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    A SEXUAL abuse survivor says she “would not be here today” if it weren’t for her pet capuchin monkey. Lauren Elizabeth McAna from Loxahatchee, Florida, has two Brazillian Tufted Capuchin monkeys; three-year-old Emerson Alexander and five-year-old rescue Chica Morey.The 23-year-old veterinary technician has suffered with mental health problems throughout her life, resulting in physical trauma and she sees her capuchin monkey Emerson as her support animal. To follow their story, click here:
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    Published on 8 months ago


    1. Rokketzzz

      Does she even care for her dog

    2. Sidilicious

      How beautiful.

    3. Kri MD

      Omg i can’t listen to her talk. It’s so annoying when people have to be so over the top just bc they’re making a video to plaster on US-new .. I don’t care if people are utilizing these animals for this purpose or not , they’re still subjecting them to things that aren’t fair for them and it’s wrong. They need to pass laws where it’s illegal to own , trade , sell monkeys and apes. She needs to resolve her issues in a way that doesn’t involve contributing to these animals being held captive and caged and deprived of the life they should have. Just bc it’s serving her like a slave and her needs are met doesn’t mean it’s right in the slightest. She should have a willing participant that can decide for themselves whether they wanna even be around her and help her. Sorry but that’s just how I feel about it. It’s annoying even listening to her go on and on about crap and she’s only doing it to get attention on social media 🙄

    4. First Last

      Sorry but your monkey is NOT a therapy animal. Therapy animals do not work for one person, they only work for many people in nursing homes in hospitals and schools and nursing homes, never individual people. Individual people only use emotional support animals or service animals. He is an emotional support animal. You need to read the ada laws.

    5. Rohini Singh

      God bless you my dear Sister

    6. akshay goswami

      M glad to see smile on uo face,,, u r amazed dear.i can understand how u suffered still u happy ,, great lady u r love u from India 🇮🇳

    7. sierra vassallo

      i’m from south carolina ! :)

    8. Simz Zims the DarkLennial

      You know a good animated story could be made from this. ❤️

      1. White Queen

        The DarkLennial AKA SimzZims someone do this

    9. Monkey Rafi

      Just got my baby, Rafi. Your Intel could help me so so much. How can I get your help with my baby? The breeder I got mine from isn't and hasn't been very educational. I could use your help big time. Your videos have helped me and I know the commitment I have taken on. Where do I get resources for my baby. I got my baby for similar reasons as I needed more purpose to live and more purpose to get out of bed having Lupus, Fibromyalgia, 2 neck fusions and 2 back surgeries. Before these health complications I also battled PTSD from loosing a little brother in a car accident involving a drunk driver, sexual abuse from family members and dealing with Chronic Depression, Nightmare and Night Terror Disorder. I've had my baby for 11 days now and he's close to 7 week's old. He's changed my life already and the bond is just getting closer and closer, but I need to know training techniques, good feeding behaviors and an array of Intel that you could help me out with. How do I connect with you?

      1. Monkeys In Wonderland

        Hi Eric. Congratulations on your new baby. I am glad my videos have been helpful. I have worked with many primate owners like yourself. I offer private sessions over FaceTime and Skype, as well as in person. You can connect with me on my Facebook page: I hope to hear from you soon!

    10. Renee Mills

      You have a great set up for them!!

    11. Dark Forest

      so cute

    12. Flaca Diabla

      Well that went dark fast

    13. James Johnson

      It wouldn't be possible to get this therapy from a dog?

      1. James Johnson

        @kay sav it just isnt a great environment for the animal. I'm sure she truly loves the monkey with all her heart, but that doesn't make it right.

      2. kay sav

        James Johnson U know... u are, where you are, in life. Sometimes we can’t explain it. What works works.

    14. anonkiddo

      you're an angel😇😇


      I feel so bad for this young lady and I'm so happy she was able to be helped by animals. I hope other PTSD survivors see this video.

      1. Monkeys In Wonderland

        Thank you! :)

    16. Renee Mills

      Bless your heart. I pray for you, so glad they've helped you so much.

    17. Angela Lovell

      Hey girl, much love from another CPTSD furry mom (mine are dogs, Utonagans). I just wanted to award 1000 points to the Hogwarts house of your choice for how positively and inspirationally you've been working your diagnosis and your life. I know it can be hard, with the DSM/ICD being asshats about CPTSD's inclusion and all that goes along with it (and that doesn't even *start* to address the problem itself), but I love your household and your monkeys and your dreams, they all seem so beautiful and right - seriously, it feels good to see someone starting to thrive instead of survive (oh the terminology) keep it up, buttercup :) xox

    18. Anna Lisa

      The sexual assault you suffered is like churchgoing children suffer with pedophile priests. It’s an epidemic especially in the Catholic Church. Shame on those priests and the pope and bishops who won’t punish them. Look how they ruin lives.

    19. Lizzie Williams

      is like a cat

    20. Amir Cohen

      When I saw your videos today, I cried and wept from the excitement I had because we had an amazing resemblance to the soul (not to the novel!). About two years ago, the doctors told me that I had a deadly cancer that the statistics to live with were up to 10 months. Since the doctor's announcement I happened to be in contact with monkeys when my beloved is Monkey Capuchin. Unfortunately I can not find a baby to grow with her ... I love you good friends .....

      1. Kri MD

        Amir Cohen what are you talking about ? Your post doesn’t make sense at the end .. you happened to be in contact with monkeys and what now ???? Doesn’t make sense in the slightest.

    21. FNG Tech

      Do u have to have a license to own one

      1. Asmrby A

        ツTech I think so

    22. Queen Mauretania

      I'm gonna get an emotional support velociraptor.

      1. Flaca Diabla


    23. Melissa Robbins

      I’m not a huuuuge person who supports people having exotic pets... HOWEVER, with that being said she has a background in exotics and animal medicine of some sort as well as an understanding of the animal and it’s needs. I can appreciate that she respects the monkeys and views them as monkeys and not babies, as well as she strives to give her monkeys the best life possible. So I must say it was refreshing to watch someone treat them and respect them like the creatures they are.

    24. shogun love

      Beautiful. You are doing a great job!

    25. Benjamin McMullan

      It obviously hates you!

    26. Nichole Massey

      When he put the money in the.piggy bank omgosh

    27. Oli Ross Ross

      I cried because Mia got put down

    28. Oli Ross Ross

      Bring back ddk

    29. super hacker antish

      Pitbull....ace was the best

    30. csmarine

      Great job! This video was wonderful and hopefully will be educational for those seeking a primate in the future. Do research before buying one and learn how to properly take care one!! They are much harder to care for than a dog. Imagine having an extremely hyperactive 2 year for the next 40years who must have constant attention. If you can meet that requirement for that length of time then maybe a monkey is a good pet for you. Regardless you must research and should have experience with the monkey you want to own. A happy monkey makes for a happy home!

    31. Serena Leigh

      Im soo happy for her! She’s a rolemodel

    32. Bren Bren

      Amazing!!!! I can't imagine how much work they are, but they are sure lucky to have you!

    33. Li Roiter

      Really bad example ...of abusing wild animals

    34. Olá Friends

      I Love Yo

    35. Black Pistol Company, LLC

      Absolutely amazing video my love! I am so proud of you and your Monkeys In Wonderland efforts. You are the strongest, bravest woman I know for sharing such an incredibly personal story with the world. I love you. Keep it up. @Monkeysinwonderland

    36. F Allen

      Naaw cute!

    37. katelynn kelly reactions and stuff

      20th commenter

    38. Bucatti

      He looks like monkeyboo

    39. Shiro Yagami

      The monkeys are emotional support animals, not Therapy animals. Therapy animals need training and are still not allowed in public, Only service animals are permitted in public meaning they have all the necessary training to help with a disability, im pretty sure The amercians with disabilities act states all of this. That is why the law wil not let the monkeys in public places.

      1. First Last

        @Taryn Not bothered. My husband is a civil rights attorney, it IS his job to know the laws.

      2. First Last

        @Taryn There is NO such thing as a license for service animals or emotional support animals. NO id, no badge, no licence, no registration, no certification. She has NO license because that does not exist, anything she has IS fake.Read the ada. You don't seem to get it, we now can't go in places we need to go because of people like her who break the law, she does not need her animal to actually live like we do, if she did she would have a legitimate service dog not a pet.

      3. Taryn

        First Last I understand that, but if you actually watch the video- she has the correct licensing, she just wants more education surrounding all of it. Stop taking everything so personally in life 🤦‍♀️

      4. First Last

        @Taryn As service animal handlers we are supposed to know the laws. You can't really be that much of an idiot.

      5. First Last

        @Taryn Obviously you are to stupid to not be able to realise that people who take their non service animals out in public make it that much harder for those of us who have real service animals.

    40. MONKEY DOO

      So cute

    41. zion626


    42. Anna Banana

      I love your vids

      1. BigChiefer

        @Caleb Heaton and youre weird

      2. Caleb Heaton

        Anna Banana your hot

    43. kendall glass

      Hi everyone

      1. Lulu Arsa


    44. Ellie


    45. The Amazing Carl the Dinosaur


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    47. TWO_EASY_4_ U

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