65. Enid Wasfi

      Hi. What brand is your lash curler? Thx

      1. Elizabeth Welcher

        Enid Wasfi I want to know as well! And her setting spray!

    66. Svetlana Baidak

      I love the red! I would love if you go slower just because I am a beginner and hooded yes make me so lost.

    67. Angel Caulfield

      Nice highlight

    68. Suhaylah Issimdar

      Hi tati. Can u do a review on the take me to ibiza palette from bh cosmetics?

    69. Vessy Chukalova

      the queen

    70. Matéa Marie

      It would b nice if u explain more how u do your eyeshadow!😁