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Paul Cuffaro

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    Now i've been wanting a dog for a WHILE now. and i found the one...
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    Published on 4 months ago


    1. Paul Cuffaro

      Welcome our new member to the family, future wolf, guard dog, and Olympian swimmer... baby German Shepherd!!!

      1. The boy in boots lol so random Lol

        Or call her thorn

      2. The boy in boots lol so random Lol

        Call her fluff ball 🎾

      3. Tina Withers

        Name her printses

      4. You on Kazoo


      5. d springer


    2. Ajaneigh Hannah

      I want one but I have to get it wean I moved out because I have four dog a pit bull mixture with a bull dog a terrier mixed York and a bechon

    3. anhkhoa nguyen Huynh

      What girl 😡😡😠😠😡😉😬😬😠😠😤😤😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

    4. sai jayesh

      Hey Paul wat hpnd to it ankle

    5. Taylor Miller

      It’s tail was docked

    6. Margarethe De Beer


    7. Jonathan Craft

      Go back to petco or petsmart and get the piddle pads you can put on the floor for to use if she doesn’t make it outside. They will go in that one spot and then gradually slide it toward either the front door or side door till the pad is outside. I raise boxers and that is how I housebroke them.

    8. Jonathan Craft

      Zora, she is the female version of zoro.

    9. bdgees tan

      Name the dog Oreo !

    10. Braylen Harrell


    11. lil chicken nugget

      Call it Crayola or Ingrid! Cause Ingrid's my name :3 or Snickers!

    12. Wyatt Bakker


    13. Hamza Ali

      Where is this dog now this is the first time I've seen this dog somebody plz let me know

    14. Nathalie Breault

      Is there an update about this beautiful puppy? So cute

    15. Diggi Pop

      Name her bella

    16. Diggi Pop


    17. Diggi Pop


    18. awees chiapno

      Daya ❤

    19. Isabel Vega


    20. Jarius Howe

      The can be zalor

    21. 1992jaidee

      I love your parents reaction to the puppy they were so happy

    22. S Hafinaz


    23. tgloger2000

      I think her name should be Etta Etta is short for little one in German

    24. Purnima Akella


    25. Bella Smith

      Name her Holly!❤️

    26. Christina Stingle

      I think u should name her Bella it means beautiful in Italian

    27. Shannon Collins


    28. foxfur plays

      Lilly,lika,baily,hen 🐔 instead of rooster cuz its a she and its a farm dog name!!!!!!

    29. MrManic52001

      With all those animals you need a live stock guard dog.

    30. Jackie Z


    31. Megan Garrison


    32. proverty. youngin


    33. Codie hazelwood

      Quincy because I think it suits her, she's beautiful 😍

    34. Harvey Dean

      Is it just me or does Joey Paul’s brother sound like Colby Broc No just me, ok

    35. Erika Bursnall

      You should call her bella

    36. Kosuri Subbaraju

      You can save your animals from coyote

    37. Trinity s

      you should name her Elizabeth

    38. LFD Wrestling


    39. Iconic Kaleemax

      Tilly or Kiki or tixey

    40. Tyler Gamwell


    41. Taryne Piconi

      I think you should name her Zoey or Lola

    42. A' keera Bethea


    43. Tom Davis


    44. CTM Bobby Jeff


    45. Delia Nez


    46. Flex Tape

      Ears with a dog attached

    47. Kylie Wilson

      U should name her Kylie

    48. Gmoney Boss87

      Make more vids on dog please.😊

      1. Noah Cameron-Brown

        Gmoney Boss87 he got rid of it

    49. ace manalo

      you should care a cute cat

    50. ziv Bocas

      I think you should feed her happy dog it's my puppy eats

    51. Jessie XOX

      You could name her midnight 🖤🌙

    52. Kashif Bari


    53. Shuntoria Bryant

      You should name her Bella

    54. មនុស្ស ល្អ

      Love your video 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    55. Trisha Hurst

      sakra haruno

    56. Mary Love Josh Diesta


    57. Tina Withers

      Thank you for expiring me to make a pond

    58. Tina Withers


    59. Mamaravel Ravel


    60. Eddie Gunn


    61. Crystal Wood


    62. Lisa Anderson


    63. Dayton Devlin


    64. Satyank Kanugula

      Zoey please

    65. Sawatzky Family Acct

      Boy or girl

    66. Camilla Calderon


    67. Deposit Walk

      Hi Paul you inspired me to get my first fish tank and I am trying to get a German shepherd

    68. Rosalba Espinoza

      Can you get a saltwater tank

    69. the gamer

      Sow cute

    70. Clare Miles