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Paul Cuffaro

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    Now i've been wanting a dog for a WHILE now. and i found the one...
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Paul Cuffaro

      Welcome our new member to the family, future wolf, guard dog, and Olympian swimmer... baby German Shepherd!!!

      1. d springer


      2. cesiah mendez


      3. Thomas Schardan

        Paul Cuffaro LOLA

      4. Terri Rocha

        I really enjoy your videos Paul. You inspire me and you’ve taught me a lot about taking care of my Betta Fish 🐠Thank u :)

      5. Samuel Sebby


    2. Beth Weaver

      I think you should name her lea,Alexa,Katie,or Mia

    3. Janeth Pedraza


    4. Katherine Causey

      I think you should name it cutie!if you think that is a good name like this comment

    5. J Landa

      Paul I think you should call her Nala

    6. Melissa Rapoza


    7. love youHovhannisyan

      Dog name rex

    8. Wild man

      Name the dog penny 🐕 🐶

    9. Kaitlyn Sam


    10. Heather Montgomery

      Wounder woman

    11. MJ SUPREME

      Who docks a German shepherds tail .. 🥴

    12. Tameah Tart

      Name options:Cleo,Laila,or Alex

    13. Reyna lyn Rosenfeld

      I want her name apollo

    14. Fostfam Vibes

      We just got a cane corso puppy and it is the best feeling to bring home a new baby! Congrats!

    15. Jess Thompson

      Like the fact that they got her a camo collar and leash and the dogs a girl

    16. Erin Schatsiek


    17. Gerardo Silva

      cool l have a husky mix his name is Archie

    18. Joseph Rios

      Big mac

    19. Lil Perfect


    20. Lil Perfect


    21. Lil Perfect


    22. Lil Perfect


    23. joshua arrol


    24. eugenia michelle

      Nova Lana mila milly

    25. eugenia michelle


    26. Austin Montgomery

      U can call the dog rose

    27. Bailey Timmons

      Why did you get a German Shepard when you should get the best dog ever a GOLDEN RETRIEVER!!!!!

    28. Koen Neggers


    29. Oshadhi Fernando

      you want a german shephard or husky i have a german shephard husky cross

    30. Cooper Hirsh

      Thanks to you now I have my own pond thanks

    31. Cooper Hirsh

      Name her brownie

    32. Yvonne Hession


    33. The cookie Crazy lover

      I LOVE ur new PUPPY shes so ADORABLE!!!(new sub!)

    34. PRO BROS

      she looks so much like a Rottweiler

    35. Xavier Embarcadero

      Name her myla my German shepherd dog is luna

    36. Xavier Embarcadero

      My man Paul I have a German shepherd female and she's a baby too and she's all black

    37. joshua lee

      all dogs can be rehabilitated with love and care n get along with other animals... kinda threw other dogs under the bus with ur reasons... specially when u said ur gonna get specific training with that dog to be a guard dog? makes no sense... whats the difference of specific training with a guard dog n a actual training to be rehabilitated.. im not bashing ur decision cuz its yours to make but still man...and i love to know how much u paid for that dog... i guarantee u u actually overpaid for her... u didnt even mention papers if they were akc registered or not.. if ur gonna buy a pureblood dog atleast do ur homework..

      1. joshua lee

        also shows how clueless u are when u purchase a animal on a whim u shoulda had all that stuff at the home b4 u brought the dog home... SMH its all geared for views n money

    38. Ion know Boo

      You should name her LOLA I had a puppy named LOLA but she....passed away I loved her so much it would make me so happy if you named her LOLA

    39. Alecksa Playz


    40. Alecksa Playz


    41. ruby harvey

      i think you should call her rosie, river, nala xox

    42. M.M Andersson

      That´s a beautiful dog, I would recommend you to buy some other food because pedigree is not the best.

    43. wolf king16

      Jane midnight

    44. Creative fishing

      because you got your dong i have to got the dog

      1. Creative fishing


    45. Sevka Dadashova

      name it luny loony luna or troll

    46. Daniela Hernandez


      1. Daniela Hernandez

        My dogs named bear

    47. toMMy vEe

      Call her lizzy

    48. Bleach Freak

      Omg I wish my German Shepherd was still a puppy. She is still gorgeous, but she’s getting older

    49. Nicole Roberts

      I don’t want to make it a big deal or anything but pedigree puppy is not healthy for your fat it’s got all kinds of fattening and it’s really really bad I looked it up and a friend of mine breeds German Shepherd and they tried it for there puppies and they got sick

    50. Hannah Williams


    51. Camila Esquivel

      You should call her elli

    52. Brady Hart


    53. Ivy Wampler

      Rain would be cute!!!!

    54. Darin Guerrero

      My dog name is zoe and she’s a German shepherd😂 if u wanna see her search @bellandzoe on Instagram

    55. Bonnita Claus

      Zoe sounds perfect. It’s a good name......

    56. Hailey Christianson

      Silver because of her eyes and Sil for short

    57. Chen Liu

      What happened to the dog in robs video it’s name was lucky it ran across the island chasing u and followed u and u just abandoned it on that island?!

    58. Mino Dj

      blue blue

    59. Megan Timmerman


    60. pranav manandhar

      you should call her KALO which means black in nepali

    61. Tyneea Cornelius

      Hang bells on the door and every time you take her out ring them after a while she will do it when she has to go out. I have a pure bread husky and she was potty trained in no time with the bells. But make sure you hang them on the door she will go out to go potty on. Just something to try.

    62. Inam Okz


    63. Abigail Shewmaker

      Ya you should name her zoe

    64. Amelia Parkinson

      Call her Ruffaro, its a mix of your last name and the word ruff.

    65. Gideon Hixon

      River is a good name

    66. MillyMoo08

      I think you should call her river

    67. Gayithri M

      Hey Paul feed your dog with Royal Canin other than pedigree because royal canin makes your dog healthy,active,and she will be monster

    68. Veronica Brady

      you should name a rose

    69. Halle Stephens


    70. Ethan Cabrales



      Jennie or jen/. For German sheperd

    72. Cary Owtram

      Name her Zoe

    73. Warren Ford

      I think you should call her myla love your video's x

    74. Rachel Mcshane

      Bambi for the way he bounces when she runs

    75. Rachel Mcshane

      I’m sorry but you can adopted puppy’s too

    76. TropicalCactus 5

      What's that scar on his foot? 3:34

    77. Toxic Army YT


    78. Karina Brito

      OMG! those paws!! I love her! Zoe's an awesome name btw.

    79. Em_gaby Anchondo

      You should name her ellie

    80. Angel Olmos

      U should have Nero at ur house (if he isn’t already) because dogs get separation anxiety easily and stress them out

    81. Esmeralda Ramirez

      Pedigree dog food is not good for dogs I feed my dogs nutrish by Rachael Ray and they love it!!

    82. Pxsili Builds

      Her name should be Cordeila. Like if you say so to!

    83. Emily Williams

      Nova or Lili

    84. Kate Burnett

      Call her storm

    85. S. Begay

      🐚 Shelly. I had a German shepherd name Jake. Love your videos.

    86. john morris

      You should name her Bella and she is cute

    87. Helix

      Call her Mia it's a cute name for a cute dog

    88. Alison Shanahan

      Gorgeous puppy, good choice, parents were both great dogs, friendly, socialised and we'll behaved. Love the tail too.

    89. Kaleigh Franco

      I think you should name her Bowie or bow bow for short

    90. Vito Suhartanto

      I think you should call her Luvi , beacause she very love you and why her toy is crocodile?

    91. RNG KALEL

      The name should be Carla I know I'm super late on this video

    92. Jennifer Jones

      i love your videos because they make me happy and give me confidentce and insperation. your the best youtuber in my opinion, keep up he good work and keep makeing everyone happy

    93. Jennifer Jones

      you should name the new pup zoe or lola

    94. Juan Altamirano


    95. Juan Altamirano


    96. Alisha Gray

      I have a German shepherd who is 4 they are amazing I love them hope you love them too

    97. Alta Feltner

      Bay would be a cool name for her

    98. Maggie Herbst

      lulu or luna

    99. Shushanth Raj

      I think we should name it Angela

    100. kiley moore

      Name her athena