My Stepdad Got Me Pregnant

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    Hey, I’m Camille and this story is about my crazy mother. She had a new boyfriend every week. And one time she even dated her own cousin. It was so gross. But everything changed when she met Michael.
    He was a decent guy with a stable job, no drug problems and no former arrests by the police.
    So when they got married, I was truly happy for them. But of course, my mom had to ruin everything.
    Because one day, my boyfriend and I came home late. We were completely wasted and while I went to bed, he fell asleep on the coach.
    The next morning, he sent me a really disturbed message, saying that my mom had made out with him last night while it was dark. He said he didn’t notice it was my mom until it was too late and they… you know what.
    Well, this wasn’t the first time she had tried to destroy my life.
    Back, when I was 14, I asked her to stop wearing mini skirts, because it was embarrassing. But the next day, she stormed into my school class wearing the shortest mini skirt I’d ever seen and screamed “My daughter Camille thinks I’m an embarrassment. She doesn’t want her mother to dress like a bitch (beeped)”.
    Afterwards, I was made fun of for years.
    But this time she had slept with my boyfriend and taken things too far. I knew I had to take revenge.
    So the next morning, I came very close to husband Michael and said “Stepdaddy, can you make me some breakfast?” I even fluttered my eyes at him, but he just ignored it.
    In the end, I showed him my boyfriends sms and told him that his wife had slept with my boyfriend.
    And for the first time, I saw him getting angry. I mean, no wonder, he had treated my mom with so much respect and in return she had cheated on him with a 20 year old boy.
    I knew he deserved someone better. And that person was me. I am not allowed to talk about the details here on youtube but let’s just say that for the next few months me and my stepdad Michael had a very close relationship and somehow I got pregnant.
    At first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep the baby, but then I realised that having a kid with my mom’s husband was the ultimate revenge on her. And Micheal was a good catch anyway, so I had nothing to lose.
    But when I told her I was pregnant without knowing who the father was, she started laughing and said she had always known I would end up as a single mother.
    I got so mad, I was about to tell her the truth. But I knew it wasn’t the right moment.
    And for the next few months, Michael took great care of me. Even though my mom didn’t like it. She said “MICHAEL, stop cooking her meals. She has to learn to be a single mom. Because that’s what she is.”
    It went on like this until I was giving birth. My mom was right next to me, making one sarcastic comment after the other, like “oh, this baby will be a problem child. It’s already causing lots of trouble”
    At some point, I had enough and couldn’t take it anymore. I screamed: “MICHAEL GOT ME PREGNANT! YOUR STUPID HUSBAND GOT ME PREGNANT. IT”S HIS CHILD YOU STUPID CUNT [last word beeped]!”

    I’ll never forget the look on her face. At first, she was just quiet. She wasn’t sure if I was making a joke or not. But when she realised I wasn’t joking, she went berserk and it took 3 doctors to keep her away from me.
    Meanwhile, I was laughing so hard I almost fell out of bed. I knew, I had finally gotten my revenge.
    And after I had given birth, Michael came inside to take a look at his daughter. I immediately knew he would be a great father.
    But then I noticed that he had a big bruise on his face. I asked what happened and he said my mom had attacked him in the hospital lobby, screaming “You got my daughter pregnant! You pig, I’ll divorce you dirty piece of shit [will be beeped]”. And afterwards, the police had to arrest her.
    We both started laughing, even though we knew this wasn’t over yet.
    The next day, my stepdad went to work. But when he stepped out of his car, my mom drove her car right into him. Luckily, she missed him, and and now she is serving a 5 year prison sentence for attempted murder.
    Of course I feel bad for her. That’s also why I decided to visit her in prison to apologise. But when she saw me, she went nuclear again, hitting against the window and screaming like a psycho. It was so scary, but I couldn’t resist laughing again.
    Please understand, that she had always been a terrible mom. When I was 9 and having summer vacation, she disappeared for 2 weeks. I was petrified and not sure if she was still alive, so I just hid inside my wardrobe all day and night.
    When she finally came back, I ran up to her to take her into my arms, but she just pushed me away and told me to go sleep.
    To be fair though, there were some funny moments. One time, she broke into our neighbours garage and stole his lawn mover. And 1 week later, she did a garage sale and sold the same lawn mover she stolen back to its previous owner for 100$.

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