NBA Workout with Lebron James Skills Trainer



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    I trained with NBA Skills Trainer Chris Johnson, He trains many NBA players like Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler and more!
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    Published on 23 days ago


    1. Jesser

      Big thanks to Chris Johnson for having me! we did some videos on his channel too so go show some love to him! Also make sure to check out the new merch pack link in description

      1. Hadi Zaarour

        Jesser I can not find the account

      2. Michael Schramm

        Jesser what is his US-new channel

      3. XTR_Phantom


      4. XTR_Phantom

        its only for USA

      5. RA5ta123

        loving the content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Jessie should be in da nba

    3. XD Trippy

      Who else is eating junk food while watching this ?

    4. Jordoboss Xx12

      Nice check out Jordoboss xx12

    5. Nathan Chinguwo

      i was trying at home..... i failed

    6. robin singh

      Who else is going to practice these moves and drills

    7. Robert Perry

      Please do a hide and seek with chili peppers

    8. Ace Hardy


    9. CR Notable Games

      Only 550 comments

    10. Hyro Formentera

      Good best training basketball ?

    11. Tiino

      Kawhi is that guy who can think 4 steps ahead he dived for a steal without even looking at the defender passing

    12. Mateo Beltran Garcia

      I want him as my coach

    13. WhiteCapJoey

      jeser got hard triggered when he said he was six three

    14. Rocco is gucci 17

      Make a new sneaker collection vid

    15. I Am Handsome

      Is this available on philippines

    16. Khobe Cocca


    17. Nicolas Garcia

      Curry and Delon working let’s go Mavs!! It going to be a fun NBA season.

    18. Asher Lara

      False advertising for lebron

    19. Jax Money

      Thank you jesse

    20. Tonita Brooks

      All y’all US-newrs maybe some are not but mostly

    21. Terrell Sutton

      Play fortnite

    22. Koben Damer

      200lb machine has post moves and now crazy handles

    23. XTR_Phantom

      man i love 2hype you are my fav youtuber and you are so insparational your my role model,(PS:if you are reading this please make another 60 k calorie challange and a week in the life of 2hype

    24. Dark_Rose

      Jesser, you should post NBA 2k20 My Career

    25. Big Heights

      Two Hype shoud get a shooting machine for your guys court and do a shooting machine shooting challange with the house

    26. Viles Loot

      Who wants bucketsquad ninja headbands

    27. Joaquim Da Dream


    28. totally NOT clickbait

      Funny story I met him in a Popeyes a year ago and he told me he trained d wade and Lebron and told me to step on peoples feet to create space when they stop

    29. Hartaj brar

      Bri ur beat drops suck and those wet shot and then that sound uhhh

    30. Steven Oyler

      This guy needs to teach flight fr

    31. Sean Ego-Aguirre

      Is it just me or is mans right arm way bigger than his left ?

    32. Ree’nai Jackson

      I’m in elementary school and I want to play college basketball also I’m a girl

    33. Pamela Pherigo

      Jessy u dA goat when I wake up at 3 u vids give me somtimn to each

    34. XxI_sell_elotes xX

      Can u release some bucketsquad shooting and knee sleeves

    35. Montgomery this guy is a retard Case

      Look how big Jessers hands are when he’s holding the ball. Lol

    36. SnowyGrinds

      If This Is Blue Your A OG Jesser $ubscriber🤤💝 👇(You can Be An OG Of Mine Today😍)

      1. RickkTrolling

        Nah fam

    37. Andrew Martin

      If you still can try to get drafted in the NBA you are goated

    38. Codename K.A.W

      Can you give me advice and help to be a successful youtuber and how to edit

    39. Fortnitepro 262

      Mopi is a 👽kris is a 🦒 jeesie is a 🐐 cash has know 💵. And post more fortnite videos

    40. Skrimpz —

      What shoes does Jesser got on?

    41. Lil Rdz Official

      That awkward moment when the trainer fucks up or missed the shot😂

    42. Johnny Holdee

      Much respect for Corey lmao

    43. Baller 98

      Bring 2k20

    44. DeltaCommander 11

      The end was real asf Jess ✊🏽

    45. Wild Fire

      Not gonna lie i wanna see more basketball season

    46. Tiny Channel

      Who else got confused that lebron was gonna be his trainer😂😂😂😂😂

    47. Baller13

      Jesser is goat

    48. Tyler Meyer

      Jesser could be in the NBA lowkey though 🥵🧐🥶 also he nice wit it

    49. King Cobra

      Jesser got that facial hair

    50. Zeyad Elshazly

      Bro his calf's are huge tf smh

    51. DankYogurt 0789

      Chris: I’m not the best ball handler in the world but he is Me a kyrie fan: 😯🤔😑

      1. Agent Maine

        Me a Bone fan:☠️☠️☠️

    52. Danny Hutchison

      Who remember when Jesse peed his pants while in 8th grade during soccer

      1. John Doe

        Danny Hutchison when?

    53. Devon White

      Need to get Lsk in here

    54. Jacob Summer

      Anyone know how many times he called him Jess

    55. Sayian_Bobby

      Jess is so good

    56. Matthew Holt

      I miss 2015 jesser

    57. Zachary Smith

      Wish this came out when i played highschool ball

    58. William Lee

      Jesser you should make another montage with when I get emotional

    59. Critical_SnipeYT

      Jesser remember the stalkatron 9000

    60. Bootlegged Chicken

      I feel lonely when jesser gets to meet nba players

    61. Stephon Redman

      1v1 me in fortnite my epic game name is pouty112glue

    62. jalil amous

      this is everyday training for me

      1. Ritzer Sunga

        ok then

    63. K beats15

      Who’s tryna help a small channel out 😭

    64. PGswagg24

      Ngl the first few minutes in I really thought jesse was goin to the league 😱😭🔥 this the type of content we need broooo

    65. Γιώργος Σκληρης

      Jesse bro plz shave

    66. Nathan Belsley

      RIP Jesser we all saw how he left u hangin'

    67. Rhxde_kylecurry

      Why can’t he train with lebron

    68. Alley_be gaming

      Can he train me 😑

    69. Michael Gabriel

      bring waskowski back

    70. Michael Gabriel

      bring waskowski back